8 Best Croquet Sets – [2023 Reviews]

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If you have a large lawn at home that’s not being used for more than mere adornment, you’ll want to give it some use from time to time. What better to get the most out of your lawn than a fun game of croquet?

With the best croquet set, you can make any reunion with friends or family a lot more fun. You can entertain children and teenagers. And probably even bring some adults to break the ice. Croquet is an outdoor game that never stops being fun without being aggressive or physically straining.

Baden Champions Croquet Set

Baden Champions Croquet Set

Our Top Recommendation for Croquet Sets!

Baden’s 6-player champions croquet set with soft grip handles are designed for performance and style both. The croquet sports colorful soft-grip handles, and the heads are detachable. The set contains six multi-colored poly-resin croquet balls, nine 14″ Steel Wickets, two 24″ hardwood scoring posts, and an official croquet rulebook.

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But all of those benefits only come if you have a quality croquet set. For that reason, we want to show you some of the best options in the market. They offer all the features you need to have a blast for years to come. Take a look!

8 Best Croquet Sets Reviews in 2023

We’ve played croquet for years, so we decided to only bring those sets we’re sure would offer an excellent experience. After carefully analyzing and checking what makes them so good, here’s what we found:

Baden Champions Croquet Set • Comes with a gorgeous finish
• Rubberized handle for grip & comfort
• Quality wood will last a lifetime
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BroWill Premium Croquet Set• Suitable for all ages
• High-end balls slide through grass smoothly
• Black lacquer makes the set attractive
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Play N Laughter Kid’s Croquet Set• Perfect size for children to play with
• Hardwood pieces last a lifetime
• Sufficiently practical bag
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ApudArmis Premiun Pine Croquet Set• Well-designed carrying bag for easy storage
• The polymer balls withstand any use
• Super-light construction for easy use
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ROPODA Family Croquet Set • Hardwood pieces handle years of use
• A practical yet attractive storage bag
• Safe mallets with rubber end caps
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GoSports Deluxe Wood Croquet Set• Designed for adults
• Comfy & grip-oriented textured handles
• Well-made & handy carrying case
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AmazonBasics Premium Croquet Set• The grip-oriented rubberized handle
• Straightforward black carrying case
• Quality hardwood construction in mallets
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ApudArmis Croquet Set• 18-inch stakes
• 9 steel wickets
• Carry bag
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#1. Baden Champions Croquet Set

Baden Champions Croquet Set
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Cracking a mallet made of cottonwood is hard. The Baden Champions set comes with that type of mallet: 6 of them in total that will only break or wear out if misused.

Unboxing of Baden Champions Croquet Set

The handles on these mallets are outstandingly soft but still colorful with a strip. This adds both the comfort and grip necessary for an excellent experience. Sure enough, they also manage to look gorgeous.

Baden Champions Croquet Set Review

That’s precisely the other quality of this set. The cottonwood construction adds up a stylish touch to every piece. A set of two stakes or scoring posts, also made from this material and boasting the colored strips, adds up to the set’s beauty.

Suffice to say, you also get 9 steel wickets. These are 14-inch tall and wide enough for the balls to go through smoothly. They don’t get damaged easily and can be left outdoors without any fear of rust or damage.

Mallets Sticks of Baden Champions Croquet Set

Last but not least, the whole set comes with its own weather-resistant case. You can carry every piece inside this case and take it anywhere. It is comfy, well-made, and spacious – exactly what you need. 


  • Comes with a gorgeous finish
  • Rubberized handle for grip & comfort
  • Quality wood will last a lifetime
  • Bag with straps make it easy to store 


  • More expensive than competitors 
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#2. BroWill Premium Croquet Set 

More expensive than competitors
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Some croquet sets are designed for the whole family, with every feature necessary for kids and adults to enjoy them. The Browill Premium set is precisely that.

BroWill Premium Croquet Set  Review

The first family-friendly feature is the 35-inch size. It is long enough for people taller than 5 feet to comfortably use them but still small enough for children to have a blast.

You get a total of 6 mallets with this set. They’re all covered in black lacquer, adding a touch of durability. They will handle a lot of heat, rain, and even impact damage.

BroWill Premium Croquet Set With Carrying case

Similarly, you get HDPE balls. This polyethylene material can last a lifetime without cracking, scratching, or breaking. They can also handle challenging environments. 

Apart from all that, you get a quality carrying case made of 600D polyester. This material adds up extra resistance to withstand any situation. More importantly, the bag is large enough to host the entire croquet set – making it easy to bring around and store. 

A man playing BroWill Premium Croquet Set With his Friend

Among family-friendly sets, few can match the BroWill’s resistance and practicality. 


