Cub Cadet XT1 Riding Mower Review

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Cub Cadet XT1 Riding Mower


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Cub Cadet is a company based in Valley City, Ohio. They are involved in the production and marketing of popular lines of lawnmower and tractor equipment which are distributed via a chain of independent retailers and dealers. In this cub cadet riding mower review we will take a closer look at one of the lawn mowers from the XT1 line.

Cub Cadet made a name for themselves in the lawn tractor world when they came out with the XT Enduro lines. The line consists of XT1- XT3 series which are built with a heavy-duty chassis. The chassis is strong enough to handle most engine transmissions and operation that a regular lawn mower needs.

Most notable all-around feature from the XT1 and XT2 lines is that they all use the same chassis. These newer models are less prone to damage or repairs when compared to older 2014 models of the LT and GT series. Strategically Cub Cadet has improved on its engineering and almost eliminated the bad reputation of old designs.

Product Specification

  • Kohler 7000 engine series
  • 22 Hp engine
  • 46 inches lawn mower cutting deck
  • Hydrostatic transmission system
  • V-Twin engine
  • Feet pedal control system
  • Ergonomic comfortable leather seats

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Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series Review

Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series Review
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If you are in the market for a long lasting lawn mower with a lot of power to offer superior grass cutting ability then the Cub Cadet XT1 series might just be what you are looking for. The XT1 series is a top contender in the industry of lawn mowers. They have plenty of power, wide mowing width, and authentic transmission systems.

With over 1000 independent positive customer reviews, the Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series LT 46 is a people’s favorite. It’s the perfect workhorse for mowing uneven surfaces even under the toughest of conditions. The positive reviews got us thinking, so we decided to take a closer look at what the buzz was all about. Our findings will interest you.

Let’s take a closer look into the specifications that stands it out from the rest.

A powerful Kohler Engine

Kohler is well known for the production of some of the sturdiest looking engines ever.  To improve mowing power, the XP1 lawn mowers make use of Kohler’s 22 HP V-Twin engines to deliver a clear grass cut.

There is a lot of power to go round and cover all mowing needs, whether you need it to clear out thick grass or you require power for hill climbing. In terms of maintenance, the Kohler 7000 series engine makes things easy. Just take off the engine’s hood and all serviceable parts can be accessed easily.

Cutting Deck Width

The optimum cutting width of the XT1 Cub Cadet is 46 Inches. We understand the concerns of some experts who claim that anything above 46 produces uneven cuts. The cutting deck of XT1 series sits at the borderline of what most consider to be just appropriate for maximum maneuverability. Most users are also of the opinion that larger cutting deck are more expensive to maintain because they usually contain 3 blades instead of the regular 2 blades of smaller decks.

So what you have with the deck size is a moderately sized deck to cover more surface area and shorter mowing time. To clean, just attach a water hose to the base connector, engage the blades and allow cleaning for a couple of minutes. It’s an efficient way to maintain the underside of the deck

Transmission System

XT1 comes equipped with a hydrostatic transmission system that avoids jerks and unwanted stops. Hydrostatic transmissions are one of the best systems in place that allows for easy navigation around obstacles and walls. The transmission system is controlled using your feet unlike the manual controls of inferior counterparts.

To move faster, just pedal harder on the transmission gear. Very easy to use and operate right out of the books.

Notable Features we liked

  1. Optimized Steering System: Easy to use steering system that allows for maneuverability around obstacles and rough surfaces.
  2. 12 height positions: Adjust the height of the cutting deck in 12 incremental steps.
  3. Headlights: LED head lighting system to brighten up your part even at night
  4. Seat Rest: High back seat rest for comfort. Rest your back comfortably while you mow the yard.
  5. Cruise Control: Cruise control feature allows you a hands-off approach if you have wide open spaces to mow. Just switch on the mower, set the speed and allow it to do the job, hands off.
  6. Ergonomic Rubberized Grip: Rubberized steering grip increases comfort by reducing the tingling experienced by your hands
  7. Tight turn Radius: To improve maneuverability, tight turn radius is in demand these days. With a 16-inch turn radius, you have full control over and around obstacles.
  8. Large capacity fuel tank: Fill cap for the tanks are right at the sides of the mower and not beneath the hood. You will always know how much fuel you have in the tanks because the fuel tank stickers are located on both sides of the operator seats. This allows you to easily keep a healthy track of fuel level while you mow.
  9. Deck Wash System: As we have mentioned before, you can connect the deck to a water hose for a more efficient clean and deck maintenance.
  10. Warranty Period: A robust 3 year warranty period on serviceable parts. The warranty period covers the power train while there is a 5 years warranty on chassis and axle panels.

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In Conclusion

Cub Cadet is known as a company that is technologically advanced in the field of lawn mowers and tractors. They have truly delivered the goods in the XT1 Enduro Series LT 46 in. 22-Hp lawn mower. Does this mower match your needs? We hope that after reading this informative cub cadet riding mower review article, you are in a better position to judge for yourself.

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