10 Best Cheap LED Grow Light Reviews 2023

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Growing plants indoors won’t be easy. Without sun exposure, even the sturdiest of plants will struggle to develop and sprout out of the seed.

Luckily, there’s a way to grow plants without necessarily exposing them to sun rays. This alternative is called a grow light. It can be super expensive, though. So you should be careful before buying one.

EZORKAS Full Spectrum LED Growth Light

EZORKAS Full Spectrum LED Growth Light

Our Top Recommendation for Cheap LED Grow Light!

The EZORKAS LED is a unique 4 head grow light for indoor plants. It comes with 5 dimmable levels and has an adjustable gooseneck. Further, it features 3 switch modes and a 3/6/12 hours timer to set the timing to light, according to your needs and preferences.

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That’s why we bring the best cheap LED grow light alternatives in this article. We want you to have several options to choose from to grow your plants indoors effectively but cheaply.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about these lights plus a bit more. Take a look and learn!

10 Best Cheap LED Growth Lights Reviews in 2023

best cheap led grow light

While searching for hours on end, reading tons of reviews, and taking advice from experts, we ended up with a small but well-researched bunch of lights. We picked them for their overall quality and ability to help grow plants indoors effectively, while still being super-cheap.

If you want to learn more about them and possibly find the perfect grow light for your indoor plants, then check our reviews out:

EZORKAS Full Spectrum LED Growth Light• Decent Growing Power
• Ultra-Practical Modes
• Flexible & Practical Necks
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Low-Heat Performance• Balanced Light
• Excellent Lifespan
• Comfortable handle
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Loeter Grow Light for Indoor Plants• Several Light Modes
• Practical Timer
• Versatile Design
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Roleadro Grow Light for Indoor Plant• Cold Performance
• Non-flammable Build
• Super Durable
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GE PAR38• High-Micromole Delivery
• Ultra-Convenient Design
• Excellent Flowering Spectrum
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KINGBO LED Grow Light Bulb for Indoor Plants• Highly Resilient
• Ultra-Practical Design
• Fantastic Brightness
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Gerylove LED Grow Light• Saves Energy
• Always Stays Cool
• Extra Long-Lasting
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Roleadro LED Grow Light Strips for Indoor Plant• Automatic Operation
• Dimmable Lights
• Handy Design
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Grow Light• Better yield indoors
• Full spectrum grow lamp
• Energy-efficient
• LED with 100W
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Feit Electric GLP24FS Full LED Tube Grow Light• Top-Notch Power
• Super-Resilient Build
• Ultra-Practical System
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1. EZORKAS Full Spectrum LED Growth Light

EZORKAS Full Spectrum LED Growth Light
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There’s something fantastic about LED grow lamps that neither bulbs nor bars can offer. That would be the ability to illuminate several plants at once so you can achieve maximum growing capacity.

Unboxing of EZORKAS Full Spectrum LED Growth Light

The Full-Spectrum LED Lamp from Ezorkas is precisely that kind of light. It delivers a top-notch coverage capacity so you can grow as many plants as you need in a small place.

But it is not only the area the light can cover but the brightness it offers. At 300 lumens of total capacity, the light will meet even the highest standards at growing plants indoors. And for the cost, it is a complete steal.

The lamp is also super-practical. You can set it up almost anywhere thanks to its long power cord and the handy clamp. Even in the trickiest of places, it clamps right in to deliver excellent results.

And last but not least, you can make this light work with any plant. Whether it is vegetables, legumes, or flowers – the light works like a charm alongside the right watering method. 

Decent Growing Power

EZORKAS Full Spectrum LED Growth Light Review

Growing plants indoors with no sun exposure is challenging. But with an intense light at 80 watts of power, boasting 80 LED pieces, and delivering 300 lumens, growing becomes a lot easier. 

Ultra-Practical Modes

You can’t dismiss the option to change light modes, intensity, and hours of work. With a unique set of features, including a timer and a lighting control panel, you can grow plants however you want. 

Flexible & Practical Necks

EZORKAS Full Spectrum LED Growth Light Placed infront of Basil plant

Boasting 360-degree goosenecks, you can move the lamps wherever you want. You’ll have the chance to place each lamp of 10-inch in length wherever you desire. 