  • Long mallets fit adults and children 
  • High-end balls slide through grass smoothly
  • The carrying bag withstands heavy use
  • Black lacquer makes the set attractive


  • No straps or pockets for bag organization
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#3. Play N Laughter Kid’s Croquet Set

Play N Laughter Kid’s Croquet Set
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If you’re looking for a children-oriented set, nothing will meet your standards better than the Play N Laughter Kid’s croquet kit. 

Play N Laughter Kid’s Croquet Set Review

It comes with everything to make every game of croquet pleasant, especially the small 27-inch mallets. They have a protective cap on the head, as well as color identification for each player. To make them even better, they’re super light for even the smallest children to play comfortably. 

Play N Laughter Kid’s Croquet Set With Carrying case

Along with the mallets, the kit comes with 9 wickets. Each wicket comes with a vinyl coating that adds to the resistance of the whole kit. They’re wide wickets for comfortable playing, perfect for children.

Children Are Playing Play N Laughter Kid’s Croquet Set with his father

Similarly, you get 2 stakes and 6 balls. All the stakes are 18 inches long, and with the colored balls, playing will be a piece of cake, regardless of how tall the grass is.


  • Perfect size for children to play with
  • Rubber caps on mallets for safety
  • Hardwood pieces last a lifetime
  • Sufficiently practical bag


  • The handles unscrew after a few hours of play
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#4. ApudArmis Premiun Pine Croquet Set

ApudArmis Premiun Pine Croquet Set
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Designed to provide extra durability and a blast of fun, the ApudArmis Pine set can handle years of use looking neat.

First and foremost, you get a combination of woods within the set. The mallet boasts rubberwood with a 6-inch size. This head is sturdy enough to handle consistent usage without breaking or cracking.

Unboxing of ApudArmis Premiun Pine Croquet Set

Then you get a poplar handle. It is designed to be grip-oriented with a pair of strips within its body. The texture also adds up to its comfort. 

ApudArmis Premiun Pine Croquet Set Review

As for the balls, you get elastic polymer pieces. This is a sufficiently strong material to handle constant shocks. It is also bright to make the balls stand out, so you can play with them at any moment without losing them.

The set also boasts 18-inch stakes and 9 steel wickets. They’re durable but straightforward, adding the extra touch of resilience to make this set last. Everything above fits inside a green carrying bag. 


  • Well-designed carrying bag for easy storage
  • The polymer balls withstand any use
  • Small-sized handles for children
  • Super-light construction for easy use


  • The light wood build makes the mallets flimsy
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#5. ROPODA Family Croquet Set

ROPODA Family Croquet Set
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Ideal for all ages, the Family set from ROPODA is ready to make all family or friend reunions a lot of fun. Whether in the backyard of your house or in the park, this set works either way perfectly.

ROPODA Family Croquet Set Review

The 27-inch design of the 6 mallets makes it ideal for children and adults alike. Both pieces are a no-brainer to put together. And with the protection cover, they’re pretty resistant but still safe to use. 

Obviously, you also get 2 stakes, 9 wickets, and 6 balls. While the stakes and the mallets are made of high-quality hardwood, the wickets are made of steel and resin balls. This combination of resilient materials makes sure the set lasts a lifetime.

A Girl Is Playing ROPODA Family Croquet Set

Despite all these features, the set is still effortless to move around. The addition of a double carrying bag ensures you can always bring it anywhere. And if what you need is safe storage, the bag’s quality canvas construction makes that possible. 


  • Hardwood pieces handle years of use
  • The set feels sturdy and durable
  • A practical yet attractive storage bag
  • Safe mallets with rubber end caps


  • The colors wear out in months
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#6. GoSports Deluxe Wood Croquet Set

GoSports Deluxe Wood Croquet Set
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Affordable but durable, the GoSports is a well-made set for people who want fun for the entire family without breaking their bank.

GoSports Deluxe Wood Croquet Set Review

What sets it apart is the hardwood construction. From the stakes to the mallets, the wood construction will handle any use. Each piece is finished, making it bright and scratch-resistant. You get a total of 6 mallets and stakes this way.

The advantage of the mallets is the 35-inch handle. They’re big enough for adults to play comfortably, but also for children to have a blast. Apart from that, the handle boasts a texture that increases grip and overall softness. 

GoSports Deluxe Wood Croquet Set with Carrying Case

Like most sets, this one also comes with its own storage bag. You can take the set anywhere and store it safely and easily. 


  • Designed for adults 
  • Comfy & grip-oriented textured handles
  • Hardwood parts handle years of use
  • Well-made & handy carrying case


  • Low-quality balls dent easily 
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#7. AmazonBasics Premium Croquet Set

AmazonBasics Premium Croquet Set
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While not precisely a croquet brand, AmazonBasics still goes the extra mile in quality to deliver way more than you may expect.

