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How To Make Centipede Grass Spread?

Centipede grass is a warm-season grass that has a coarse texture and is bright green in color. They typically grow and spread via stolons. Stolons are stems that grow in a horizontal direction just beneath the soil surface. Along the length of the stolon, there is a node every few inches where new grass sprouts […]

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13 DIY Garden Shed Plans to Build One Yourself

Garden sheds take up only a small area of your backyard and could be a great option for additional storage. People usually store their gardening equipment they have been using over the years. Sheds are also considered the go-to option for wheelbarrow storage. You may even have computers and other devices in the shed, who […]

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20 Amazing Garden Tub Ideas (With Pictures)

Garden tubs are used by gardeners to grow plants and also to create a relaxing facility in their backyard. Although they are 2 completely different uses, they are a great option for increasing the uniqueness of your garden. Don’t expect any attachments such as jets or showers.  However impressive your garden tub ideas may be, […]

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25 Great DIY Garden Fence Ideas (With Pictures)

People need garden fences for several reasons. Some do it for protection, some for shade, and some for beautification. If you deep-dive into the structural format of garden fences you will realize that several materials can be used. PVC, steel, wood, plastic, bricks, and even rods are a good option.  Coming up with several garden […]

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