16 Stunning Balcony Gardening Ideas that Look Great

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Residing in an apartment. The perfect way to lose your connection with nature. 

Unless you live in a building specifically designed to be “greener,” there’s a high chance you’ll forget how plants feel, look, and smell. 

As a gardener or nature-loving person, that’s probably not what you want.

That’s why we bring our best balcony gardening ideas so you can make even the smallest of apartment balconies a greener place.

These are all easy, do-it-yourself ideas, things you can put to work almost right away and enjoy their results in no time. Check them out below!

16 Fantastic Balcony Gardening Ideas

1. A Balcony Garden in Racks

A Balcony Garden in Racks
Flowers and plants on a balcony in Vibble Gotland Sweden – digitized from film – Pentax camera

Let’s be honest. No one wants to clean soil and dirt from the ground, even less so when it drops on a balcony.

That’s why you can opt for something more practical that keeps your plants separated, well-ventilated, and still looking NEAT. That would be a set of racks and shelves. 

Your potted plants will have sufficient height to enjoy sunlight and wind. They’ll be easier to organize together, so your balcony doesn’t get filled up. And what’s even better, you’ll have small, organized, and good-looking areas for your favorite plants.

WORTH CONSIDERING: You can bring pretty much any species in this case. From your favorite herbs and vegetables to your flowering plants, ferns, or whatever feels ideal. There’s no limit! 

2. Fully-Fledged Garden in the Balcony

Fully-Fledged Garden in the Balcony

Have a large balcony? 

Then bring an entire garden to the place!

Why hold back because it is a balcony? No one ever said you couldn’t bring plants in the first place. So why don’t you get the whole batch?

Get all your potted plants, ferns and succulents, tropical plants, herbs, and even your vegetables and fruits.

Shelves and racks will help you in this case. An area to hang a few pots or baskets could also be helpful.

Once you’re done, you’ll have a fully fleshed jungle on the balcony. 

NOTE: Be aware that some neighbors may feel jealous of your balcony. Luckily, if it is large enough, you can also install a cover that protects your plants from unwanted eyes. (You can make a trellis from this!)

3. The Balcony Herb Garden

The Balcony Herb Garden

Herbs are probably the easiest type of plant to grow. And when it comes to balconies, few will work as effectively as an herb garden.

Bring all those herbs you like, from the cilantro to the rosemary, thyme, oregano, some mints, and even milkweed. 

Have a cat? Don’t hesitate to bring a catnip!

Like your desserts with a bit of spiciness? Get that peppermint in place!

There are way too many herbs to grow on a balcony without problems that you’ll feel left out if you don’t try it.

The best of all is that herbs grow almost anywhere, and balconies are not an exception. Given they can receive enough sunlight in the morning (at least), you’ll have a blast!

Benefit: Herbs are not only decorative. They also make for AMAZING culinary companions. Once they start maturing, you can harvest them and use them with your meals. What better than to season your dinner with a herb directly from your balcony garden? 

4. Mini Balcony Jungle

Mini Balcony Jungle

Why go simple when you can BEEF UP that balcony?

Bring all your favorite flowers, your favorite tropical plants, and even some small trees or bushes into the mix. 

That balcony will surely stand out. And given it is large enough to host all the plants plus some furniture, you can also bring your favorite chairs and make it a go-to place for get-togethers.

You’ll have the perfect combination of a fully green area that reeks of nature plus a place to spend time with friends and family. 

CAREFUL: Some trees and tropical plants can overgrow your balcony REALLY FAST. So be careful what you pick (preferably slow-growing plants to avoid issues later on). 

5. Balcony Butterfly Garden

Balcony Butterfly Garden

Is there any plant better for a balcony than a flower bush? 

These small yet gorgeous plants will make your balcony a place impossible to dismiss.

Every passer-by will notice your beautiful balcony standing out from the lifeless ones. 

And you bring enough flowers into the mix, and you’ll have a butterfly garden, attracting not only the views of people around but also the presence of all kinds of insects and animals (from bees and butterflies to birds and more!).

If there’s a way to bring nature close to home when living in an apartment, nothing beats a balcony filled with flowering plants. 

NOTE: Mix it up with the species, bring gerbera daisies, roses, sunflowers, Asiatic lilies, and whatever feels like a great idea! 

6. Creeping Balcony Garden

Creeping Balcony Garden

Some plants like to creep and climb around. They’ll find a balcony to be nearly perfect for their growth!

Just imagine your balcony growing legs and arms, with flowers all around. The vegetation will take over the balcony for sure. And you’ll have that greenish place thriving in no time.

Plants like Virginia creeper, star jasmine, climbing hydrangea, moonflower, honeysuckle, Susan vine, nasturtium, wisteria, and many others. They will all make even the dullest of balconies look a lot livelier. 

HINT: Plant the creepers close to the rail and the climbers close to the walls. The creepers will start finding their way down and hang beautifully. The climbers will cover the background and make the balcony look FANTASTIC!

7. Vines and Balconies

Vines and Balconies

Viny plants are undoubtedly gorgeous. Especially when we talk about the typical grapevine – there’s no doubt about its beauty!

Those living in traditionally-looking areas where vines would match the style perfectly don’t hesitate to bring one of them.

Grapevines, for example, are sufficiently attractive to make any place super-cute. They also attach to the rails and walls, stay within the limits of the balcony, and are easy to maintain.

ALSO: Once the vine starts growing those grapes in the summer, you’ll have NOTHING to complain about. Your balcony will look fantastic and offer tasty treats at the same time! 

8. First-floor Balcony 

 First-floor Balcony

Some people aren’t lucky enough to live in second-floor apartments or higher. Instead, they have to stick with the lowest floors, the ones where even the smallest of vehicles are heard.

