6 Convenient Garden Hose Splitter – Quality Connectors for Every Gardener

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A garden hose splitter is a must-have for any home. It does not matter the season or how many taps you have, as it is highly convenient in most watering situations. Depending on your purchase, you can get to connect two or more hoses on one tap.

2wayz All Metal Body Garden Hose Splitter

2wayz All Metal Body Garden Hose Splitter

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The 2WAYZ’s faucet splitter for the garden hose is all-metal heavy-duty equipment for gardening. The 2 spouts are fastened with metal bolt and won’t disconnect even after prolonged use, as the neck is affixed with threads, anchoring the two parts.

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However, you still have to check your water pressure before you opt to use two or more hoses simultaneously on this kind of garden watering device. Weak water pressure can make this task impossible to achieve seamlessly. Here are some top five hose connectors.

Top 6: Best Garden Hose Splitter Review

2wayz All Metal Body Garden Hose Splitter• It opens and closes very easily
• Built to last, very durable
• Includes 10 washers
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SIPIK 4 Way Hose Splitter• Easy use and control of water
• Manual easy on/off valves
• For indoors or outdoors use
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Glorden Heavy Duty Brass 4 Way Hose Manifold Garden Hose Splitter• Made from quality solid brass
• Easy installation and use
• Features a comfortable gripper
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Haus & Garten 2-Way Brass Hose Splitter• Easy installation, screws into place
• Does not feature any plastic parts
• Compatible with US standard taps as well as any GHT hose attachment.
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IPOW Solid Brass Body Backyard 2 Way Y Valve Garden Hose Connector• Heavy duty splitter
• Features a swivel connector
• Converts one water source into two
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Polma 2 Way Garden Hose Splitter• Heavy-Duty Metal Structure
• Easy to Install and Simple to Operate
• Wide Range of Applications
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#1. 2wayz All Metal Body Garden Hose Splitter

2wayz All Metal Body Garden Hose Splitter
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If you are looking to enhance and simplify your watering, then there is no better way to achieve it than with garden hose fittings. However, you have to ensure that you buy a quality one, like this 2wayz model. Otherwise, you will be in for a shock from simple splits, breaks and water wastage.

Unboxing of 2wayz All Metal Body Garden Hose Splitter

This model is very easy to use, install and maintain even for people with arthritis or stiff hands, as it has a rubber coat. It is also safe to use, thanks to its 10 rubber gaskets. Besides, its all-rubber covering makes working with it very easy regardless of the season or weather.

2wayz All Metal Body Garden Hose Splitter Review

Bolted Spouts

Each of its two spouts has three bolts for reinforcement and security of its critical components here. This prevents any disconnections in the end.

2wayz All Metal Body Garden Hose Splitter Attached to Faucet Thread

Metal Body

Its internal body is made from durable rust-free metal consisting of zinc and stainless steel. This makes it indestructible while increasing its longevity period.

Simple Installation

No tools are needed for installing this hose connector. You just need the basic knowledge of how hoses and spigots work. This makes for a flawless and easy installation process.

Pros & Cons


  • Rust-free metal body
  • Check CircleEasy to useLeak-proof
  • Check CircleEasy grip


  • Made in China

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#2. SIPIK 4 Way Hose Splitter

SIPIK 4 Way Hose Splitter
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There is no way you can improve your watering needs without one durable hose connector. It can take you a long way into saving energy, time and resources, that would have been spent on dragging hoses to different taps and points, whenever you want to use it.

Unboxing of SIPIK 4 Way Hose Splitter

This SIPIK model is an ideal fit for those looking for four-way garden hose fittings. It can easily convert one spigot into four high flowing water sources. You can then direct the waters where they are needed, for effective use.

SIPIK 4 Way Hose Splitter Review


It can be used indoors or outdoors. When used indoors you can easily divert water to the garage, basement, attic, and even your bar area. For outdoor use, it can cover various areas from the garden to the patio, fountain drip, sidewalk, among other water features.

SIPIK 4 Way Hose Splitter connected with tap

Easy Assembly

When it comes to its assembly anyone can do it solo. You just rotate its connector when it connects with your spigot. Nonetheless, you can always refer to its elaborate user manual.


You can save loads of time and energy with this garden water connector, as it eases your watering needs by just one tap connection. This makes it one of the most important watering tools to own.

Pros & Cons


  • No leaks
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Customer reports say it can snap at the connection point as you tug the hose
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#3. Glorden Heavy Duty Brass 4 Way Hose Manifold Garden Hose Splitter

Glorden Heavy Duty Brass 4 Way Hose Manifold Garden Hose Splitter
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If you are looking for ways to add more hoses to your faucet, then there is no better deal than with this brass constructed hose splitter. This is a four-way water splitter, which is bound to deliver the same amount of water in all ports.

Glorden Heavy Duty Brass 4 Way Hose Manifold Garden Hose Splitter Review

You can rely on it to last forever, thanks to its durable material construction that consists of all brass. Brass is often tougher than other materials like plastic and aluminum that are often used to construct such products. Therefore, you should expect it to extend your user experience.

Valve operators of Glorden Heavy Duty Brass 4 Way Hose Manifold Garden Hose Splitter

Moreover, brass does not corrode or rust, no matter how long you use it or expose it to different outside elements. As for its gripper, it is covered in strong TPR rubber for longevity purposes as well as for comfort purposes, during installation.

