18 Amazing DIY Garden Hose Reel Plans

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Using a hose reel is a great way to store your hose and prolong the longevity of the pipe. We have curated from the internet 15 amazing do-it-yourself garden hose reel plans to get you busy around your garden. Most of these plans are easy to carry out and do not require high technical skills to construct. We also have a handy guide containing the best garden hose reels for those who would like to just own a super cool hose reel without putting a lot of work in it.

For rest of us DIYers, Let’s get down to business with some amazing DIY ideas that will keep your hose hanging in style.

Building the Most Creative Garden Hose Reels at Home:

Together, we can work on creative ideas and easily build garden hose reels at home. It might take a bit more time than you expect, but trust us, it is worth the time and the effort! Some of the best ideas that you can follow to build the perfect creative garden hose reel for yourself are:

1. DIY Chunky Garden Hose Holder

Difficulty Level – Easy to Intermediate

The DIY chunky garden hose holder is made entirely from wood. It incorporates a wooden reel holder fixated to a wooden post.  The crafter recommends buying a cedar post and cementing it tightly to the ground for best results. You might need some woodworking skills to get this done but you can easily follow the laid down step by step guide if you are a newbie.

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2. DIY Wall Mounted Water Hose

Difficulty level –Easy

If you are on a budget, this DIY mounted water hose is perfect. It only cost around $15 and can be assembled in as little as 20 minutes. Most of the materials used in constructing this hose reel can be improvised from equipment lying around the house.

Ideally, you will start with a 4 X 4 X 8’ pine wood that should cost less than $10, glue, and Nailed to attach the pieces together.

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3. Garden Hose Reel Out of Odd Bits of Wood

Difficulty level – Intermediate

A simple yet stylish garden hose reel constructed from odd wood bits. This reel is made entirely from wood and cost little to nothing to set up. While it might not be the most durable of the DIY projects listed here, if constructed properly it will get the job done of holding up your hose.

The major drawback of this DIY project is wrapping your hose around the X shaped reel for your rubber garden hose.

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4. DIY Pallet Wood Hose Holder with Planter

Difficulty level – Intermediate to hard

The interesting part of this DIY project is that you can plant your favorite flowers on top of the reel. Wouldn’t you love that!

So while your hose is not in use, the reel still looks pretty with flowers on top of it. The reel itself is made entirely out of pallet wood and can be modified to suit your design artistry. You will need lots of supplies and tools to build this hose reel. A detailed step by step plan to follow can be found here:

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5. DIY PVC Water Hose Caddy

Difficulty level – Intermediate

How does constructing a hose reel from PVC pipes sound? Interesting I guess. To ensure that you keep an orderly and well-watered garden, you need a portable caddy reel to transport your hose around.

Caddy reels are ideal for gardens that go round the house with spots that are hard to reach with regular sprinklers. If you find yourself in a situation where you need a reel with wheels to transport your hose about, worry no more, look into this guide on how to assemble a garden hose candy reel with wheels.

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6. High-End DIY Hose Reel

Difficulty level – Easy to Intermediate

Transforming your garden into a beautiful place is not far-fetched with this high end looking hose reel.  With just an inexpensive hose post fastened to the ground, spray paint and a couple of hardware and you will be on your way to an amazing looking hose.

According to family-handyman, beginners will have no trouble bringing this thoughtful hose reel idea to life.

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7. DIY Garden Hose Mounted

DIY Garden Hose Mounted

If you prefer this DIY guide, you will have to set your work table in an open space outside because you will do a lot of sanding and spray painting. However practical it might seem, be ready to spend a little on supplies.

However, if you consider the cost of the fancy ready-made hose reel, an easy DIY hose reel like this is a cost-effective option.

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8. DIY Regular Wall Mounted Garden Hose Reel

Difficulty level – Easy

Most gardeners attest to the fact that acquiring a good garden hose reel is a step in the right direction towards a well-watered garden. No matter how big or small your garden is, a hose reel for is an essential equipment you need to have.

