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Qaiser, a 30-year-old gardener, co-founded Treillage with an aim to help educate the masses in green living. He heads the team responsible for testing and reviewing every gardening product that is featured on Treillage.

Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower Review

The Greenworks Cordless lawn mower has an angulated design feature that gives it a racecar-like appearance. Although, on first sight, it looks bulky, it’s actually easy to maneuver. It is made from sturdy polymer cells that can take a beating under tough weather conditions. If you want something that is economical and fitted with features to […]

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Ego Cordless Self Propelled Lawn Mower Review

The Ego Cordless self-propelled lawn mower is an excellent grass cutting workhorse with all the basic requirements needed for efficiency. It’s far removed from the traditional gas-powered mowers that are noisier and requires high maintenance to run optimally. To help put this ego lawn mower review together, we consulted with a team of experts with strong […]

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Cub Cadet XT1 Riding Mower Review

Cub Cadet is a company based in Valley City, Ohio. They are involved in the production and marketing of popular lines of lawnmower and tractor equipment which are distributed via a chain of independent retailers and dealers. In this cub cadet riding mower review we will take a closer look at one of the lawn […]

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5 Best Zero Turn Mower Under $3,000 – $5000

Zero turn mowers are in demand these days because of their ability to deliver incredible speeds from powerful cutting engines. The name zero–turn was coined from their ability to rotate on the spot without having to cover an extra distance. They can navigate their way through tight corners, tough terrains and rounded obstacles with ease. […]

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Best Hedge Shears 2020 – Top 5 Picks Reviewed

Any serious gardener or landscaper will tell you that there`re a few tools that never miss in their arsenal, and one of them is a hedge shear. Hedge shears are a must-have for any passionate gardener or anyone looking to keep their property in top condition. A good pair of gardening shears will allow you to get […]

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Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower – Ultimate Reviews (2020)

Why hassle with a gasoline-powered lawn mower when you can buy a user-friendly and cost-effective electric lawn mower. Given the economy and the high price of gasoline, you are better off with one of this listed corded lawn mower. Our top choice is this greenworks lawn mower because it has a 12 Amp powerful motor system […]

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5 Best Gardening Gloves – We Tried Them Out For You

After hours of research and testing different brand garden gloves available in the market, our editorial team picked Legacy Leather Gloves as the best gardening gloves for the money. Every rose might has a thorn, but the worry of cuts, blisters, calluses, and dirt under your fingers should not stop you from giving some TLC to […]

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Bosmere Haws Watering Can Review: Product Review

A good watering can is a crucial tool for any gardener. Unlike other watering systems, a watering can offer a targeted approach, which is beneficial, especially to the small seedling and full planters alike. Today, we shall look at the Haws Watering Can, manufactured by the infamous Haws company. The Haws V143T evokes the original Peter Rabbit […]

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