7 Best Electric Snow Blower 2023 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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Winter is coming. The predictions say that it’s going to snow heavily this year. Everything is going to get covered in snow.

Sadly, a lot of snow means you’ll have to shovel it away. But you won’t have to stick to the shovel. The best electric snow blower can help you get rid of the snow in your garden with ease.

Once you get accustomed to a snowblower, you will hate using a shovel. In fact, you’re likely to forget how difficult it was to use a shovel, and you’ll start loving how easy, comfortable, and effective an electric snow blower is.

That’s why we’ve assembled a list of the highest-rated and most sought-after electric snow blowers in the market. Just after the list, you’ll find a buying guide with every key factor to know about snow blowers.

So, are you eager to find out more about the best snow blowers in 2023? Then head down and learn!

Snow Joe SJ623E Single-Stage Snow Thrower• 15 AMP of motor power
• Throws 720 pounds per minute
• 23W halogen headlights
View Latest Price
Greenworks DigiPro 40V Cordless Snow Thrower• Durable 40V G-MAX Battery
• Potent DigiPro brushless motor
• LED Headlights
View Latest Price
Snow Joe iON18SB iONMAX Cordless Snowblower• EcoSharp battery technology
• Throws 450 pounds per minute
• iON fast-starting system
View Latest Price
Toro 38381 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower• Powerful 15 AMP motor
• Throws snow up to 30 feet away
• 2-Year warranty
View Latest Price
Greenworks 2600202 Electric Snowthrower• Wide 20-inch clearance capacity
• Up to 13 AMPs of motor power
• Dual LED headlights
View Latest Price
WEN 5662 Snow Blaster Electric Snow Thrower• High-power 13.5 AMP motor
• Throws snow at 20 feet away
• 6-inch wheels for mobility
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Snapper XD 1688054 Electric Snow Blower• Up to 75 minutes of runtime
• 20-inch width of clearance
• Comfy foam handle
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7 Best Electric Snow Blowers Reviews 2023

To ease out your search, we assembled a list of 7 of the best electric snow blowers to consider. These are the cream on the top. The highest of the highest quality you’ll find, backed by hundreds (or thousands) of user reviews, as well as top-notch brands you will love.

Below, you’ll find more about each:

1. Snow Joe SJ623E Single-Stage Snow Thrower

Snow Joe SJ623E 18-Inch 15-Amp Electric Walk-Behind Single Stage Snow Blower w/Headlight, 18-Inch
16,862 Reviews
Snow Joe SJ623E 18-Inch 15-Amp Electric Walk-Behind Single Stage Snow Blower w/Headlight, 18-Inch
  • [DIRECTIONAL CHUTE]: 180° adjustable directional chute throws snow up to 25 ft.
  • [VERSATILE]: Ideal for clearing snow off mid-to-large sized driveways and walkways

Potent on every front and versatile to the max – the SJ623E from Snow Joe Ultra is the best single-stage electric thrower for people who want maximum quality.

You can clean snow from any place, including small and large ones. And sure enough, it does it excellently well thanks to its 15 AMP motor and its 720 pounds of throwing capacity per minute. That’s more than some gas-powered snow throwers.

You can enjoy this snow blower even more with the 23-watts Halogen light. This headlight will add more visibility to the work area, so you can work in pretty dark snowy places.

The wheels glide smoothly on any place, and with the 18-inch and 10-inch deep of total loading capacity, it achieves next-level results.

It is so convenient that you can even clean it easily with the chute clean-out tool. And it needs little to no maintenance at all.


  • Versatile Throwing Capacity

Don’t want to stack all the snow in the same place? Then use the 180-degree directional chute on the machine. You can throw the snow at up to 25 feet in any direction.

  • Quality Auger

Won’t have to worry about the auger clogging or damaging the ground, the stainless steel auger has enough ground clearance to work super smoothly.

  • Starts in an Instant

Unlike gas snow throwers, this electric snow thrower starts in a second. Just push a button, and you’ll be ready to get off any snow on your lawn.

What We Liked
  • As powerful as a gas model
  • Blows a lot of snow in minutes
  • Quality auger makes it last
  • Comfy & easy to use overall
What We Didn't Like
  • The power cord is messy

2. Greenworks DigiPro 40V Cordless Snow Thrower

Greenworks 40V 20 inch Brushless Snow Thrower 6Ah Battery and Charger Included, 2605302
102 Reviews
Greenworks 40V 20 inch Brushless Snow Thrower 6Ah Battery and Charger Included, 2605302
  • This 40V Lithium-Ion snow thrower features a Brushless motor, 20" Clearing path, 8" Clearing depth, 20' Throwing distance, and a 180 Degree rotating Chute. No gasoline, no pull cord, No spark plug, no maintenance!
  • 40V 6Ah lithium-ion battery provides up to 45 minutes of runtime. Runtime varies based on depth and type of snow

Want a quality brand that never lets you down? Greenworks is your way to go. And this cordless electric snow blower is not an exception.

