10 Best Greenhouse Kits Review (+Buying Guide)

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Want your fragile plants to grow healthily and safely? Then you’ll want to use a greenhouse kit. 

There’s no safer or healthier way to grow those vegetable or fruit plants that would otherwise die in days.

The best greenhouse kits keep them safe, away from harsh climates, well-ventilated, and with just the right amount of sun. You won’t have to worry about your plants when you use a greenhouse. 

That’s why you should get one. 

Whether for your fruity plants, your flowers, vegetables, or all of them at the same time – a greenhouse kit won’t disappoint you.

Below, you’ll find some of the highest-quality greenhouses, a guide on how to pick the right one, and a brief yet helpful FAQ section to relieve any doubt you may have.

Want to know more about greenhouse kits and possibly get the ideal model? Then keep scrolling and find out!

Comparison Table and Runner Ups

Image Product
Quictent 20 x 10 x 7 Portable Greenhouse Kit
  • Extra-large at 20 feet
  • Sturdy 7 crossbars design
  • U-shape stakes for sturdiness
Outsunny 20 x 10 x 7 Freestanding Garden Greenhouse Kit
  • High-duty galvanized steel frame
  • High-quality polyethylene cover
  • Huge 20-feet long design
RePalbel Greenhouse 20 x 10 x 7 Portable Tunnel Tent
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • 52.8 pounds of weight
  • Immense 20-feet long design
Best Choice Products 15 x 7 x 7 Greenhouse Tunnel Tent
  • Huge at 15-feet long
  • Stakes and rake for extra safety
  • Quality steel frame
Quictent 12 x 7 x 7 Portable Greenhouse Kit
  • Reinforced polyethylene cover
  • Breathable with 6 exhaust vents
  • Only 33 pounds of weight
ShelterLogic 8 x 6 x 6.5 GrowIT Greenhouse
  • Sun-reducing PVC cover
  • Sturdy high-grade steel frame
  • Small 8-feet long design
Quictent 10 x 9 x 8 Portable Tunnel Greenhouse
  • Quality powder-coated steel frame
  • Only 40 pounds of weight
  • Small yet spacious at 10-feet long
NSdirect 12 x 10 x 7 Walk-in Greenhouse
  • High-quality 140G polyethylene cover
  • Small 12-feet long design
  • Extra-wide design at 10 feet
Strong Camel 16 x 7 x 7.2 Walk-in Greenhouse
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Thermal-friendly PE cover
  • Breathable with 8 windows
Sundale 8 x 4.5 x 6.5 Gardening Green House Kit
  • Extra-tiny 8-feet long design
  • Practical 12-shelf system
  • High-quality PE cover

10 Best Green House Kits Reviews 2021

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of greenhouse kits in the market. But like always, only a few of them are worth even taking a look at.

We focused on those few. These are greenhouses that everyone should consider when looking for one. 

After picking the best ones carefully, we decided to review them. Below, you’ll find everything we found about these green houses. If you’re looking for one – this review section will help you enormously: 

1. Quictent 20 x 10 x 7 Portable Greenhouse Kit

Quictent Upgraded 20’x10’x7’ Portable Greenhouse 2 Zipper Mesh Doors 7 Crossbars Large Walk-in Galvanized Steel Heavy Duty Green Gardening Plant Hot Outdoor House +20 Stakes 4 Ropes
891 Reviews
Quictent Upgraded 20’x10’x7’ Portable Greenhouse 2 Zipper Mesh Doors 7 Crossbars Large Walk-in Galvanized Steel Heavy Duty Green Gardening Plant Hot Outdoor House +20 Stakes 4 Ropes
  • 【 2 Independent Mesh Zipper Doors& 10 Exhaust Vents】 --- 2 Doors on each side of the greenhouse, one mesh door to keep small animal out and ventilate on hot days; one PE cover door to keep warm. 2 Doors have independent zippers, convenient to use each door according to your need, and increase the greenhouse’s functional quality. 10 exhaust vents (8 on the upper part of sides, 2 on doors) for cross ventilation and venting.
  • 【7 Rows of Crossbars】--- 3 Rows of crossbars on the top of the greenhouse, completely round structure, can prevent the snow and water from accumulating. Also the ground frame, with using the U-type stakes, will be effectively grip the ground and reduce the wind obstruction.