Follow this DIY guide on how to install a regular wall-mounted garden hose reel in no time.

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9. Fancy DIY Garden Hose Reel

Follow this DIY garden hose reel to curb great appeal to your home and garden. It’s easy to construct, inexpensive and not time-consuming. For a more refined look, rather than taking the lazy approach by simply screwing the hose reel to the post, make some personal designs that ensure the hose reel gets noticed a mile away.

This DIY might not be the easiest there is. You will need a little bit of woodworking knowledge to pull it off.

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10. Wall Mounted Water Reel

Difficulty level – Easy

We are aware wall-mounted garden hose reel are the most popular type seen in gardens and patios but their simplicity can be taken advantaged of to create eye-catching designs that are functional and practical.

These types are easy to install and construct. Check out the hose reel fitted with reindeer horns for more design ideas. Color out the horns to suit your needs or make personal modifications to stand out from the crowd of wall-mounted hose reels.

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11. DIY Garden Hose Reel by Gail Wilson

Difficulty level – Intermediate

Gail takes us by hand to show clearly how she handcrafted a hose storage for her garden. She shoes how she clears the ugly looking brushes in her garden spot to create room for her new DIY garden hose reel project.

Read her guide to discover how she improvises on supplies she doesn’t have. Follow her footsteps to do same or allow her ideas breath fresh life in yours.

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12. DIY Garden Hose Hanger

While you can get this metallic garden hose hanger in stores for a premium you don’t have to call in the professionals to install it. Take the bull by the horns and get it done in no time by following the outlined procedure.

Picking the right spot to install your reel can be the game-changing idea you need to save you the hassles that come with watering your garden. See how this metallic hose reel was installed in the right spot:

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13. DIY Garden Hose Reel Planter

Difficulty – Intermediate

This DIY project is very similar to the flower on top hose reel project discussed earlier. The major difference is on the way the flower section is designed to open above rather than from the sides. Check it out:

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14. Garden Hose Reel from Old Tires

Garden Hose Reel from Old Tires

The first option is the garden hose reel from the old tires. Now, to make this particular hose reel, you can choose both tires from cars and trucks. You will notice that there are a lot of times when there is a tire puncture, and then we do not have anything else to do with it.

In such cases, the best thing you can do is choose the old tires and make a beautiful garden hose reel. Did you know that the good thing about these hose reels is that you can beautify them how you want to?

One of the first ways to go about it is by painting it. Choose a bright color to make the tire look more beautiful. Some people even choose to make beautiful patterns on the same stencils. However, ensure that no matter which designs you want to carve, you dry the initial paint thoroughly so there are no imprints.

Having a few other items is exceptionally important to make a garden hose reel from the old tire. However, the good thing is that these items are also easily available in the market! It is an economical alternative to the common market-based options we usually buy. Also, with the cool choices for easy do-it-yourself garden hose reels, we are sure that even you will not want to get new ones from the market!

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15. Air Hose Reel With Plywood

Air Hose Reel With Plywood

As you can understand from the name, one of the most effective things about the hose reel is that it uses pressurized air. It has a rubber tube, and this is where it will use the pressurized air and make the hose more effective as well. Not only water, but it can also be effective for other forms of liquid. But do you think this is where the effectiveness ends?

This particular air hose reel can be mounted on the walls as well. Because it is built with plywood, it can also be extremely sturdy. However, you must also have the perfect glue to make a good air hose reel. Not only that, you would need a good quality wooden dowel as well. You will be able to build the perfect reel, but you can get those online as well.

There could also be a few options for the wood cutting, so you need to be precise with the same. The best way to go about it is by using markers and scales and carving the design out. This is an extremely important step; you must ensure everything runs smoothly. If you need help carving out the shapes, you can get professional help.

There is also an effective locking system that you would need to install to secure it better. You must mount it on a plywood plate to ensure the reel is sturdy.

