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After hours of trials and testing various models from different brands, our experts rated TheFitLife 100 feet hose as the best expandable garden hose in the market.

This garden hose is our top pick due to its versatile nature. You can use it to accomplish other tasks other than watering your garden like indoor and outdoor cleaning, car cleaning as well as other household hygiene.

Moreover, it is easy to use as well as maintain and comes at an affordable price. You can rely on its level of durability for years of use.

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Glayko Tm 100 Feet Expandable Garden Hose




TheFitLife Expandable Garden Hose


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Gospire 100ft Expandable Garden Hose


Top 5: Best Expandable Garden Hoses

An expandable hose is a type of hose that expands about 2-3 times its original length when it has water and shrinks back to its original size when it has no water. It is lightweight, easy to use and store. Besides, they are much better than traditional hoses, which are often bulky, hard to store and tend to twist and break.

Therefore, if you are tired of using the heavy traditional gardening hose, here is a look at top five expandable garden hose for your home or work use. You can opt for any after thoroughly reviewing of all its usefulness, features, and specifications in this expandable hose reviews.

1. TheFitLife Expandable Garden Hose

Everyone wants life easier, even if it means costing you a little more than usual. This is what you get when you want to water, spray or wash with a hose. The traditional hose is still there but why struggle with a heavy and bulky hose when you can buy a lifetime lightweight hose for a few bucks.

This model of an expandable garden hose is what you need for your daily home or work use. It features a retractable system that expands 3 times its original length for effective use. You can rely on it to work as stipulated no leaks, bursts, cracks or corrosion when it comes to this top model of an expandable water hose.


  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Easy to store on a hose hanger or basket
  • Features a durable spray nozzle
  • Expands 3 times its original length
  • Check Badge
    It is space efficient
TheFitLife Expandable Garden Hose

Moreover, this expanding hose has an eight-pattern spray nozzle for all your watering needs. It is easy to use, you just rotate the bezel and switch it to the function you need. This way you achieve your task seamlessly, no water hazards.

As for material construction, this garden hose features top-quality triple layer latex on its inner part and an outer wrapping of high-density polyester. Its ¾-USA brass fittings are of solid and standard built, having been tested for endurance.

You can maintain and prolong its use by keeping it under a shade when you are not using it. Always lay it straight when using it and do not leave any water in it after use. Moreover, you should limit water flow, if the water pressure is higher than normal. You can also make use of its user manual for effective maintenance.


  • VersatilITY

This type of hose is known for its flexible nature, and this model is no stranger. It will not twist, kink or tangle with constant use. It takes the untying of knots out of the picture when it comes to gardening.


  • Expands quickly
  • Affordable
  • 180-days money back guarantee
  • Comes with a free but durable spray nozzle


  • No convenient carry bag, but still manageable by just one hand

2. Glayko 100ft Expandable Garden Hose

It is high time you get rid of your old hose for this new brand of gardening hose. This type of hose is highly efficient when it comes to use. It delivers as promised and can expand up to 3 times its original length to water your garden. You never have to worry about distance with it.

Moreover, this 100 feet shrinking hose has water pressure of 4 bars minimum and 8 bars maximum. Its optimum water pressure is at 6 bars. Therefore, you can rely on its top-quality make to achieve its purpose without any hitches.


  • Made from durable latex material
  • Check Badge
    Easy to connect
  • Made from durable latex material
  • Safe for an average water pressure
  • Check Badge
    It is 33 feet but can expand up to 100 feet with water and retract without water
Glayko Tm 100 Feet Expandable Garden Hose

This expandable garden hose features a nozzle and a shut-off valve. You can use its spray nozzle to squirt up to eight different shapes of water, as it is an eight-function spray nozzle. Its shut off valve also ensures no water comes out of it when it is not needed.

This package includes a 100 feet expandable garden hose, two spare washers as well as an eight-function nozzle and a storage bag for safekeeping.

Therefore, if you want an expandable hose for your work or home use, pick this one. Apart from expanding with water, it also retracts without any water, making it easy to use as well as store. It is simple yet effective, so do not hassle much. It is an ideal pick.