The first model on our list comes from Quictent. This is a high-quality model made of polyethylene in the cover and coated stainless steel in the frame.

This combination makes it possible to be one of the sturdiest greenhouse kits on the list. And what’s even better, you can reinforce it in different ways, so this construction lasts no matter how you set it up.

It doesn’t matter how you reinforce it when you have such a practical design, boasting a double-zippered door in 2 entrances. That’s enough to enjoy a convenient design in any location.

Let’s not forget this is a 20-feet long greenhouse with 10 feet of width and 7 feet of height. It is humungous, perfect to work with as many plants as you need.

Despite this size, the frame boasts 7 rows of crossbars for extra sturdiness. This goes well with a ground-frame structure that prevents rain and snow from accumulating, and a quality set of U-shaped stakes for safety. It will always hold up.


  • Excellent Ventilation

One of the main advantages of this greenhouse is its magnificent ventilation. You get the two large doors on the ends as well as 10 exhaust vents that keep the interior fresh. 

  • Practical Window System

All the 10 windows on this green house offer the chance to open and close as needed. With a Velcro system and mesh cover, you can decide whether you want maximum ventilation or insulation. 

  • Safe Screw System 

Thanks to a set of screw covers, you won’t have to worry about water getting into the poles, the screws corroding, or getting your hands pinched for not using gloves

What We Liked
  • ​Large design makes it comfy
  • Ensures proper ventilation
  • Boasts a sturdy steel frame
  • Long-lasting PE cover withstand any use
What We Didn't Like
  • Assembly instructions are hard to follow

2. Outsunny 20 x 10 x 7 Freestanding Garden Greenhouse Kit

Outsunny 20’ x 10’ x 7’ Freestanding Tunnel Walk-in Garden Greenhouse Kit with 8 Roll-up Windows & Steel Frame, White
82 Reviews
Outsunny 20’ x 10’ x 7’ Freestanding Tunnel Walk-in Garden Greenhouse Kit with 8 Roll-up Windows & Steel Frame, White
  • LARGE WALK-IN GREENHOUSE: Our greenhouse is an ideal way to extend your growing season while efficiently managing your plants and protecting them from extreme temperatures. Two installation methods: set it on a hard surface or anchor it into soft soil.
  • HEAVY-DUTY STEEL FRAME: The plant nursery is constructed of solid steel with a galvanized finish, which helps right against chipping and peeling. Also, the hot house is equipped with four slant bracing tubes, a front crossbar, and middle reinforced tubes for enhanced stability.

One of the largest greenhouses in the list, the Outsunny Freestanding model takes length to another level with its 20-feet design.
You can add as many plants to this greenhouse and enjoy an excellent commercial greenhouse kit all around. Not only because it is large, but also because it is one of the sturdiest.
And if that wasn’t enough, you can also enjoy the transparent cover. It is clear enough to let sun rays pass through, ensuring proper nourishing of your plants. 

The greenhouse still offers excellent ventilation. You get 8 closable windows so you can let the air go in when needed. Or instead, close them to prevent the plants from freezing.

And to make it even better, you can add the easy-to-assemble system that saves you time and effort. You won’t have any problem setting up this greenhouse in the slightest (it comes with the ground rope, the stakes, the tape, and the tethers). 


  • Roll-up System 

The roll-up system on the door and the windows let you easily open and close them as needed. You will have maximum control over the ventilation. 

  • Super-stable Frame

A combination of 4 slant bracing tubes with 4 supporting rods, 4 ground stakes, reinforced bars in the middle, and an overlong cover – everything is designed to increase sturdiness.

  • Quality Materials

A combination of galvanized steel with polyethylene cover ensures a long-lasting and issue-free experience. It will withstand anything from animals to pests. 

What We Liked
  • Handy roll-up windows & doors
  • Set of rods, bars, and stakes for stability
  • The colossal design makes it comfy to use
  • Ideal for humid places
What We Didn't Like
  • Not ideal for windy places

Want to deliver maximum sturdiness and safety for your plants? Then the RePalbel Tunnel Tent may be your best bet.

It all starts with a heavy-duty steel frame construction. Every bar and post on the greenhouse is galvanized for extra protection, preventing any type of corrosion, rotting, or peeling.

When you consider this is a 20-foot by 10-feet heavy duty greenhouse, then this gets even better. You will love its sturdiness and overall space available – ideal for over 100 pots or more inside. 

