14 Strawberries Companion Plants – What to Grow With Strawberries?

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Do you own a lovely garden full of strawberries? Then, aren’t you the geek gardener? Strawberries are the favorite fruit for many people across the globe. Undoubtedly you could not escape its sweet and juicy trap too. But you might have come to know that growing strawberries is not a piece of cake.

It requires immense care and support throughout its growing and blooming phase. Strawberries are also prone to damage by pests, insects, and intense sunlight that need to be kept in check. You might otherwise lose your sweet strawberries. However, you need not worry about it anymore with the support of the companion plants.

How Does Companionship Work?

Yes, companion plants for strawberries benefit them in more than one way. While the companion plants keep the invading insects and pests at bay, they also bring in good insects such as pollinators.

You can also expect an excellent nutritional balance between the strawberries and their companion plants as they do not eat up each other’s nutrients. They, instead, add nutrients to the soil for each other’s growth.

You can provide a natural shade for your strawberry plants and protect them from scorching heat during afternoons. Some companion plants also improve the flavor of strawberries, which makes them even juicier and sweeter.

Above all, you can use a lot of spare space in your garden, ideally with companion plants for strawberries.

Strawberries, in turn, repay their companion plants by acting as a beneficial living mulch. They protect their neighbors from invading weeds and keep the soil cool and moist to benefit other plants. So it is a two-way deal for your strawberries.

So now you know why you should get some good friends for your strawberry plants. But you might wonder what would be the best companion plants for your strawberry garden. Having the proper list at your side is necessary, so you do not end bringing in an enemy for your lovely strawberries.

Companion Plants for Strawberries

Here we have listed some of the best and most popular companion plants for strawberries to help you make the right choice.

#1. Borage

Image Credit: http://www.twobootsfarm.com/

Borage can be your first and the best choice for selecting a companion plant for strawberries. It is one of the most used plants in the companion planting of strawberries due to its numerous benefits.

Borage attracts good insects or pollinators through its attractive blossoms or deep blue flowers that benefit the strawberry plants.

It also attracts insects such as predatory wasps. These predatory insects are lethal to the pests that damage strawberries. It is how borage protects strawberries from their invaders.

Besides, it enhances the growth of strawberries by adding essential trace minerals to the soil desirable to the strawberries. So you get strawberries with improved flavors with borage as a companion plant.

#2. Marigolds

Image Credit: https://www.starnursery.com/

You must add marigolds to your list if you are looking for the best companion plants for strawberries. Marigolds are known for their insect repellent characteristics due to their distinctive aroma and exquisite sunny blossoms. So you can keep harmful bugs, pests, and invasive weeds in check with marigolds as companion plants.

French marigolds, in particular, are considered the best for strawberries. It is due to their root-knot nematode’s repelling capacity that is known to damage strawberry plants. Marigolds do so by masking the smell of strawberries through their distinctive smell.

Besides, some studies show that the Mexican marigold or Tagetes minuta is effective against perennial weeds. Perennial weeds include bindweed, ground elderberry, grass, etc.

The Mexican Marigold releases toxic chemicals from its roots that harm these perennial weeds, thus keeping the strawberries safe. So why not envision the beauty of marigolds alongside your strawberries?

#3. Beans

Image Credit: https://tl.lybadvice.com/

Beans such as bush beans also make it to the list of best companion plants for strawberries. Beans act as nutritious friends for strawberries, and their nutty flavor shall surely lure you towards planting them in your garden.

You can consider beans as natural fertilizer producers as they attract and host nitrogen-fixing bacteria in the soil. The nitrogen-fixing bacterias benefit the strawberry plants. Besides, you can also expect beans to repel beetles that harm your strawberry plants.

So beans can be an effective companion plant for your strawberries.

#4. Caraway

Image Credit: https://www.alfemminile.com/

Caraway is a companion plant for many fruits. It is because it has attractive capabilities for wasps and parasitic flies. You might wonder what good can be wasps and parasitic flies. They are harmful to humans anyways.

However, these wasps and flies are considered good insects that act as vicarious eaters for cutworms, grubs, scale, caterpillars, beetles, and pests. So cannibalizing insects that feed on your strawberries is an easy job with caraway herbs.

