11 Best Pruning Saw Reviews for 2023 – Our Top Choice

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Are your home trees growing too many branches? Want to give your tree a new look? Or you just need to cut off some branches for practical purposes? Whatever the reason – you probably need a pruning saw. And if you get the best pruning saw out there, then you’re more likely to enjoy it. A well-made pruning saw will save you tons of time and effort by offering the chance to go through those branches in trees and bushes. But choosing the right model may take some time & effort. It can also be exhausting and time-consuming if you don’t know what to look for. So we decided to help you with that.

Silky BIGBOY 2000 Extra Large Pruning Saw

Silky BIGBOY 2000 Extra Large Pruning Saw

Our Top Recommendation for Pruning Saw!

The Silky BIGBOY 2000 professional folding saw is a heavy-duty cutting tool with a lightweight XL teeth. The double-first rubber handle is easy to grip that can be folded down amidst work to avoid an accident. The saw’s blade is 360 mm (14 1/5″) in length, with 5.5 teeth per inch (6.5 teeth per 30 mm).

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Here, you’ll learn about the best pruning saws in the market, how to pick the right one, and more. If you’re eager to find out the perfect pruning saw for your branch-cutting results – then this article will help you out.

10 Best Pruning Saw Reviews 2023

Silky BIGBOY 2000 Extra Large Pruning Saw• Long & handy 14.2 inches blade
• Up to 5.5 TPI for extra effectiveness
• Thick & sturdy 1.8mm blade
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Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw• Ultra-light 12.8 ounces build
• Effective 6 TPI blade for smoothness
• Cuts up to 6 inches thick branches
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Corona RS 7510D RazorTOOTH 18-inch Pruning Saw• Comfy D-shaped handle
• Sturdy Japanese SK5 steel build
• Extra-long 18-inch blade
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Corona RS 7120 Razor Tooth Pruning Saw• Extra-long 13 inches blade
• Co-molded & cushioned handle
• Effortless to operate
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Silky 270-24 Zubat PROFESSIONAL Pruning Saw• Short & easy to use a 9.4-inch blade
• Molded plastic handle for comfort
• Up to 6.4 TPI for excellent cutting
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Samurai Ichiban 13" Curved Pruning Saw• Long and effective 13-inch blade
• Quality build with 1.5mm Japanese steel
• Extra-grippy rubber handle
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Fiskars Power Tooth 15 Inch Pruning Saw• Ultra-long 15 inches pruning saw
• Triple-ground teeth for resilience
• Effective pulling teeth system
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Bahco 396-LAP 7.5 inch Laplander Folding Saw• Short & easy-to-use 7.25-inch blade
• Extra light 7-ounce build
• Rust-resistant protective coat
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Fiskars 390470-1002 Power Tooth 10-Inch Folding Saw• Long 10-inches & effective blade
• Practical multi-position lock
• Folding mechanism for safety
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Fiskars Chain Drive 7–16 Foot Extendable Pole Saw• Potent cutting with chain-drive system
• Extendable poles for 16-feet reach
• Cuts up 1.25-inch thick branches
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JRF Heavy-Duty Straight Hand Pruning Saw• Humanized design
• Widely used
• Lifetime warranty
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#1. Silky BIGBOY 2000 Extra Large Pruning Saw

Silky BIGBOY 2000 Extra Large Pruning Saw
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If we had to pick the best pruning saw, we wouldn’t think twice before going for the Silky BIGBOY 2000. Even at first sight, you’ll know this is a fantastic hand saw – and it all comes down to its size. At 14 inches of total length, you can cut all kinds of tree branches with ease. And you can reach a lot more places with it – so even the trickiest branches will come off as you need. Along with its length, you get superb teeth quantity. With a TPI of 5.5, it offers excellent smoothness, so your cuts go easier through any type of wood. Still, the blade manages to offer easy use thanks to its curved design. Cutting will feel a lot smoother, and achieving comfy cutting will be far easier.

Silky BIGBOY 2000 Extra Large Pruning Saw Package Review

The real advantage of the piece is the hard chrome-plated steel blade. It offers maximum durability and ensures exceptional cuts every time. Even with the hardest of woods like green or dry wood – it will work like a hot knife on butter. Pair this up with the super-light construction at only 1.25 pounds of weight, and even the hardest of jobs will feel a piece of cake. Combining its length, its curved blade, and its quality construction – you can expect it to be the best hand saw in the list.