Pros & Cons


  • Practical goosenecks for extra coverage
  • Delivers proper brightness for growth
  • Decent spectrum for any stage
  • Handy design works almost anywhere


  • The timer tends to 
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2. GE BR30 LED Grow Light

GE BR30 LED Grow Light
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Are you looking to improve your indoor-growing efficiency? Then nothing will help you as much as the BR30 bulb from GE.

When it comes to cheapness and superb results, this bulb offers precisely what you need. Not only can it manage exceptional brightness, but it also helps to deliver a fantastic RED/BLUE color, which improves growth exponentially.

Box of GE BR30 LED Grow Light

Once you turn this bulb on, you’ll realize the unique color it offers. It offers a combination of red and blue, delivering a perfect illumination spectrum that boosts your plant growth, flowering, and even fruit production. 

Apart from that, the light works well with almost any plant. You’ll have no problem setting it up with veggies, fruits, or flowers as necessary.

And if all that wasn’t enough, you can still enjoy the super-dim lighting capacity. Without being too bright, the light will grow your plants and not produce any damaging effects around them. So it works wonders on indoor growing scenarios.

GE BR30 LED Grow Light Review

Low-Heat Performance

Using only 9 watts of total power, the LED will keep your plants healthy and growing consistently. With barely enough lumens to provide tremendous growth, this light works highly effectively. 

Balanced Light

If you’re looking for the most natural light possible, this one will not let you down. Its balanced light spectrum resembles natural sunlight like no other in the list.

GE BR30 LED Grow Light Placed Above a Plant

Excellent Lifespan

If there’s something about this light you will love is the ability to last over 25,000 total hours or more. That’s about 3 years of lifespan.

Pros & Cons


  • Has a super-bright white light
  • Offers decent power for its size
  • Doesn’t overheat or break
  • Lasts a very long time 


  • Produces a low buzzing noise

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3. Loeter Grow Light for Indoor Plants

Loeter Grow Light for Indoor Plants
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We come back with another set of lamps, this time from Loeter. You get many fantastic features with this, including super-efficient LEDs on its build.

This includes 80 small LED bulbs. They are 36 of red, 16 of blue, and 28 that offer the full spectrum. You will get a wide enough light to resemble real sunlight effectively. Every plant will develop super-fast with this light.

Unboxed Loeter Grow Light for Indoor PlantsUnboxed Loeter Grow Light for Indoor Plants

There’s a lot more to enjoy from this light, though. This includes the USB connector for super-easy usage. Yet, it is the adjustable system that truly sets it apart. 

A combination of four lamps with movable goosenecks will make it easy to focus on the right place. And when you consider that the goosenecks move in a 360-degree angle, then it gets even better. 

For those who want durability, this piece also stands out. An excellent heat-dissipating design ensures maximum lifespan. Including an aviation-grade heat sink, it keeps the temperature on a safe level to prevent any overheating issue in the long term.

Several Light Modes

Loeter Grow Light for Indoor Plants Review

You probably don’t want to expose your plants to the same type of light. That’s why this lamp offers 10 dimmable modes, so you can pick the ideal one depending on the growth level you need.

Practical Timer

Another function you shouldn’t dismiss is the memory system that turns the Blue lights for 3 hours, the Green lights for 9 hours, and the Red lights for 12 hours for perfect exposure. 

Versatile Design

Loeter Grow Light for Indoor Plants Placed infront of plants

Lastly, you get flexible goosenecks. Alongside the super-handy clamp, you can place this lamp almost anywhere with little effort. 

Pros & Cons


  • Provides highly-efficient lights
  • Boasts an excellent timer function
  • Has an adjustable dimming system
  • You can set it up anywhere


  • Needs to be clamped in a sturdy place
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4. Roleadro Grow Light for Indoor Plant

Roleadro Grow Light for Indoor Plant
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Keeping your plants thriving for long is not an easy job. That’s why Roleadro brings one of the most potent lights you can choose for the job – the 1000-watt grow light.

It uses 112 reflectors or dual-chip LEDs that increase the quality of the light exponentially. You’ll get a total of 1000 watts of total power, which means your plants will be exposed to enough power consistently.

