10 Best Soccer Rebounder Reviews for 2023 – Our Top Models!

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Have a kid who’s into soccer? Then you will probably find no better equipment for him than the best soccer rebounder.

It is one of the most valuable training equipment you can get any soccer kid. From the ability to test passes, their shooting accuracy, and even their free-kick skills – a soccer rebounder is undoubtedly useful.

Goalrilla Striker Ultra-Responsive Soccer Rebound

Goalrilla Striker Ultra-Responsive Soccer Rebound

Our Top Recommendation for Soccer Rebounder!

The Goalrilla Striker soccer rebound trainer is a fantastic goal-practicing equipment with its double-sided, ultra-responsive rebounding net. Built with powder-coated steel and featuring a sturdy nylon net, it is perfect for skill practice, receiving, throw-ins, and shooting. With this Goalrilla Striker, you can practice shooting without retrieving the ball.

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The best about them is their design. You can install one of these on almost any patio, lawn, or yard. And if properly maintained, they can last a lifetime.

Below, we want to go over some of the highest-quality soccer rebounders, give you an idea of what they offer, and eventually teach you how to pick the right one. Want to learn what we have for you? Then keep scrolling down!

10 Best Soccer Rebounders Reviews in 2023

Picking a quality rebounder won’t be an easy job. There are hundreds of quality models to consider, but only a few of them are really worth the investment.

To save you time and effort looking for the right one, we’ve assembled this list of 10 rebounders to consider. Every model on this list is totally worth having, whether for one feature or for their entirety.

Below, you’ll find out what they offer, why they’re so good, and whether they meet your demands. Take a look at our soccer rebounder review list:

Goalrilla Striker Ultra-Responsive Soccer Rebound Goalrilla Striker Ultra-Responsive Soccer Rebound • Durable powder-coated steel frame
• Large 7 by 5 feet design
• Handy multi-task design
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 Fast Pass Rebounder Soccer TrainerFast Pass Rebounder Soccer Trainer• Net with Adjustable Angle
• Perfect fit for Team and Solo Training
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Portable Soccer Trainer RebounderPortable Soccer Trainer Rebounder• Made of Alloy Steel
• 47.64 x 33.07 x 36.22 inches
• A suitable gift for kids
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SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer RebounderSKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Rebounder• Quality aluminum frame
• Handy nylon carrying bag
• Only 13 pounds of weight
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PodiuMax Portable Soccer RebounderPodiuMax Portable Soccer Rebounder• Sturdy steel frame
• High-rebound nylon net
• Convenient double-sided design
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QuickPlay PRO RebounderQuickPlay PRO Rebounder• Available in 2 sizes
• Hex-Net rebound system
• Durable powder-coated steel frame
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FORZA Dual-Sided Soccer RebounderFORZA Dual-Sided Soccer Rebounder• Practical freestanding design
• Heavy-duty steel frame
• Up to 16 feet wide & 7 feet high
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RapidFire Mega X Premium Soccer RebounderRapidFire Mega X Premium Soccer Rebounder• Thick 2mm polyethylene net
• Sturdy galvanized steel frame
• Up to 7 feet high and 8 feet wide
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Kwik 16A1 Goal Back RebounderKwik 16A1 Goal Back Rebounder• 1.5-inch thick steel poles
• 8-angle adjustment system
• Kwik button for easy assembly
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QuickPlay Spot Target Soccer Rebounder QuickPlay Spot Target Soccer Rebounder• Available in 2 sizes
• High-tension rebounding net
• 2-minute setup design
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1. Goalrilla Striker Ultra-Responsive Soccer Rebound 

Goalrilla Striker Ultra-Responsive Soccer Rebound
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As soon as you set your eyes on this soccer rebounder, you’ll know it is a piece not to overlook. Coming from Goalrilla (arguably one of the best brands in the market), it is safe to say it comes with everything you need on a rebounder. 

