10 Awesome Corner Fence Ideas That You’ll Love

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Your garden backyard must mean a lot to you. After all, you spend your weekend caring for and maintaining it. In return, it’s a greeny, fresh, aesthetic environment that gives beauty to your eyes and peace to your mind. We are very protective of our backyards, or say, our gardens in general.

Fencing is the way to keep our lawn and garden protected. It protects our lawn from prey and provides us with privacy and safety. For example, you might need to have some privacy from your neighbors or keep your pets or kids inside your area so they don’t go on the road.

The list of benefits of fencing continues. It also cuts the cost of your landscaping. Isn’t that great?

Your garden’s nook is the ideal location for fencing decoration. There are numerous options available for every taste, whether you prefer vibrant flowers or something more natural!

Turn on your imagination and build the most wonderful corner possible without spending much money.

However, this article will discuss the top 10 fencing ideas that will work best for you, even if you have a tight pocket. 

1. Basic Wooden Fencing

Basic Wooden Fencing
Image Source: straussfence.com

The very common fencing that many gardeners adopt is basic fencing. This fencing can have few expenses, and neither demands much effort from your side. It is also a go-to fencing because you can easily make it with minimal tools.

You might need a scale, hammer, digging tool, wood, and nails. You can design eek and robust fencing for your lawn with minimal equipment. The wood design will give your place an aesthetic look overall.

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2. Contemporary Corner Fencing With Polished Meranti Wood

 Contemporary Corner Fencing with Polished Meranti Wood
Image Source: hotondo.com.au

This contemporary corner fencing surrounded by concrete sidewalk inside is quite helpful because it can surround both side yards. Most people make this kind of fencing inside their yard for their dogs to walk and their kids to play inside.

If you want to keep with the clean and sleek lines, adding a polished touch to the landscaping gives it a contemporary feel since the fencing is crafted with meranti wood, a robust wood that does not get affected even in the worst climates.

3. A Geometric Fence Around Your Vegetable Garden

A Geometric Fence Around Your Vegetable Garden
Image Source: pinterest.com

With wood fencing, you can think of your best and most creative idea to design the fence. You can go out of the box and do something extraordinary than just putting horizontal wooden fencing. This wood fence’s geometric form serves as a property line and a striking decorative element. 

Additionally, it doesn’t obstruct the view past the fence. The iron wire sandwiched between the pieces of wood will deter animals like rabbits, squirrels, and even your pets from squandering your vegetable plants, which is why we advise you to preserve this corner fencing around your vegetable garden.

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4. Stride Corner Fences

Stride Corner Fences
Image Source: sgrebuild.com

If you live in a hilly terrestrial landscape, this kind of fencing will be proven to be the best for you. It not only looks beautiful but also saves you a lot of space and still provides you with safety like any other fencing. No matter where you are on the hill, it provides privacy. What can be better than that?

5. DIY Rusty Corner Fencing

DIY Rusty Corner Fencing
Image Source: thecozyhomechronicles.com

You might have encountered a situation where you need to secure one corner of your garden for some plantation of veggies and flowers. If you don’t want your pet to destroy the plants, you should go for rusty corner fencing.

All you need to make this fence is some wood and wire. Soak the steel wool in vinegar, and use the outcoming slurry to dye the wood. It gives a unique look to your garden and also works as a shield to protect your plants from perry attacks.

6. Black Wood Corner Fence

 Black Wood Corner Fence
Image Source: fenceguides.com

If you are ready to loosen your pockets and make a little expense, the black wood corner fencing is your go-to option. Though when you were struggling with deciding the kind of wooden fencing, you should go for, black would not have come to your mind even as the last option.

But black wood side fencing can create a very aesthetic decor for your garden and residence. It must be on your list, especially if you are a modern home design lover. Depending on the type of fence, it can create a comfortable and private space. Additionally, the dark tone will make any nearby flora stand out.

