Best Walk Behind Lawn Mowers – Expert Reviews for 2020

The all-important chore of maintaining your yard means you need the right tool in your arsenal to get the job done. If time is of the essence, a reliable walk-behind mower is what you need to quickly maintain your yard. You need the best walk behind mower money can buy to effortlessly blaze through the lawn mowing routine.

To speed things up, our top pick is the GreenWorks 20-Inch Electric walk behind lawn mower. We made this GreenWorks model our top pick because it has a reasonably sized deck, it is powered by a solid 12 Amp Motor and offers the operator 7 position height adjustments.

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Best Walk Behind Mowers


Top 10: Best Walk-behind Lawn Mowers

Walk behind lawn mowers are more often than not, some of the choicest lawn mowers you can acquire. Some are gasoline propelled while others are battery or electric propelled. The best walk behind lawn mower for you will depend largely on your needs and garden/lawn specification.

Our team of experts has put together a useful list of 10 of the best lawn mowers you will ever need. This compilation was born out of long hours of research and community-based reviews that helped us weed out the “not-so-good” products from the rest. Read On!

1. GreenWorks25022 20-Inch Electric Lawn Mower

Our overall top pick is the GreeWorks corded electric lawn mower in terms of performance, build and style features. It’s the perfect machine for a residential house with small to medium sized lawns or gardens. It has a durable 20-inch cutting deck made form study fabricated steel. The deck in itself can be adjusted in seven incremental steps from one to three inches.

Unlike most old push behind lawn mowers, this model features a push start button rather than using a cord. For nice traction with the ground surface the slim looking tires are built to last with the front tire measuring 7 inches and the rear tires measuring 10 inches.


  • It has a 20-inch cutting deck size in fabricated steel
  • 3 in 1 body design for mulching, side discharge and rear bag collection
  • Push button start system for easy use
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to store
  • Check Badge
    4-year warranty on serviceable parts and tools
  • Check Badge
    7 position deck height adjustments
GreenWorks25022 20-Inch Walk Behind Lawn Mower

The very good part of the GreenWorks 20-inch 12 Amp corded electric lawn mower is that it is easy to store because the handles are compact and foldable. It’s also exceptionally lightweight that operators of all experience level can get used to in no time. The body design is sleek, and easily maneuverable around obstacles and important flower beds.  With only a single button needed to put it on and the ease of use, it’s no wonder this GreenWorks model makes it to the top of our list.

Finally, the body of the mower features a 3 in 1 design that makes it a more functional piece of machinery. The sides are tilted to the ground for easy discharge, there is also a rear bag collecting system for grass clippings and mulching capacity.


  • Compact
  • Ease of Use
  • Deck

With a 20-inch cutting deck this electric lawn mower is suitable for residential apartments with moderately sized lawns.


  • It’s an eco-friendly lawn mower with no major pollution
  • Lightweight design features
  • Electric power without annoying noise
  • 3 in 1 sleek body design
  • 4-year long warranty


  • Users will have to cope with electric cords to a socket to power the engine.

2. BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Electric Lawn Mower

The black and decker 3 in 1 electric lawn mower is one of a kind. For those who love the feel and look of a slim device, this might just be your thing. It was designed to be functional as a lawn mower, a trimmer and an edger.  For maximum support and performance a 6.5 amp motor and a power drive system propels the blades to weed out the toughest of grasses.

The spool system is designed to be automatic, meaning operators won’t have to constantly stop the machine to adjust the spool to their needs. With a cutting height of 1.6-inch and 2.4-inch, this model was designed for very light mowing work. The cutting deck is pretty small and not suitable for residential apartments with a large lawn. We recommend this mower for light mowing and small yard maintenance.


  • 3 in 1 mower feature; lawn mower, trimmer and edger
  • Check Badge
    6.5 amp motor system with a power drive
  • 12-inch cutting deck in two adjustable heights
  • Lightweight design feature
  • Check Badge
    Easy to store because of its compact nature
BLACK+DECKER Walk Behind Lawn Mower

For easy storage, this mower is designed to be lightweight and like the GreenWorks model discussed above, it also has an adjustable handle for easy storage. The cord retention system improves the safety of this mower.

