12 DIY Garden Cart Designs to Build the Perfect Wheelbarrow

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How about building your own DIY garden cart to reduce hand-held loads in your backyard? You can equip yourself with a movable storage container for firewood, stones, garden ornaments, and other tools.

Buying a wheelbarrow or garden cart is always an option. But why not build one that matches up to your gardening and storage needs?

Gardeners are aware that the need to haul gardening equipment across the yard arises often. Rather than burdening the body with constant heavy lifting and bending, one can use an easy-to-move wheelbarrow.

DIY Garden Cart Designs to Build the Perfect Wheelbarrow

Depending on the type of terrain, you need to choose the right tires. Also, you must think of a wheelbarrow storage idea to avoid any negative effects of weather on your handcrafted cart.

We have curated a list of the 12 simplest and most attractive DIY wheelbarrow designs to broaden your perspective:

#1. DIY Wagon with Extra Capacity

DIY gardencart
Difficulty Level Hard

If you are in search of something that can store more than the usual amount, then this DIY garden cart plan can fulfill your needs. You may need to invest some amount in materials but rest be assured, you can have a long-term reliable cart at your disposal. Screws, wheels, handrails, pine, exterior plywood, and lock-nuts are some of the materials you will need.

The involvement of cutting, wheel alignment, and sanding can task you with an entertaining project for the weekend. Ideally, a visit to the hardware store can get you all your materials. But if you want high-quality wheels then consider ordering them from an online store. 

Wheels are a critical part of any DIY wagon and the firmer the wheels, the easier to operate your invention.

#2. DIY Hose Cart Wheelbarrow

Build effective wheelbarrow
Difficulty Level Easy

Do you have a hose holder lying around and don’t see yourself using it anytime soon? Converting this hose holder to a wheelbarrow would require minimal purchasing to be done. More of the task consists of detaching and reassembling parts.

The least you would need is a wooden plank and a plastic or metallic wheelbarrow-shaped storage box to keep above the plank.

If you do nurture your garden often then the odds are you do have these materials in your shed or garage. This is a lightweight option that would not require much stress while moving around.

It should be perfect to carry around your ax, fertilizers, Bosemere Haw watering can, trowel, pruners, and even a pair of gloves. 

Don’t forget, you will have two areas for storage, one is inside the tub and one is on the tray above the tub.

#3. Durable Construction DIY Wagon for Homestead

Do it yourself gardencart
Difficulty Level Intermediate 

Gardeners who have heavy-lifting requirements and almost always have some self-construction activity going on can opt for this idea. Durability is the key feature of this garden cart.

One can easily fit chairs, logs of wood, a dozen potted plants, or even sacks of mud, cement, and fertilizers.

This idea is more of a big-wheeled design. Even better, you can also install a metallic sliding door lock on the insides to restrict the chances of item breakage.

It’s so spacious that you can easily store plenty of bricks or kilos worth of hay. When left in the open, simply flip it upside-down to restrict any damage due to rain and foreign particles.

#4. DIY Wooden Wagon – Inspired for Fruits

Gardencart designs
Difficulty Level Hard

This DIY garden cart idea was put into action by a person who wanted an efficient way to pick pumpkins! You can use it as a showpiece near your doorstep for different occasions. The person whose idea it was, uses it as a pumpkin wagon on the front porch.

We believe that due to its 4-small wheel structure, along with a simple to manage handle, it can be used in the garden too. Stroll around your garden with this cart and pluck all the fruits you want. No need to carry around bags and add to the trouble.

#5. Basic Medium-sized DIY Wagon

Best gardencart designs
Difficulty Level Intermediate

How about straight-up building a plain wooden wagon? This wagon comprises of 8 holders around the main structure to increase the stability of objects places inside. 4 small easy-to-fix tires and one long handle that carries the entire weight – that’s all this design will showcase. 

For best results, make a few purchases and ensure the materials are top-notch. Using redwood is highly advisable as you will be rewarded with long-term durability. Keep in mind, this is not a project where you rely on the equipment you have.

#6. Utility DIY Garden Cart Connectable with Riding Mowers

Awesome Gardencart Design
Difficulty Level Hard

Wow! Once you complete this construction you can use it as a trailer for your riding lawnmower. How cool would it be to have your cart wherever your lawnmower takes you? This is a great solution if you need to go plucking crops in the middle of a huge yard.

Your overall expenditure in making this garden cart will be 5x less than the cost of a premium garden cart. Shove in your rake, pruning saw, gardening hose, or as many fruit pouches as you need to.

#7. 6 Wheel DIY Garden Wagon

Gardencart design for wheelbarrow
Difficulty Level Intermediate

A little knowledge on frame alignment and wheel assembly can help you with this. 4 wheels at the front and 2 at the back can give your cart much-needed stability. Wondering if this cart can manage concrete, drywall compound, and other heavy-weights? To your relief, it can!

If you plan to place small gardening equipment or fruits then you must be warned. This DIY garden cart does not have side support, thus your lightweight equipment can bounce off.

#8. DIY Wagon for Gardening Work and Kids Entertainment

Gardencart designs
Difficulty Level Intermediate

Who said that wagons are only used for gardening tasks? This design was created especially for kids to enjoy some playtime in a wagon. Due to the absence of accessible metallic plates, it is safe for the kids.

It entirely depends on you whether you use it for gardening tools, plants, basic storage or let your kids have an occasional twist in game-day. Most importantly, do not forget to fasten the sideboards on all layers. Also, if this is a gift for your kids, ensure to sand all sharp and rough edges.

#9. DIY Wagon made from a Wooden Box

Effective wheelbarrow gardencart designs
Difficulty Level Easy

Can you get your hands on a reasonably big wooden box? If you can, then you are more than equipped to create this elegant DIY garden cart. The best way to use it would be as a raised garden bed for growing plants. 

As it is box-shaped you can modify it with some graffiti or artwork to make it more attractive. The box will even have a cover for you to protect the storage area when not in use.

#10. Homemade Fully-Customizable DIY Wagon

Cool designs for gardencart
Difficulty LevelIntermediate

This is a funky-design DIY garden cart option due to its well-spaced planks. The base of this wagon will have added support, making it suitable for transporting heavy items. 

Don’t worry about the built, basic carpentry skills will suffice.

#11. Rustic DIY Wheelbarrow Pneumatic Tire 

Awesome gardencart designs
Difficulty Level – Hard

If you have a fair amount of wooden pallets lying in your backyard then you could create this old-school wheelbarrow. To ensure that you give life to the rugged look you need to perform sanding on the wood. Consider acquiring 19 to 21 pieces of wood that are 2 to 2.5 in length.

Also, get 2 longer wooden pallets of about 4 feet in length. If you have a smooth garden and moving your wheelbarrow would not be a hassle then choose any tire you like.

But if you require to navigate on an uneven and rocky terrain then pneumatic tires would be perfect. If you possess some basic cutting and collating skills then this could help you add a catchy old-school wheelbarrow in your backyard.

#12. DIY Wheelbarrow for Fall Season

Cool gardencart designs
Difficulty Level Intermediate

This is an option for those gardeners looking to decorate their gardens with a wheelbarrow for the fall season. The “barn red” color imparts a desirable contrast for most plants you wish to grow.

220-grit sandpaper, paint, and protective coating will decorate your wheelbarrow well-enough and also help in fighting harmful outdoor elements.

Make use of collective mango crates, detergent boxes, and even heavy-duty food item storage boxes. Some creativity can open your eyes to a bunch of more DIY garden cart designs. 

Interested to create some super-cool and handy gardening tools? Check this out.

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