10 Best Sprinkler Valves in 2023

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Did you know that the right sprinkler valve can transform your entire irrigation experience?

This makes it important to choose the perfect sprinkler valve for your irrigation system.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an enthusiastic farmer or an avid gardener. Installing a sprinkler valve can be considered one of the best investments you make.

It is quite simple to install. However, a lot of people get confused about its use and functionality.

Are you one of them?

Don’t worry. I have tested some of the top-rated products available in the market and come up with a list of the best sprinkler valves in 2023.

Read on.

What Are Sprinkler System Valves?

Sprinkler system valves are one of the elements of the basic irrigation system used for lawns or gardens. It is commonly known as the irrigation valve. Any sprinkler system is efficient with a valve in it. The sprinkler system valve’s primary work is to control water flow during irrigation. In the lawn irrigation system, each valve controls a single zone.

These valves, which come in several designs, offer a steady water supply to the range of control zones installed throughout your lawn and garden.

An automatic sprinkler valve system works extremely well and is effortless. The sprinkler system valves are of two types: above-ground and above-ground. Though it is extremely easy to install the below-ground valves, the most preferred one is the below-ground valves. The reason behind this is; the sprinkler valve system gets insulated from fluctuating temperatures, and since it is underground, all inadvertent damage gets eradicated.

PetFusion Ultimate Dog BedHFS ® National Pipe Tapered1.30 pounds
NPT inlet connection
12V DC, ¾."
View Latest Price
Bedsure Large Orthopedic Foam Dog BedOrbit Inline Sprinkler ValveMade of plastic
0.63 pounds
Supports all 24V systems
View Latest Price
Furhaven PetRain Bird CP100 In-Line Automatic Sprinkler ValveExceptional reverse flow design
Robust solenoid
¾” female threaded outlet and inlet
View Latest Price
Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog BedOrbit 3-Valve ManifoldMulti-system design
Comes pre-assembled
Water flow control for three sprinkler lines
View Latest Price
Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog BedHunter Sprinkler 1-Inch Globe ValveSupports most 2”/1” systems
1” globe valve
Excellent flow control design
View Latest Price
Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog BedOrbit 3/4-Inch Brass Anti-Siphon Control ValveFull flow control
Anti-siphon automatic valve
Perfect for outdoor use
View Latest Price
Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog BedHunter Anti-Siphon Female NPT ValveHeavy-duty PVC material
Female NTP valve of 1”
Options: Flow-control and non-flow control
View Latest Price
Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog BedRain Bird Anti-Siphon ValvePerfect for installing above ground
Works with all standard sprinkler timers
¾” threaded female x female
View Latest Price
Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog BedIrritrol 2400T Globe NPT Threaded Connection1” NPT thread
Multiple configuration options
Stainless steel metering system
View Latest Price
Barkbox Memory Foam Platform Dog BedToro 3/4-Inch Anti-Siphon Jar-Top Valve¾” jar-top valve design
Precise flow control
Perfect for a replacement or new installation
View Latest Price

The Best Sprinkler Valves

Each sprinkler valve is made to match the needs of a different set of users. Come, let’s find out which one is for you!

1. HFS ® National Pipe Tapered

HFS ® National Pipe Tapered
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The National Pipe Tapered (NTP) inlet connection from the house of HFS is my number one.

An electromagnetic coil, a diaphragm with a valve body, a spring, and an iron core is used to make this valve.

So, how does it work?

If you are using it for the first time, you may find it confusing to work with. It is not confusing at all. On the contrary, it is relatively easy to use.

Wait, let me simplify it for you.

As I already said, this sprinkler valve is electromagnetic. So from this, you can understand that all the materials that are used in the making of this sprinkler valve have their magnetic field, right?

It is this magnetic energy that is used to open as well as shut the outlet and inlet valves.

So, when you use the valve, a magnetic field gets generated by the electromagnetic coil in the middle. This magnetic field controls the iron core. The latter pulls the diaphragm despite the inner-spring resisting it. It is this motion that allows the valves to shut and open automatically.