It’s easy to use and easy to operate. After maintaining your lawn you can detach the mowing deck and utilize it as a powerful string trimmer, and by rotating the trimmer head you can covert the trimmer to an edger.


  • 3 in 1
  • Compact
  • Auto-Spool

It’s very compact and minimalistic with a lightweight design.


  • It’s lightweight and compact
  • 3 in 1 feature
  • Easy to handle and carry about
  • Automatic feed spool system with AF-100 Spool


  • Very small mowing deck (12-inch)
  • Not suitable for medium sized lawns
  • Extension cords not included

3. Greenworks25302 20-Inch 40V Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower

Another GreenWorks lawn mower makes our list of top 10 walk behind lawn mowers. This time, the GreenWorks 20-inch 40V Twin force lawn mower that comes fitted with a G-max 40V Li-Ion battery system. The strong battery system powers a variety of work tools to complete yard work in time. To increase mowing time, the battery system includes a 4 hour Ampere battery, 2 Ampere batteries and one charger.

A moderately sized cutting deck of 20-inch means it is suitable for small to medium sized lawns and gardens.  The deck is designed to offer balance and easy maneuverability to its operator. To save up on power, the mower employs the use of a smart cutting technology that adjusts the power system and runtime based on the thickness of the grass and difficulty.


  • It has a powerful G-max 40V Li-Ion battery
  • Check Badge
    20-inch cutting deck
  • Dual blade system for superior cutting
  • Smart cut technology to save up on battery power and runtime
  • Check Badge
    5 adjustable deck heights
Greenworks25302 Walk Behind Lawn Mower

For better cutting quality, there is a dual blade system in place. It also has superior mulching and bagging capabilities for grass clippings. To tailor your cutting needs to what you desire, the deck can be adjusted in five positions from 1-3/4 inches to 3-3/8 inches in height.

We highly recommend this lawn mower because it is moderately sized weighing just 42.5 lbs with a lot of design features to help you rapidly trim down a wide area of land in as little time as possible.


  • Battery System
  • Deck
  • Smart Cut

It operates via a strong battery system that powers multiple tools to help users complete yard work in no time.


  • Smart cut technology preserves battery power
  • Efficient cut from dual blade system.
  • Moderately sized cutting deck
  • 5 deck height adjustment.
  • Extra space for additional batteries


  • Not self-propelled.
  • Twin blade system might leave patches of grass behind

4. Sun Joe MJ401E 14-Inch 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower

For those with a small sized lawn, looking for a reliable walk behind lawn mower the Sun Joe MJ401E is a viable option. This mower is one of the most easy-to-use models in Sun Joe’s line of mowers. It has higher maneuverability around tight spots and flower beds than most lawn mowers of a comparable price range.

It's 29 -pound weight means it is also one of the lightest lawn mowers reviewed in our top ten picks of walk behind lawn mowers. The deck features three distinct height settings (low, medium and high) to help users achieve the desired grass cut.


  • Powerful 12 Amp battery motor system.
  • Check Badge
    Three tailored cutting heights(low, medium and high)
  • Durable steel blades that cut with precision
  • Grass bag for mulching grass clippings
Sun Joe MJ401E walk-behind lawn mower

Setting this lawn mow up is easy. It almost comes pre-assembled to the extent that all you have to do is just follow the instruction manual to attach the blades and tighten the handles. Once done, plug it to a nearby power outlet and you are ready to start mowing. Do not forget to use a 12-gauge cord if you need to purchase an extension cord.

The efficient 12 Amp battery produces enough power to cut through thick grasses and troublesome weeds. With a moderately sized cutting deck of 21 inches, you have a wide cutting path that helps you finish mowing routines effortlessly.  The wheels are not its strongest feature; they will have some trouble navigating around uneven terrain.


  • Battery Power
  • Ease-of-use
  • Blades

It has a strong 12 Amp motor battery system that helps it cut through thick grasses


  • Extremely lightweight weighs 29 pounds
  • Easy to use and install
  • Powerful 12 Amp battery system
  • Ergonomically friendly with low maintenance fee


  • Only 3 limited deck height adjustment.
  • Tires are not designed to maximize traction
  • Might not function properly in medium sized lawn

5. GreenworksMO40B411 17-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

Users who fancy a GreenWorks lawn mower model with a smaller cutting deck will absolutely be delighted with this model.  It is a cordless electric lawn mower that has stood the test of time according to many verified customer reviews in online marketplaces.