But this also comes with an advantage; Chances are you also have a slightly more connected balcony, one that allows you to combine a gorgeous array of plants together. 

The result? A FULLY EQUIPPED balcony garden is boosting up your building’s appearance and making your apartment stand out.

If you’re lucky enough to have that balcony close to a garden, you can start panting small trees and bushes that combine with the pots and racks in your balcony. A few years will pass by, and you’ll be more than happy with the result. 

CONSIDER THIS: Before planting anything or deciding to make a first-floor balcony like this, ask building authorities and neighbors to know whether it’s doable. You’ll probably have no problem, but it’s better to avoid issues before even starting.

9. The Hanging flowers

The Hanging flowers

Some flowers are so gorgeous that it’s impossible to ignore them. When they’re hanging from the balcony, they’ll make your apartment a sight to behold. 

Bring your favorite flower species and get them hanging. Wisteria, cypress vine, Caroline jessamine, morning glory, and many other creeping flowers would make for BEAUTIFUL balcony options.

DON’T HOLD BACK: Most flowers grow together without problems, so you’ll have a fantastic time if you mix them together in the same pots. Don’t hold back. 

10. A Succulent Party

A Succulent Party

When you’re too busy and have a hard time taking care of yourself, why would you bring a plant to your apartment? It could eventually die, and you’ll feel awful.

Well, there’s a type of plant you can bring to your balcony and won’t require much of your attention. Succulents are that kind of plant.

You can leave succulents without any drop of water for months, and they’ll thrive. This is even more common for balconies, where they can receive humidity directly from wind and rain.

The best of all? Succulents are SO MANY that you’ll have a hard time picking the right ones.

You can find the Mother of Thousands, Hens and Chicks, Aloe Vera, and MANY OTHERS. 

REMEMBER THIS: Succulents don’t require any watering as long as the environment is humid enough. You can also water them once a week to boost their growth, but it’s not necessary. 

11. French-Style Balcony 

French-Style Balcony

If you live in a stylish building or house with a unique balcony, you can opt for a French-style version instead.

What does it mean to be French? Well, you bring sun-loving plants and place them in a symmetrical order on the balcony.

You bring plants that could survive when hanged. And you try to bring plants that produce purple to pink flowers (that isn’t French but matches the style nonetheless).

As long as the balcony is fancy enough and the plants mix well with a French vibe, you’ll have a place that stands out. 

BE SIMPLE: To make the most attractive balcony, you only need to be well-organized. There’s no point in bringing EVERY SINGLE PLANT you think about. Instead, focus on the most beautiful ones only. 

12. Hanging Pans 

Hanging Pans

What balcony doesn’t look better with a couple of hanging pans with flowers?

Filling the balcony with pots and hanging baskets may feel like an excellent idea for some gardeners. But others will prefer simplicity and cuteness. In that case, rail pans are probably best.

They keep your flowering plants close to the sunlight, are large enough to host several species at once, and provide easy access for maintenance when needed. There’s no downside! 

AND WHAT’S BETTER: These pans are SUPER CHEAP! You won’t have to empty your bank account to fill up your balcony with gorgeous flowers in hanging pans. They’ll cost you even less than the flowers themselves! 

13. Standalone Pots

Standalone Pots

Have a thick balcony wall or rail? Don’t hesitate to bring a few of your favorite potted plants instead.

There’s no need to hang pots or fill the floor with them. You can decide to place the pots on the rail and let them set the mood.

This works better if the plants are flowers and colorful species. But you can also do the same with succulents and cactuses if you prefer.

MOREOVER: This arrangement makes the place more engaging and makes maintenance a piece of cake. If all the pots are high, you’ll have an easier time watering, pruning, and so on. 

14. Balcony’s Tree

Balcony’s Tree

Who said balconies are only for small plants? 

Bring your favorite small tree into the place and get that balcony GLOWING.

Many species would fit this type of arrangement, like citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, etc.) and conifers (like pine and cypress). 

Species like Southern Magnolia, Japanese Maple, edible Fig, and olive trees also work. And what about bonsai trees? They also count! 

BE AWARE: Even though these are small trees, they could also grow big enough to become a nuisance on your balcony. You’ll have to be consistently pruning them (both leaves and roots) to prevent them from growing far beyond the balcony. 

15. Tea Table Garden

Tea Table Garden

Are balconies just for show? THEY’RE NOT!

What better than to create a small balcony garden with flowers and herbs, plus you bring your favorite tea table into the mix?

This could be an excellent place to bring a coffee cup, sit and relax, read a book, or just have a conversation.

Balconies are the perfect place to create that relaxing place in your apartment. Designing it to be so with a bit of vegetation could be a great idea.

REMEMBER THIS: Balconies are to be enjoyed to the max. So don’t leave a single space of that balcony unused (either with plants or furniture). You won’t regret it! 

16. Enclosed Balcony with Creeping Plants

Enclosed Balcony with Creeping Plants

Lastly, let’s say you have a species of enclosed patio in your balcony, a place that combines the indoor style of the apartment with the outdoor vibe of a patio. 

In that case, you’ll have TONS of different opportunities to bring a garden to live in.

One would be to plant a viny plant around. It could be anything you prefer, and let it climb and creep around freely.

But if you prefer, you could just bring as many posts as you’d like and hang them or adapt them to the walls. 

To finish, bring your favorite furniture and make the place an enclosed area, ready to host your get-togethers and perfect to relax on the weekends.


Did you learn something from our balcony gardening ideas?

There are enough options above to give your balcony a total revamp.

Once you’re ready to start building that balcony garden, you’ll have almost no excuse. Your head will be filled with inspiration.

The only thing that will lack? 

WORK. Stop mind-wandering and get to work right away! That garden won’t build itself! 

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