Assembling a Goalrilla Striker Ultra-Responsive Soccer Rebound 

You can set it up as a goal. It lets users improve striking skills. For goalkeepers, it works as a training goal to safeguard.

Yet, it can also be used as a passing aid, thanks to its back design that rebounds beautifully. Whether it is passes, speed, and other skills – this rebounder helps improve them. 

The main advantage is that anyone can use this soccer rebounder. From juniors to semi-professionals – it works like a charm at every skill level.

Goalrilla Striker Ultra-Responsive Soccer Rebound  Review

And if all that wasn’t enough, it is magnificently light for its size. The rebounder is sturdy enough to work as a goal, but also light enough to move around by two people with ease.

Quality Construction

There’s no mistake – a powder-coated steel frame and a sturdy high-grade nylon net make one of the best soccer rebounders for durability out there. 

​Highly Responsive Net

The quality nylon net offers a fantastic advantage: it is super-responsive and ensures maximum rebound in every contact. 

Huge Design

Knotting a Net to Goalrilla Striker Ultra-Responsive Soccer Rebound 

Forget about small and uncomfortable soccer rebounders. The GoalRilla Striker is none of that. Being large enough to work for any skill level, it is pretty comfy to use.

Pros & Cons


  • ​Useful for people of all ages
  • Withstands any use and situation
  • Works well in any place
  • Perfect for goalkeeping & striking


  • Somewhat heavy construction 
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2. Fast Pass Rebounder Soccer Trainer

Fast Pass Rebounder Soccer Trainer
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Most people learn passion out of passion. It is not always possible to practice at a particular time during such times. Moreover, if you want to become a professional soccer player or participate in a competition, you need extra hours of practice. So, who will train you during these times?

A trainer cannot always be available by your side, but a soccer rebounder can be. It is our personal favorite as we can practice the best passes through this rebounder.

Setting up a Fast Pass Rebounder Soccer Trainer

Perfect Passes

While learning about passing in a game, this rebounder allows you to work on quick and slow passes. A trainer will get the ball instantly to be ready for the next pass. It covers anything and everything you kick at it. So, if you want to practice hard or soft passes, use this rebounder as your trainer.

Flawless First Touch

The ball returns perfectly on your first touch. It aids the trainer in thinking about the next move you need to take for receiving the ball. It covers everything from heading the ball, chest trapping, quick feet touches. This tool possesses all types of ball control.

Testing Fast Pass Rebounder Soccer Trainer

Dual Surface

Have you ever heard of a 6×4 Foot training surface that you can use in two ways? It’s design helps you use the front for a return above the knee and the back for a return below the knee.

Solo & Team Training

This tool is perfect for both individuals and teams. The net helps to practice passing anytime, anywhere. The setup is very quickly done and easy to break down as well. Also, this trainer doesn’t require any tool for fixing; it is super easy for storage. It comes in zippered bags for easy maintenance.

Pros & Cons


  • Quick return
  • Easy usage


  •  Assembling consumes time
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3. Portable Soccer Trainer Rebounder

Portable Soccer Trainer Rebounder
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Usually, all footballers look for a convenient and large rebounder. So, our soccer rebounder net with an adjustable angle is a superior choice. Its dimensions are around 47.64 X 33.07 X 36.22 inches. You can make maximum use of this tool during your training sessions. You can use it to practice tossing, shooting, trapping, passing, etc.

Assembling a Portable Soccer Trainer Rebounder

The revert shown by the device is accurate, making training and class stronger. Despite this, with the insertion of aluminum tubing, the rebounder gives the most resilience.

Moreover, the rebounder comes with a dual surface advantage. You can use it on both sides as the front is for returns above the knee, and the backside is for returns below the knee.

Professional Soccer Training

A perfect tool for practice. The rebounder is suitable for soccer players to sharpen their skills while training. It is immensely strong to match the needs of adults. This soccer rebounder is a great treat even for the youth teams to showcase their energy on the strong net. 

Portable Soccer Trainer Rebounder Review

The added advantage is that you don’t need a person to help you with the training. If you feel like practicing, you can use your net as your trainer to help you enhance your skills.