You can use this greenhouse to keep the interior ventilated with the windows open. Or you can decide to close them and ensure maximum humidity inside or dryness inside. Whatever you need, it won’t let you down.

This goes well with its easy-to-assemble design. Even with heavy-duty construction, the greenhouse is one of the most practical. You won’t need to be an expert in greenhouses to set it up. 


  • Gigantic Design

There’s nothing like a huge greenhouse for backyard to keep as many plants safe and thriving. This also ensures comfort when walking inside. 

  • Reinforced Cover 

Keeping your plants safe is only possible with the high-end polyethylene cover. Reinforced with molded mesh, the cover is completely waterproof. Yet, it lets enough sun go inside to nourish plants. 

  • Extra Handy Windows

Want to keep pests out? Roll the windows down. Want to let some air in? Roll them up. With 8 windows boasting a roll-up gauze mesh, you can decide how to nurture your plants. 

What We Liked
  • It’s effortless to install
  • The reinforced cover makes it sturdy
  • It’s decently ventilated & comfy
  • Large enough for tons of plants
What We Didn't Like
  • Takes a lot of garden space 

4. Best Choice Products 15 x 7 x 7 Greenhouse Tunnel Tent

Best Choice Products 15x7x7ft Walk-in Greenhouse Tunnel, Garden Accessory Tent for Backyard, Home Gardening w/ 8 Roll-Up Windows, Zippered Door
1,798 Reviews
Best Choice Products 15x7x7ft Walk-in Greenhouse Tunnel, Garden Accessory Tent for Backyard, Home Gardening w/ 8 Roll-Up Windows, Zippered Door
  • WITHSTANDS THE ELEMENTS: Durable PE fabric softens and traps sunlight, insulates your plants, and regulates humidity for your plants to flourish year-round
  • WALK-IN TUNNEL: The arched tunnel shape encloses a large space to conveniently grow a variety of plants, and leaves plenty of room for you to tend them

Looking to protect your plants at all times? Then few greenhouses will meet your standards like the greenhouse tunnel tent from Best Choice Products.

You can use it with fruits, flowers, vegetables, and more. No matter the type of plant you want to keep safe and nourishing properly, this greenhouse will help you.

It offers excellent transparency on the plastic cover, as well as an excellent array of roll-up windows. Letting air and sunrays inside won’t be much of a problem, so your plants are always well-nourished. 

Nothing compares to the weather-resistant construction overall. You can expect the plastic cover to also be one of the most protective, keeping even the slightest of rain or dust out. 

And if all that wasn’t enough, you can still enjoy the easy-to-assemble design—no need to be an expert to mount this greenhouse and enjoy its wide array of advantages. 


  • High Sturdiness

A combination of a heavy gauge powder-coated steel frame with a threaded plastic cover will keep the greenhouse always standing. Add the extra hardware like stakes and guy ropes for even more resilience. 

  • Spacious & Comfortable

Boasting 15 feet in length and 7 feet in both width and height, this is a decently large greenhouse to have. The 3-tier design helps you install racks, adding tons of space for plants.

  • Multi-plant Design 

You can grow any type of vegetation in this greenhouse. From hot-climate plants to humid-environment ones, they will all strive inside this greenhouse. The roll-up windows system makes it possible. 

What We Liked
  • Works on any climate & weather
  • Comes with handy windows & doors
  • Comfy and convenient interior
  • It’s super-sturdy & long-lasting
What We Didn't Like
  • Pretty bad installation instructions

5. Quictent 12 x 7 x 7 Portable Greenhouse Kit

Quictent 12' X 7' X 7' Portable Greenhouse Large Walk-in Green Garden Hot House
1,576 Reviews
Quictent 12' X 7' X 7' Portable Greenhouse Large Walk-in Green Garden Hot House
  • 【 Warranty】--- One Year Warranty for All Poles, 6 Months Warranty for Cover, Lifetime Replacement for Connectors, as pictured.
  • 【Double Zippered Front & Back Doors】--- 2 double zippered front & back doors, give you 2 entrance at the greenhouse, easy to move plants and work, allow to vent at any time. 6 exhaust vents with mesh, keep animal and can vent completely on hot days.

Keeping your plants well-ventilated and growing healthily for long – that’s what you get with this Quictent outdoor greenhouse kit.