Now, coming to the inside of the sprinkler valve, there are heavy-duty wall tubes that are long-lasting. In addition, the enameled copper wires are durable.

On the outside, the solenoid valve body is designed with brass. This makes it highly durable.

And did I tell you that it is corrosion resistant to gas, water, oils, and other elements?

I quite like it.

However, I didn’t like the fact that, at times, the valve may not close completely, staying stuck in the open position. So, you might need to use your hands to shut it entirely!


  • The outer body of brass is durable and strong
  • It comes with reversible wires to make it easy to use
  • The wires are long-lasting and reversible
  • You can assemble and install it with ease


  • When the pressure is very low, the valves may not shut completely.

2. Orbit Inline Sprinkler Valve

Orbit Inline Sprinkler Valve
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The brand Orbit is well-known for manufacturing sprinkler valves and their parts.

Did you know what I liked the most about this sprinkler valve?

It is compatible with almost all popular brands. This means you can use its parts to replace other different automatic valve systems.

Now, if you are someone who gets confused when it comes to using a complicated-looking sprinkler valve system, you are going to love this product for sure!

You can assemble this ¾” connection with ease. And you don’t need any complex tools or even glue for this.

Like it already?

This sprinkler valve is perfect for first-time users, as you get to use it with any 24V system from popular brands.

Generally, when you use a sprinkler valve, you need to have at least some knowledge about your irrigation system to understand which sprinkler will suit it the best.

But with this product, there is no such requirement – all thanks to its universal compatibility!

The Orbit Inline Sprinkler Valve comes with screws, and you can use it with multiple tools. This means no more guesswork and no more extra tools. You can use the screws with Philips, hex, and any standard screwdriver.

I liked the captured plunger, springs, and screws. This doesn’t let you lose any part during its regular maintenance and cleaning.

The only drawback I found is that it can be a little short when you replace it with certain brands.

However, as this is a highly pocket-friendly product, first test it on your irrigation system. Doing so will let you know if you are okay with its length. And if you are fine with it, go for it.


  • It is compatible will all the major brands
  • You can easily assemble and install it
  • It is made of high-quality plastic material
  • It comes with the feature of loss prevention captured tools
  • It is affordable


  • It can be a little bit short when you replace it with certain brands.

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3. Rain Bird CP100 In-Line Automatic Sprinkler Valve

Rain Bird CP100 In-Line Automatic Sprinkler Valve
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Are you looking for a sprinkler valve that can work for commercial and residential projects?

Give the Rain Bird CP100 In-Line Automatic Sprinkler Valve a try.

You can use this automatic sprinkler valve for both commercial and residential projects. The design is good, and the materials used in this versatile product are durable and sturdy. As a result, it is perfect for long-term use.

When I came across this product, what caught my eyes were its rugged fittings and robust built. It is meant for heavy and extended use. And you don’t have to worry about it wearing down.

Coming to its functionality, I quite like it. It comes with a ¾” female threaded outlet and inlet, and you can use it with any inline irrigation valve.

The threaded design is like the cherry on top!

It provides the outlet and inlet with a more robust connection – with any irrigation pipes. This makes it very hard to break down, even if you use it regularly for an extended period of time.

Sound good?

Now, do you find it challenging to remember to sprinkle your yard at regular intervals?

Then the Rain Bird CP100 In-Line Automatic Sprinkler Valve can be your savior!

It is compatible with all standard timer systems.

I wanted to test this feature. And so, I bought a standard timer from my local hardware store and connected it to this product.

And to my surprise, it did the job smoothly without any intervention!

Did I tell you about the heavy-duty solenoid that it comes with?

That is perfect for controlling the water flow. This takes away much of your headache, isn’t it?

Like all the sprinkler valves on my list, this product also has some drawbacks. While operating it, I noticed that a small quantity of water had leaked from some of the joints. And I didn’t like it.