This amount of power also makes the light excellent for any stage of the growing process. Whether it is the seed, flower, or fruit stage – this light works effectively on each.

Unboxed Roleadro Grow Light for Indoor Plant

And if you consider the 6089 lumens of brightness, the light gets even better. Growing any type of plant will be a total pleasure with this one. 

There’s still a lot to enjoy. For example, it has a unique Daisy Chain function. This lets you use several lights of the same type at once to improve the overall effectiveness by a lot.

Cold Performance

Don’t worry about the lights overheating and dying out fast. The boxes boast excellent aluminum heat sinks with fans that keep the LEDs working efficiently and freshly. 

Non-flammable Build

Using a 60-reflector cup and a flame-retardant plastic case, so you can use it safely on grow tents. So you can rest assured it will not be the source of accidents in the slightest.  

Super Durable

Roleadro Grow Light for Indoor Plant Review

Probably the most long-lasting on the whole list, this LED grow light from Roleadro can manage over 50,000 hours of full use without drawbacks. That’s enough to handle over 5 years of usage.

Pros & Cons


  • Prevents overheating & fires
  • Delivers an outstanding amount of brightness
  • Requires little effort to mount
  • Works well with other lamps 


  • Lack of programmability makes it impractical
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5. GE PAR38

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We had to bring back General Electric to the list, but now with the PAR38. As the name says, this is a PAR light, meaning it is radioactively beneficial to the plants, so you can enjoy perfect growth.

The 32-watt capacity enhances this. It is enough to produce excellent light power without overheating or damaging your plants. And because it is only one bulb, the electricity consumption is almost none, so you get a super-efficient product all around.

Because it is so efficient and provides the perfect light delivery, you get the chance to improve the growth of any species. And when you add the excellent RED spectrum, then you can ensure even better growth, as it maintains ideal exposure at all times.

Box of GE PAR38

And lastly, you can enjoy the high-quality build that can reach over 25,000 hours of lifespan. That should be enough to last several years.

High-Micromole Delivery

A highly important feature to have is micromole production. With 50 micromoles per second, this light ensures maximum growth capacity on your plants.

Ultra-Convenient Design

Setting up this light is also a piece of cake. Boasting a base compatible with almost any fixture, you can make it work anywhere.

GE PAR38 Review

Excellent Flowering Spectrum

Need to improve the flowering stage of your plants? Then the RED spectrum of this light will be perfect for you. It is super effective at improving your plant’s flourishing stage. 

Pros & Cons


  • Delivers tons of power for the size
  • Increases micromoles exponentially
  • Has a full-light spectrum
  • Offers a superb lifespan  


  • Only useful for focused growing
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6. KINGBO LED Grow Light Bulb for Indoor Plants

KINGBO LED Grow Light Bulb for Indoor Plants
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By now, you should be aware that apart from hanging lights and bulbs, we also love lamps. And the KINGBRO Sunlike Grow Light is a perfect example.

In contrast with other models in the list, this one is white light (yellowish). So it works wonders to resemble real sunlight exposure, making your plants grow faster and stronger.

But the light is still full spectrum. That means you get the blue and red lights as well, ideal for maximum growth.

This also matches well with the 96 micromoles per second it offers. Coming with several LED chips with excellent lumen capacity, the lights will ensure proper growth at all times.

KINGBO LED Grow Light Bulb for Indoor Plants Review

And if you’re looking for durability, then you’ll love the heat-conductive material and the finned heat sinks. Together, they reduce overall heat production and keep your light working cool for long.

Last but not least, you get excellent light controls so you can set the spotlights at any brightness you need.

Highly Resilient

Not only is it the addition of a heat sink with heat-conductive materials that make it work neatly, but it is also the aluminum gooseneck and the rest of the build that makes it last. 

Ultra-Practical Design

You get a combination of a 360-degree gooseneck plus a 270-degree rotating head. Along with a high-quality clamp, the lamp works almost anywhere.

Fantastic Brightness

 KINGBO LED Grow Light Bulb for Indoor Plants Placed Near Plants

Using a maximum of 50 watts to power up the light plus 1991 lumens of brightness, ensuring maximum plant growth won’t be a problem.