7. Pallet Fencing

Pallet Fencing
Image Source: pinterest.com

Wood plates are the most easily found material, and that too at the lowest cost or for free also. You may make a walled garden with normal size pallets and a little paint or stain. Simple pallets turned on their ends with plants strung from the sides make this project simple.

With a little creative thinking and planning, you can make a very efficient and robust garden using this pallet fence. You are welcome to combine different materials to create a beautiful fence.

8. Short Picket Fence With Gate

Short Picket Fence With Gate
Image Source: pinterest.com

Do you find those cute little wooden gates attractive? Well, definitely, yes. Who does not like it? You can create a short picket corner fence that also has a beautiful tiny gate attached to it. The fence will deter people from walking into your yard and possibly even certain animals from harming your grass or plants.

9. Matching Rock Corner Fence

Matching Rock Corner Fence
Image Source: pinterest.com

Suppose you are a retrophile with a house of rock because it gives you an aesthetic feel. You can maintain your material selection for your corner fencing. You can go for the matching stones to build your corner fence. Coordination of the fences of your yard with your residence will give a very attractive impression to the folks visiting you.

10. Lattice For Corner Fencing

Lattice For Corner Fencing
Image Source: hometalk.com

When talking about fencing, the lattice material comes inevitably. Because lattice material gives a stylish and optimal look to the garden where it is used, it also allows looking through it if you need it. But that depends on how tightly they are together. However, you can get the lettuce bonded closely together if you need privacy.

Additionally, you can put plants on it to increase your seclusion. Also, the lattice will help keep larger animals out of your yard.


How long does a fence installation take?

It depends on the kind of fencing you opt for. The main factors that affect our type of fence are the garden site. Still, in general, the most time that goes behind is 1-2 days for most wooden or steel fences.

How much does a fence cost?

Again, the cost depends on the material and labour behind crafting the fence. The length of the fence is the most deciding factor in determining the cost of the fence. For a normal lot size, a conventional residential fence costs $2,500 to $3,500. Some are far less than others.

How long will the wood fence last?

Wooden fences typically endure 7 to 12 years, depending on various conditions, like soil moisture and sun exposure.

Do I need to stain or paint my new wooden fence?

Well, painting or staining opens a door for you to give a lot of design and pattern to your fence. Additionally, it protects the fence from rain and sunlight, preventing it from getting wet and weak. So, yes, you must paint or stain your wooden fence.

Will the decorative steel fence rust?

No. If you choose a fence, be sure that the steel is of the highest quality and has been galvanized before the black finish is applied. Hqualityuity steel fence requires no upkeep.


Fencing is the best way to keep your garden safe and protected from any external disturbance, be it intervention from neighbors or any other animal entering your garden.

In general, there is no need for any kind of permission to be granted from any authority to build a corner fence. However, many cities have the rule to get permission from the selected authority before building your corner fence.

To obtain the relevant permissions, you need to present your ideas to a city authority for approval. If you belong to such a city, we advise you to follow the following steps to get authorization for building your fence.

  • Step 1: Check for your city website, where you can easily access such information.
  • Step 2: The city hall is your next destination if the website still needs a relevant answer. At the city hall, you may generally find the rules written down on a form or speak with someone acquainted with them.
  • Step 3: Once you get the relevant information that sounds to you about the rule of your land, contact your local Homeowners Association.
  • Step 4: Get the home surveyor to come and survey your land. They can also help you find out the boundaries for your property.
  • Step 5: Follow all the regulations and avoid any common issues. 


When you get the opportunity to build your fence, it gives you the space to do things out of your creativity and skills. You also get the luxury of designing a customized pattern that complements your space and abode.

But sometimes, going basic than extraordinary results in an awesome outcome. It is the one piece of advice we want to give you to go simple and basic. At the start of the article, we told you that most people opt for horizontal fencing. Because horizontal fencing not only looks attractive and eye-catching but saves you a lot of money and time. It always looks sleek and clean-lined.

However, all the fencing designs we have listed above are the best to go for, depending on the kind of choice you prefer. These all are the fencing designs that might be the only thing your modern house demands for!

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