It stands out for its exceptional zippered system, allowing easy and comfortable entrance through the back or front of the piece. Yet, it is the 6 exhaust vents that truly stand out, ensuring proper ventilation in any situation. 

What’s even better, the mesh cover allows sun rays to go in while ensuring no damage from UV rays. That’s enough to keep the plants nourished for long. And with the over-long cover design, you can enjoy decent stability, ensuring extra safety for your plants. 

There’s a lot to enjoy from this greenhouse kit, though. One of them is a straightforward assembly process. Even if you’re a dummy user, you can enjoy the complete set of 8 bases with 16 stakes, ensuring an effortless assembly.

This matches well with the sturdiness it offers. You won’t have to worry about the greenhouse holding up – it will no matter what. Whether it is wind, rain, or dust, the green house can withstand everything.


  • Handy Closing System

The Velcro system on the windows and doors, along with the plastic buckles, will make sure your greenhouse is always closed and safe inside. That ensures maximum safety. 

  • Super-sturdy Build

When you pair up heavy-duty steel with powder coating that never rots, with a reinforced polyethylene cover, you can expect no less than exceptional sturdiness. 

  • Straightforward Assembly 

Considering its mall 12 by 7 feet design and a total weight of only 33 pounds, it becomes a piece of cake to set up. You can assemble this greenhouse in any place effortlessly.

What We Liked
  • Ensures easy access & use
  • Will never rust or break
  • It’s a no-brainer to install
  • Withstands rains & sun rays
What We Didn't Like
  • Not the most resistant to high winds

6. ShelterLogic 8 x 6 x 6.5 GrowIT Greenhouse

If we had to pick the most convenient green house on the list, we wouldn’t hesitate to pick the ShelterLogic GrowIT.

What sets it apart from the competition? Well, it all starts with the GrowIT fabric, a high-quality cover that prevents UV light, insects, fungus, and even the wind from harming your plants. Sure enough, it also delivers excellent thermal barrier to prevent your plants from getting too cold or hot.

Even then, the main advantage comes from the ability to reduce the amount of water and ventilation features. This fabric is outstandingly fresh but also thermal responsive for any plant. 

Don’t forget this is a small yet convenient green house. You get 6 feet of width and 8 feet of length. Along with a height of 6.5 feet, you can be sure it is sufficiently comfortable for any purpose.

All of that matches well with the double-zipper door panel and a zippered window for ventilation. The back also has one of these windows for extra freshness. Your plants will be completely safe and well-nurtured on this greenhouse. 


  • Outstanding Cover 

A PVC cover with a 5.5-ounce thick material is enough to prevent any damage. This goes well with the heat-bonded and ripstop build, along with the triple-layer that makes it last a lifetime

  • Sturdy & Rust-free

A high-grade steel frame at 1 inch of thickness plus the powder coat finish ensures maximum corrosion resistance. It keeps the greenhouse stable and rust-free.

  • Amazingly Practical

Only two people are necessary to install this green house. It comes with all the hardware for the job. If you add the 4-foot shelf system with water drainage, it becomes an even more practical choice. 

What We Liked
  • Prevents sun damage
  • Won’t rust or bend 
  • Comes with excellent shelf 
  • Has a durable & resilient cover
What We Didn't Like
  • Difficult to set up 

7. Quictent 10 x 9 x 8 Portable Tunnel Greenhouse

Quictent 10x9x8 ft Portable Tunnel Greenhouse for Outdoors 2 Zipper Mesh Doors Large Walk-in Garden Plant Greenhouse with 12 Stakes
658 Reviews
Quictent 10x9x8 ft Portable Tunnel Greenhouse for Outdoors 2 Zipper Mesh Doors Large Walk-in Garden Plant Greenhouse with 12 Stakes
  • 2 DOORS & 5 VENTS---- Metal zippered front & back door allow air flowing through, so you can keep both doors open in high winds for better stability. 4 upper side vents plus 1 backdoor window for cross ventilation and venting on hot days.
  • OVERLONG COVER DESIGN---- Korea imported polyethylene cover with overlong design makes this outdoor greenhouse more airtight and secure, just bury it in the soil.

Decently small but resilient, the Quictent Portable Tunnel Greenhouse is ideal for people who want a cozy yet practical model.