Pros & Cons


  • You can set it up however you want
  • Offers decent brightness for the size
  • Its quality build lasts a lifetime
  • Consumes little energy for its quality


  • Is not configurable in the slightest
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7. Gerylove LED Grow Light

Gerylove LED Grow Light
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Want to hang a LED panel over the plant and keep it growing for long? Then you’ll love the Gerylove Grow Light.

The first thing you’ll notice is the wide design with tons of LED dual-chips. This construction increases the overall power of the lights while reducing energy consumption. Either way, your plants will be adequately nurtured with this light.

You get another feature that works like a charm for the growing process: The VEG/BLOOM mode switch. The VEG-ON system, for example, will help you grow the plants on the seedling stage. But if you need the ideal light for the fruiting or flowering stages, then the BLOOM-ON mode will work wonders.

If you want both modes at once, the light actually helps you do that as well. So you can change the light spectrum depending on your needs, even if it means going full spectrum.

Gerylove LED Grow Light Review

And sure enough, the fantastic size of the panel design lets you cover up to 7 square feet from a distance of 3 feet. That’s enough to grow, not one but up to two or more plants at once.

Saves Energy

Using a dual-chip LED system, this panel uses 600 watts to power up. That’s low enough to save energy, but also high enough to ensure proper light delivery. 

Always Stays Cool 

Boasting a highly dissipating design plus an isolated power supply, it will prevent any overheating. Using low-noise fans and an aluminum base, you’ll get the right build for greenhouse growing.  

Extra Long-Lasting

Gerylove LED Grow Light Set Above a Plant

Probably the most exciting part of this light is that despite its excellent light delivery and energy consumption, it lasts up to 50,000 hours of usage.

Pros & Cons


  • Doesn’t heat up in the slightest
  • Has an excellent cooling system
  • Uses tons of power for high brightness
  • High-quality build lasts a lifetime


  • Hanging it is not easy
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8. Roleadro LED Grow Light Strips for Indoor Plant

Roleadro LED Grow Light Strips for Indoor Plant
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Very few people consider LED strips ideal for growing plants. But the Roleadro LED strips are here to change that.

With an excellent full-spectrum light delivery, the strips will help you grow even the toughest of plants with little effort. Boasting 96 LED pieces, the light’s high-PAR capacity won’t let you down in the slightest.

This matches well with the 6 strips you get with the set. They make it possible to cover a wide area and grow several plants at once. Along with the flexible design that you can set up almost anywhere, then it becomes a hugely practical kit overall.

The lights even come with a Daisy chain system, so you can pair them together for even more efficient operation. Growing your plants with this light will be a pleasure. 

Unboxing of Roleadro LED Grow Light Strips for Indoor Plant

If there’s something you can’t dismiss is the ability to work on the seedling, flowering, and vegetative stages. So you will have everything you need with the same kit.

Automatic Operation

Thanks to an auto ON/OFF function, you can set it to 3, 6, or 12 hours and using the right light accordingly. 

Dimmable Lights

There’s nothing like a dimmable system to adjust your lights to the right growing stage of the plants. This will prevent damage and ensure maximum growth as necessary. 

Handy Design

Roleadro LED Grow Light Strips for Indoor Plant Review

You can set these strips almost anywhere. Thanks to the strip design and the hardware (cables and extensions), setting these lights parallel for efficient use won’t be a problem. 

Pros & Cons


  • Are highly dimmable & configurable
  • You can set them up anywhere
  • Provide tons of light 
  • Are available in red and full-spectrum


  • Nothing
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9. Grow Light

Grow Light
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LED grow lights are fantastic and funky to use which normal bulbs and bars don’t seem like. They have the capacity to illuminate several plants to gain maximum output.

A Full-Spectrum LED Lamp has a specific type of light present in it. This element enables covering a larger area so as to grow as many plants as possible in a limited space.

It is not just about the area covered, but also the brightness these LED grow lamps impart. The light meets up the high-quality standards to grow plants indoors.

This lamp has hands-on in all sorts of places. They can be set up even in tricky areas as they possess a long power cord and a handy clamp.

Box of Grow Light

On a whole, with this light, you can work with vegetables, flowers, pulses, etc. given that the watering system is correct.