The relative lightweight feature plus its compact body design allows for an effortless operation without any major hindrances. Even if you have low stamina you can still operate this lawn mower with ease.  Unlike other electric lawn mowers that require you to use an electric cord, the cordless feature of the GreenWorks 17-inch lawn mower helps to cover larger grounds. So if you are put off by electric wiring all over the place then you need to consider this model.


  • 17-inch cutting deck
  • Check Badge
    2 in 1 feature( bagging and mulching capabilities)
  • Includes one 4 AH-40v Li-Ion battery
  • Easy to use
  • Check Badge
    5 position deck adjustment
Greenworks MO40B411 Walk Behind Lawn Mower

Once charged, the battery system can house a reasonable amount of energy to mow an entire lawn in minutes. The only drawback is the small sized cutting deck (17-inches). Like other modern lawn mowers this deck can be adjusted in incremental steps from 1 to 3 inches to suit the cutting needs of the operator.

We recommend this model to those who require excellent grass cutting experience comparable to lawn mowers of higher brands. It is easy to use, comfortable to push behind and doesn’t require a high level of expertise.


  • Deck
  • 2-in-1
  • Lever Adjustments

By using a comfortable lever you can adjust the deck height of this lawn mower to achieve the desired grass cut height.


  • It has a lightweight construction
  • Cool 2-in-1 bagging and mulching feature
  • Long charge hours
  • Easy to use and maneuver
  • Adjustable cutting deck in 5 incremental steps
  • Cordless electric lawn mower


  • Small cutting deck size
  • Single battery system

6. Great States 204-14 Hand Reel 14 Inch Push Lawn Mower

If you are tired of the cumbersome operation of heavy lawn mowers then pay close attention to this hand reel mower. It’s extremely stylish and was designed with the end user at heart. For clean and even cutting experience it employs the use of a quick adjustable cutting height between 0.5-inch and 1.75-inch.

Surprisingly, despite its slim-like design it manages to cover a 14-inch cutting area with a 4 blade ball bearing reels. The design system follows simple wheel mechanics to cut grass that propels the blade automatically as you press it against the grass.


  • Adjustable cutting height between 0.5-inch and 1.75 inch
  • 14-inch cutting path
  • Simple wheel motion mechanics design
  • Slim built and lightweight for easy storage
  • Check Badge
    Clean and quite
Great States 204-14 Walk Behind Lawn Mower

The result of this simple wheel mechanics design means users need not worry about battery problems or gasoline issues. It’s a pure mechanical propelled walk behind lawn mower.  No need to worry about battery depletion issues, or insufficient electric cord length neither will you have to deal with annoying wires laying on the lawn ground.

The Great States 204 14 Hand reel lawn mower has premium features that make it easy to use, maintain and push around the lawn or garden. We are quite impressed with the innovation behind the design.


  • Design
  • Blades
  • Fewer Hassles

Cool simple wheel motion mechanics design. Cuts grass as it presses on grass


  • Unpowered design feature
  • Ergonomically  advanced gripping system
  • Adjustable cutting height
  • Strong alloy steel blades


  • Inefficient cutting quality
  • Low power. Can’t be used for thick grass

7. Sun Joe AJ801E 12 Amp 12.6" Electric lawn

The Sun Joe AJ801E walk behind lawn mower offers unraveled mowing experience by combining the power of a detacher, scarifier and bagging attachment. This model is the ideal choice for revitalizing and reinvigorating small to medium sized lawns and gardens.

The scarifier is a useful feature that helps to cut grassroots hereby giving room for healthier grasses to grow and blossom.  The large wheels were designed specifically to deal with rugged surfaces and terrains in other to reach the tightest of corners readily.


  • Powerful 12 Amp motor system
  • Check Badge
    Scarifier and bagging function
  • Cutting height adjustment systems
  • ETL approved with full 2-year backed warranty
Sun Joe AJ801E

It has a powerful 12 Amp motor system that powers the detacher and engine. In a single pass the detacher can rake in clippings within a 12.6-inch wide path. The raking depth is controlled by using the 5-position depth control knob.