Cutting Wood by Using Silky BIGBOY 2000 Extra Large Pruning Saw

Comfortable Handle

When it comes to grabbing the tool, you’ll feel no less than excellent comfort. It boasts a cushioned handle that ensures superior coziness from the first use to the last. Add the non-slip rubber for extra grip, and you’ll feel not only comfortable but safe when running.

Practical Folding

Tired of carrying the tool uncomfortably and unsafely around? Then you’ll love the foldable design. It allows effortless operation saving you a lot of storage space in the process. Especially with the 14-inch blade – this folding design comes like a super-helpful feature.

Big Blade of Silky BIGBOY 2000 Extra Large Pruning Saw

Next-Level Blade

If we had to pick the best aspect of this blade, we wouldn’t hesitate and choose its edge. Boasting a chrome-plated steel construction for durability, a superb TPI of 5.5 for smooth cutting, and a curved design – it allows exceptional cutting for years. You won’t believe how well it works in most operations. 

Pros & Cons


  • Cuts 10-inch diameter branches
  • Secure grip for easy use
  • Ultra-portable with folding handsaw
  • Smooth cutting with XL teeth


  • No lock or sheath makes it a little unsafe
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#2. Corona RazorTOOTH RS 7265D 10 Inch Folding Pruning Saw

Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw
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If there’s a pruning saw brand you should never overlook, then that’s Corona. And with the folding pruning saw 7265D, they make it clear why.This quality model comes from the Razor TOOTH series, an array of quality pruning saws with the most practical cutting teeth in the market. Every tooth has 3 sides so it cuts as smoothly as you can expect while adding cleaner cuts, so you don’t make a mess while cutting.The true advantage, however, comes from the 10-inch blade. That’s a large enough blade to cut through the thickest branches with ease. Be it green or hardwood, you can get through 6-inches of total diameter with little effort.And sure enough, you can still enjoy an ergonomic handle with a co-molded build. You can work comfortably and safely, even with the trickiest of cutting operations.

Corona RazorTOOTH RS 7265D 10 Inch Folding Pruning Saw Package Review

On top of its super-comfy and effective cutting, you can still enjoy an extra-safe experience. You get a latching mechanism that allows easy storage when not using. You can bring it around without wasting time or effort.You still get 6 TPI for extra cutting speed, a set of hardened teeth for durability, and a chrome-plated steel blade. Together, they ensure maximum results for years to come.If you’re looking for an effective way to get rid of the tree branches, then you’ll love this curved 10-inch pruning saw.

Big Blade of Corona RazorTOOTH RS 7265D 10 Inch Folding Pruning Saw

Maximum Comfort

Probably the most exciting part about this pruning saw is the ability to feel super-comfy on your hand. Thanks to a uniquely ergonomic molded handle, it feels soft and grippy enough to allow easy cutting on any branch.

Quality Blade

A chrome-plated steel blade prevents corrosion and rarely chips. You get the chance to enjoy the excellent cutting performance for years. And when you consider the 6 teeth per inch design, it gets even better. Add up the hardened teeth, and it becomes an unbeatably effective model.

Cutting Woods by using Corona RazorTOOTH RS 7265D 10 Inch Folding Pruning Saw

Ultra-Safe Experience

No need to worry about being safe with this blade, it folds up whenever you’re not using it to prevent any accident. Just fold it away, and you’ll get an ultra-safe product to transport.

Pros & Cons


  • Curved design for easy use
  • Durable chrome-plated steel
  • Available in 7, 8, and 10 inches length
  • Comfy & easy to use


  • Teeth get exposed when folded
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#3. Corona RS 7510D RazorTOOTH 18-inch Heavy Duty Pruning Saw

Corona RS 7510D RazorTOOTH 18-inch Pruning Saw
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Affordable yet well-made – that’s how you can describe the RS 7510D from Corona.This is a pruning saw with a superb razor teeth blade. It gets through twice as much wood as standard models. And with its 18-inch blade, then you can enjoy even better results.The saw is so effective that you can cut 10 inches thick branches without making much of an effort. And when you consider the triple-ground teeth with multi-faceted angles, you get one of the most efficient cuts in the market.It all pairs well with the curved design of the blade. You can achieve super-intricate cuts without making much of an effort. Yet, it also augments friction, so every cut goes smoothly through any branch you find.

Corona RS 7510D RazorTOOTH 18-inch Heavy Duty Pruning Saw Review

But the true advantage of this piece is the Japanese SK5 steel. Using a superb material for the blade, you can expect it not only to last a long time but also to provide the perfect rigidity to cut through anything smoothly.Alongside a heat-treated construction and an impulse-hardened set of teeth, you will get an even better experience. It doesn’t matter where you use it – the pruning saw will cut everything like bread.And if all that wasn’t enough, you still get a comfortable handle for extra comfort. Even after several hours of continuous use, you won’t feel a single pinch of discomfort. Pairing everything up ensures an exceptional experience. You can cut thousands of branches with this saw and still enjoy effective cutting for years.