#5. Spinach and Lettuce

Spinach and Lettuce
Image Credit: https://www.everydayhealth.com/

Spinach, lettuce, and strawberries are the best trio you can have in your garden. The three plants grow well together and increase each other’s productivity to a great extent.

The leafy nature of spinach and lettuce effectively hides the ripe berries of your strawberry plants from hungry and predatory birds, so only you can eat your juicy strawberries.

Spinach and strawberries also go well with nutritional balance by growing their roots on different levels. So they do not compete for nutrients. Besides, you get a natural antifungal and antibacterial friend for your strawberry plants with spinach and prevent many harmful diseases from invading your strawberries. Lettuce also improves the quality of strawberries.

#6. Asparagus

Image Credit: https://www.gardenista.com/

Asparagus also behaves like a good friend to strawberries as they grow after the last frost. They are the most compatible neighbors as they do not root at the same depth and spread in different ways. In this way, they do not fight for space or nutrients.

So asparagus can be on your shopping list if you are looking for a good neighbor for your strawberries.

#7. Herbs

Image Credit: https://www.venizia.ca/

Numerous herbs go well with strawberry plants. Some popular ones are Dill, fennel, coriander, mint, sage, catnip, etc. They not only repel slugs and pests harmful to strawberries but also attract insects, promoting the growth of strawberries.

However, you must ensure that you plant the herbs, especially mint, in plant containers as they grow aggressively. It might affect the growing space for your strawberries.

#8. Lupins

Image Credit: https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/

Lupins are legumes that attract and host nitrogen-fixing bacteria. It benefits the strawberry plants and others in its vicinity by making the soil more fertile.

Besides, lupins are also great attractions for good insects and pollinators, such as honeybees. So lupins may be the key to making your strawberry plants flourish.

#9. Thyme

Image Credit: https://www.oden.fr/

Thyme is a herbal plant that acts as a great companion for your strawberry plants. It serves as a point of attraction for hoverflies.

Hoverflies are syrphid flies that feed on insects that harm strawberry plants, such as scale, aphids, caterpillars, and thrips with soft bodies. It also keeps worms away from strawberry plants and prevents them from destroying your garden.

So thyme can be an excellent choice for companion planting strawberries.

#10. Garlic and Onions

Garlic and Onions
Image Credit: https://www.pe.com/

Garlic and onions belonging to the allium family are among the most chosen companion plants for strawberries. They come with a pungent smell that is effective against marauders that feast on the juicy berries of your strawberry plants.

The pungent smell also keeps away pests, parasites, and caterpillars from affecting the growing season of strawberries.

#11. Rhubarb

Image Credit: https://www.britannica.com/

Strawberry rhubarb pie is famous throughout the world. So why not build a garden of the two, so you need not wait for trying your favorite recipe anytime? They act as the best companions as they are perennial and grow at the same time of the year.

Rhubarb provides numerous health benefits to strawberries that make them worthy of planting in your garden.

#12. Chives

Image Credit: https://theseedwarehouse.co.nz/

Chives are one of the best companions for strawberry plants because of their fertilizing action on strawberries. They act as excellent mulch for your strawberry garden and work the best when sprinkled over the strawberry plants. You can do it by trimming them after the flowering season.

Besides, chives also discourage slugs from affecting strawberries through their strong scent. So getting chives for your strawberry garden will not mean any harm.

#13. Sage

Image Credit: https://www.lappa-avocado.gr/

Sage and strawberries grow well together by nurturing each other. Sage is a herbal plant used as a companion plant for strawberries by many gardeners. It keeps strawberry plants healthy by protecting them against many harmful pests that inhibit the growth of Strawberries.

So sage can serve the purpose of your companion planting for strawberries.

#14. Catnip

Image Credit: https://www.tidydogmom.com/

Catnips are great saviors for strawberry patches. Growing catnip four to six feet along the strawberry rows can prove effective as its aromatic odor can help prevent aphids and cabbage loopers from damaging the strawberry plants.

Hence, you can plant catnip to avail of its beneficial properties.


Strawberries are one of the best delicacies globally, and many gardeners love planting them in their gardens. However, you can provide the best care for your strawberry plants by planting them with other plants.

Companion plants are effective against many harmful insects and attract beneficial insects. So through the above-provided list of companion plants for strawberries, you can have a peaceful garden free of worries.

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