It is a no-brainer when it comes to using and storing this hose. You can use the user manual but there is no need, as everything is straightforward. You just let it expand with water and drain it after you done. You can wrap and hang it after use.


  • Compact design that saves on space
  • Affordable given its functionality
  • Has a storage bag
  • 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects


  • The spray nozzle is of inferior quality

3. Gospire 100 Feet Expandable Garden Hose

If you aren't a big fan of metal garden hoses and an expandable garden hose is what you want to buy, then you are in the right alley. As much as you can browse other top choices when it comes to functionality and affordability, this garden hose is the best pick for you.

It has a lightweight compact design and weighs only 3.97lbs. This means you can carry it wherever you want without worrying about weight and ease of portability. Besides, it comes with a convenient carry bag, just in case you do not want to use your hands.


  • Can expand 3 times its original length
  • Check Badge
    Lightweight and easy to carry
  • ON/OFF valve for water control
  • Convenient user manual
  • Check Badge
    Its connector material is made from ABS and solid metal
Gospire 100ft Expandable Garden Hose

This collapsible garden hose is only 33 feet when in normal size, but it can easily expand up to 100 feet with the pressure from the water. It expands very quickly and auto-retracts when there is no water in it. This means it can save you loads of loading and unloading time.

As for spraying pattern, you can rely on its free top-quality eight pattern spray. Moreover, this expandable hose also features an ON/OFF valve to save you time when it comes to controlling the water level and turning off the tap.

The whole package of this garden hose includes a 100 feet expandable hose, a convenient user manual, two extra rubber washers, rust free shutoff valve, eight-pattern spray and a storage sack for portability sake.


  • Material
  • Flexibility

As much as you can always use its user manual for direction, this hose is easy to navigate. You just have to follow its simple steps for better and effective use. Generally, it expands with water and shrinks without. You can control the water via its ON/OFF valve.


  • Free storage bag
  • Affordable
  • 60-days money back guarantee
  • 2-year warranty


  • Designed only for USA standard water pressure, 3-12 bar and temperatures 41°F-113°F, making it unreliable for other water pressures

4. inGarden 100Ft Expandable Garden Water Hose

It is gardening time again but what is with the sigh. Gardening is not a task everybody enjoys, especially when it comes to hose watering. The heavy water hose is never welcomed anywhere, it is hard to use, tangle and tends to leak with age or whenever. However, you can change all this with a simple expandable hose.

You can buy this affordable expandable water hose for your home or work needs. It is 100 times better than a traditional hose in terms of functionality, use and even maintenance. Besides, this model here is fit for various home tasks, not just gardening, making it an ideal fit for property owners.


  • Versatile in nature, fit for gardening
  • Check Badge
    Retracts after use, when it has no water
  • Easy use and maintenance
  • Portable with a compact small design
  • Check Badge
    High-quality solid brass quick coupler
inGarden 100Ft Expandable Garden Water Hose

Even your kids can use it, due to its lightweight nature. It will expand with water in it but shrink slowly to remove the remaining water in it when you turn off the tap. There is nothing hard or technical about its use.

Moreover, it features a very durable anti-rust connector. The brass fittings are made from solid copper for a stronger built with zero leaks. In relation, this makes this expandable garden hose fit for different water systems, in terms of high or low water pressure.

In addition, this model has built-in stabilizer collars on both of its ends for a stress-free use for years. These stabilizer collars are what prevents any leaks or breaks in case your shrinking hose is bent at the fitting. Besides, its inner layer is built to last and is covered with thicker stronger outer webbing.


  • Multipurpose
  • Storage

This is a no tangle, no kink, no twist garden hose that can serve you well when it comes to other water chores like cleaning your car, watering the lawn, flowers, washing your pet and even pool. It has endless possibilities and is well praised for its effortless abilities when it comes to using.


  • Affordable
  • Features a shutoff valve
  • 1-year warranty
  • 24-hour customer service team


  • Its free plastic hanger is a little flimsy

5. VOROY 50 Feet Expandable Garden Hose

Gone are the times of watering your flowers or lawn with a heavyweight hose that has a knack of twisting whenever it wants. As you can now use a collapsible hose, that is both easy to use, carry and even store.