Sharp Blade of Corona RS 7510D RazorTOOTH 18-inch Heavy Duty Pruning Saw

Extra Durable

If there’s something that takes this pruning saw apart is the chrome-plated blade. It makes the saw looks shiny, yet it also adds a touch of smooth so you can cut a lot better. Yet, it’s all about its durability – you get a totally scratch and stain-resistant build.

D-shaped Handle

A comfortable handle always helps to go the extra mile when cutting. But the regular pruning saw handle is somewhat tricky to use. Luckily, you get a D-shaped handle with this one – adding the extra touch of comfort and more pull-back strength to the cut. Slicing down branches will be a no-brainer.

I Took This Image After Cutting Tree by Using Cutting tree by using Corona RS 7510D RazorTOOTH 18-inch Heavy Duty Pruning Saw

Ultra-Long Blade

When it comes to cutting fast, nothing helps more than a long blade. And that’s precisely what you get with this 18-inch model. It has 4 TPI in its long blade, so you can cut through most branches more quickly than with typical models.

Pros & Cons


  • The long blade cuts thicker branches
  • The comfy handle ensures more leverage
  • Blade construction ensures years of use
  • Curved blade for easy cutting


  • Huge design can be tricky to store
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#4. Corona RS 7120 Razor TOOTH 13 Inch Tooth Pruning Saw

Corona RS 7120 Razor Tooth Pruning Saw
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Coming back with a Corona tree branch cutter, we now find the Razor TOOTH RS 7120. This is a medium-sized model for people who want ease of use and decent effectiveness.The first thing you’ll notice is a cushioned grip. It allows comfy handling even after hours of use. Yet, it is not only the cushioning but the pistol-like design. With a co-molded plastic build, you can enjoy its uniquely practical design for extra efficiency.This handle design matches well with the 13-inch blade. You get the chance to cut through almost anything smoothly – especially with the perfect array of teeth. They are whetstone ground teeth with impulse-hardened build – adding more sharpness and resilience to the whole piece. Sure enough, you still get the curved blade that allows easy cutting, no matter the size of the branch. You won’t have any issue cutting through soft or solid wood.

Cutting a wood by using Corona RS 7120 Razor TOOTH 13 Inch Tooth Pruning Saw

All of the advantages of the blade come directly from this high-quality material. You get tempered steel that improves the efficiency of the cuts but also ensures a super-durable product overall. No chance of getting rust or cracks on this blade. Yet, the blade wouldn’t be a thing if you didn’t have the chrome plating coat, it adds the extra smoothness by reducing friction on every cut. Even with the toughest woods, this blade will get through without leaving a mess behind.When you combine its blade quality with its excellent handle and top-notch teeth, then you can enjoy one of the most practical pruning saw available.

Awesome Handle

Comfort and convenience are two things the handle of this saw stands out for. You get the pistol-grip shape that allows easy and safe grip. Yet, it is the co-molded design with a cushy feel that adds extra comfort. Last but not least, you get a hanging hole, so you can sue it with a paracord more safely.

Long-Lasting Material

A tempered steel construction sets the entire saw on another level. You get the chance to cut through most branches for years to come. And you won’t ever experience, rust, scratches, cracks, chips, or anything of the like.

Sharp Blade of Corona RS 7120 Razor TOOTH 13 Inch Tooth Pruning Saw

Fantastic Teeth

The teeth on the blade are sharpened from 3 different sides. This increases the effectiveness of the cuts and reduces the time you have to spend pulling back and forth. On top of that, they last a long time thanks to an impulse-hardened property. When it comes to quality teeth, few saws offer what this one does.

Pros & Cons


  • Effortless to operate
  • Quality blade material
  • Cuts up to 7-inch thick branches
  • Doesn’t rust or chip


  • Does not fold or lock
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#5. Silky 270-24 Zubat PROFESSIONAL Series 9.4 Inch Pruning Saw

Silky 270-24 Zubat PROFESSIONAL Pruning Saw
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A curved pruning saw blade is never a bad choice, and with the Silky Zubat from the Professional Series, you get all the advantages a curved blade offers.It all starts with a thick blade at 1.5mm. That’s thick enough to get through most types of wood without issues. Yet, it is the small 9.4-inch length that makes it such a fantastic choice. While this reduces the branch diameter you can cut, it adds up extra strength to every cut.The short blade still manages to offer a quality teeth system. With 6.4 TPI, you can enjoy an effective cutting capacity even after years of use.On top of that, the high-grade Japanese blade material is specifically hardened to surpass cutting expectations. Whether you’re cutting soft or hardwood branches, this hand saw will do it all as smoothly as you can think of.