Every single feature, from its G-MAX 40V battery to its fantastic DigiPro brushless motor – everything comes together for top-notch results.

You can enjoy one of the most efficient yet powerful-enough performances. And at the same time, it will help you achieve decent runtime, so you can clean an entire yard with no stops.

The machine still offers 20 inches of clearing width, along with 8 inches of depth. That’s enough to get rid of several hundred pounds of snow in a few minutes.

Still, it is the 180-degree chute that makes it truly exciting to use. You can discharge wherever you want to over 20 feet away. That will be a super-convenient experience you won’t believe.


  • Powerful & Efficient

The quality brushless motor ensures a potent snow-cleaning performance while still delivering high efficiency.

  • Practical Led Lights

No need to get rid of snow in the dark. The LED headlights make it easy to see in the evening, early morning, or under an overcast sky.

  • Multifunction Battery

Thanks to the 40V technology of the battery, you can set it up with other Greenworks machines effortlessly.

What We Liked
  • Throws tons of snow per minute
  • Boasts a handy control panel
  • Works well at any time of the day
  • It’s light and easy to operate
What We Didn't Like
  • Clogs in melting snow

3. Snow Joe iON18SB iONMAX Cordless Snowblower

Snow Joe ION18SB 18-Inch 40 Volt Cordless Single Stage Brushless Snow Blower, 7" x 1.5"
  • Lightweight: lightweight design (Only 32 lbs) to easily clear sidewalks, driveways and decks
  • Cordless: 40V 4. 0 Ah iONMAX rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery provides up to 50 minutes of whisper-quiet runtime

One of the lightest and easier to use in the list, the iON18SB from Snow Joe Ultra is easily the go-to choice for convenience seekers.

You can clean practically anything with this model, going from sidewalks to porches in a few minutes. This is possible thanks to its 18-inch wide and 8-inch deep deck. It’s capable of getting rid of a ton of snow in minutes.

You can also enjoy the directional chute, a 180-degree auto-rotating piece that throws the snow 20 feet away.

The machine is also utterly convenient. It weighs only 32 pounds, which makes it a piece of cake to operate. This matches well with the fast-starting iON system, the adjustable handle for comfort, and the LED headlight – you won’t have a problem to get rid of snow.

Considering it can get rid of over 450 pounds of snow per minute, it will undoubtedly surpass your expectations. And when you add how affordable it is, you won’t have a single drawback to complain about


  • Cordless Operation

The maximum convenience this snowblower offers comes directly from its cordless operation—no need to worry about refilling gas or detangling cords.

  • Next-level Battery

Boasting the EcoSharp Technology, the 40V battery offers over 50 minutes of runtime. Along with its whisper-quiet and highly efficient motor – it feels like magic.

  • High-end Auger

A heavy-duty auger made of steel and 2 blades made of rubber. They can get rid of outstanding amounts of snow per minute. Add the rubber scraper and no snow will be left behind.

What We Liked
  • Throws snow wherever you want
  • Totally usable in dark areas
  • Has a light & easy-to-handle design
  • Decent clearing capacity for its size
What We Didn't Like
  • Jams easily in thick snow

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4. Toro 38381 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower

No products found.

A snow blower that makes cleaning the driveway a pleasure is a machine you shouldn’t dismiss. The 1800 Power Curve from Toro is precisely that kind of snow thrower.

You can use its corded 15 AMP motor to throw snow effectively. Whether it is a walkway, driveway, or patio – this blower will get rid of the snow fast.

You’ll be surprised by how much snow it can handle. With over 700 pounds of snow per minute, cleaning a deck or yard will be a no-brainer.

Another excellent feature to consider is the ability to throw the snow at up to 30 feet away. When you add the 160-degree rotating chute, you can enjoy it even more. Together, they’ll help you throw the snow wherever you want.

Don’t forget you get an outstanding 18-inch wide and 8-inch deep clearance capacity. That’s enough to feed the machine super-fast and clean everything in less time than you can imagine.

No products found.

No products found.