Unboxing of Glorden Heavy Duty Brass 4 Way Hose Manifold Garden Hose Splitter


This watering tool features 100% brass construction, making it one of the toughest water splitters in the current market. Moreover, this construction is what enhances its lifespan.


Its brass gripper is covered in strong durable TPR rubber while its switch handles are made from the same eco-friendly TPR rubber. Therefore, do not expect any pungent smells or any sort of odor due to constant use or when it mixes with water.

Valve Controls

It is very easy to control the water flow via this water splitter thanks to its individually well-placed water valves and handles. The switch design handles make it conveniently easy to switch your water needs whenever.

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • not leak


  • Turn on/off handles are a bit close together, you can scrape your knuckles at times
  • banValves can be a bit tricky for arthritis fingers

#4. Haus & Garten 2-Way Brass Hose Splitter

Haus & Garten 2-Way Brass Hose Splitter
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Ease you watering, cleaning and washing needs by using this amazing garden hose fittings to connect either your sprinkler or garden hose and turn one tap into two-way water outlets. Both of its water outlets come with a US standard male threaded end, which you can always attach to different hose fittings.

Box of Haus & Garten 2-Way Brass Hose Splitter

This device does not have any plastic parts making it a durable product of all brass, from the body to its on/off handle levers. It cannot break easily, lasting over a lifetime. In relation, it also features replaceable rubber washer that ensures it does not leak, even though its whole design is leak-proof.

Haus & Garten 2-Way Brass Hose Splitter Review

Reliable and Durable

Its heavy-duty and rustproof material construction of solid brass makes it ideal for the outdoors where it will be exposed to different harsh elements as well as some droppings and tugging here and there.


When it comes to its installation process, its 3/4-inch collar with its round knurl provide for a better grip. You can also rotate the collar¢s neck to adjust it to the best workable position

Fast Watering

This splitter can turn your one faucet into two independent water outlets thanks to its built-in dual shutoff valves. Moreover, its ½-inch ball-shaped valves allow for efficient and maximum water rush, especially if the water pressure is high.

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent valve quality
  • No water leaks
  • Rust-free


  • Levers are a bit short
  • banA bit pricey
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#5. IPOW Solid Brass Body Backyard 2 Way Y Valve Garden Hose Connector

IPOW Solid Brass Body Backyard 2 Way Y Valve Garden Hose Connector
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This is the ideal hose splitter for any home. You can use it outdoors for your gardening, backyard watering chores, and other water needs. It comes at an affordable price that does not compromise on its quality level as well as durability.

IPOW Solid Brass Body Backyard 2 Way Y Valve Garden Hose Connector Connected with Faucet

This IPOW connector is made from solid brass, meaning it will not rust with time. Its design also makes it leak-proof all the time, no matter the level of water pressure. In relation, it can last season after season no matter how harsh the climate is.


You can now connect two hoses to one tap, thanks to this 2-way splitter. This can end up saving you time and energy you would have spent moving at different points exchanging hoses and water points

Easy Installation

It is very easy to connect this splitter to a water source and a hose. It has a wide black neck grip for a solid connection. Besides, it has a comfort grip that eases the whole process.

IPOW Solid Brass Body Backyard 2 Way Y Valve Garden Hose Connector Review


This product is all brass, which is a highly durable and rust-free material. Therefore, expect it to last for the better of time. Its TPR covers on its levers and neck grip are also durable enough to withstand outdoor elements.

Pros & Cons


  • Conveniently functional
  • Comes with 7 extra washers
  • Affordable
  • Solid brass construction


  • Control valves can be a bit hard to turn
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#6. Polma 2 Way Garden Hose Splitter

Polma 2 Way Garden Hose Splitter
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This heavy-duty garden hose splitter is designed to last you a long time. It is made of high-quality plastic and zinc alloy, making the device resistant to corrosion and rust. You will find threads and bolts fixing this 2-way hose separator. Fix it on the outdoor faucet to eliminate the risk of leakage.

Polma 2 Way Garden Hose Splitter Review

The Y-shape in design enables you to fasten two hoses to the same water supply simultaneously. Moreover, you can open and close the device smoothly and easily, thanks to the long handle. The simple installation process is impressive. In addition, you can pull the hose in every direction. 

This 2-way garden hose from Polma eliminates the risk of water leakage, thanks to its smooth long threads and rubber rings. Furthermore, you will find four extra rubber washers at the faucet separator for replacement. And there is also one tape that acts as a zero-leak hose connector. Overall, this Polma garden hose is designed to suit both indoor and outdoor needs. 

Polma 2 Way Garden Hose Splitter Testing

Leakage Protection

This Polma garden hose consists of rubber rings and smooth long threads that prevent water leakage. Having a gasket at the faucet connection is also a plus. 


You can rotate the hose 360 degrees, enabling you to pull it in all directions. The faucet also offers flexible rotation that helps to connect it without screwing the product. 


This hose is suitable to fit any faucet and to use for indoor and outdoor purposes. In addition, you can operate double pipes simultaneously.

Pros & Cons


  • Made of heavy-quality zinc alloy and plastic
  • Easy to install and operate
  • 360 degrees rotatable device
  • Designed to offer leakage protection
  • Suited for any faucet
  • 2-way Y connector
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Too fragile
  • Threads have a flat spot on both sides from where water leaks.
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In conclusion, if you want to own a garden hose splitter, you can start with the ones listed above. They are all from reputable legit brands. So feel free to share this informative piece.

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