Sharp Blade of Silky 270-24 Zubat PROFESSIONAL Series 9.4 Inch Pruning Saw

When it comes to handling, the blade doesn’t disappoint either. You get a well-made handle made of molded plastic that makes it easy to use. Yet, it is the ergonomic shape that you’ll enjoy the most – as it offers the extra touch of comfort so you can saw branches away for hours.If all that wasn’t enough, you can still enjoy a polypropylene sheath. It allows extra safety with the saw while making it easy to store.When you combine the safety level it offers plus the superb construction, you get an undoubtedly excellent choice to cut branches away. Few saws will meet the high quality of this one.

Long-lasting Construction

The most exciting part about this pruning saw is the exceptionally sturdy build. It all starts with high-grade 1.5mm thick Japanese steel. Then, you find a full-tang design with metal screws and washers that attach the handle to the blade. Together, they ensure top-notch quality for years.

Ultra-Handy Sheath

One of the best features of this pruning saw is the addition of a professional scabbard. Yes, you read that right – there’s a chance to store the piece inside a sheath when you’re not using it. It comes with a dual roller design for easy use. And it comes with loops so you can attach straps if needed.

Silky 270-24 Zubat PROFESSIONAL Series 9.4 Inch Pruning Saw Review

Secure Handling

The molded handle on this pruning saw offers an additional advantage: you can cut branches away with maximum safety. With a grip-oriented design and excellent material, you won’t have to worry about slippages. Yet, it is the anti-vibration system that prevents fatigue and keeps your hand pain-free.

Pros & Cons


  • Full-tang design for resilience
  • Ergonomic handle for ease of use
  • Thick steel build for durability
  • Safe & easy-to-store with sheath


  • A little expensive for the size
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#6. Samurai Ichiban GC-330-LH 13-inch Curved Pruning Saw

Samurai Ichiban 13 Curved Pruning Saw
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Quality pruning saws never disappoint, even less so when it comes from a great brand like Samurai.The Ichiban GC-330-LN is a 13-inch pruning saw with a curved blade, offering enough teeth so you can cut through any type of wood quickly and effectively.This curved blade also helps with comfort, so you can cut things below your waist without harming your arms or back.And for the extra effectiveness, you get impulse-hardened teeth. They help with getting quickly through the wood but also ensuring a more long-lasting blade. Even after hundreds of cut branches, the teeth will keep their edge so you can keep cutting smoothly.All that matches well with the chrome-plating layer. The blade manages to resist any type of corrosion while ensuring an easy-to-clean surface. You can work on almost any environment, and the edge will retain its shining.

Big Sharp Blade of Samurai Ichiban GC-330-LH 13-inch Curved Pruning Saw

Below the blade, you will find an ergonomic handle. Made of rubber, it allows exceptional grip no matter the situation. Yet, it is the cushioned design that stands out the most – offering extra comfort and ease of use.This gets even better when you consider the plastic scabbard. You can be sure the blade never gets damaged by mishandling or bad storage. The sheath will protect it from all that.If you’re looking for a decently large saw for your most intricate below-the-waist cuts, then this pruning saw from Samurai won’t let you down.

Samurai Scabbard

Nothing like a plastic cover for a cutting tool – and that’s what you get with this model. It protects the blade from any damage like scratches, impacts, cracks, and so on. Yet, its true purpose is to allow easy storage and keep the teeth sharp for longer.

Durable Blade

Boasting a quality steel construction, a 1.5mm thick build, and a chrome-plating coat – you’ll get a super resilient blade overall. No need to worry about anything when using it, and it will certainly withstand most environments so you can use it almost anywhere.

Samurai Ichiban GC-330-LH 13-inch Curved Pruning Saw Review

Comfy Operation

A quality pruning saw without a comfortable handle is never worth considering. Luckily, the Samurai Ichiban is an ultra-comfy product to use. The grippy design, the cushioned build, and the unique shape allow maximum comfort when using, so you can prune branches away for hours.