Unboxing of AmazonBasics Premium Croquet Set

It starts with the hardwood mallets. Each one comes with a rubberized handle portion and rubber end caps. However, it is the 33-inch length that makes them ideal for both adults and children.

The set is also comprised of 6 polymer balls, each at 3 inches in diameter. They’re ideal for playing with the vinyl-coated wickets, 9 in total. And lastly, you get a couple of hardwood goal stakes. 

AmazonBasics Premium Croquet Set Review

A combination of great materials and friendly materials make this set an excellent choice. And that’s without even mentioning the addition of the zip-up carrying case. Storing and transporting the whole croquet kit will be a no-brainer. 


  • The grip-oriented rubberized handle
  • Straightforward black carrying case
  • Perfectly designed mallets for children & adults
  • Quality hardwood construction in mallets 


  • The balls dent after some time
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#8. ApudArmis Croquet Set

ApudArmis Croquet Set
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We bring to you a design that gives extra support and a bundle of fun!

Firstly, you will find a cluster of woods in a set. Here, the head is hefty enough to handle it constantly for use without a crack or break. Moreover, you have a poplar handle that focuses on providing a grip and a pair of strips inside the body.

ApudArmis Croquet Set Review

Coming to the texture, we all love using smooth and easy things than rough surfaces. And yes, the texture of this device gives you immense comfort.

The balls are usually of an elastic material, which is strong enough to bear the shocks. Besides, you can play with these balls at any time of the day without losing them.

You’ll find everything you desire in this croquet set. Since it is used by sportspeople outdoors, the considerable size of mallets comes around 6×35″ while the colorful balls are around 6×3.3″.

The ending stakes are 2×24″, the wickets are 8.1×6.3 inches. All in all, it provides your family with a completely healthy and fun-filled time.

The mallet is crafted from premium quality pine wood and a practically applicable structure. There are scarce chances for wood damage as it is more firm and comfortable.

And guess what, not just the mallet, even the head comes from premium eucalyptus woods, as it is tough and durable. 

A family is playing ApudArmis Croquet Set

In contrast, the balls are from an elastic polymer. Thus, the set, on the whole, meets the requirements for any lawns and backyards.

The upright design of the croquet set enables an easy installation. The setup is ready within minutes to play with your loved ones. 

In a perfect area, outdoors, the set brings in an abundance of entertainment with your family. You can play it amongst your teen friends, at a get-together, or maybe as a competitive sport. 

This set will certainly bring fun and frolic to your family time.

An ultra-large and durable nylon zip-up carry bag comes with the croquet set for families. It is an ideal way to take the mallets and the balls anywhere and anytime you wish. 

Packing up and transporting are super easy and quick, enabling you to have unlimited fun.


  • Designer carry bag
  • Small handles for children


  • Light wood build, making the mallets flimsy
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What to Look for When Choosing a Croquet Set?

If it’s your first time picking a croquet set, you may get confused about a thing or two regarding their features and quality. To make the buying process an effortless experience, we brought together all the factors to consider before making your final choice. Here’s everything to consider:

Player Capacity

A family-friendly set will come with 6 mallets. Anything lower than that will be a bit limited and probably not the best idea. Having said that, you can go for sets with more than that (but they’re rare). 

For the best experience, check that each mallet comes with a unique color. This makes the identification of each player easy. The color on the mallet should match with the color of the ball (one per mallet). 

Mallet Build 

There’s probably nothing more important than the quality of the pieces in the set. And it all starts with the mallets, which is what you’ll be using the most. 

These mallets should be made of hardwood for the best experience. However, cottonwood and pine mallets also get the job done (for a bit higher price, though). 

Mallet Handles

It’s not about number or color, but about the size of the mallet itself. Here, you should strive to go for something that meets the needs of the players. For example, if the croquet set will be used by children primarily, you should make sure the kit is no more than 30 inches long (28 inches would be ideal).

In contrast, if the croquet set will be used by adults, strive for a set with 35-inch handles. Anything above 30 inches would suffice.

For an extra touch of comfort, pick handles with rubber or textured grips. They will make the game a lot less fatiguing on the hands. 

Mallet Heads

This is the part of the mallet that will be in direct contact with the balls. It also receives the highest damage over time. For that reason, it should be made of high-quality material.

One feature that could add up to the head durability is a rubber end cap. This will work as a protective layer in the part of the mallet that hits the ball. 

Similarly, you can go for mallets with copper rings that hold the head together. These will prevent cracking and splitting over time. 