  • It comes with a lightweight and compact design
  • You can assemble and install it conveniently
  • The servicing is easy
  • The design is fail-safe which means you can save water and avoid flood
  • It is compatible with all standard timer systems


  • The customer care service is not up to the mark
  • The instruction manual is not updated

4. Orbit 3-Valve Manifold

Orbit 3-Valve Manifold
View Latest Price

The Orbit 3-Valve Manifold is one of the best sprinkler valves that you can avail in the market. And there are many reasons for it.

I like this sprinkler valve mainly because of its ease of use.

When you get it, you will see that it is entirely pre-assembled. This makes the whole installation and usage as easy as a breeze.

You don’t need to read the descriptive instructions repeatedly, or you don’t have to buy extra tools for assembly. Instead, you can install it in just a few minutes. This makes it the perfect sprinkler valve option for most of you, especially if this is your first time buying one.

It has a multi-purpose design that takes care of the functionality. As a result, you can use it with almost all pipe and PVS systems.

That’s not it.

You get a 1-inch PVC pipe and a 3/4-inch adapter with the package. This means you don’t need to buy any additional gear or tools. And you get to save money.

Durable and high-quality plastic material is used to make the Orbit 3-Valve Manifold. You can get it in a beautiful light teal color. I liked the color, and I’m sure you will like it too!

Did I tell you that you can transform it into a four or five-valve manifold?

Yes! All you need is to attach another two-valve manifold.

Sound cool?

The convenience and ease of use have made it one of my favorite sprinkler valves.

What I didn’t like about this product was the hefty price of its replacement parts. You need to take good care of this product as the replacement parts can burn a hole in your pocket!

Also, it doesn’t support manual operation. I needed a timer so that I could test the system.


  • You don’t need any additional glue or tools to assemble it
  • It is made with a high-impact plastic material that is UV-resistant as well
  • You can tighten it with your hand easily
  • The installation is easy as it comes pre-assembled
  • You can integrate it easily with almost all poly and PVC pipes


  • It doesn’t support manual operation. I needed a timer for testing
  • The replacement parts are quite expensive

5. Hunter Sprinkler 1-Inch Globe Valve

Hunter Sprinkler 1-Inch Globe Valve
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Here comes the Hunter Sprinkler 1-Inch Globe Valve.

You can get it in two varieties. Either choose the one with flow control or go for the one without flow control. The one that has made it to my list of the best sprinkler valves is with flow control.

The barb outlet and inlet connection types are extremely tough and durable. This is because they are made of rugged materials.

I like that you can get this model in both versions – with flow control and without flow control. I chose the former, but I think many of you will go with the latter option.

The fact that you get the option to select increases my respect instantly for the brand, as they have thought about the needs of all kinds of users.

Now, coming to its construction, the Hunter Sprinkler 1-Inch Globe Valve is made of durable, high-quality, and robust materials.

Both the diaphragm and sprinkler valve are well-constructed and solid. I have used it for a long time, and to my great surprise, neither did it lose color, nor did it wear down, even after prolonged, heavy use.

You can get it in different sizes. This provides you with more options to choose from.

The Hunter Sprinkler 1-Inch Globe Valve was primarily designed for residential use. However, I think that it can work well for commercial properties too.

You can use it as a backup solution for damaged and faulty valves. It works great in reducing the water flow in zones with high pressure. Also, you can use it to cut off a zone entirely if a solenoid gets damaged.

Now, let’s come to the not-so-good part.

You can get this device just in a 2-inch and 1and ½ inch globe model. You don’t get it in a 3-inch valve design.

I am a little disappointed by this. But still, the designs that you get are amazing and function great. And I don’t have any complaints regarding this.