Pros & Cons


  • Added sheath makes it safe
  • The superb blade cuts smoothly
  • Long-lasting & thick blade
  • Comfortable handle design


  • Does not fold
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#7. Fiskars Power Tooth 15 Inch Pruning Saw with Handle

Fiskars Power Tooth 15 Inch Pruning Saw
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Fiskars is among the most quality-oriented brands in the gardening market, and few of its products are as amazing as the Power Tooth Pruning Saw.This model, for example, is a 15-inch tool that can help you cut through a wide array of branches without trembling. You’ll get a smooth and effective cutting from the first pull and push.It is only possible thanks to the triple-ground Power Tooth system. You get the chance to slice away branches of 10 inches in diameter with total ease – maybe even thicker than that.These teeth last a long time with their sharp edge on as well. And it’s because the hardened steel construction ensures maximum durability. No need to be constantly sharpening with this pruning saw.

Fiskars Power Tooth 15 Inch Pruning Saw with Handle Review

Something you’ll love as a gardener is a comfy & grippy handle. You can cut away branches comfortably for hours. And you’ll be totally safe in the process, as you won’t have to worry about slippages either.Because the blade is curved, you’ll also have an extra cozy experience when cutting below your waist. This ensures maximum results as well, so you can cut without losing control or getting hurt.Despite all that, this saw is still incredibly affordable. You won’t have to spend much money, and you’ll still get an excellent product.

D-shaped Handle

Some handles tend to loosen up from your hand and slowly make sawing through branches more difficult. But with a D-shaped handle, you won’t have to worry about that. It allows a comfy and secure grip, so you can saw branches for hours with no issues.

Triple-Ground Teeth

One interesting factor about this saw is the set of triple-ground teeth. They have three angles, so the blade goes smoothly through the wood, in contrast with standard blades that do not. Alongside the curved design, cutting will be a total pleasure with this model.

Blade of Fiskars Power Tooth 15 Inch Pruning Saw with Handle

Sturdy Steel

A hardened steel blade will last a lot more time than a standard stainless steel one. That’s why you can overlook the quality of this one. And when you add the screws on the handle that add extra sturdiness, then you can expect a long-lasting and resilient product overall.

Pros & Cons


  • Amazingly cheap for the quality
  • Secure & grip-oriented handle
  • Long-lasting build
  • High-control cutting


  • No sheath or cover available
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#8. Bahco 396-LAP 7.5 inch Laplander Folding Saw

Bahco 396-LAP 7.5 inch Laplander Folding Saw
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Few brands can meet the high standards that Bahco sets. For a very modest cost and offering one of the most efficient blades in the market – the Laplander Folding Pruning Saw is probably the best folding hand saw on the list.Also known as the 396-LAP – this is a 7.25-inch model that can cut through thick wood with ease. Yet, you can also use it for cutting bones, plastic, and similarly soft materials.You can do this because it offers an XT teeth system. That means you get 7 TPI, which allows perfect cutting results with only a few pushes and pulls. On top of that, it boasts a two-component plastic handle, so you don’t have any issue operating the saw in difficult situations. The piece will handle almost all cutting jobs and still feel comfy on your hand.

Package of Bahco 396-LAP 7.5 inch Laplander Folding Saw

Another super exciting feature about this piece is the quality of its blade. You get high-quality steel pairing up with a coated surface. Together, they offer the hardness and smoothness so you can cut branches in any situation.You’ll be happy to know that it is also a folding handsaw. That allows extra convenience so you can take it wherever you go.And if all that wasn’t enough, the saw only weighs 7 ounces, which makes it one of the lightest in the list. If you’re looking for a portable piece – this one will surpass your expectations.

Foldable System

What better than a folding saw to enjoy branch-cutting? The portability and safety level you get with the Bahco Laplander are superb. Yet, this doesn’t include the safety lock with the leather strap, you can secure the blade and store the saw safely.

Durable Blade

Hardened steel builds never disappoint. This model ensures you can cut with maximum control through any type of wood. And with an excellent protective coating, it offers a rust-free and super-sturdy experience.

Sharp Blade of Bahco 396-LAP 7.5 inch Laplander Folding Saw

Effective Teeth

This pruning saw offers an XT Toothing system. That means you get 7 TPI (teeth per inch) which provide exceptional cutting results. Alongside the special coat, you can expect less friction to cut faster.