Another notable feature is the AirBoost Technology system that is useful in maximizing thatch pickup by the aid of spring steel tines.  Lawn owners are advised to regularly scarify the lawn to allow the growth of thicker and healthier turf.


  • AirBoost Tech
  • Scarifier
  • Battery System

It has an innovative AirBoost technology that maximizes thatch pickup via spring steel tines.


  • Good AirBoost technology
  • Sharp grass cutting ability
  • Sound scarifier and bagging system
  • Two large terrain wheels for traction and navigation
  • Instant start system


  • Plastic parts might not be durable

8. Fiskars 362050-1001 StaySharp Max Reel Mower

Fiskars 362050-1001 is a healthy take on the lawn mower industry. Reel mowers aren’t just good for the health but they are also one of the best eco-friendly lawn mowers available in today’s world. They eliminate the annoying fume pollution of gases and do not have the noise and cords of electric lawn mowers.

This reel lawn mower model has a StaySharp Max feature that optimizes the speed via a chain drive design. The blades are heavy and made from fabricated steel for improved grass cutting. More cutting power is provided for by an InertiaDrive technology that not only has thick cutting blades but also large cutting reels. This will help operators easily cut through thick grass.


  • High-performance reel lawn mower
  • Check Badge
    60 percent easier to push than other reel lawn mowers
  • InertiaDrive technology system designed for all grass types
  • StaySharp feature helps grass cutting without unwarranted contact
  • Check Badge
    Insert wheels allows the blade to mower a full 18-inch path
Fiskars StaySharp Max Walk Behind Lawn Mower

Just like the Great States lawn mower model discussed above, this Fiskar model employs the use of simple motion mechanics of the wheel to cut grass. By just pushing across the lawn the thick blades begin to rotate to cut grass.

Finally, Fiskars 362050-1001 is easy to maintain unlike most electric and gasoline propelled lawn mowers in stores today.  We highly recommend this model as the best high-performance reel lawn mower in stores today.


  • StaySharp
  • InertiaDrive
  • Adjustments

You can tailor the height to suit your cutting needs. Height adjustments are in incremental steps from 1-4 inches.


  • Eco-friendly. No pollution and it is presently quite
  • 60 percent easier to push across the lawn
  • Thick blades provide for a finer cut
  • The no-contact system allows the lawnmower to stay sharp


  • Small cutting width
  • Manual cutting height adjustments
  • Less power from manual pushing will lead to inefficient grass cutting.

9. Greenworks MO40B410 14-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

GreenWorks is a very popular brand in the industry of lawn mowers and it’s no wonder that over three of their products made it to our top 10 list. This time around, the GreenWorks 14-inch MO40B410 cordless electric lawn mower, it is a top choice for those who despise the hassles of having to deal with wires.  It has a very high level of functionality that users will be pleased about.

Firstly, the body is constructed to be durable with a 2 in 1 design that allows it to act as a bagging collector for grass clippings and a mulching applier for healthy grass growth.  A sound engine propelled by a 4 AH – 40V Li-Ion battery provides the robust power needed to efficiently cut grass.


  • Max Capacity 4 AH - 40V Lithium Battery
  • Check Badge
    14-inch cutting deck
  • 5-position deck adjustment height
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Check Badge
    2-in-1 body design for mulching and bagging.
Greenworks MO40B410 Walk Behind Lawn Mower

It also features a 5-position deck height adjustment to allow users to customize their grass cutting experience to their needs. Height adjustment is a feature that comes with most high valued lawn mower machinery, so it’s not surprising that the GreenWorks MO40b410 has this option.

With a cutting deck of only 14-inch we recommend this mower for small to medium sized lawns and for users who won’t need to mow long hours weekly. However, there is an extra space to use an additional battery (purchased separately) to help increase the mowing time.


  • 2-in-1
  • Cutting Path
  • Lightweight

GreenWorks MO40b410 is extremely lightweight and easy to push across the lawn. It’s a cordless electric lawn mower that allows users to operate without extension wire hindrances.


