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Growing up in Ventura, California famous for it's rich gardens. Brice has spent most of his life trying to help make the world greener. Studying Botany at CSRA, he's made it a lifelong passion to greenify every home.

Lawn Weed Prevention: Causes, Types, and Solutions

Using a backpack sprayer to get rid of lawn weeds may be comfortable, but solely using fertilizers is not the best choice. The ugly-look that budding weeds can add to your well-maintained garden is highly undesirable.  Few Causes of Weed Formation Spotting the true reason for weed formation can help you understand what kind of […]

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How to Stop a Lawn Mower From Smoking?

Let’s be honest – you have been thinking about mowing your lawn for quite a while. However, procrastinating hasn’t stopped your lawn from getting any messier, and it has become quite clear that you will have to mow the stubborn grass sooner than later. The fateful day arrives and you’re finally going to do it. […]

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Is It Okay To Use Reverse Osmosis Water For Plants?

Reverse osmosis, also known as RO or R/O, is a water purification process that uses technology identical to ultrafiltration. This process removes a wide assortment of contaminants (ions and molecules) that are usually found in private as well as public water supplies. Some of these contaminants include bacteria and microorganisms which are harmful to the […]

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20 Outstanding DIY Vertical Gardens (With Pictures)

The term vertical gardening refers to the growing of plants in vertical spaces rather than on flat horizontal surfaces peculiar to traditional gardens. Most times, the plants are left hanging on specially designed containers in areas with enough sunlight.  Traditional gardening mimics vertical gardening by planting climbing plants on trellises. With a vertical garden, non-climbing […]

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Try These 9 DIY Gardening Tools to Save Money

Gardening takes time and an equal amount of effort in delivering the best-expected results. But then what is the benefit of doing so? While this is not something that you would dare to ask a gardening enthusiast, if taking in general, there are several benefits and advantages of having a well-grown blooming garden in your […]

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