Pros & Cons


  • Smooth cuts with XT teeth
  • Excellent price for the quality
  • Durable hardened steel construction
  • Locking & folding mechanisms for safety


  • The blade tends to scratch
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#9. Fiskars 390470-1002 Power Tooth 10-Inch Folding Saw

Fiskars 390470-1002 Power Tooth 10-Inch Folding Saw
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A folding bow saw from Fiskars is everything you could expect from a high-quality pruning saw. It combines a highly effective power tooth edge with a top-notch handle and super light construction. You can get easy and tricky jobs done without wasting any time or effort.On the 10-inch blade, for example, you can find a triple-ground set of teeth. They allow perfect smoothness through branches. Even the thickest or hardest ones will slice away with ease.But if there’s something about this saw that sets it apart from the competition is the locking system. You can enjoy the blade effectiveness by locking it in different positions, depending on your needs. And you won’t have any issue making different types of cuts accordingly.

Fiskars 390470-1002 Power Tooth 10-Inch Folding Saw Review

As for handling, you can enjoy a soft-grip system. It is totally comfortable on your hand and feels totally safe. Even if you’re cutting in a pretty uncomfortable position, the handle makes it easy to achieve comfortable handling without losing grip. And if all that wasn’t enough, you can still enjoy a folding hand saw. You can store the blade away with it, making it more secure and easy to use.All of that comes with a fantastic price that you won’t believe. It will help you save tons of money that you would otherwise waste with low-quality or overly-expensive models.

Superb Lock

Tired of unsafe sheaths and scabbards that don’t lock the saw inside? Well, this pruning saw won’t have any of that. You get a locking mechanism that keeps the saw securely folded when storing it. Yet, it is the ability to lock it at two cutting positions (overhand or underhand) that truly sets it apart.

Quality Build

Despite being one of the most affordable in the market, the Fiskars PowerTooth comes with an exceptional build. A fully-hardened and precision-ground steel build makes sure you can use the saw for years. It maintains the edge for longer and increases overall cutting efficiency.

Sharp Blade of Fiskars 390470-1002 Power Tooth 10-Inch Folding Saw

Perfect Handle

One of the things that differentiate this pruning saw from its competitors is the soft-grip handle. You get the chance to enjoy maximum comfort and control while sawing. No need to worry about your hand hurting or the saw getting out of your grip.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy-to-use & comfortable handle
  • Secure and effective operation
  • Extra-resilient hardened blade
  • Cuts effectively every time


  • Not the most durable construction
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#10. Fiskars 394631-1001 7–16 Foot Extendable Pole Pruner

Fiskars 394631-1001 7–16 Foot Extendable Pole Pruner
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Do you know what the best way of cutting out-of-reach branches is? Easy – the best way is using a pole pruning saw.The extendable pole pruner from Fiskars is exactly that kind of product. It is a superb alternative for those who want to reach branches at up to 16 feet. Boasting strong oval-shaped poles with lightweight construction, you can be sure cutting these hard-to-reach branches won’t be too hard. Especially with the 15-inch WoodZig saw, you can cut branches of up to 1.25 inches in diameter without making much of an effort.This matches well with the steel construction. It boasts a low-friction coating that keeps the blade rust-free but also ensures super-smooth cutting.

Package of Fiskars 394631-1001 7–16 Foot Extendable Pole Pruner

Another interesting factor is that despite its reach and long saw blade, the product is still thin enough to fit even in difficult places. You can cut the most intricate branches without getting stuck or losing precision.On top of that, you get a superb chain-drive system, a double-locking mechanism, and flexible yet sturdy pole construction. Together, you can be sure this pole pruner will take your experience to a whole new level.To make it even better, Fiskars has it available for an amazing cost. You can get a quality pole pruning saw without emptying your bank account.

Potent Chain-Drive

A pole saw is generally not powerful enough to cut well. But when you consider the chain-drive system on this model, you get the chance to cut thrice as fast and effectively than a traditional pole pruner. At the same time, it works both as a pruner and a saw – making it ultra-practical to use for any cutting job.

Unboxing of Fiskars 394631-1001 7–16 Foot Extendable Pole Pruner

Superior Reach

Tired of not being able to cut the branches out of your reach? Then you’ll love the 7-to-16 feet extendable design on this pole. You can lock it away for excellent cutting results, even at maximum reach. You won’t hate it in the slightest.

Maximum Safety

Despite its ability to extend up to 16 feet in reach, you can still expect the pole saw & pruner to be secure to use. And it all comes down to its double-locking system, making it easy to stiffen it up when needed and cut through branches without any loss of control.