The first thing that stands out is the quality powder-coated frame. It comes with heavy-duty steel that ensures maximum durability. This also means you get a rust-free experience even after years.

Even with such a quality build, the greenhouse is a piece of cake to install. Only 30 minutes and you’ll have it ready to be used. 

One thing you can’t leave behind is the cover. When you add the polyethylene roof and walls, you ensure maximum breathability and light exposure. Your plants will be happy in warm climates.

And if that wasn’t enough, this cover is overlong. That means you can set it up to prevent any wind from coming inside, ensuring maximum airtightness and fewer contaminants. 

Despite its exceptional quality, this small greenhouse won’t harm your wallet. 


  • Maximum Stability

The heavy-duty steel poles are amazing, especially when you consider the 6 bases and 12 stakes that form the frame. Along with Velcro and plastic buckles to secure the cover, it will not break easily. 

  • Sufficiently Comfortable

Being 10 feet long and 9 feet wide plus 8 feet high makes it super cozy inside. Add the 71-inch by 45-inch doors for extra freedom and ease of use. 

  • Fantastic Ventilation

There’s nothing more enticing about this greenhouse that its ventilation. With 5 vents and the 2 meshed doors, it allows enough air in to let your plants breathe at all times. 

What We Liked
  • ​Offers a comfy and practical design
  • Easy to assemble & move around
  • Decently durable with steel frame
  • Keeps your plants ventilated 
What We Didn't Like
  • Not resistant to high winds 

8. NSdirect 12 x 10 x 7 Walk-in Greenhouse

NSdirect Greenhouse(12'x10'x7'),Heavy Duty Walk in Outdoor Plant Gardening Green House Portable Plant Hot House with Double Zipper, (Green)
80 Reviews
NSdirect Greenhouse(12'x10'x7'),Heavy Duty Walk in Outdoor Plant Gardening Green House Portable Plant Hot House with Double Zipper, (Green)
  • [Excellent Ventilation]-The green house six roll-up windows have mesh netting to allow for cross ventilation and climate control.Double zippered front door for cross ventilation and venting on hot days.
  • [Strong frame]– Building with heavy-duty green powder coated steel,which is resistant to rust,chipping,and peeling. Include 4 ropes and 4 stakes to secure the greenhouse and prevent it being blown down by the wind.Outdoor portable plant outdoor Shelves Tomato Herb Canopy Winter Walk-in greenhouse.

As soon as your eyes set on this greenhouse, you’ll realize how well-made it is. From the excitingly wide design at 10 feet to the quality cover it has – everything is designed to meet high standards.

The first thing you’ll notice while setting it up is the heavy-duty steel frame. It comes with a green powder coat that prevents any type of chipping or rust. Along with 4 ropes and 4 stakes, the greenhouse will surely stand firmly on any surface.

Even then, you get a sufficiently ventilated green house. Thanks to a set of 6 windows on the sides plus the large doors, it allows a decent amount of air to go inside. Your plants will have plenty of air to breathe.

Apart from all that, you can enjoy the zippered front door. It allows enough mobility inside, especially when you add the extra-wide design.

And if all that wasn’t enough, the cover ensures maximum light exposure. You won’t have to worry about anything, as its green translucent color lets enough light go inside and keep your plants nourished.


  • Top-notch Cover

A quality polyethylene cover is never a bad choice. Thanks to its decent ventilation, its sturdy composition, and excellent transparency, it offers everything you could need. 

  • Practical & Cozy

The interior of this greenhouse is one of the most convenient you will find. You can hang almost anything on the poles while still being able to walk freely inside, no matter your needs. 

  • Extra-wide Design

As one of the widest greenhouses in the list, you will have enough space to place racks, trays, and plant anything. You have a sufficiently convenient design for any use.

What We Liked
  • Decent sun exposure with a translucent cover
  • Comfy and practical interior
  • Offers excellent ventilation
  • Sturdy and durable build overall
What We Didn't Like
  • Not ideal for cold climates

9. Strong Camel 16 x 7 x 7.2 Walk-in Greenhouse

Strong Camel Large Walk-in Greenhouse Portable Garden Hot House Outdoor Plant House w/Combined Cover-White (20' X10'X7')
96 Reviews
Strong Camel Large Walk-in Greenhouse Portable Garden Hot House Outdoor Plant House w/Combined Cover-White (20' X10'X7')
  • PVC pipes included. Cover comes in 3pcs!
  • UV protected clear plastic film polyethylene cover.

