13 Attractive Backyard Deck Ideas on a Budget

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It’s that time of year again when you’ll be thinking about how to make better use of your backyard so you can spend most of your summer evenings outside. Your deck is undoubtedly a great place to entertain guests, cook, and unwind in the fresh air.

Lighting, privacy screens, and outdoor furniture are some architectural enhancements to help your deck reach its full potential. Any deck will benefit from these style, functionality, and comfort enhancements. But how do you intend to design your backyard deck to make it more attractive?

You want your guests to come and be ‘Woah, what an attractive deck! How did you do it?’ To get this reaction, you have to work a little harder. Here are 13 attractive backyard deck design ideas that can drop jaws of anyone visiting your backyard. And don’t worry, these deck ideas will not get heavy on your pockets.

13 Attractive Backyard Deck Ideas

Suppose you want to upgrade your backyard deck but are concerned about expenses. In that case, there is no need to be concerned since we have compiled a list of the top 13 attractive backyard deck ideas that will save you money while giving you an excellent backyard deck makeover.

1. Enhance the Aesthetics of Your Deck

Enhance the Aesthetics of Your Deck
Image Credit: https://www2.naz.edu

To enhance the aesthetics of your deck, give a fresh coat of paint to it. You can get a professional to do it, but paint it yourself if you want to save money.

Do it every weekend with your family. Take ideas from them. Let them show their creativity to it. You can make aesthetic designs as the lady in the picture pushes to give your deck a one-of-a-kind look.

Sand and power-wash the area first to ensure that the stain or paint dries appropriately, then allow the stain to set for at least 48 hours.

2. Lay Down an Outdoor Rug

Lay Down an Outdoor Rug
Image Credit: https://inrosstroy.ru

To give the backyard deck an elegant and decent look, accessorize it with an attractive and affordable outdoor rug. All-weather durable rugs add warmth to outdoor seating areas and keep dirt and debris out. You can do color coordination on a particular theme for a better look, as done in the above picture.

On wide-length decks, outdoor rugs can be utilized to separate different areas, such as a lounge area for you and your friends to hand and, a dining area to enjoy dinner outside, and a playing area for kids.

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3. Add Outdoor Cushions And Pillows in the Sitting Area of the Backyard Deck

Add Outdoor Cushions and Pillows in the Sitting Area of the Backyard Deck
Image Credit: https://www.gardeningetc.com

Along with the outdoor rugs, soften your seating area with outdoor cushions and pillows to entice friends and family (and yourself) to spend more time on your backyard deck. Accent pillows made of colorful outdoor fabrics are easy to come by at home stores and will withstand the elements of the sun and rain.

Alternatively, you can cover your current cushions with an all-weather indoor-outdoor fabric. Mix in lively, vibrant prints and hues for flashes of color by tossing a handful onto a sofa or bench.

4. Give Old Furniture a New Lease on Life by Painting it in Bright Colors

Give old Furniture a New Lease on Life by Painting it in Bright Colors
Image Credit: https://www.homesense.com

You are tight on budget and can not spend excess money on new furniture and accessories to renovate your backyard deck. You still want it to have a fun summer vibe about it. So you’ve arrived at the right spot at the right moment.

You can paint your deck old furniture and add colorful details to make it your own. Choose a color palette that compliments your home’s exterior and experiment with new hues on old or basic metal furniture. Pillows, rugs, vases, and bowls, among other bright accents, may make your outdoor seating feel warm and inviting.

5. Perfect Night Lighting Can Make a Significant Effect

Perfect Night Lighting Can Make a Significant Effect
Image Credit: https://www.casualcreationsbr.com

Everything fails to show its effect unless there is no good lighting. Lighting plays a significant role in any decoration. Your deck also needs a suitable arrangement of night lights and is all set to brighten up your place again.

Perfect lighting will give a chic look to your backyard deck and let you spend more time outside chilling and partying. After dark, to brighten the lounge area and provide an atmosphere.

You can plug outdoor lighting into decorative screens. The brightness of nighttime illumination does not have to be the same as that of inside illumination. The idea should replicate the light levels that a full moon provides.