This type of gardening hose is highly favored by millennial who have been known to want useful yet effective products, no matter the cost. People do not have the time to twist with a traditional hose anymore, no matter how affordable it is. They want easy and fast like an expandable hose.


  • It can withstand temp. of -6°C/58°C
  • Check Badge
    Lightweight about 3.5lbs
  • Highly flexible and expands up to 3x
  • Versatile in nature
  • Check Badge
    Durable and made of high-quality materials
VOROY Expandable Garden Hose

This type of water hose is highly flexible and can clean just anywhere. Besides, this model here can expand up to 3 times its original length and automatically shrink back to its original length when it has no water. Besides, it is highly flexible with zero chance of tangling, kinking or twisting like traditional hoses.

As for use, this garden hose is designed to work with a minimum water pressure of 4 bars and a maximum water pressure of 8 bars, with the optimum being 6 bars. In relation, it can easily withstand high and low temperatures and can work easily with any supply of water.

Its high-quality nature and features make it a top choice for many. Besides, if things do not work out, it has a 30-day money back guarantee for quality issues. Therefore, rest assured you will not be conned. This company and its products are legit and very competitive in terms of manufacturing quality products.


  • Durability
  • Versatility

This device has an eight function water gun for versatile cleaning and watering. This means that you can squirt different shapes of water depending on what you are cleaning or watering be it your car, lawn, household stuff, gardening or just spraying.


  • Comes with a convenient storage sack
  • Highly portable
  • Easy shipment
  • Affordable


  • Shipment often takes 2-5 working days

Expandable Garden Hose Buying Guide - Things to Consider

It is not easy to buy an expandable garden hose in the current flooded market. For this reason, you always need the help of informative collapsible hose reviews. Besides, quality is hard to determine just by a look, you need information based on manufacturer specifications.

It seems a lot to handle for one person, but that is why we are here. This expandable hose reviews will be your guide today for a top-quality expandable hose. Here is a look at some top buying guides for an exceptionally long-lasting collapsible garden hose.

  • Material: This is always the first thing to consider when it comes to an expandable hose. You should consider the materials used to make its inner core and outer shell.
    For its core, double or triple latex is always the best possible option that can last for a while. As for its outer shell, polyester or tough nylon covering is the best way to go.
  • Length: When it comes to length there is no appropriate one, you just have to go with what fits your preferences and use. You can consider your garden size and budget. Large gardens often use a 200 feet hose while most standard ones can use a 50-feet hose. You can opt for a 100 feet expandable hose if you want it conveniently long.
    Nonetheless, you should take note that with this types of hose, the maximum expanded length is what is indicated on its package.
  • Hose Fittings: The best connector and shut off valve are always solid brass. This is because brass is durable and does not rust. It is also safe for water flow no toxins can leach into your water with it. So take care of this part and stay away from aluminum connectors, as they are toxic and not safe for water.
  • Strength: This relates to its durability a little bit, but what it actually states is the burst pressure. This is with regard to how much water pressure it can actually hold, as some tend to burst more than others do.
    A minimum burst of 350 psi is recommended but it all boils down to what you are watering or your watering needs.
  • Flexibility: As much as expandable hoses are known to be flexible, they vary in their flexibility. Therefore, you should make sure that your choice is easy to maneuver around trees, corners, and bushes as well as store.
  • Thickness or Diameter: The diameter is also important as it determines the amount of water the hose can pass through. The most common ones are somewhere between ¾ of an inch and ½ an inch. However, take note that the bigger the diameter the more water it will pass, making it heavy and hard to maneuver.
  • Cost: Pricing often matters when it comes to shopping for anything, but it should not compromise on quality. So consider all the important factors then place a reasonable price on
  • Warranty: You should always read the warranty to see what you are up against, as most often offer to replace the expandable hose if it breaks. If it has no replacement options, then you are better off without one. Always look for those with replacement options and the longer the warranty period the better for you.

Why Should You Consider Using an Expandable Garden Hose?

As you have seen, an expandable hose is much better than any traditional hose. Besides, they cost less and are easy to use, store and even maintain. They last longer and are less likely to break, rust or crack, depending on material construction.