Want to ensure fully-nourished development to your plants? Then you will love the Walk-In Greenhouse from Strong Camel.

It is a large 16-feet b 7-feet model, made of heavy-duty green powder-coated steel and a polyethylene cover. Along with PVC pipes, ropes, and stakes that work as reinforcement, you’ll enjoy an incredibly sturdy experience.

This goes well with its well-ventilated design. It boasts 8 large roll-up windows that ensure proper breathability. Even in the hottest regions, this greenhouse will keep your plants fresh. 

There’s a lot more about this greenhouse to love. One is the transparent cover. It ensures proper sunrays inside, so your plants don’t get anemia.
Similarly, the material is sufficiently thermal-friendly. That means it will heat up your plants even in winter, and keep them fresh when it is hot.

Along with its roll-up doors and comfy insides, this greenhouse becomes a go-to choice for almost anyone. 


  • Excellent Construction

A polyethylene cover that protects from UV rays and a powder-coated steel frame that won’t rust – that’s what you get with this greenhouse. 

  • Easy To Set Up

Whether you get the 16 by 7 feet design or the 20 by 10 feet model, this green house will be a piece of cake to install. 

  • Large & Convenient

Want to water your plants easily and comfortably? Then the extra spacious design of this greenhouse won’t let you down. Add the roll-up door for easy access for even more convenience.

What We Liked
  • Prevents any type of sun damage
  • Ultra-fast assembly process
  • Won’t rust over time 
  • Spacious and comfy interior 
What We Didn't Like
  • Does not come with stakes or ropes 

10. Sundale 8 x 4.5 x 6.5 Gardening Green House Kit

Sundale Outdoor Gardening Large 4 Tier 12 Shelf Hot Green House with PE Cover and Zipper Door, Waterproof Walk in Plant Green House, UV Protection, Insect Prevention, 97”(L) x 56”(W) x 77.6”(H)
635 Reviews
Sundale Outdoor Gardening Large 4 Tier 12 Shelf Hot Green House with PE Cover and Zipper Door, Waterproof Walk in Plant Green House, UV Protection, Insect Prevention, 97”(L) x 56”(W) x 77.6”(H)
  • ☀ The greenhouse can hold enough plants, gardening tools, etc. Tie the cover to the frame so that the greenhouse will be sturdy and stable. 4 plastic stakes and ropes make the greenhouse more stable, can prevent it from blowing away.
  • ☀ This green house is ideal for your backyards or homes; place on a deck, patio, or balcony, it features UV protection, weatherproof and insect prevention, will create a perfect room for your plants.

Sometimes you don’t need to set up a greenhouse with hundreds of different plants. Instead, you can use a small yet convenient model that offers everything you need. 

The Garden Green House from Sundale is probably the handiest model in the list. It offers a super-tiny design, roll-up door with zippers, a PE cover for resilience, and a magnificently useful array of shelves. 

Let’s not forget it is also made of push-fit tubular steel, not only ensuring proper stability but also reducing the amount of time of effort it takes to install. 

There’s simply nothing to worry about this small greenhouse. With its small design and next-level protection, you can get even your most fragile plants and nurture them until old age.

What’s even more critical, you get the PE cover that will keep any insect, cold wind, or even dust away. Your plants will be safe at all times.


  • Small & Convenient

Being only 8 feet long, 4.5 feet wide, and 6.5 feet high is enough to enjoy this mini greenhouse. When you add the 12 shelves inside, it becomes a go-to choice for convenience seekers. 

  • Goes Anywhere 

The small design is so practical that you can install this greenhouse in any gardenpatio, balcony, deck, or backyard. There’s no limit to where you can set it up. 

  • Decent Sturdiness

A quality set of tubular steel tubes plus the PE cover delivers excellent durability. But it is the 4 plastic stakes and ropes that ensure this greenhouse will never go off the floor.

What We Liked
  • Fits in almost any place
  • Delivers decent durability 
  • Prevents wind & other issues
  • It’s a piece of cake to assemble
What We Didn't Like
  • A little unventilated with no windows

What to Look For When Buying a Greenhouse Kit

Once you’ve gone through our best greenhouse kits reviews, you must be confused as to which one to pick.

