15 Apartment Patio Design Ideas on a Budget

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Who said only backyard patios can be decorated and beautified? One can also do wonders with their apartment patios. Turning your apartment patio into a mini-garden or your go-to relaxing spot could be well worth your time. Besides, why leave your patio dull when you can easily turn it into a lovely part of your home.

If you are on a tight budget then make the most of household equipment that now has no use. Consider using bottles as pots for your plants, or use some leftover wood to create a cute little table or seating arrangement.

Even better, you can even make it into a little play area for your kids. Get some turf, dim lights, window protectors made of a meshed design, and maybe a string-hanging swing.

15 Apartment Patio Design Ideas on a Budget

These DIY apartment patio ideas would prove perfect for people who are looking for patio ideas on a budget. Keep reading to open the doors to a new world that involves plenty of creativity and recycling-based innovation.

1. City Oasis DIY Patio Design

apartment patio designs
Difficulty Level – Easy

This guide will give you insights on how to make your apartment patio a small green oasis. What better than your own balcony green zone amidst the hectic city life?

You will be using old fruit/wine boxes as a shelf for the plants and also for extra storage. You are also advised to add some comfortable rugs that are easy to fold and unfold. The visual cue of this guide will leave you wanting more. Try syncing the colors of these accessories with the patio or railing design.

2. DIY Urban Oasis Small Apartment Patio Idea

apartment patio designs
Difficulty Level – Intermediate

You are assured to get a reality check when you scroll through this guide. The most dull and unappealing of balcony spaces can be transformed into a mesmerizing working area or literally an apartment camping spot. You will make caps for concrete walls and create extra space for objects that suit the setting.

The unique fencing feature along with the sisal rope will add an old-school touch to the patio region. This detailed guide will teach how to build the fences, outdoor furniture, and also create comforting lighting conditions.

3. Patio Design Using Bamboos and Zip Ties

patio apartment ideas
Difficulty Level – Easy

You will be using bamboo poles that will be interconnected by ropes and zip ties that are in sync with the bamboo color. Bamboo poles are generally cheap and could be a nice idea for somebody looking for patio ideas on a budget.

Call it a privacy screen or call it a simple touch of elegance to your patio, this DIY project is sure to leave your satisfied. The small lantern lights placed strategically above the bamboos will look beautiful when reflecting on the bamboos itself.

4. DIY Apartment Patio for Small Balconies

patio ideas for small balconies
Difficulty Level – Easy

The thing with apartment patios is that you are restricted to a very small space and there is so much you can do. This blogger has used a garden chair on one side and a cozy seating arrangement on the other side with some soft pillows. The best part is the upper wall leaning inside. It allocates extra space for keeping books, plant pots, or even cutlery.

Consider using the exact same wood decking as this guide suggests. It’s cheap and comes from a reliable source. If you are a BBQ person then the alternate seating has additional space to store your equipment.

5. DIY Urban Jungle Patio Design

junngle urban patio designs
Difficulty Level – Easy

Lacking the space to showcase your gardening skills? Craving the smell of plants and nature in your apartment? You can go into an all-out gardener mode and load up your apartment patio with lush green plants. If you get enough sunlight then brighter colored plants would radiate an appealing aura.

Consider placing a cupboard sideways and turning your trash can upside down. This gives you a place to sit down and also a table to keep your accompanying belongings.

Very few apartment patio ideas focus so much on greenery. You can add a slight tinge of a rustic vibe by placing any of these watering cans too (they can also be used for plant maintenance).

6. DIY Pet-Friendly Patio Design Ideas

pet friendly patio design ideas
Difficulty Level – Intermediate

For all you apartment owners who have pets, do you feel bad due to the lack of space you can offer them? How about dedicating the majority of your balcony space as a play area for your pet? Except for a kennel, you can even place foldable chairs for the times you want to relax out in the open.

The guide will help you build a white picket fence to give your pets a sense of their playing territory. Also, the presence of artificial grass improves the overall aesthetic appeal of your balcony.