Therefore, if you still need more reasons for owning one, here are some of its benefits.

  • These types of hoses are generally lightweight, even with water in them. You can easily maneuver it around difficult places without any problem. Most of them often weigh less than 2 pounds, which is less than that of a typical traditional hose, which can weigh up to 7 pounds.
  • It is also easier to move around and even carry with less energy and effort. This is because they have a compact, lightweight and flexible design. This makes it easy to handle by just anyone from kids, senior citizens to lightweight adults.
  • These hoses are very small and compact, making it easier to fit just anywhere. Even if it does not come with a storage bag, you can always use your regular small bucket, or container to fit it. This is because this hose type often shrinks to a small size when it has no water, thus saving on space. You just have to ensure that all the water is drained from it, for better storage and longevity.
  • You can find expandable hoses of different sizes. This means that they are not confined to one size only, in terms of length and even thickness. Most are often between 25-50 feet in length and can expand about twice or thrice its original length for convenience and effective use.
  • The best type of expandable garden hose has brass fittings for enhanced durability of the hose. This means that even if you step on your hose, the damages are zero to minimal, due to the brass fittings. Take note to stay away from hoses with aluminum or plastic fittings, they tend to damage easily and do not last long.
  • This hose type does not kink or tangle easily, a complaint that most consumers often have with hoses. It is hard to make a kink-free or tangle-free hose but most of these expandable gardening hoses are less likely to kink or tangle when compared to rubber hoses. This is all thanks to its thin inner latex, which is very flexible when compared to hard rubber.
  • Another advantage of owning this type of hose is its ability to automatically, drain all the water content in it after you turn the faucet off. This often saves on time and energy that you would have used emptying it.

How to Use and Maintain Expandable Garden Hoses?

When it comes to use, expandable hoses often differ when compared to other types of hoses. Here is how it works.

Unlike traditional garden hoses, expandable garden hoses have an inner membrane that expands when it has water. It also has an outer shell that protects this inner delicate membrane from outside elements, punctures, breaks, cracks, and even rust.

In brief, when you turn the water ON from one end of the hose, the end of your hose with a shut-off valve is often turned off to block the water from one end. As pressure from the water builds up, the inner layer expands up to its maximum hose length. After which, you can turn on the shut-off valve and the hose will work normally, just like any other gardening hose.

Typically, this type of hose often expands when pressurized by water and shrink when the pressure from the water stops or is released. This makes it easier to use and even store after use.

For added strength and durability, most top-quality modern expandable hoses are designed with two or three layers of inner membrane. The most common material type for inner core is usually latex. However, more layers often translate to more weight.

Care and Storage

You need to care for your expandable hose as stipulated by the manufacturer for longevity purposes and storing them in garden hose reels. Here is how you can maintain it with ease.

  • First, you should take note that this is not like any other regular hose, so you need to be careful with the surfaces you expose it. For instance, avoid dragging it along gravel or concrete surfaces, as someone can step on it or drive over it. Also, avoid sharp edges.
  • When using it for the first time always fill it with water with its shut off valve off, allow it to stretch and expand to its full length. After which, you can release the water and repeat the process again before starting to use it.
  • Another thing is water pressures, high water pressure can cause this type of hose to wear out very fast. However, you can make use of water pressure regulators, as low water pressure will not meet your watering demands.
  • Always turn the water off at its source, when this type of garden hose is not in use.
  • You should strive to keep your expandable hose away from the sun for a long time, as it will start to deteriorate with time. You can keep it in a bucket, box or under a shade. Besides, this hose type does not take much storage space.
  • You can always squeeze its nozzle to drain off any water and allow it to retract to its original length before storing it in a safe and dry place
  • As for winter storage, drain the hose and store it in a cool dry place. Freezing weather is not an ideal fit for it.
  • Alternate Arrow Circle Right
    Do not use this type of hose for drinking water.


Conclusively, there is no better way to garden, wash or water than with an expandable garden hose. Anyone can use it, regardless of age, and the instructions on use and maintenance are often simple and easy to follow.
Therefore, if you want to buy an expandable hose, here is an informative collapsible hose reviews you can make use of, to pick an appropriate model for your needs.

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