A perfectly decorated deck with outdoor lighting makes it a perfect place for a romantic dinner with your spouse.

6. Set Up Deck Coverings

Set Up Deck Coverings
Image Credit: https://www.snmstore.com

You like to spend quality time with your family on your deck but cover your deck with curtains or screening in privacy.

Install eye-catching privacy structures to hide what you don’t want people to view. These small-slat screens pick the patterning on the extended pergola overhead, creating a continuous border for this garden hideaway.

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7. Protect From the Sun

Protect From the Sun
Image Credit: https://yorkshirepergolas.co.uk

Want to spend summer afternoons on your deck, but bright sun rays are an obstacle? Installing pretty outdoor fabric coverings will protect you and your family from the sun and add to the look of your deck’s decoration.

In fashionable patterns and colors, all-weather coverings are used in today’s patio umbrellas and sun blinds. Many of these accessories are affordable and simple to switch out whenever the urge strikes.

8. Decorate With Mosquito Repellent 

Decorate with Mosquito Repellent
Image Credit: https://tr.eco-designfinca.com

Pick up a few plants that will look nice and help repel mosquitoes and other insects, eliminating the need for deet sprays and citronella candles as you establish your outdoor living space.

You can install or plant Lemongrasses, Scented Geranium, Peppermints, and Lavenders in the backyard garden. They will keep you protected from mosquitoes, bugs, and insects, which are very common in the garden in summers. Moreover, they will also add a very nice view to your garden and fragrance in the air.

9. Add Fire Pit Spacing

Add Fire Pit Spacing
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There is no outdoor decoration in the modern lifestyle without a fire pit. If you are someone who loves to grill or roast food in the monsoon season while enjoying the weather or rain, a fire pit must be in your deck area.

If you wish to utilize a fire pit on your deck and the city policy permits it, use a gas-fueled pit to reduce fire risk. The sparks from a properly placed gas fire pit do not burn the surfaces around it. Search for gas fire pits that have been created to be operated on a deck. It should be noted explicitly in the user manual. If you’re unsure, contact the manufacturer for more information.

10. Add Vertical Plants to Manage Space

Add Vertical Plants to Manage Space
Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com

If you have less space to add plants to the deck space, vertical plants are the best option for you to go with. The open edges of covered-deck spaces are eased by rich bloom and plant design and a few hanging baskets. Change up your look in the spring, summer, and autumn by rotating a seasonal flower display.

11. Install a Deck Railing

Install a Deck Railing
Image Credit: https://pro-handymen.com

Safety comes first even when you are decorating your home spaces. Kids love to play on the deck, or older adults love walking on it, but since your backyard deck is sometimes at a higher place than the ground, it’s not safe to not have a boundary or railing around it.

But don’t worry; you will not have to sacrifice your deck’s decoration while making it a safe place. Consider incorporating materials that fit the style of your home’s exterior decor instead of a standard deck railing. Glass panels also provide protection, shield the residents, and give this deck a little contemporary style.

12. Include a Drawer For Seed Planting on the Deck

Include a Drawer for Seed Planting on the Deck
Image Credit: https://cz.pinterest.com

A deck is an excellent spot to set up container plantings or prepare vegetables or flowers for the garden because it is often positioned near the yard. Add an outdoor-resistant potting bench with a shelf system and one or two drawers for gardening supplies like plant tags, seed packets, and string to create a planting area.

You can use a potting bench as an entertainment zone. Here, you can store your outdoor dinnerware.

13. Install an Outdoor Beverage Station if You Like

Install an Outdoor Beverage Station if You Like
Image Credit: https://arkihome.com

If you love hanging out with friends and family outdoors, a beverage station would be of a great deal for you. Choose a solid cart or shelf unit with enough space to serve cocktails and store additional glasses and supplies. You can convert a simple metal shelf unit into an all-in-one outdoor bar by adding a wood top and a drop-in tub for cooling beverages.

You can also install a small fridge to keep beverages cold and safe.


A backyard deck is a perfect way to expand your living area spacing. It can be used for container gardening or outdoor eating.

However, if you choose to utilize your deck area, these attractive backyard deck ideas will help you decorate the site without breaking your bank.

Happy Summer!

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