  • Excellent Motor

A 15 AMP motor cleans effectively. But it is the Power Curve Technology that sets it apart, increasing the snow-blowing capacity exponentially, preventing clogging, and more.

  • Light & Easy To Use

You can enjoy the 26-pound design along with an ergonomic handle for comfort. Operating this blower won’t take much of an effort.

  • Next-level Convenience

This machine takes it to a whole new level of convenience. A quick-level, a zip deflector, a lift handle for carrying, an easy-to-assemble design, and a maintenance-free build – it will make your life easier.

What We Liked
  • Clears a huge area smoothly
  • Won’t clog
  • Comes with tons of features
  • It’s the lightest model in the list
What We Didn't Like
  • Long power cord gets tangled

5. Greenworks 2600202 Electric Snowthrower

No products found.

Coming back with Greenworks, we now find one of the most efficient and affordable models on the list. The 2600202 is an electric snow thrower for people on a low budget who want excellent results.

With a 13 AMP motor, it can tackle any cleaning job with little effort. This matches well with the 20-inch wide and 10-inch deep clearing capacity, so it removes tons of snow in minutes.

All of the snow shoots away at up to 20 feet. And sure enough, you can direct this snow wherever you want thanks to the 180-degree directional chute. That will make it safer, easier, and more convenient.

Greenworks makes it possible to enjoy exceptional blowing capacity without losing a single second of your time. And even then, the machine is extremely efficient and safe for the environment.

Don’t forget you also get a wide array of features that take it to the next level for incredibly cheap. So you get a whole package for the cost of a half.

No products found.

No products found.


  • Super-quiet Performance

Despite its decently powerful motor, it is still one of the quietest models you can find. Blow snow at night or early in the morning without waking people up.

  • Maximum Consistency

Thanks to the corded system and a high-quality motor, you can blow snow away for several hours non-stop. Not even a gas blower can do that.

  • Practical Components

A foldable handle with comfy foam, smooth wheels for easy maneuverability, and LED lights for maximum visibility – this snow blower won’t let you down.

What We Liked
  • Works effectively but quietly
  • Straightforward operation
  • Comfortable to use 
  • Pretty affordable for its quality
What We Didn't Like
  • Has many flimsy plastic parts 

6. WEN 5662 Snow Blaster Electric Snow Thrower

No products found.

Quality brands never disappoint. That’s why we had to include WEN in our reviews. This is a small snow blower for budget users.

But as soon as you start the Snow Blaster, you’ll realize how powerful it is. With a 13.5 AMP motor and an auger that turns at 2,000 RPM – you can expect to blow tons of snow away in minutes.

In fact, you can get rid of 490 pounds per minute. That’s only possible thanks to the 18 inches of clearing width and 7.8 inches of depth. The machine shoots snow at up to 20 feet away so you can enjoy supreme convenience as well.

Throwing snow far away wouldn’t be such an excellent experience if the machine didn’t have the 180-degree chute. You can rotate it to the ideal place and shoot it away safely.

At the same time, you can adjust the angle of the arc, so you don’t only throw it to the right place but also at the right height as necessary.

There are way too many practical features on this thrower to enjoy that it would be a pity to dismiss them.

No products found.

No products found.


  • Maximum Mobility

At first use, you’ll realize how smoothly and softly it moves. This is only possible thanks to the 6-inch wheels and its light design. You can use on driveways, patios, and close to fences.

  • Practical Design

Want to move the machine around with ease? You can do so with the collapsible frame and onboard carrying handle. Transport it anywhere in total comfort.

  • Heavy-duty Build

An array of high-quality components ensures a long-lasting experience with the blower. This combination also helps to scoop snow out of the floor more effectively.

What We Liked
  • Extremely cheap for its quality
  • Super light & small design
  • Quality components make it last
  • Excellent power for its size
What We Didn't Like
  • Won’t go through 8-inch snow

7. Snapper XD 1688054 Electric Snow Blower

Snapper XD 1688054 SXD20S82K Snow Blowers, Red/Black
121 Reviews
Snapper XD 1688054 SXD20S82K Snow Blowers, Red/Black
  • Power source type: Battery Powered
  • BRUSHLESS MOTOR TECHNOLOGY: Provides maximum efficiency and power during operation

The last model in our list comes from one of the most reliable brands in the market: Snapper XD snowblower review.
This is the 1688054 Electric Snow Blower review. It offers everything a quality machine should offer, including power and efficiency. We can even say it is the best single stage snow blower.
It boasts a MAX 4.0 battery that lasts with a fast charger that decreases standby time. Yet, the real advantage comes from its excellent runtime capacity. It delivers over 75 minutes of runtime, so you can enjoy over an hour of snow-blowing with little charging time.