Balls, Stakes, and Wickets

The stakes or end goals are where the ball needs to reach. It doesn’t need to be resistant or sturdy, but it’s worth looking for stakes with the same materials as the mallets. 

As for the balls, you should get polymer or resin. Stay away from materials that get dirty too fast or wear out with humidity or sunlight (like plastic).

It’s worth knowing that balls can vary from 2 to 3 inches in size. The larger balls are for more official games (or adult sets). At the same, most balls are made of plastic, so they’re light. But official croquet sets need 16-ounce balls. 

All balls should be colored the same way as the mallets (for easy identification). 

Finally, the wickets should be made of steel. Preferably, they’re vinyl coated to add extra resistance and a more attractive look.

Extras and Accessories 

Many croquet sets nowadays come with carrying bags. These add up to the convenience of the set, making it easier to store and bring around. Other accessories and extras to store, protect, or simply transport the kit could be excellent, like a rack or box. 

How to Play Croquet? – Step-By-Step Guide

Now, you may be aware of the general rules of croquet – but you may not have an idea how to start, who wins, and how the game finishes. In this section, we want to teach you all that in a few steps.

  1. Start by preparing the field. We recommend playing in short grass (you may need to pass a mower over it first). Generally, a 100-feet by 50-feet open area should be enough for a game between 6 players.
  2. It is worth marking the corners and edges of the playing field. This will help later on in case someone’s ball gets out of it.
  3. The wickets should then be placed all across the field, forming a figure-eight shape—two of the wickets on top, two in the middle, and two on the bottom. The wickets on the same level should face each other (or be at the same level). 
  4. Meanwhile, the middle wickets should be closer together than those on either side (top or bottom). They should be at about 21 feet from the wickets on top and bottom. However, these are typically closer together (around 20-30 feet from each other)
  5. The two sets of wickets (top and bottom) should be at 21 feet from the field’s borders/edges. They should be about 30 to 40 feet from each other. 
  6. The stakes or end goals are often placed in the middle line (close to the wickets). They will signal the two paths to follow. 
  7. With the wickets positioned, the players can start the game. Here, it is essential to first find out how many are playing. Croquet can be played in teams or individually. Each person should have a mallet and ball color. 
  8. To start, they should give numbers to each wicket. Because there are 6 wickets, they will be 6 goals to pass through in one direction and 6 more to pass through in the other direction. This should give a total of 12 goals (6 wickets, but the ball should pass through in both directions). 
  9. The path to follow should start at either side wickets (bottom or top) and end in one of the middle wickets (after going through the other side). The ball needs to pass the ball through the wickets in the opposite direction for the second lap.  
  10. As a general rule, the path to follow with the balls should be an 8 figure. This makes it easier to plan how the game should go.
  11. The purpose is to hit the balls with the mallets (using the same color). When the ball goes through a wicket, it gives a point to the person. 
  12. Users who strike the opponents’ balls have the chance to repeat their turn. If their ball goes through the wicket in one hit, they should also repeat their turn until the ball hits nothing or stays far from the wicket.
  13. Once a player or team has passed all the balls through the 6-9 wickets in both directions, they win the game. 

It can be a little confusing at first, but it will eventually get some shape if you follow our instructions to the letter. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Even though we tried answering everything about croquet sets above, we may have left a thing or two out. We’ll make it up to you with the following section (questions with their respective answers):

Q. Where should you play croquet?

Ans: There’s no better place to play croquet than a backyard or garden with mowed grass. The balls should be able to smoothly travel over the grass without getting stuck. Hitting them shouldn’t be much of a problem. 
Also, the wickets and stake should be easy to insert into the ground. Generally, an area of about 50 to 100 feet is ideal.

Q. Where does the word croquet come from?

Ans: It comes from the French word “croche” which means “shepherd’s crook.” This refers to the “hockey stock” or mallet used in the game. It is believed that the game was first played in the thirteenth century by French peasants, using construction mallets and willow branches as wickets. 

Q. How many types of croquet are there?

Ans: There are 3 types of croquet. One is the International Association Croquet (IAC), which is the general way to play we explain about. Another is the American Six Wicket Croquet (ASXC) that can be played with a maximum of 6 players. And lastly, there’s the Nine Wicket Croquet (NWC) that consists of 9 wickets. 

Q. Can you play croquet on asphalt or concrete floors?

Ans: While it is possible to play croquet on other surfaces, it is not recommended. The balls are designed to slide across the grass. On smoother surfaces, they may not slide correctly.


You can start playing with your family or friends almost right away with any of the best croquet set options above.

Following our buying guide and reviews will give you an excellent idea of what you should consider and ignore. 

So, are you ready to start having a blast on your lawn? Don’t waste any time, and pick one croquet kit from above now!

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