Do you enjoy paying bills? Well, none of us do. We all wish for a light for which we do not have to pay much. Thankfully our wish has come true. This bulb comes with a very low voltage of 120 and 9W. It stays for a longer time (15,000 hours), so we can easily replace it with incandescent light.

Higher Performance

Each bulb comes with an emission power of 1600 micromoles. Usually, the plants use the red and blue ends for the photosynthesis process. The primary pigments have absorption peaks of 448nm and 630nm, respectively. The wavelength and color of this spectrum enable the responses in plants.

Safer Choice

In case of bulb breaks, there is nothing to panic about as these bulbs are recyclable. Unlike other bulbs, these bulbs do not emit any harmful gases after being broken.

Versatile Use

Grow Light Placed above the plants

Apart from using them in a greenhouse, these toxic-free bulbs are an excellent match for various indoor environments. These can grow food items or flowers into the household areas like the kitchen, living room, etc.

Pros & Cons


  • Extra coverage
  • Handy design
  • Decent spectrum


  •  A slight buzzing noise
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10. Feit Electric GLP24FS Full LED Tube Grow Light

Feit Electric GLP24FS Full LED Tube Grow Light
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A tube light (or a combination of two strips in one) is an excellent option for saving space. Coming from Feit Electric, you can expect this double strip design to provide the perfect growing energy for any plant.

It all starts with a 24-inch design that covers an extensive area. That’s enough to place several plants at once below it.

But the real benefit is the full-spectrum light. This will ensure excellent growth at any stage. So you won’t have to worry about your plants growing with this system.

Feit Electric GLP24FS Full LED Tube Grow Light Set in a plants Tray

Apart from that, the light is a piece of cake to set up. You get a polycarbonate body that weighs little, so you can place it anywhere. And with the 5-foot power cord, it allows excellent versatility when setting it up.

And if all that wasn’t enough, the light still comes with a low-heat performance so you can rest assured it won’t melt or start a fire. Your plants will grow healthily and effectively with this light.

Top-Notch Power

At 19 watts of total power consumption, the light is intense enough to enhance growth. But it is the 1200 lumens of brightness that stand out, offering the extra growth boost.

Super-Resilient Build

One massive benefit you can’t dismiss is the ability to work in high-moisture environments. And with its build that doesn’t overheat, then you’re set to enjoy this light to the max. 

Ultra-Practical System

Feit Electric GLP24FS Full LED Tube Grow Light Using inside a ikea cabinet

On top of being an easy-to-install system, it is also a practical one. You can set up to 8 of these tubes together to ensure maximum growth on a wide array of plants.

Pros & Cons


  • It doesn’t heat up in the slightest
  • Consumes little energy for its size
  • Withstands high-moisture places
  • You can install it wherever you want


  • Lacks programmability
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Cheap LED Grow Lights Buying Guide

Setting up your plants with the best LED grow lights won’t be easy. You need to know exactly what to look for and what to overlook. And if you’re a total noob or just not experienced enough, then this may become a bit of an issue.

Luckily, we’ve brought a set of factors to consider if you’re ready to learn. Below, you’ll find these things to look for when buying a new grow light:

Light Spectrum

Probably the most essential feature if you want the grow light to work effectively. The light spectrum refers to the color range it offers, meeting the plant’s growing needs according to its stage.

A full-spectrum light should offer Red, Blue, Green, and Infrared/Ultraviolet waves. The focus is to have a light that gets to the whole spectrum to increase the effectiveness.

But you don’t necessarily need a broad light spectrum. You can also consider those with Red light only. This color is the most important for plants, especially on their initial growing stage. 

Overall, try to get a light that goes anywhere from 380mn to 780mn. This range (or anything in between) should be enough to meet your plant-growing needs.

Light Power

You want a light that works with a few watts as possible and provides strong-enough light at the same time.

That’s why the power (in watts) is such an essential factor to think about. You will find lights going from 100 watts up to 1000 watts or even more. So the more output you get, the more likely the light will provide higher brightness. But if you go low, then the electrical consumption will be less.

Often, we recommend going as high as possible in power. But if you’re looking to save some bucks, then you may want to go for low power (less than 50 watts). Just be sure it is enough to help your plants grow. 

Micromoles & Brightness

There are several light measurements from grow lights you may want to think about when picking. Among them, you’ll find micromoles (the number of photons per meter square) and the lumens (that measures brightness). 