  • It is well-constructed and robust
  • It works great as backup valve parts
  • The installation and use it easy
  • You get two versions of the same model: with the flow and without flow


  • You don’t get it in a 3-inch valve

6. Orbit 3/4-Inch Brass Anti-Siphon Control Valve

Orbit 3 4-Inch Brass Anti-Siphon Control Valve
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In order for the sprinkler valves to be durable and high-quality, do you think that a heavy metal body is important?

Then the Orbit 3/4-Inch Brass Anti-Siphon Control Valve can be the one you are looking for.

It has a heavy-duty construction. This makes it perfect for outdoor use, especially when the weather condition is extreme or harsh.

It is water-resistant and long-lasting.

The best part?

You don’t need to repair or service it regularly – all thanks to its robust construction.

I quite like the look of the durable, sturdy all-brass body of this sprinkler valve. It is made keeping in mind the harsh weather conditions. This makes it possible for you to use it in extreme climates as well as cold water.

Do you live in a cold region?

This sprinkler valve is perfect for you!

That’s not it. It has a non-corrosive body – ideal for heavy-duty use outdoor.

Did I tell you that it can prevent contaminants from getting into the water supply?

This is another thing that I like about this product. It makes sure that your grass, flowers, and plants get to enjoy safe water – free from contaminants and bacteria. And they can thrive well and be healthy.

The Orbit 3/4-Inch Brass Anti-Siphon Control Valve can handle the high pressure of water of up to 150 PSI.

Also, it is incredibly flexible to use, as it has flow control adjustments.

What I didn’t find in this product is a warranty. So, if you are looking for a sprinkler valve with a warranty, this is not the one.

And you can use it with just cold water and not warm or hot water.


  • It has a heavy-duty construction of brass
  • It comes with easy adjustments as well as flow control
  • It has a fantastic anti-siphon feature
  • It stops contaminants from getting into your irrigation system
  • It has up to 150 PSI high-pressure capabilities


  • It doesn’t come with any warranty
  • You can use it with just cold water

7. Hunter Anti-Siphon Female NPT Valve

Hunter Anti-Siphon Female NPT Valve
View Latest Price

Are you looking for a sprinkler valve that is perfect for heavy residential duty?

The Hunter Anti-Siphon Female NPT Valve is the one that you might look at.

Featuring a heavy-duty PVC construction, this product has a glass-reinforced bonnet. This provides you with an extra layer of protection.

It has a rugged diaphragm, and it dons a leak-proof design. Also, this product is always ready to give you some additional control.

What I like the most about this sprinkler valve is its versatility. You can choose from multiple options.

It is great for heavy residential use. But I think it will work well for regular residential use too.

This NPT valve is extremely functional.

It comes with features such as flow control. This gives you the additional power to control the flow.

However, if you want, you can opt for the one with a non-flow control feature. With the latter, you can have a simpler on and off mechanism. And a lot of you will prefer it.

As already mentioned, you get to have a leak-proof experience with solid PVC construction and the rugged diaphragm.

 I like how the manufacture has taken care of all kinds of users’ needs. You can get this model in several sizes. You can control the flow in high-pressure zones with ease. And, if a solenoid gets damaged, you can cut off an entire zone with this product.

Sound cool?

Now let’s come to the bitter part. The Hunter Anti-Siphon Female NPT Valve doesn’t support DC voltage, which many of you might have.

But it works really well with low voltage 24VAC found in many household irrigation timers.


  • You can get this model in multiple sizes
  • It is well-constructed as well as sturdy
  • You can use it with most 1-inch and 2-inch irrigation system
  • It comes with both automatic and manual operation
  • You can install it easily
  • The servicing is easy


  • You can’t get it in a ¾” size
  • It doesn’t support DC voltage

8. Rain Bird Anti-Siphon Valve

Rain Bird Anti-Siphon Valve
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The Rain Bird Anti-Siphon Valve comes with an encapsulated solenoid.

The advantage?

You get to use the device automatically, which means you don’t need to intervene.

Also, there are several other excellent features that this Rain Bird Anti-Siphon Valve has.

I quite like this versatile product.