Adjustable Angle Design

When playing a game, you have no idea where the ball will come from. Thus, it would be best if practiced from all angles. The curvilinear design of this net helps you change the trajectory of the ball return. This way, you practice in multiple ways and are ready for any challenges in your game. It helps you enhance your reactions and upskill your game.

Portable and durable

This tool comes with a carry bag and weighs only around 9lbs. It is straightforward to break down and requires zero tools for set-up. It means the tool can be assembled and disassembled within a few minutes. We can also collapse the structure for storage purposes.

Testing Portable Soccer Trainer Rebounder

The tool comes with a stainless steel frame and a high-quality hex mesh. Its design has rubber pads in the base to add to its design and make it more durable. It implies a stable and rigid structure for both indoors and outdoors.

Pros & Cons


  • Practical design
  • Doesn’t fall or break
  • Easy usage


  • Assembling consumes time
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4. SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Rebounder

SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Rebounder
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Looking for a rebounder to train passing skills? Then SKLZ Quickster is probably that product.

What sets it apart from the competition at first is the super-practical design. It does not only come with an excellent net on one side, but it also offers a double-net system – ideal for high rebound and low rebound.

This all happens thanks to its true-roll technology. It offers a perfect rebound, working for people who want to work high with their chest and torso, as well as people who want to play with their legs only. 

Complete Set up of SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Rebounder

Another excellent advantage is the lightweight design. You can set it up almost anywhere with little issue. And sure enough, you can fold it easily, put it on the carrying case, and take it anywhere you want.

It is still long enough to work for any type of practice. And thanks to its sturdiness, it works for both children and teenagers.

Unmatched Rebound

Something you will love about this rebounder is the ability to work for ground passes as well as high ones. Whether you want to test with your head, thighs, or chest – this model lets it happen. 

Next-level Passing

Thanks to a True-Pass netting technology, this rebounder makes it possible to get super-responsive passes every time. It will test your skills as if it were another soccer player. 

Testing SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Rebounder

Ultra-fast Setup

Once you’ve arrived at the installation place, then you can quickly unfold and attach to the floor with ground stakes. With just 3 minutes, you can set this rebounder up. 

Pros & Cons


  • ​Ideal for training passes
  • Decently light & portable
  • Rebounds effectively every time
  • The quality build makes it last 


  • Tiny design only works for passing

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5. PodiuMax Portable Soccer Rebounder

PodiuMax Portable Soccer Rebounder
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A dual-sided rebounder is never a bad addition to your training equipment. The PodiuMax Portable rebounder offers this design.

You can use it for ground passes and test your accuracy and speed. But you can also enjoy it on high rebounds, so you can learn more control and mobility.

This is only possible thanks to the game-like responsiveness. It feels like you’re passing and receiving from a real soccer player – that’s enough to say it is an outstanding model to consider. 

If there’s something else we love about this rebounder is how easy two people can use it at once. While one is on one side improving passing skills, another person can be on the other side, training their accuracy.

Testing PodiuMax Portable Soccer Rebounder

At 4.7 feet in height by 6 feet in width, it ensures excellent passing and shooting space as well. So it is also large enough to be fun and practical to use.

Tests All Your Skills

If there’s something we love about this rebounder is the ability to work as a soccer goal rebounder for goalkeepers to safeguard. But it also works as a shooting, trapping, striking, and passing trainer. 

Excellent Portability

Considering the carrying bag and the 15.5 pounds of total weight, you are getting one of the most portable rebounders out there. And that’s without mentioning how fast you can disassemble it. 

Complete set up of PodiuMax Portable Soccer Rebounder

Super-sturdy Build

Lastly, we can safely say this is one of the sturdiest soccer rebounders in the market. With a steel frame and a sturdy nylon net, it withstands harsh and consistent use.