To get rid of that confusion, there’s nothing better than learning the different factors to consider for the job. Here are some of them:

• Types of Greenhouses

The first thing we need to explain is how the greenhouses may change depending on how it’s made. Here, you will find cold frames, starter, grower, hot house, warm, and cool greenhouses. Below you’ll find more about each: 


A starter greenhouse works as a protective shed for seeds in their first few months. Most of these plants are then transferred into garden beds and other outdoor areas. 

A high number of starter greenhouses come with transparent or semi-diffused covers. This allows for decent light exposure. 


A grower greenhouse is usually the largest. The whole focus is to offer enough space for several seedlings to be planted at once. They have a transparent cover, leaving enough light inside. But they’re also well-ventilated and can be entirely closed when necessary. 

Hot House

If you want to keep the plants inside at a temperature of about 65 to 75 degrees, then you need a hot house. These usually work wonders for tropical and exotic plants. The design is usually large and can offer features like heater openings and roll-up windows. Sure, the cover tends to be super thick. 

• Size & Shape

Once you have an idea of the type of green house you want, then you can proceed to pick the size and shape that best works for your demands.

In that case, you should calculate how large of a space you have available for the house. Then, pick a big-enough greenhouse for it.

Let’s say you have a 30 by 50 feet backyard. In that case, you can easily host a 20 by 15-feet super-large greenhouse. But if you have a small 20 by 20 feet backyard, then we recommend outdoor greenhouses of no more than 10 by 10 feet. 

Similarly, the shape makes a huge difference in how comfortably the greenhouse is. A walk-in dome design is way more comfortable than an octagonal design, for example. 

• Frame Material

Apart from the right type of greenhouse, size, and shape, you want to have a sturdy frame material. Here, you will find the best ones to consider, such as:


One of the most popular materials is aluminum. It is light but resilient, especially against rust. The main advantage of aluminum is the easy assembly it usually offers, especially on the smallest greenhouses. As a disadvantage, an aluminum frame is not the most robust metal, especially against winds. 


If you want a sturdier metal than aluminum, then steel is your best bet. You will find several types of steel, though. Some frames can be made of powder-coated steel, while others will be galvanized steel. Both make steel resistant to water and corrosion.

The disadvantage, however, is that steel is pretty heavy. So while it resists wind and other environmental problems, it can be tricky to assemble. Most steel greenhouses are usually large. 


Then, you will find wooden greenhouses frames. These are the least popular, and usually, only appear in super-affordable models. However, they offer an aesthetically-pleasing look and often provide excellent sturdiness. As a downside, a wood frame may rot over time.

• Cover Material

Found the perfect material for your greenhouse frame? Then you’re ready to consider the cover material now. This is the thing that makes the roof and walls of greenhouses. Here are some materials to consider: 

Polyethylene (PE)

The most popular of all cover materials is polyethylene (PE). Ideal for commercial and residential use alike, polyethylene lets enough light inside while being UV resistant. A twin-walled polyethylene cover is even thicker and more insulated.

The disadvantage is that polyethylene can be poked or torn apart by twigs and similar objects. And it also wears out fast, between 2 to 5 years for pure PE, and up to 10 years for twin-walled PE. 

Polycarbonate (PC)

It is a UV resistant material as well as waterproof, making it even more long-lasting and resilient to the elements. You can pick twin wall polycarbonate cover if needed. A triple walled model is even sturdier. These are obviously thicker, more resistant, and way more insulated. 

Regular polycarbonate panels can last up to 15 years. A twin or triple-walled cover can last 20 years easily. 


While it is affordable like PE, it is almost as strong as PC. So you get the advantage of both worlds.

Another advantage of PVC is how well it protects the interior. In contrast with PE, it reduces light exponentially. At the same time, it provides an excellent thermal response, keeping the interior warm at all times. 

This material can easily last 5 years. With proper maintenance and use, it can get to 10 years. 


It is the best for retaining heat and ensuring protection against outside elements. A fiberglass cover can easily last 10 years. 

The disadvantage is that fiberglass tends to discolor and break over time. And it is more expensive than PC and PE. 

Tempered Glass

It is ideal for cold climates, and when you want to keep plants thoroughly safe. Sure enough, it is also UV resistant and completely waterproof. 

