12 Amazing Bottle Garden Ideas to Make Your Garden Beautiful

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If you like a lot of creative work, you should use your potential to give your garden a beautiful twist using a few waste bottles. Often, we tend to throw bottles that can be easily reused.

After looking at these fantastic ideas, you will start saving them. It will also help the environment as you will reuse the bottles, which will naturally produce less waste.

You might think that bottles and gardening have no connection. But if you use the bottles efficiently, it will create unimaginable changes in your garden. You can use bottles to make a picturesque spot in your garden. If you are someone who loves gardening or growing plants, it will not be a very tough job for you.

If this excites the DIY addict within you, keep reading to see some super cool ways to make your garden worth seeing just using some bottles.

Amazing Bottle Garden Ideas for Your Garden

You can use these fabulous ideas for indoor as well as outdoor gardening. Here is how you can do it.

#1. Plastic Bottles on the Wall

Plastic Bottles on the Wall
Image Credit: https://inhabitat.com/

If you have a huge wall alongside your garden and feel that it is being underused, this is rare but the best idea to decorate it. It can be used to grow tiny and leafy herbs in your garden.

This vertical garden with plastic bottles can be easily made by stringing the bottles horizontally on the wall. You can also complete a grid form out of it.

It will segregate all your small plants and make your garden look more colorful. You can start with a smaller number of bottles then exceed when required.

#2. Plastic Bottle Tower Garden

Plastic Bottle Tower Garden
Image Credit: https://www.artofit.org/

Using this tower garden idea, you can set up a remarkable kitchen garden. You can set it up just using a few plastic bottles. It requires minimal effort. Once you plant your plants in the bottles, it takes just about two weeks for them to flourish.

You can do this in a compact place near your kitchen. You can plant many beneficial leafy vegetables or plants like coriander that can be used in your kitchen daily.

It will also be a great idea to plant climbers like money plants. The towers will help them grow uniformly.

Watering them will also not be a very tough job. If you have a short height, you can keep the towers smaller.

#3. Inspiring Vertical Bottle Garden

Inspiring Vertical Bottle Garden
Image Credit: https://balconygardenweb.com/

You can mount the plastic bottles on the wall to use the vertical space efficiently. This idea can be beneficial for leafy plants like strawberries and lettuce.

It will make fruit picking very quick and easy for you. Also, the leafy vegetables can grow at their comfort because they will get ample space. They won’t even get dirty with mud.

It will create a very inspiring green wall effect for you. We bet your friends will copy this idea once they see you doing it.

#4. Ladder Bottle Garden

Ladder Bottle Garden
Image Credit: https://www.youtube.com/

If you are short on space and have things like a ladder in your garden that is no use, you can use it to your benefit and set up a Pinterest-inspired bottle garden.

You can decorate the bottles first and paint them in a theme color that goes well with your garden. Those bottles can be hanged using a metal wire on the ladder.

You can plant the delicate, colorful flowers in those bottles so that they will gain attraction in your garden. You can flaunt those pretty flowers using this idea.

#5. Bottle Garden on the Shelf

Bottle Garden on the Shelf
Image Credit: https://www.instructables.com/

First, you need to hang wooden plants in your garden to make this setup. The only challenging part in this is that you need to make holes in the planks so that they can fit the bottles and keep them in position all the time.

Once you make the holes of the accurate size, fit your bottles in them, add some soil, and you are good to go.

You can get even more creative by dividing your plants into different sections. The visitors can spot the different varieties of plants in this manner.

#6. Plastic Bottle Flower Garden

Plastic Bottle Flower Garden
Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/

Imagine how cool it will be to have a mini flower exhibition in your garden! Yes, you heard it right. Using this bottle garden idea, you can conveniently make arrangements for a flower show.

It would help if you had some plastic bottles of considerable size and cut them from the center. You can decorate the bottles too, but the flowers will cover it up for you even if you don’t.

Hang the bottles vertically in a straight line or make a diagonal pattern and play with the colors of the flowers. It will make your garden unique to a different level.

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#7. Hanging Bottle Garden

Hanging Bottle Garden
Image Credit: https://balconygardenweb.com/

Do you also have big railings in your house, and do you want to make the front view of the house adorable? If yes, then this is a lovely idea for you.

You can use bottles and cut them into two halves. This way even smaller number of bottles can make many pots. Get creative and use your painting skills to give the bottles a fresh look.

Use highlight colors, fill the bottles with some soil, and plant mini flowers that grow regularly and require less maintenance. Moss rose is the best option to make this idea successful.

#8. Flower Tower Using Plastic Bottles

Flower Tower Using Plastic Bottles
Image Credit: https://homehacks.co/

If you are also having a hard time decorating the corner spaces in your garden, your task will be done in just a few simple steps.

Use a few plastic bottles and cut them into similar shapes.

Add them to create a simple vertical tower. Make small holes throughout in equal intervals. Fill it up with garden soil.

Now add a flower of your choice and its roots in the holes to keep the flowers facing you. Fill all the holes in this manner. All the flowers will flourish within a week, making a magnificent tower.

Watering them will not be an issue because the bottles will be connected. So, the water from the top will reach the lower level quickly.

#9. Garden Watering Fountain

Garden Watering Fountain
Image Credit: https://www.bobvila.com/

Don’t you find the fountains eye-catching? Adding a water fountain to your garden is undoubtedly a good idea. It will add up to the beauty of your garden.

You can use wine bottles for this. You need to beautifully arrange them so that water continuously flows out of the bottles. You might need to connect it to an external water source, but you can reuse it by dripping the water from the bottles in the same vessel.

It will not waste the water and create a beautiful spot in your garden.

#10. Wine Bottle Flower Vase

Wine Bottle Flower Vase
Image Credit: https://www.etsy.com/

If you have a sitting area in your garden where you and your family occasionally have meals, you might want to decorate the table and benches. Bringing flower pots is not a good idea because it brings the mud and the dirt along.

You can use empty wine bottles in your house. You can give them various styles and use them as flower vases, and they will look fantastic. However, minimal decoration will make them look better.

#11. Bottle Bird Feeder

Bottle Bird Feeder
Image Credit: https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/

If you are a true gardener, then I am sure you have a bird feeder in your garden. Now is the time to upgrade the old boring one and install a better version of it that is made just using a wine bottle.

Birds visit gardens frequently, and you can welcome them by having their favorite grains inside this wine bottle. You can cut a tiny portion in the lower part of the bottle so that the grins come out slow and there is no wastage.

#12. Bottle Garden Chandelier

Bottle Garden Chandelier
Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/

Have you seen anything prettier than this made out of waste material? If you have tall trees in your garden, you should go for this.

To make this eye-catching chandelier, you need to cut your bottles into two halves. Surround them in a circular disc and hand it in one of the trees.

You can add up to its beauty by placing candles, fairy lights, or flower veins. It will make your evening walk in your garden even better.


These were a few ideas on using bottles in your garden and making the most out of them. These 12 ideas are simple but beautiful and do not require much time.

You can also use bottles to store water in your garden when there is a shortage. Many people use empty bottles to water the indoor plants too.

Using bottles, you can be creative on another level and form different looks in your garden. You don’t need to be a master to decorate your garden. You need to imagine and make it real.

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