Pros & Cons


  • Ideal for passing & shooting
  • Long-lasting materials 
  • Easy to assemble & carry
  • Offers neat rebound at all times


  • It’s a little unstable 
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6. QuickPlay PRO Rebounder

QuickPlay PRO Rebounder
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You don’t need to get the largest, the most practical, or sturdiest out there. A soccer rebounder like the QuickPlay PRO that performs decently well in every factor is more than enough.

This model is well-designed, available in either 5 by 5 feet or in 2.5 by 5 feet designs. One is excellent for low passes and upper control. The other would be more than helpful to train low passes and bring anywhere with ease.

Yet, you can always adjust the soccer rebound net as needed. The angle will give you the perfect rebound, depending on what you’re looking for exactly. 

QuickPlay PRO Rebounder Review

Another advantage you can’t dismiss is the ability to work on almost any surface. The deep design with a quality frame makes it possible to install on almost any surface. You can train wherever you are without drawbacks.

And lastly, you will receive an exceptional rebound. Its excellent design makes it possible to rebound back and forth for years without a single broken net strand.

Simple But Effective

If there’s something you will love for sure, then that’s the high-rebound capacity it offers. Your passes and shoots will meet the net and get back effectively. 

Resilient & Sturdy

The high-quality powder-coated steel frame with a Hex-Net rebound will ensure a reliable experience at all times and in any climate.

Knotting a net with a QuickPlay PRO Rebounder

​Decent Portability

Even though it is made of heavy steel, the rebounder is light enough so you can move it easily. And with is easy-to-assemble process, setting it up won’t be a challenge. 

Pros & Cons


  • Delivers neat rebound
  • Lasts a long time
  • A piece of cake to move around
  • Works for soccer and other sports 


  • The folding system is not always responsive
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7. FORZA Dual-Sided Soccer Rebounder

FORZA Dual-Sided Soccer Rebounder
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A multi-task rebounder has never been as practical and well-made as the Dual-Sided model from FORZA.

You get the whole package with this rebounder. It starts with the freestanding design. You don’t have to set a base or anchor point – it will stand sturdily by it owns without any fixing system.

This adds a touch of convenience. But nothing compares to the vast net. Even with the freestanding design, this rebound net is 12 feet wide and 6 feet high. Or if you prefer, you can get the largest model at 16 feet wide and 7 feet high.

FORZA Dual-Sided Soccer Rebounder Review

Thanks to its freestanding design and massive build, you can use it to train anything. From low passes to upper control, striking, or even goalkeeping – it gets the job done in any situation.

Lastly, you can enjoy the straightforward setup process. Even a child can install this rebounder without wasting too much effort or time. 

Tensed Spring-loaded Net

A taut spring system on the net makes it possible for the rebounder to be as effective as another player making the passes. The ball will rebound, as hard as the ball hits the net.

Quality Frame Build

A high-end steel frame with a galvanized finish will prevent rust from causing damage. Even if you let it stay in the backyard for days – it won’t corrode at all.

Testing FORZA Dual-Sided Soccer Rebounder

Light & Practical

Lastly, you don’t have to worry about moving the rebounder around. Despite its large design, it weighs about 80 pounds and folds up when you want to transport it.

Pros & Cons


  • Ultra-sturdy freestanding design
  • Works well for any purpose
  • Large but reliable build
  • Easy-to-fold when not using 


  • Comes with a confusing instructions manual
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​#8. RapidFire Mega X Premium Soccer Rebounder

RapidFire Mega X Premium Soccer Rebounder
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Available in two sizes: small (5 by 6 feet) and large (7 by 8 feet), the Mega X Premium rebounder from RapidFire is easily a practical model to consider.

You’ll know it is totally worth having at first use. The 38mm galvanized, and powder-coated steel construction will ensure it never rusts. You can pair this up with the anti-slip feet, making it even sturdier, no matter the surface you install it on.

And despite that, it offers terrific rebound at different angles. You can set it up however you prefer, ensuring maximum angle adjustability on matter what you’re looking for. 

