5 Easy DIY Garden Arbor: A Beautiful Addition To Your Outdoor Space

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Don’t gardens make your souls happy? Pretty gardens do. So how are you planning to make your garden more beautiful? If you are looking for ideas, why don’t you opt for garden arbors? They make your gardens look aesthetically appealing and give a unique look. Your visitors will be impressed by your garden designs.

However, a few of you may think it will cost you a lot of money to make these arbors. No. If you are ready to spare a weekend for your garden, we are here to give you some pocket-friendly ideas that you can use for a DIY garden arbor.

Only a few of you may know that adding a little more detailing to your garden will add to your garden’s beauty. You can go for patios, walls, and fencing options, but another fantastic option is arbors. So what is an arbor?

A garden arbor is a hardscape to make your garden look more appealing and inviting. It makes your garden look extraordinary. Oh, but it is not only a beauty element. It also has its uses.

Many people also know arbors as arches. These arbors are very eye-catching. They immediately attract visitors. Depending on your selected design, you can have them with two or four posts.

Now if you are making an arbor, you can choose any design you want. Here are a few quick and easy-to-make designs that will not affect your pockets too.

Easy DIY Arbors To Design For your Garden:

An arbor adds height and perspective to the garden. You need to customize the arbor based on the size of your garden, and hence you need to figure that out.

You can choose to keep the arbor freestanding and, at the same time, affix it to the fences as well as the wall of the garden. However, keep some free space so the shrubs and plants can thrive over the arbor.

1. The Classic Wooden Garden Arbor

The Classic Wooden Garden Arbor
Image Source: forestgarden.co.uk

You can choose the wood design if you want to design a classic wooden garden arbor. You can choose premium options, like cedar wood, rosewood, or the more commonly available oak wood.

The only thing that you need to do when it comes to designing a wooden arbor is to take the right measurements and then cut the wood. You would need around six wood pieces together to construct a standard-sized garden arbor.

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2. Flower Garden Arbor

Flower Garden Arbor
Image Source: amazon.in

Another option when it comes to the arbors is none other than the lovely yet difficult-to-construct flower garden arbor. As you can see from the name, the arbor is mainly made of flowers and hence can be difficult to handle. The most important thing you need to focus on here is building a gate, which will be the base for your flower arch. How to do it? It is more simple than you think!

To make the arbor and lace it with flowers, the only thing that you need to do is choose a creeper plant that you will be able to structure around the arbor. Some people pick options that are varied across different species of flowers to get a different look. Choose a flower that will give the best look in all seasons.

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3. Branch Arbors

Branch Arbors
Image Source: romancingthewoods.com

When it comes to building garden arbors, arbors with branches are great. You can make it with minimum effort and very few expenses. Yes, you read it right! You can choose to build arbors from dry branches and twigs, and that too very easily. However, sturdy twigs will be needed to help you carve the arbor easily. Also, you will need a sharp object to shape the arbor.

To carve out the perfect arbor from branches, the best thing you can do is dry them out very well so they do not tear off quickly.

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4. Food Garden Arbors

Food Garden Arbors
Image Source: savvygardening.com

Doesn’t it sound so interesting? The food garden arbors are a relatively new concept but also unique. It is similar to the flower arbor. However, there is a fundamental difference in this case: instead of choosing flowers, you use vegetable plants, which you will find on creepers. You could choose something like pumpkin, gourd, watermelon, and peas, which look fantastic. However, these arbors demand high maintenance.

The good thing about the arbor is that it gives an appealing look during harvest time. Don’t you get excited to see all the fruits and vegetables hanging from it, ready to be plucked! Sometimes, the problem with the food garden is that when these fruits ripen, they destroy the arbor’s structure. Make this arbor after you know which variant of fruit or vegetable is the most suitable with your weather.

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5. Green Arbors With Creepers

Green Arbors With Creepers
Image Source: in.pinterest.com

The next option that we are going to talk about is the most common one. It’s because it takes little time to make it, and at the same time, it is simple to maintain as well. The only thing that you need to do is first build a base arbor. Then it would be best if you got some creepers to structure over the arbor.

The arbor will be like a support to the growth of the creeper, and in no time, it will develop into an attractive option. Because these are creepers, you will only need to work on them a little. Just keep them clean, and sometimes use a garden scissor to trim them.

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●Choose suitable wood to build your garden arbor. Most people are not aware of this, and they choose wood which is not sustainable in the long run.

● You have to be precise with the measurements. It’s a common point where most people get confused, primarily because they do not know how confusing it can get. To craft the perfect arbor, the best thing you can do is take a measurement for the arbor and then note it down.

● The other factor where people often make many mistakes is that they do not choose the right wood. When crafting the arbor yourself at home, the right material, the wood, is essential. If you choose one that is not sturdy, it can break down completely during the monsoon. You also have to select a variant that is rot-resistant.

● Drill the holes, ensuring you can post the wood efficiently. You may be manually unable to dig these holes, so we suggest you take professional help.

● After firmly positioning the wood, secure it better; you can cement the same. It will probably take some time for the cement to dry out. We suggest you try to build the arbor, especially during the summer, because the heat will help it dry out faster.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is it tough to create an arbor?

Ans: Many people think that it is challenging to create an arbor. However, there are better things than that, and you will be able to create an arbor, and that too in a very short period. You need to focus on the design you want to build.

Q2. Is the wood quality important to build the perfect arbor?

Ans: When building the perfect arbor, wood quality is essential. Even oak works as a great option in this case. We suggest choosing a premium wood quality like rosewood or cedar in this case.

Q3. Which type of arbor tends to last for the longest time?

Ans: It is hard to say which variant of arbor lasts the longest because it depends on the environment that you are in. However, there are variants like the wooden arbor, which is a classic design and tends to last the longest.


An arbor tends to add the perfect element to your garden, and the good thing is that they are there to look exquisite. It does not have to be expensive; you can craft the most beautiful one with little money!

You only need a little creativity to help you carve out the perfect arbor. Many people tend to add even swings to the arbor. Try to have a little knowledge of the field and study your options to create the perfect arbor.

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