The encapsulated solenoid that it comes with is energy-efficient. And it is because of this that it works automatically. But, of course, you can always make your own adjustments and choose to opt-out of this feature. And to do this, all you need is a manual bleed screw.

You can install this product with utmost ease. However, it works best when you install it as high as 6 inches above the tallest sprinkler head.

And did I tell you that doing so will effectively stop the wastage of water and prevent backflow?

It comes with a Buna-N diaphragm. This offers extreme performance as well as durability, even in unfavorable weather conditions. Also, it comes with a high-pressure capability of 150 PSI.

The Rain Bird Anti-Siphon Valve has a flow range rate between 0.2 and 22 GPM.

Now, are you looking for a lower flow rate than 3 GPM?

Then you can get a 200 mesh filter and install it in front of the valve.

So, these are some features that I liked about this sprinkler valve.

However, some of you might not like the low flow rate that it has.

Also, I didn’t like the quality of the thread the product has used.


  • You can either use the automatic or the manual flow control operation
  • It stops the backflow of water
  • It offers excellent performance
  • It is extremely durable
  • It supports almost all sprinkler systems of the major brands
  • It has superb high-pressure capacity


  • The thread quality is not up to the mark
  • The flow rate is comparatively low

9. Irritrol 2400T Globe NPT Threaded Connection

Irritrol 2400T Globe NPT Threaded Connection
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The next sprinkle valve on my list is the Irritrol 2400T Globe NPT Threaded Connection.

It is a versatile product and can fit your needs well.

It comes in a threaded bonnet design. This makes it easy for you to repair as well as service it well.

And for that, you don’t need to remove the whole system.

This 1” sprinkler valve from the house of Irritrol falls under their 2400 series. It is not only multi-functional but also offers multiple applications. This makes it a huge hit among users.

Its pressure rate is 10 to 150 PSI, and the flow rate is .25 to 30 GMP. This makes it perfect for almost all irrigation systems. And not to mention the threaded bonnet design that I loved!

It is effortless and convenient to use, as you can get it in multiple configurations. It doesn’t matter if you need a male x barb, slip male x male, or an NPT. You can switch between them seamlessly.

It comes with the external and internal bleed and the flush mode. With these, you can operate it manually if you want. The metering system is made of stainless steel, and with this, you can run the valve continuously without fail.

I liked the double-beaded Santoprene diaphragm too. It is tough and rugged. Also, it makes sure that you have a leak-free experience.

You know, you can turn on and off the water in order to control flow. However, it would be good if you could adjust it too. I found this feature to be missing. This suggests you have got just two flow control options – on and off.


  • It comes with a leak-proof seal
  • The construction of this sprinkler valve is solid and rugged
  • The manual operation is consistent as well as easy
  • You can service it without removing the whole system


  • It doesn’t come with flow adjustment settings

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10. Toro 3/4-Inch Anti-Siphon Jar-Top Valve

Toro 3 4-Inch Anti-Siphon Jar-Top Valve
View Latest Price

Just like its name, this sprinkler valve from the house of Toro comes with an anti-siphon feature. In addition, it has a top jar valve. And not to mention the fantastic aspheric backflow preventer that it comes with.

Are you looking for some extra control over your sprinkler valve?

Then the Toro 3/4-Inch Anti-Siphon Jar-Top Valve can be the one.

You can use it as a replacement for other parts of the valve. Or you can install it as a new one in your yard.

Did you know that you can seamlessly integrate the Toro 3/4-Inch Anti-Siphon Jar-Top Valve with almost all irrigation systems?

You get to have more control over the water flow – all thanks to this product’s advanced flow control mechanism. This is perfect for you if you want to control the water quantity and don’t want to depend only on the automatic open and shut features.

Also, the encapsulated solenoid and manual bleed are there to provide you with utmost control and freedom over this product. I think this can be regarded as one of the essential features of a sprinkler valve. This is because everyone has different requirements, isn’t it?

