Can You Use Car Oil In Lawn Mower? {All You Need to Know}

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Automobiles like lawnmowers run on motor oil to function smoothly. Every lawnmower is responsible for your lawn’s health, and to keep it running, appropriate and adequate oil must be used.

So the engine does not break down, causing the lawnmower to shut down entirely.

This is why oiling is crucial to the lawnmower. However, did you ever think about using car oil in lawnmowers? Or at least when you run out of motor oil, car oil can save the day.

If you nodded yes, then know you are not alone in finding the answer.

While many gardeners have this question, is it necessary to use the specific oil in the mower, or can we use the same oil as a lubricant in the car? The concern is obvious, and thus, we must learn about it.

Therefore, we will discuss everything here: can you use car oil in lawn mower?

As well as we will give you specific tips and tricks to provide an excellent lubricant to the mower engine with minimum or no oil wastage.

We will also tell you how applying lubricant impacts the mower’s lifespan.

Can You Use Car Oil in The Lawnmowers?

Can You Use Car Oil In The Lawnmowers?
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In the shortest way to answer, we can say yes. But why would be the next coming question? We know. That is why we will explain how and why you should use car oil in the lawnmower.

People are always curious whether the mower oil is some special oil that can be used in the mower’s engine only or the car oil can also be used in the car.

Oil is essential for the smooth and hassle-free functioning of your lawnmower. To ensure that your mower’s oil works effectively, you must change it periodically.

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What Factors Affect Oil Use in Lawn Mower?

What Factors Affect Oil Use in Lawn Mower
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The use of car oil depends on the type of lawn mower you use.

Two-Stroke Engine Lawn Mower

Two-Stroke Engine Lawn Mower
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These lawn mowers produce more smoke and carbon monoxide as oil and gas are burned together. So, they are hazardous to the environment.

However, it remains in the market because many people continue to use it. And it is most probable that before even considering investing in a new four-stroke model, they incline more towards using two-stroke engine lawn mowers first.

If you fall into the category of the people who use the two-stroke model, you can avoid using car oil in your mower to lubricate the engine. This oil won’t correctly combine with the gas since it is too heavy for the engine.

Go with the user instructions for your tool if your mower has a two-stroke engine. To keep the engine’s internal parts in the best and most effective condition, use the lightweight lubricant we advise.

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Four-Stroke Engine Lawn Mower

Four-Stroke Engine Lawn Mower
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Unlike a two-stroke lawn mower, a four-stroke lawn mower has two separate compartments to store oil and gas.

It’s like many vehicles you have seen since they do not combine oil and gas and emit a minor amount of smoke which does not impact the environment severely.

You can use automobile oil in your mower with no risk because the engine only works like one in a car. It shouldn’t be too viscous for optimum lubrication but pay attention to the additives because some won’t be needed for a mower.

If you keep the old lawn mower model, a high-quality SAE30 oil will work most effectively for your lawn mower because the engine is so compact.

If it is unavailable, 10W-30 oil is the best substitute, but it will only work if your mower is relatively new, as it is slightly thinner.

How Do I Choose the Best Lawn Mower Car Oil?

How Do I Choose the Best Lawn Mower Car Oil
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Since the car oil is less viscous, it minimizes the friction that shields the internal parts of the mower engine from wearing. Car oil also helps clean the debris and residues that stick to the inner parts and increases the lifetime of the running engine.

These are why you must oil your mower with mower oil or car oil. But, one thing you must consider is the quality of the oil. The two most important factors to consider are as follows.

Oil Quality

The fact that lawn maker does not come in use as frequently does not mean that you can use any low-quality oil for the sake of using it once.

Whenever you are using the mower, keep up with the standard of the oil you are going to use for the mower engine.

Because low-quality oil can save you money, but it will harm the mower’s engine. It can cause internal engine damage or cause the engine to stop working, which can cost you a lot of money.

The mower won’t run safely if regular maintenance isn’t done to it. Because of this, acquiring high-quality oil is essential to prevent residues from obstructing moving internal parts or causing unneeded friction.

Oil Variety

There are two basic qualities of oil in the market: synthetic and mineral. Though synthetic and semi-synthetic oil works very well for the car and other vehicles when talking the mower, mineral oil suits the best for it.

The 10W 30 is a terrific alternative for most new mowers because of its thinness and capacity to provide the necessary protection. However, for an older mower, especially in hot weather, the standard SAE30 oil will be preferred.

The low viscosity of car oil gives the lawnmower engine the necessary lubrication to work effectively. You can use 5W 30 oil, thicker than 10W 30 oil, but still thinner than conventional SAE 30 oil.

If you use the old lawnmower model or are professionally involved in the mowing business, we advise you to use a little thicker oil.

If the grass of your lawn is thicker than usual, use 15W 50 car oil.

When Should You Change the Oil in Your Lawn Mower?

It might come to you as a matter of surprise, but the fact is that you should change the oil in the mower as frequently as you change the oil in your car.

This tip is primarily for people who live in drier, dustier climates where small particles can quickly enter your oil.

Will The Lawn Mower Work Well Without Oil?

Will The Lawn Mower Work Well Without Oil
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Most lawn mowers come with a low oil switch that keeps track of the engine pressure and turns the mower off if it dips below a predetermined level.

If you ever find that your lawnmower has excess oil, tilt it over so that the oil drain plug may spit out the extra on the side of the air filter opposite where it is collecting it, protecting the filter.

Because of the lack of an internal tank in two-stroke lawn mower engines, you might need to drain the oil into a glass container to check the oil level.

It is Necessary to Use Mower Oil For The Lawn Mower?

One of the best things about using the special mower oil is the oil containers are of customized size, and therefore you can not go wrong with the amount of oil needed to pour into the engine in one go.


The best way to change the oil in the lawnmower engine is:

  1. Let the lawn mower run for about 5 minutes, so the oil in the engine heats, and then pours it out very quickly.
  2. To avoid any mishappening during the process, remove the spark plug already.
  3. Disconnect the oil drain plug to drain out all the oil in the engine. This step ensures that the two oils do not mix up and up, damaging the internal parts.
  4. To stop fuel from entering the engine, close the fuel tap and tip the engine to one side. The manufacturer of your mower could advise doing this to avoid the oil from harming the air filter. An oil extractor kit is an additional option.
  5. To avoid the wastage of oil, you must use an oil funnel.
  6. To check whether the tank is filled, use a dipstick.


 What happens if you don’t change the oil in a lawn mower?

The dirt and intake from the combustion can infect the mower oil and reduce the quality of the lubricant properties.

How long can a lawn mower run without oil? 

A lawnmower can work for around half an hour without oil before bursting into a huge cloud of smoke. 

Why is my lawn mower oil darker when changing it? 

When poured freshly into the engine tank, the oil is golden yellow. However, the dark color does not have any adverse impact. But with time, dust, and heat reduces the oil’s consistency, quality, and color, and agitated air leads to the formation of dark soot. 

What is the difference between 10W30 and 10W40 oil? 

Both 10W30 and 10W40 oils are common for their ability to reduce wear to the metal components of your engine. Their viscosity and temperature fluctuation significantly differ between 10W30 and 10W40 oil. 

How frequently should one change the oil in lawn mowers?

It depends on how often you use it. But you can change your mower oil after 25 to 50 hours.


For long life and effective engine working, your lawn mower demands clean and high-quality oil as a lubricant.

When changing the engine’s burned oil to fresh and new oil, go for mineral oil. Compared to standard oil, this will prolong the lawn mower’s life and improve its performance over time.

Follow the tips and tricks mentioned in the recommendation section and get the best result while avoiding waste and damage.

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