Pros & Cons


  • Unbeatable reach at 16 feet
  • Flexible yet stiff pole for safety
  • Cuts super effectively every time
  • Convenient extendable pole


  • Flimsy saw blade
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#11. JRF Heavy-Duty Straight Hand Pruning Saw

JRF Heavy-Duty Straight Hand Pruning Saw
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Are you looking to trim off unruly limbs and branches of your trees? Want to escape by using a regular hand saw in your garage. Then, this dedicated pruning saw from JRF can be a great option for you. It boasts 12 inches of total length to cut small and medium branches. 

JRF Heavy-Duty Straight Hand Pruning Saw Review

Moreover, this steel long blade is made from high-quality SK5, ensuring a long service life. With an ABS saw sleeve and belt ring, you can cut branches quickly. In addition, this pruning saw features an elastic rubber resin handle that allows you to grip the device comfortably while cutting. 

Interestingly, it boasts a precise grinding design, ensuring consistent cutting action throughout the pull stroke. In addition, thanks to the special curve of the handle, you can easily cut harder materials without putting in much effort.  

High-Quality Blade

The most impressive feature of this saw is probably the durable 12 inches long steel blade. It is built of premium quality SK5 that quickly cuts through branches and twigs. Plus, it ensures to offer you a life-long service.

Ergonomic Design

This saw boasts an elastic rubber resin handle for a comfortable grip. Plus, the saw sheath will allow you to lock the blade. The handle is also made of non-slip material, and its curved handle ensures a better cut.

Sharp Blade JRF Heavy-Duty Straight Hand Pruning Saw

Safe to Store

If you are worried about carrying the tool unsafely around, then relax. This pruning saw comes with a sheath that frees your hand, keeping you safe. You can easily keep this lightweight saw in a toolbox or backpack. 

Pros & Cons


  • Cut 6 inches diameter branches
  • Rubber handle for comfortable grip
  • Easy to lock
  • Convenient to hang
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Faster cutting
  • Trim easily and more efficiently.


  • Nothing specific.
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What Factors to Consider When Buying a Pruning Saw

So you know about every bow saw we reviewed. But you’re still a little confused about which one to pick. Well, that means you need to learn exactly what you should consider before making a final choice. Here, we are going to explain all the most critical factors that will help you decide:

Types of Pruning Saws

The first thing to think about will be the types of pruners available. Depending on what you go for, you will receive a totally different experience.


The standard tree cutting hand saw is the most common type out there. This one looks like a knife but with a serrated blade boasting several teeth.You may find handheld models with a curved or straight blade. This model works like a charm for small and easy-to-reach branches in small trees and the like.Also, if you’re looking for portability and ease of use, this design of hand saws will match all your expectations.

Straight Blade

As the name says, a straight blade pruning saw is a saw with a straight serrated blade. The advantage of a straight blade is that they allow maximum leverage when cutting, making them ideal for hardwood.Most straight-blade models can be pretty large. Yet, they usually stay in medium size. They’re still easy to use and comfy.It is common to find straight-blade pruning saws with pistol-grip handles.

Curved Blade

A curved-blade saw is a perfect option for achieving decent leverage in low-hanging branches. They work perfectly with small branches, yet you may also use them with thick ones with ease.You will find curved-blade pruning saws to be effective at cutting all kinds of branches as long as they’re not in an uncomfortable position. The curved design is becoming super-popular nowadays. It’s common to find most pruning saws with this design.


Also known as the tree saw, a pole pruning saw is a long-reach model that can help you cut branches far up trees.All those branches that typical pruning saws can’t reach, a pole model will probably do. Some of them come with an extendable design that helps reach even further than their main distance.If you’re trying to cut off branches higher than 7 feet, then you probably need a pole saw.

Materials & Strength

The blade material and its strength will tell you a lot about how much it can last. Also, it gives you a better idea of how smoothly the blade can cut.That’s why there’s no better material to consider than steel. If you can go for Japanese steel or any of its variants, then you’re likely to enjoy a quality product.Tempered steel, hardened steel, and impulse-hardened blades are also worth considering. And if you can get a steel blade with chrome-plating or unique protective coating, then you can get even more strength and durability.

Blade Length & Thickness

A long blade achieves superior cutting capacity, helping to cut thicker branches. That’s why we recommend staying between 12 and 18 inches in length if you want to cut thick branches of up to 10 inches in diameter.If you don’t need to cut branches that thick, then you can always choose blades under 12 inches. These will be perfect for the thinnest branches going from 2 to 7 inches in diameter. Remember, also, that long blades are harder to control. And smaller blades provide less reach. Choose accordingly. Of course, for the best results, make sure the pruning saw boasts a thick blade construction. We recommend no less than 1.5mm for effective cutting.