RapidFire Mega X Premium Soccer Rebounder Review

What truly sets it apart is the double-face rebound net. You can enjoy low and high rebound, so you can train both low passes as well as upper-body control as necessary.

And if you add the fantastically light design at only 60 pounds, you get one of the most portable models out there. Take it to any place in the field or backyard – it won’t be much of a hurdle to do so. 

Fast Assembly Process

One of the most exciting parts of this rebounder is the no-tool installation. A snap-button joint system makes it a piece of cake to assemble in a few minutes. 

High-quality Net

Among the sturdiest nets you will find, the 2mm polyethylene net on this rebounder ensures top-notch rebound and a high-quality build that doesn’t wear out quickly.

Testing RapidFire Mega X Premium Soccer Rebounder

Multi-task Design

Thanks to its excellent net system and the double-angle design, you can test your shooting, passing, volleying, or even goalkeeping with its hefty design.

Pros & Cons


  • Offers two huge sizes
  • It’s a no-brainer to install
  • The double-angle design makes it handy
  • Lasts a long time


  • Comes with unhelpful setup instructions

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9. Kwik 16A1 Goal Back Rebounder

Kwik 16A1 Goal Back Rebounder
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An A-frame design is an excellent type of rebounder for people who want simplicity but also sufficient effectiveness. That’s what the 16A1 from Kwik offers.

You get an A-frame design that ensures maximum resilience against any shoot or pass strength. Yet, you can enjoy its multi-angle design as well as its ease of use.

The design is only 5.4-feet high and 4-feet wide, enough to make it work on almost any place. Sure enough, it also ensures proper use, no matter the focus.

Unboxing of Kwik 16A1 Goal Back Rebounder

If there’s something you will truly love is the excellent U-anchor system it offers. You can sturdily set it on any surface (grass, sand, etc.), and it will stay put no matter how hard you shoot at it. 

The Kwik Button assembly system, for example, makes it a piece of cake to set up. Even a kid can install it to start training right away. 

Unbeatable Angle Options

The best feature from this rebounder is the 8 different angles it offers. You can test your low-pass skills, your upper-control abilities, and even your accuracy, reflexes, and more. 

High-end Frame

What makes sure this rebounder doesn’t wear out or break the all-aluminum construction. At 1.5 inches of thickness, it can withstand almost any use.

Testing Kwik 16A1 Goal Back Rebounder

Super Portable

Then you can consider how decently small and light it is. At only 5.4 inches high, 4 feet wide, and less than 20 pounds of weight – bringing it around is a no-brainer. 

Pros & Cons


  • ​It’s a piece of cake to set up
  • Adjusts at different angles
  • Practical double-sided design
  • Boasts a very sturdy build 


  • Small design can be limiting
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10. QuickPlay Spot Target Soccer Rebounder 

QuickPlay Spot Target Soccer Rebounder
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Magnificently affordable and straightforward, but still incredibly reliable and well-made – the Spot rebounder from QuickPlay is a model you shouldn’t overlook.

Despite being the last on our list, you can still expect it to offer everything a quality rebounder should offer. It all starts with its gigantic design, available in 8 by 5 feet or at 5 by 3 feet. This will depend on where and who is going to use it.

No matter what size you pick, it will be a total wonder to use. With the ability to work as a passing rebounder for soccer, a multi-task, or even a shooting or goalkeeping model – there’s no way it will let you down. 

QuickPlay Spot Target Soccer Rebounder  Review

Now that you’re aware of its versatility, you may think it is not easy to move around or set up. But you would be wrong.
It takes only two and a half (2:30) minutes to set it up. And if you want to move it around, it won’t be much of a problem either. At only 16 pounds of weight, even a child can move it anywhere and enjoy its excellent rebound capacity. 

Ultra-durable Frame

Welded with corner joints, pieced together with internal cables, and boasting high-quality steel construction – this rebounder’s frame is built to last. 

Long-lasting Net

With the high-end rebound net for soccer, you can expect a resilient piece that doesn’t loosen or break. Add the high-tension technology that doesn’t deform, and you’ll enjoy a super-durable rebounder. 