I like the aspheric backflow features of this sprinkler valve. It provides you with added control and decreases the wastage of water.

Now, I know that the jar-top design of this product is extremely easy to replace and adjust. However, it has certain drawbacks.

Although the replacement is easy, it is not hassle-free. It can get messy at times.


  • It has a solid construction
  • The design is compact and lightweight
  • You can install it with ease
  • It comes with a feature that prevents backflow


  • The replacement can be messy on some occasions

Things to Consider Before Buying Sprinkle Valve

Now that you know all sprinkler valve options, you have to look at the following to make the best choice for your irrigation needs.

Different Types of Sprinkler Valves

There are different types of sprinkler valves available, and each of them has its own set of strengths and applications.

The anti-siphon valves are there to stop the backflow of water.

Generally, inline valves are installed underground, and they can’t save you from the backflow of water.

If you go for a gate valve, you will be able to inter extremely pressurized water into your sprinklers.

If you want something stable that you can use regularly, ball sprinklers would be a great choice.


Where do you want to install the sprinkler valve?

Is it under the ground, or is it above the ground?

Before purchasing one, you need to know where you want to install the valve. And depending on that, you have to choose the valve size.

This size can affect other factors, too, for example, pressure, flow, and potentially covered area.

Water flow

It would be good if you knew about the quantity of water passing through the sprinkler valve at a particular time. This will make it easier for you to decide how long you have to keep the device on for a watering session.

Manual or Automatic

Do you want to have complete control over the water passing through the sprinkler valve? Then manual valve would be a good option for you.

Otherwise, automatic sprinkler valves are easier to use. You don’t need to intervene much to get the expected results.


Now, this is important. When a male threaded connection, it corresponds to a female threaded connection, and vice versa.

Other options include barb, union, and national pipe thread (NPT) connectors.

Always go for an option that is compatible with your present water system. This is to prevent you from spending more on a new purchase.


Who doesn’t love a warranty from the manufacturer?

And this gives you a sense of trust too.

If you need replacement or repairing, you can avail that from the manufacturer within the warranty period.


Look for a sprinkler valve that is durable and that lasts long even after regular use. This way, you get to save money in the long run.

So, which sprinkler valve are you getting for your irrigation needs?

Let me know in the comments!


Are Hunter sprinkler valves good?

Yes, the hunter sprinkler valves are extremely good to use. It comes with a self-flushing filtering system combined with a specially designed turbulent flow around the diagram filter to eliminate the dirt away. It makes the hunter sprinkler system more reliable.

How many years does a sprinkler system last?

 The different components of the sprinkler system have different life spans. Therefore, they need replacement at different times. Though, the overall lifespan of the sprinkler system undergoing all the consequences is a maximum of 20 years.

What are the three types of main sprinkler valves?

Every sprinkler valve we have mentioned is the best in the market. However, if you still have to choose the main three out of that list, it would be;
• HFS ® National Pipe Tapered
• Orbit Inline Sprinkler Valve
• Rain Bird CP100 In-Line Automatic Sprinkler Valve

How long do sprinkler solenoids last?

If talking about the different components of it separately, the best quality of the sprinkler solenoids lasts a maximum of 10 to 15 years. Though, if you have compromised with the price, the life span of the inexpensive sprinkler solenoid will vary between 2 to 3 years.

How many sprinklers can you run off one line?

There is no concrete answer for this as it depends on many factors, such as water pressure, the size of the line, and the type and size of the sprinkler heads. Still, the maximum limit ranges between one to 10 sprinklers in one line.


Irrigation is the one crucial demand for the lawn. Plants thrive only when they get a good supply of water. Using the right equipment, watering the lawn becomes an efficient and fun chore. The sprinkler system valve is that one piece of equipment. There are plenty of brands that offer different types of irrigation valves useful in different kinds of situations. For your convenience, we have mentioned ten different kinds of sprinkler valve systems that are trending in the market.

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