For the micromoles, you can go for as many as you need. And for brightness, we typically recommend at least 50 lumens. 

Light Control

Because you want to reduce your own output on the growing process, then getting a LED light that automatically controls the spectrumcan be a huge advantage.

These lights will automate the different phases and types of light to ensure proper growth. For example, it will deliver Red light for 12 hours and shut off for the other 12. The same should happen with other phases as necessary. Automated cycles will save tons of time and effort. 

Durability & Safety

Your growth light also needs to be secure and last through the whole growing process of several plants (preferably). 

That’s why a quality construction with heat-dissipating materials is a go-to choice. Materials like aluminum and plastic tend to be pretty effective at reducing heat. The LED quality should also be part of what you’re looking for.

Another thing to consider is a fire-retardant material that prevents any kind of fire-related accident. Especially for cheap grow lights, you want to be sure it is safe enough to use. 

Overall, you need to look for a grow light that lasts at least 20,000 hours of total use. This means no less than 2 years. 

Programmability & Adjustments

Lastly, consider those lights that offer programming functions. This includes a timer, the ability to change the phases (spectrum), and those you can adjust the brightness (dimmable ones). Anything you can program to meet your demands is an excellent thing to consider. 

What are the Different Types of Grow Lights?

best cheap led grow light

You don’t only need to know the different factors that set grow lights apart, you also need to know their presentations. Here, you’ll find 3 main types to consider:

  1. Bulbs: People use bulbs for sufficient single-plant growth. If you need to grow a sprouting plant at its seedling stage with maximum effectiveness, then a bulb can be an excellent way to do that.
    These bulbs usually fit on lamps and similar sockets that allow excellent versatility and adjustability. Bulbs are perfect for concentrated growth in a small area. 
  2. Bars / Strips: As the name says, you will also find light bars that provide decent light performance while increasing the overall footprint. You can cover a lot more space with one of these than with a bulb.
    The difference is that being larger makes them a little impractical. Luckily, the ability to cover more space also adds extra handiness. If you can pair several strip lights together, then you’ll have tons of coverage capacity.
  3. Panels: Offering the focus of bulbs and coverage of strip lights, panels are the best option for people who want it all at the same time.
    These lights tend to provide high brightness and power, helping to grow plants effectively. And sure enough, they give both the coverage and focus capacity to grow several plants at once.
    They’re also super durable and often a piece of cake to install. The drawback is that being bigger makes them useless for single-plant pots. At the same time, they tend to be pretty expensive. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Still confused about a thing or two related to cheap LED grow lights? Don’t worry – we may answer to these doubts below:

Q. Are LED grow lights safe for pets?

Ans: Yes, most LED grow lights are completely safe for pets. Some models may emit too much UV or radioactive lights that may cause minimal damage. But there’s nothing to worry about. 

Q. Why are LED grow lights so expensive?

Ans: Most growth lights are expensive because the engineering behind the lights is complicated. This complexity is translated into a higher price. Luckily, you can always find them cheap and still useful, like the ones above.  

Q. How to use a LED grow light?

Ans: It depends on the growing stage of the plant and the type of light you’re using. Generally, you need at least 6 hours of light exposure for most plants to grow. This means you will need to install the light above the plant and make it work for as many hours as needed. 

Q. Do LED grow lights emit UV?

Ans: Yes, most of them do. They offer a full-spectrum light delivery that produces minimal UV rays. 

Q. Can you use any LED lights to grow plants?

Ans: No, the light should offer full-spectrum color and ensure maximum efficiency to give plants proper energy. Otherwise, the LED won’t work.

Q. How far should LED grow lights be from plants?

Ans: It depends on the total power output of the bulb and its size. But generally, it is about 18 inches for every 5 watts. So a 20-watt bulb will need at least 50 inches of distance from the plants to work well and prevent damage. 


As you can see from this article, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the best cheap led grow lights for your plants. With just a few bucks, you can get a quality piece that gets the job done.

So don’t hesitate and pick the best cheap LED grow light from our list of reviews. For such a low price, you can’t go wrong.

Whatever you go for, be sure it is something that meets your plant’s demands. Follow our buying guide for a decent pick. 

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