Number of Teeth

Once you’ve gone over the types of pruning saws, length, and build, then you can consider the number of teeth on the blade.Because cutting them is almost impossible, then you’ll have to consider the TPI (teeth per inch). This is the perfect measure to know how well the blade may cut.A fine-teeth pruning saw will have no less than 10 TPI. That means it has 10 small teeth per inch. This measure is perfect for cutting neatly on hardwoods. Fine-teeth saws are often expensive. If you don’t need that many teeth because you’re cutting softer wood, then you can go anywhere from 7 to 9 TPI. This will cut through most woods as well, but not as neatly or effectively. But if you’re going for general cutting, anything between 3 to 6 TPI will do the job. These are usually perfect for cutting fast and effectively. But they can leave a total mess.

Handle & Comfort

Every garden saw comes with a specific type of handle to consider. Most of these types are pistol-grip handles that provide excellent leverage. Other handles offer two-position or two-hand models, which look almost like a sword handle. And lastly, you’ll find D-shaped models, for the extra grip and safety.But it is not only about the shape but also about the materials. A rubber handle tends to be pretty grippy and comfortable to use. Similarly, plastic handles can offer great grip and rigidity. If you want comfort, then consider an ergonomic design. And for even better results, then a cushioned handle can be your best bet.


A pruning saw can be heavy duty. If you get a hefty & bulky design, then you’re likely to get a more durable product. However, this comes with a more tiring design as well.That’s why we recommend picking models that are not heavier than 1.5 pounds. Any pruning saw heavier than that is probably not a good idea – unless it is a pole model.Similarly, small saws shouldn’t be too light either. If they’re lighter than 7 ounces, then it is probably too fragile and could break any time.So be sure to get something light for ease of use, but also sturdy enough to handle the job without breaking.

Extra Features

A good pruning saw should also boast a sheath, a locking mechanism, and/or a folding system. With a sheath or scabbard, you can store the saw away safely, preventing it from damaging stuff around or dulling out the teeth.A locking mechanism locks it in different positions so you can cut in different angles and achieve better results depending on your needs.And with a folding system, you can securely protect the blade and store it away more easily by reducing its size.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

By now, you should be well-aware of all the different factors that make a huge difference when choosing a pruning saw. If so, then you’re ready to learn a few more interesting pieces of info – such as questions most people have about pruning saws.Here are some of these questions with their answers:

Q1. How to set and sharpen pruning saw?

Ans: Almost all cut tree branches tools in the market offer the chance to sharpen them up so you can increase their effectiveness. These pruners are not an exception.
Here’s a small list of steps to follow:
• First, make sure the saw blade is clean, especially the teeth. There shouldn’t be any wood or dust residue.
• Second, clamp the saw firmly. The teeth should be exposed so you can file them down.
• Then, you can grab a file and start filing up the teeth. We recommend a Cant file for the best results. If you can get a diamond-coated file, then that’s even better.
• If you don’t want to use a hand file, then you can always use a Dremel with a diamond blade. You’ll have to work more carefully with this one.
• Remember that pruning saws cut on the pull stroke (when you pull them back) instead of the push stroke (when you push them forward). So you’ll need to file the rear part of the teeth as well.
This process shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. And it should only be done when the teeth are dull and not cutting at all. 

Q2. How to clean pruning saw?

Ans: If you just used the pruning saw and it is all covered in wood dust, debris, and other residues – then you should clean it with water and a cloth. The process is simple, just damp the cloth in a bowl of water and then scrub the blade of the saw. If the handle and other parts are dirty, then scrub them as well.

Q3. What is better a pruning saw or ratcheting sheers?

Ans: Both pruning saws and ratcheting sheers are excellent tree trimming tools, and they work for similar purposes. However, pruning saws are useful for cutting thick branches going from 2 to 20 inches thick. With a ratcheting sheer, you can only cut 1-inch branches or thinner.

Q4. What size pruning saw should I buy?

Ans: It depends heavily on your needs. The size will affect how fast you can cut, how comfortably you work, and how easily you can store the saw.
We usually recommend garden saws that go from 8 to 12 inches if you’re cutting small trees and branches. But if you’re cutting tall trees with thick branches, then go for a pruning saw of at least 13 inches up to 18 inches in length. 


Nothing like a well-made pruning saw to get rid of those unwanted branches in your garden tree. With our help, you can get exactly that.

If you’re looking for the best pruning saw, then don’t forget to follow the advice on this article. You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

So don’t waste more of your time and put our advice and recommendation into play. You won’t regret picking the ideal pruning saw with our help.

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