Testing QuickPlay Spot Target Soccer Rebounder 

Next-level Portability

The pre-attached poles will help you set up this rebounder in 90 seconds. And with the carrying bag plus the light design, taking this rebounder anywhere you want will be a no-brainer.

Pros & Cons


  • Anyone can set it up
  • Won’t be hard to move it around
  • Useful for passing & striking
  • Flexible aluminum poles


  • Gets unstable without anchors
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How to Pick the Right Soccer Rebounder ?

If you’re genuinely interested in the best soccer rebounder, then you must be sure it is indeed the one you’re looking for. That’s why you must consider the different factors that could set it apart from the competition.

Here, we’re going over the most vital aspects of soccer rebounders, and how you can pick the right one following them. Take a look:

Types of Soccer Rebounder

We’re going to start by explaining the different soccer rebounders soccer you may find. 


The most popular and largest – with a multi-task rebounder, the user can train their passing, their shooting, their ball control, and even their goalkeeping skills. 

Passing & Ball Control 

This is usually small and less sturdy than a multi-task model, yet it offers almost the same advantages. However, it is not ideal for striking or goalkeeping training. 


Ideal for striking, it looks more like a soccer goal with rebounder, but it still has the rebounding net that throws the ball back. You may also find it large and comfy to use. 

Overall Size

How do you know if the rebounder fits in your garden or patio? Easy, you make sure it has the proper width, height, and depth. 

You should pick according to your needs here, though. If you want a rebounder to train striking, then it is probably going to be larger. But it is only for passing, then a small one will suffice. 

Frame Quality

It doesn’t matter the type or size of the rebounder if it isn’t well made. That’s why you must always pick quality poles and tubing for the job.

In this factor, there’s no better option than steel. While heavy, it offers the best sturdiness and durability. If steel is too heavy or expensive, then aluminum will get the job. Not the sturdiest, but decent for most people’s needs. 

Apart from that, if it has a powder coat or a galvanized build, then that’s even better to prevent any type of rust. 

Netting Quality

Once you have a quality frame ready, then you can focus on the soccer rebounder net. This is arguably the most essential factor to think about. If it breaks too fast, you will have to change it (or replace the rebounder).

So, you must look for quality nets made of nylon, polyethylene, or similar materials. We recommend waterproof and UV-resistant nets that don’t wear out easily. 

Adjustability & Portability 

Lastly, be sure you can adjust the rebounder if necessary. This could mean height, width, angle, or tension if necessary. The more adjustments you have, the better the rebounder will be.

At the same time, a portable rebounder works like a charm. If you can fold it down and transport it comfortably, then that’s a huge advantage not to dismiss. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

So you went through our best soccer rebounders and our buying recommendations. Well, now it is time to learn more about them by answering the most common doubts people have about them. Here are some of them: 

Q. What is a soccer rebounder?

Ans: In short, it is a training tool for soccer that focuses on passes, shooting, ball control, and speed. It is made of a tensioned net that shoots the ball back when it hits. 

Q. Are soccer rebounders any good?

Ans: Yes, a rebounder soccer is one of the most useful training tools a solo soccer player can have. The advantage is that they can be used anywhere, from gardens and backyards to large soccer fields or even indoors. 

Q. What kind of net do I need?

Ans: It depends on your soccer needs, but we recommend thick nets for the best experience. If you can adjust the net for maximum tension and rebound, then that would be even better. 

Q. Can I build a rebounder at home?

Ans: Yes, you can use anything from metal poles to wooden posts, polyester, nylon, or even polyethylene net. Be aware, though, this can take a lot of time and money. 


If you’re genuinely interested in the best soccer rebounder, then you will consider all our reviews as well as our buying guide.

Follow our advice to the letter, read every one of our reviews, and you’ll get the right rebounder for sure.

So, what are you looking for? Be sure to know what you need and why – then picking the right one won’t be a problem. 

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