  • It’s a cordless electric lawn mower
  • Lightweight and easy to push across the lawn
  • Eco-friendly with less pollution
  • 2-in-1 design feature for bagging and mulching


  • Small 14-inch cutting deck
  • Might have some difficulty in rough terrain

10. Troy-Bilt TB330 163cc 21-inch Self-Propelled Lawnmower

If you are tired of dealing with a push lawn mower and need something easier, stick with the Troy-Bilt lawn mower. With a gently push you can set it in motion to effortlessly carry out the mowing task for you. It’s that easy, because it incorporates a self-propel technology that doesn’t require too much assertion from the user.

This Troy-Bilt lawn mower model features a wide 21-inch cutting deck that houses three blades for an effective grass cut. To promote the shelve life; the manufacturers also integrated the deck to a premium wash system that allows you to use a water horse to clean out the deck area.


  • It’s a self-propelled walk-behind lawn mower
  • Check Badge
    ReadyStart feature form sound 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine
  • 21-inch cutting deck in 6 height adjustments
  • 3-in-1 mulching capabilities
  • Check Badge
    Adjustable handle
Troy-Bilt TB330 163cc Walk Behind Lawn Mower

For a smooth ride and clean cruise control, Troy-Bilt TB330 163cc is designed with a single-lever variable speed control system. You can easily switch between four top speeds as the mowing needs demands. The power needed to propel these functions is provided for by a 163cc Briggs & Stratton Engine with ReadyStart mode for seamless operation.

Other features include moderately sized 8 by 8-inch tires, adjustable handles for easy storage, 3-in-1 mulching capabilities and a cutting deck height adjustment in 6 incremental steps.


  • Engine
  • Cruise control
  • Cutting Deck

It has a 21-inch cutting deck that can be adjusted in 6 incremental steps as the need demands.


  • It’s a self-propelled lawn mower
  • Provides variable speed controls
  • 3-in-1 mulching capabilities
  • Adjustable handle for easy storage
  • Reliable 163cc Briggs & Stratton Engine


  • Prone to stall occasionally while mowing

Best Walk-behind Lawn Mower Buyer’s Guide

Walk behind lawn mowers are one of the best handy tools a lawn or garden owner cannot do without. They are designed to save you time and energy in your frantic effort to cultivate a healthy lawn.

Just like other equipment out there, the best walk behind lawn mower will depend on your lawn and garden specifications i.e. the size of your garden, topography of the location and your own physical abilities. To help you streamline your choice, here are some things to consider to help you choose the right walk-behind lawn mower.

1. Deck Size

The deck size of the mower you want to buy is a very important aspect and it describes the cutting area of the lawn mower. The wider the deck size the fewer the passes you need to make to cover a large lawn. However a wide deck size might not be the best if you have sensitive flowers around or the topography of your lawn is not on a level plain surface.

You should also consider that the larger the deck size the harder it is to push behind and maneuver tight corners and spaces. Large deck sizes are more suited for owners of large lawns and gardens. Most push behind lawn mowers have a deck size between 15 and 21 inches.

2. The size of your Lawn

The size of your lawn is a determinant on the kind of walk behind lawn mower you buy. We recommend a 15-16 inch deck size lawn mower to those who have a relatively small lawn.

Opt for an electric or gas propelled lawn mower if the terrain of your lawn is uneven. Most electric walk behind lawn mowers have a strong lithium-ion battery that assists in the operator in propelling the engine.

A self-propelled walk-behind lawn mower is best for those who need to maintain hilly areas. These kinds of mowers do most of the work with little inputs from the operators.

3. Height Adjustment feature

For a healthy grass look, the mower you choose to purchase should have the ability of height adjustments. You should be able to adjust the deck height in incremental steps for a finer grass cut. It is recommended that lawn operators need not cut lawn grass below 30% of the height. Going below this threshold could cause the grass to become brittle and break off during hot weather.

4. Mulching ability

Mulching ability is a useful feature that can cut the work of the operator in half. Mowers can either cut the grass clippings to the side, in a bag or mulch them back into the ground. If you buy a mower that shoots the grass clippings to the side or on the mower then you will need to use a rake to gather the clippings for disposal.