7. DIY Multifunctional Patio Furniture

apartment patio design ideas
Difficulty Level – Hard

This video will open your eyes on the impact of equipping your apartment patio with the right furniture. Basic carpentry skills and some well-treated wood would be enough for a long-term solution to make your patio a tempting spot. Apart from the spacious built of the furniture, you will also get ample space to place artifacts of your choice.

The seating arrangement has plenty of space underneath as a storage area. It is literally as big as a treasure chest and comes with 2 such storage spaces. What’s best about such patio design ideas is that they utilize fake turf to hide the possibly ugly and worn-out flooring.

8. DIY Painting Apartment Patio Flooring

patio flooring ideas

Difficulty Level – Intermediate

If painting is your hobby and you’ve always wanted to paint something that you use and see every day then this guide is for you. All apartment patio ideas don’t have to about building furniture to make it comfortable.

This guide will teach you how to give your patio visitors a sense of visual comfort, rather than physical comfort.

You will also be taught to perform stenciling on your concrete flooring.

Bonus tip: If your supporting barriers have ridges and grooves with holes that allow sunlight to enter then trying painting around them. Basically, try creating matching designs on the spot where the sunlight hits the floor.

9. DIY Kids Pool Apartment Patio

kids pool apartment patio
Difficulty Level – Easy

Rarely get to visit the beach? This could be an out of the box addition to your patio. Take measurements of the vacant area in your patio and consider ordering for a simple inflatable kids pool.

Think about, how many patio design ideas speak of a relaxing pool on your balcony?

10. DIY Apartment Patio Bar Table

bar table patio ideas
Difficulty Level – Easy

Looking for small apartment patio ideas? If you frequently come out on the balcony with friends and family, the odds are you have a table. You could surely get some more space by getting rid of the table, couldn’t you?

Install a table on the balcony ledge without letting it occupy any leg space. As you can see, a couple of wooden fence-like pieces placed on the ledge could become a mini-dining table.

11. DIY Garden Wall for Apartment Patio

wall apartment patio ideas
Difficulty Level – Easy

This video will show you how to decorate the walls of your patio region. The diamond patterns make use of strings of leaves to impart an earthy look. Some gardening skills could help in making these decorations growable, eventually adding on an earthy smell to the balcony.

If you have a good amount of balcony space then building a hydroponic garden could really make your patio useful.

12. DIY Potted Plants and Wicker Furniture Patio Design

apartment patio ideas
Difficulty Level – Intermediate

This blog will give you another perspective of apartment patio ideas. The very thought of merging several potted plants that are well placed around wicker furniture imparts a sense of calmness.

If you can think and feel better in intricately lit areas then this combination would be one of the best for your patio. Also, if you’re a peace-seeker and a meditation enthusiast, you could complement this patio idea with a tiny Zen garden.

13. DIY Apartment Patio with Half Umbrella

umbrella apartment patio ideas
Difficulty Level – Easy

For the ones looking for a simple and least time-consuming solution, adding an umbrella could be an effective idea. This umbrella hangs on a solid pole and has a half-cut design, make it compatible with even the smallest of patios.

14. DIY Apartment Patio Pellet Bar

apartment patio ideas
Difficulty Level – Intermediate

Wash around a dozen pellets and paint them a color that suits your patio’s vibe. You can cement these pellets with a quality adhesive and place some tiles, bricks, or flattened stones right on top of this structure. There you go, you just converted your patio into a little home bar.

15. DIY Budget Apartment Patio Makeover

budget apartment patio ideas
Difficulty Level – Intermediate

Although ideal for lawn patios, this guide could be helpful for people who have massive apartment balconies. The patio accessories such as the metallic stool, metallic galvanized tray set, patio umbrella, string lighting, and LED candles will make your patio an unbelievably homely experience for all your guests.

If you live in an eco-friendly household then consider building a compost pile for lowering your carbon footprint.


Now you know the kind of creativity that can be put into making an apartment patio. It’s time to get to it.
In case you have a backyard then these DIY stamped concrete ideas could give your outdoor space a more lively look.

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