Considering how much runtime it offers, you may think it is not comfortable or easy to use. But you would be wrong, it is one of the comfiest with a giant foam handle, and one of the easiest to use with its adjustable design.
Even then, the best feature is the dual headlight system. You can light up the snowy path with one headlight on the panel and one of the auger housing – adding tons of visibility in dark places.
It will make your snow-blowing experience a lot better.


  • Superb Power

An 82v battery makes it possible to clean for a long time. But its real benefit comes from the power it offers – ensuring consistent and effective cleaning on any place.

  • Excellent Clearing Capacity

The large design of this eager allows you to clear a path of 20 inches in width and 10 inches in depth. You’ll clean any area in minutes.

  • Quality Snow Throwing 

Clearing fast means you’ll remove tons of snow in minutes. That’s why the 20-feet throwing capacity with a 180-degree rotating feature is such an excellent feature to have.

What We Liked
  • Delivers excellent power & runtime
  • Ideal for dark places
  • Light & easy to maneuver with
  • Cleans a lot for its size
What We Didn't Like
  • Gets stuck in uneven ground

How to Choose the Right Electric Snow Blower

After reading about the best snowblower reviews, you may have the right model in sight. If you don’t, then the following guide may help you. You’ll learn the most critical factors to think about before making a final choice. So head down and see what you should know before picking:

Types of Electric Snow Blowers

An electric snow blower is a type itself. But within electric blowers, there are two kinds to consider. These are:


As the name says, this machine is attached to a cord that needs to be hooked into an outlet. That’s the only way this kind of snow blower can work.

But this limitation comes with an advantage, a corded mower doesn’t have runtime limit, so you can use it for as much time as you need as long as it is connected to an outlet.

At the same time, a corded snowblower tends to have strong motors, light designs, and comfortable designs. And what’s even better, it requires little to no maintenance.


In contrast with a corded model, a cordless snow blower doesn’t need any cord to work. Just click the battery on the blower, and it should start to work right away.

You can clean a decently large area with one. And sure enough, you can also enjoy its operation in almost any place.

Sadly, a battery-powered snow blower has a total runtime (usually within 40 to 70 minutes). And on top of that, it is not as powerful as a corded model.

Motor or Battery Power

When you get a corded snow blower, you’ll find they come with a certain amount of amperes (AMP). You’ll have to choose something with at least 12 AMPs to get a decent experience. 15 AMPs or more is enough to tackle any operation.
If you go for a battery-powered machine, then be sure it offers at least 40V of total power. That will be enough to clean fast and efficiently. Go for 80V batteries for more runtime and slightly better performance.

Clearing Width & Depth

You should go for a feeding or clearance area of at least 15 inches in width and 6 inches in depth. For the best results, be sure to have 18 inches in width or more, and at least 8 inches in depth. The snow blowers with the most clearance will clean snow faster.

Throwing Capacity & Chute

With tons of clearance and deep cleaning capacity, the machine will throw a lot of snow. You should strive for no less than 400 pounds per minute.
With so much ice coming out of the machine, you’ll want to be sure it goes to the right place. That’s why you should also consider a rotating chute for the best results. If you can adjust it to a fixed area while operating it, that’s a huge plus.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Even after the best snow blower reviews and buying guide, you may still have some confusion about these machines. Well, we try to answer some of them below:

Are electric snow blowers any good?

Yes, they’re excellent for most snow-blowing operations. As long as you don’t need to clean more than 10-inch deep snow lakes, you will be more than happy with an electric model. We recommend using them in driveways, walkways, patios, decks, and similar places where a gas machine doesn’t fit.

How to start an electric snow blower?

Starting an electric snow blower is the easiest thing to do. You just need to find the START or ON/OFF button and push it. That should be enough to turn the machine on.

In case the machine doesn’t start, you may need to disconnect and connect it again. With battery-powered models, the best solution is to take the battery off and let it warm for 10 minutes indoors. Then reconnect and test. It should work.

How long do electric snow blowers last?

A high-quality electric snow blower may last between 2 and 15 years. With little use and proper care, an electric snow blower may last 10 years without problems.


As soon as you get the ideal snow thrower, you’ll stop hating cleaning snow in winter. In fact, you’re likely to start enjoying it (or at least not hate it).
That’s why buying the best electric snow blower will make your life easier and better in winter. So don’t hesitate and follow our recommendations and buying advice to get the perfect machine home.
This is something you won’t regret.

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