Craftsman LT1000 Lawn Tractor Specs & Review

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It’s not something you do every year when you buy a riding lawnmower. They’re extremely pricey. You anticipate that such equipment will serve you for a long time. The Craftsman LT1000 is a riding tractor offered by Sears a long time ago.

 Its components are still available for purchase in many locations. It’s a one-of-a-kind tractor, and the reasons why so many people appreciate it are numerous. It’s an entirely functional and effective unit that fits in nicely with the requirements of the arrangement.

First, it’s important to note that the Craftsman LT100 is a three-model series of lawnmowers. The Craftsman 27639 has the largest engine and is the best overall value of these models.

The Features of Craftsman LT1000 Lawn Tractor

The Features of Craftsman LT1000 Lawn Tractor
ModelCraftsman LT1000
TypeLawn Tractor
General Specs
Weight231 kg (510 lbs)
Cutting Width42 inches
Fuel tank capacity1.25 gal
Engine model917.272460
Steering System Manual
Oil capacity1.9 L
Rear tires18x9.5-8
Front tires15x6.00-6
Horsepower 16 HP
Front PTOindependent
Engine Size1000 cc
Blade StyleRotary
Drive TypeRWD
FeaturesAdjustable Height, Electric Start, Hydrostatic transmission, Mow-in-Reverse Mechanism, Cutting Height Settings
Propulsion TypeSelf-Propelled
Lift SystemMechanical
Brakes TypeDisc
Maximum Forward Speed, mph (kph)5.2 (8.4)
Maximum Reverse Speed, mph (kph)2.7 (4.3)

1. Ample Size

The Craftsman LT1000 42-inch tractor is a simple machine to operate and maneuver around a field for any purpose. It’s a tractor with a sturdy body that’s also simple to operate. On a related topic, the Briggs and Stratton 17.5 hp engine gives a level of control. Its engine is always appreciated by individuals looking for ways to manage their mowing functions without having to deal with any significant issues.

2. A Stunning Console

A Stunning Console

A tractor’s console is vital for providing a superior mow surface, and the Craftsman LT1000 makes it simple for anyone to operate the tractor as needed. It has a body with a blade engage lever on the back right that is distinguishable from the neighboring deck lift lever and a shift lever at the left-back section of the tractor. The speed, parking brake, and throttle are all controlled via the two levers on the front. This offers a good structure that is robust and ready to operate for whatever intentions one could have for traveling around a field.

3. It Shifts Smoothly

Many individuals like to use different tractors because it gives them a better sense of control over their lawns. The Craftsman LT1000 gives users the control they deserve with a strong seven-speed transmission. It lets the user adjust the tractor’s speed to a comfortable level. When the tractor is controlled properly and attentively, the chances of it not working as well as it should are reduced, and the general functioning of the tractor is enhanced.

4. It Can Accommodate a Large Number of Batteries

It Can Accommodate a Large Number of Batteries

The battery compartment can accommodate a variety of batteries. While Sears recommends that the Craftsman LT1000 be used with DieHard batteries, which they have traditionally used. But for auto and tractor maintenance, it may also work with Duracell and Rayovac batteries. The battery template is constructed so that it is relatively simple to power up the unit and have it ready to work for any reason. It allows for a clever setup that everyone can benefit from when applied correctly.

5. Quiet Sound

One of the most appealing features of this tractor is its quiet operation. That is to say, when it is moving, it will not make a lot of noise. The engine’s piston shields will keep vibrations at bay that are specifically built to safeguard the functions within the tractor. And this doesn’t cause an excessive amount of vibrations as it’s being prepared for usage.

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6. Mulching is Not a Problem For it

Mulching is Not a Problem For it
Image Source: Repairs LLC

This unit also has mulching capabilities. It will require an additional mulching kit to assist with the setup of the process and to dispose of old clippings easily. Still, it will be relatively simple to manage if utilized with sufficient care.

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7. Has a Long Drive Belt

This tractor comes with an extended drive belt that measures approximately 95 inches in length. It can handle the complete body of the engine and keep it ready because of its longer length. This is sturdy enough to avoid melting or warping due to the intense heat created inside the tractor. When this is combined with the 17.5 hp engine, you’ll get a unit that will last for years and won’t break down while in operation.

How Does Craftsman LT1000 Lawn Tractor Functions?

The LT 1000 is powered by a Briggs & Stratton Intek type engine. It’s a two-stroke, single-cylinder type that produces 18 horsepower. This Briggs and Stratton engine’s cylinder has a cast iron cylinder sleeve for other long service life. A highly pressurized lubrication system keeps the engine lubricated.

The Craftsman LT1000’s engine drives the tractor deck and wheels. The cutting width of the mowing deck is 42 inches (the total width is slightly greater due to the plastic discharge flap on the side). And the two blades operate together inside the deck to give your lawn a very smooth, level cut.

The operational range of the deck is 2.5 inches, from 1.5 inches to 4 inches above the ground. Therefore, you have three options for dealing with cut grass cuttings. A gear shift transmission controls power to the wheels on the Craftsman LT1000. In forward motion, the operator has six various speeds; however, they only have one in reverse. The fuel tank for the engine can store up to 4.7 liters of gasoline (1.25 US gallons).

Price of the Craftsman LT1000 Lawn Tractor

One of the reasons for this lawn tractor’s popularity is its affordable pricing – the LT1000 can be found used for less than $500 on places like eBay, for example. The LT1000 is still an excellent entry-level lawn tractor despite its modest cost.

Parts and Accessories of LT1000 Lawn Tractor

Identifying and replacing parts should be simple if your LT1000 owner’s manual is on hand. However, if you’ve misplaced it, there’s information on how to locate it online.

Once you’ve figured out what parts you’ll need, make sure you know your tractor’s model number so you can get the right part for your machine.

Don’t forget about the LT1000’s different accessories, making specific yard duties easier. The front of the LT1000 even has a snow plow attachment so that you can use it all year. Bagging and mulching kits, as well as a back-mounted cart, are available.

You can be sure that whatever components or accessories you require for the LT1000 are available. Even though the model has been retired, the items you want should be easily available for many years to come.

FAQ’s For Craftsman LT1000 Lawn Tractor

What year was the Craftsman LT1000 made?

Most Craftsman LT1000 were made in 2000-2005. Some sturdy ones belong from 2006-2007.

What size motor does a Craftsman LT1000 have?

Craftsman LT1000 has a 16 hp motor.

What engine is in the Craftsman LT1000?

Craftsman LT1000 has Briggs and Stratton engine.

What size deck is a Craftsman LT1000?

The deck size of Craftsman LT1000 is 42 inches.

What year is a Craftsman LT1000?

Most Craftsman LT1000 were made in 2000-2005. Some sturdy ones belong from 2006-2007.

Does Craftsman have a lifetime warranty?

Yes, it comes with a full lifetime warranty. Any parts of the product can be replaced.


It’s easier to mow a large yard with the Craftsman LT1000 lawn tractor than a standard manual or motorized push tractor. A combustion engine powers the tractor’s motor train and tractor deck. The engine requires clean gasoline, clean air, and a healthy battery to run properly. The engine is built to last a long time.

The LT1000 is cost-effective, efficient, and durable equipment for mowing larger yards. It is excellent if the manual transmission, lack of a front bumper, plastic engine cover, 1.25-gallon fuel tank, or lack of anti-scalping rollers do not bother you.

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