Purchasing a mower that has the ability to mulch grass clipping will save you a lot of time. Some even come with 3 in 1 grass mulching feature that presents you with the ability to either mulch grass clipping on a bag or back to the soil. However, also consider that if the mower mulches the clippings to a bag you will need to continuously stop mowing to empty the bag once it is full.

5. Safety Features

Safety always should always come first in any equipment you use. Electric walk behind lawn mowers can easily be started by turning a key or pressing a button whereas manual lawn mowers need to be yanked at the cord several times before they start.  Electric walk behind lawn mowers is best suited for elderly people and those with severe backache.

Check to see if the mower has speed control features and how ergonomically friendly it is to handle.

6. Warranty

No one expects his lawn mower to last forever but there must be some guarantee that it will work a while before they will need fixing. Long warranty periods are a yardstick for judging the quality of a mower.

A warranty period of 2 years is not very good, especially if the mower will be used on a regular basis. It will do you a lot of good to read the fine print of the warranty period so that you will be aware of what parts are covered and for how long. In some cases, the warranty period of the engine chassis is different from the warranty period of the engine itself.

Finally, good customer support is essential in case things go wrong. Read a lot of customer reviews to have an idea of how the support system of the brand operates. If they are bad, chances are that there will be some complaints about it in the review section.

Types of Walk behind Lawn Mowers

Push Lawn Mowers

Push lawn mowers are ideal for those who own a small lawn and easy to cut grass. The mowers require a reasonable amount of physical exertion to work. If mowing is regular for you, it can become a nice way to get some exercise.

Self-propelled lawn mowers unlike push lawn mowers are either powered by electricity or gasoline. They have a strong motor within their system that does all the hard work. All that is required is a gentle push and a lever to control the direction.

Invest in a self-propelled lawn mower if you have a large lawn to maintain regularly.

Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

Self-propelled lawn mowers are superior in many ways. Most offer a keyless start with variable speeds by engaging the speed control lever or valve. The speed levers are usually constructed as part of the handle for easy operation or are located as a separate bar you can independently control.

Self-propelled lawn mowers are usually constructed to either be front wheel drives or rear wheel drives. Front wheel-drives are better at navigation, all the operator needs to do is tip the front wheels in any direction he desires. Rear wheels on the other hand, are better at traction and become very useful when mulching is needed.

Self-propelled mowers are a little more expensive than push lawn mowers because of the technology involved. However, most manufacturers now construct lightweight mowers to the extent that you won’t feel the impact of straining your arms with a push lawn mower.

Choosing Between Electric, Gasoline or Battery-Powered Lawn Mowers

Corded Lawn Mowers

Corded or electric lawn mowers are best suited for small lawn and gardens with a fairly even terrain. They have the ability to provide clean cutting power just as does found with gasoline-powered lawn mowers. Electric mowers are easy to maneuver, lightweight, environmentally friendly and safer to operate.

The only downside to electric mowers is that you have to stay connected to a socket grid or you use an extension cord to power the device. Make sure you employ the use of heavy duty cords with electric mowers or else you run the risk of damaging the wires or the machine.

Battery Powered Lawn Mowers

For those who dread the use of corded electric lawn mowers or do not fancy annoying extension cords, the best option outside of gas-powered mowers is battery powered lawn mowers. Battery powered lawn mowers can be used for small to medium lawns and are equipped with long-lasting lithium-ion batteries. Battery propelled lawn mowers can easily be started by the push of a button and some models come with extra batteries to increase mowing time.

Gas Powered Lawn Mowers 

No doubt, gasoline powered lawn mowers are the most powerful lawn mowers in stores today. They do a better job at cutting grass and clearing through long weeds for medium to large lawns and gardens.

The major downside is that they are known for emitting too many fumes, hence are not an eco-friendly alternative. Maintenance is also an issue, they are more costly to maintain than electric or battery propelled lawn mower. You have to change the oil frequently and service the parts.

Although, gas mowers can help you get your chores done quickly, they are the noisiest of the lot.


Qaiser, a 30-year-old gardener, co-founded Treillage with an aim to help educate the masses in green living. He heads the team responsible for testing and reviewing every gardening product that is featured on Treillage.

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