Also, tempered glass can last 30 years or more if properly maintained. The only disadvantage is how expensive it is, over four times as PC and PE.

• Clarity & Insulation

As you already learned with the different cover materials available, insulation and clarity will change depending on the cover you pick.

That’s why we always recommend considering light covers with mesh for hot places. Polyethylene and polycarbonate will make sure the plants don’t suffocate. 

In case you need maximum protection against cold and winds, then thicker materials like twin wall polycarbonate, tempered glass, or fiberglass will do the job. 

• Windows & Entrances

Lastly, you’ll want to consider a green house that has a decent number of windows at least one comfortable door.

For that, we recommend at least 4 windows for every 10 feet of length. And the doors should always be big enough to let any person get inside with ease.

The focus is not only to ensure a comfortable experience inside but also to provide ideal ventilation. You’ll want the plants inside to receive enough wind. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

While reading our best greenhouse reviews and buying guide will help you pick a greenhouse tent that gets the job done, you may still want to relieve some doubts.

This section is for that. You will learn things that you may have dismissed before and get rid of any question you could have about greenhouse kits. Take a look below to learn:

What are the benefits of using a greenhouse kit?

There are tons of benefits of using a greenhouse. Here are some of them:

• Extended growing season – the protection a greenhouse offers is enough to prevent plants from sprouting too fast. Similarly, it helps extend the harvesting period.

• Keeps freshness – by providing excellent insulation in cold climates and reducing sun impact in hot ones, a greenhouse keeps vegetables and fruits fresh for longer. 

• Protects seeds & seedlings – whether it is harsh weather elements, soil problems, pests, or animals, a greenhouse protects the plants in their growth thanks to its UV resistant, windproof, and waterproof build. 

• Practicality – a spacious and well-made greenhouse offers the chance to plant seeds on pots and put them on shelves, or just plant the seeds on direct soil and keep them safe. 

In contrast with conventional methods of growing plants, a greenhouse may come like an excellent addition to your garden. 

Do you need a greenhouse kit?

Now that you’re familiar with the advantages of these kits, do you really need one? Well, let’s consider a few things:

• Are you trying to save money on growing plants? A greenhouse reduces the amount of effort, time, and money you need to spend. 

• Want to have your own source of fruits and vegetables? A green house is a perfect way to grow your own produce. 

• Live in a place with harsh weather? A greenhouse will provide the protection you’re looking for.

• Looking to grow exotic plants that wouldn’t grow without protection? A greenhouse can produce the perfect environment for them.

Do you match any of these factors? Then you probably need a greenhouse. 

Is it cheaper to buy or build a greenhouse?

A custom-built greenhouse may come at a lower cost than a pre-designed model you buy from the shop. But even if it costs less money, you will have to spend up to 10 times more time building and assembling it. That’s why it is often recommended to get a standard kit if you aren’t willing to put in the time or effort.

How long does it take to assemble a greenhouse?

Most greenhouses take between 30 minutes to 7 hours to assemble. It depends on the size and construction of the piece, but that’s the typical range. If two or more people can gather for the job, then it is reduced exponentially. 

How to assemble a greenhouse kit?

So you’re interested in one of these greenhouses but are afraid that assembling it will be a headache. Well, don’t worry – here’s a set of steps you can follow:

• Start by reading the owner’s manual first. Understand the parts as well as the hardware pieces. Also, check which tools you’ll need. You usually only need a screwdriver. 

• You can then look for the ideal place to install the greenhouse. Gather hardware, parts, and tools and identify them now. 

• Then you can start assembling the poles, starting from one side. Follow the instructions (from organizing to securing the poles).

• Once you’ve assembled one side, attach the middle section or crossbars. Then start assembling the other side. 

• You can now install the cover on the poles. Use the brackets, buckles, Velcros, and other securing items to attach it.

• Finish by securing the entire greenhouse with stakes, ropes, tape, or any other safety method. 

You should now be ready to start using the greenhouse with no issues. This process may vary depending on the greenhouse you picked. So be sure to read the instructions deeply before starting. 


Get one of the best greenhouse kits in this article, considering our buying advice, and only after you’ve gotten rid of your doubts with our FAQ section. Once you do that, choosing the ideal option won’t be a problem. 

So, what are you looking for? Make sure it is something that indeed meets your standards. That will prevent any regret later on.

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