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16. Metal Upcycled Garden Hose Reel

Metal Upcycled Garden Hose Reel

If you have an old metal feed, it is the best option for building the perfect metal upcycled garden hose reel. And do you know what is unique about this hose reel? It is going to look quite rustic as well. All you need is the right quality of metals, allowing you to carve the hose reel more effectively.

Moreover, you would also need metallic spray paint and an old wash basin.

What is the most fun part about this particular DIY project? You will be able to make it as creative as you can! You can spray it with any color and at the same time can carve designs out of the same as well. You will also need some basic ingredients with it, like a drill, screws, and an effective wash basin that will help you.

Now we come to the most common question many people ask! Is making the metal upcycled garden hose reel very difficult? The answer is no! It takes less time and is probably one of the easiest ways to make a garden hose reel yourself!

When you make good use of the extra metal, it is much more sustainable, and at the same time, it is more sturdy as well. It is simple, and at the same time, it makes use of very small space as well. If you have a quirky wall to mount, you can easily make this metal upcycled garden hose reel today!

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17. Garden Storage Pallet DIY

Garden Storage Pallet DIY

If budget worries you, choosing the garden storage pallet is perfect. This one is easier to build and more precise for your use. You can use the same for many reasons; hence, it can serve you more than a simple hose reel. It will use readily available wooden pallets; the best thing is that these are inexpensive too.

It is much more sustainable, and if you have built it with the right information and skills, it will last you much longer than you think. You will also need to use a simple screwdriver and the knowledge to use the same. Try to make the cuts more precise, enhancing the reel’s quality.

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18. Wall Mounted Water Reel

Wall Mounted Water Reel
Image Source: leevalley.com

As you can understand from the name, this reel is great if you want to use the space on your wall. There are a lot of people who need more space in their garden areas; this is the best option for them. If you need help mounting the same thing, you can get someone to help you. It requires some knowledge about woodworking and some basic materials that help you.

You can choose wood and metal to build the perfect wall-mounted reel. Some use leftover wood and metals, which is also an excellent method.

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  • A common mistake people make is that they do not focus enough on durability, which makes the long-lasting quality wear away with time. If you are planning to go for the recycled metal option, then you have to make sure that the metal does not have any rust or fine pores on the same.
  • The major thing about building the perfect hose reel is that you must be precise with the measurements; no matter what, the same has to be up to the mark. If you think you would not be able to proceed with the process alone, the right thing to do is take aid from professionals waiting here to aid you with the same! You would need a few materials like nails and the perfect sewer to cut the materials smoothly. If you can manage it alone, we suggest you do it alone because it is an experience.
  • And finally, the last thing you must understand is that building the perfect garden hose reel is time-dependent. Hence, even if you choose the simplest options, the right thing to do with it is to give at least a day to the same. It is very important to understand that you need to give it some time so that the glue dries up faster and there are no problems.


Is it very difficult to build a garden hose reel?

No. You must discover which idea is more sustainable and how to carve out the same. Remember that because it is a complete DIY project, it does not need to follow the exact manual. You have your creativity and can design it how you want to!

How expensive is it to build a garden hose reel?

First, you must understand that building a garden hose reel at home is much more cost-effective. You can get the raw materials at a very low price. Hence, you only need to search for the materials in the market. You can build the garden hose reel at a very affordable price range, and that too from scratch.

Do I need a professional to install the garden hose reel?

It could be possible because sometimes mounting the same on the wall can be more difficult than you think. However, if you want to avoid the hose reel at a very high altitude, you can do the same by yourself. It should be inexpensive, even if you have someone else to mount the reel.

Can we use basic leftover materials for a DIY garden hose reel?

The entire essence of this discussion is to help you use simple materials that are easily available at home and often discarded. It could include simple things like wood, metal, or sometimes even plastic.

Can I paint the garden hose reel?

You have complete creative supremacy if you plan to build the garden hose reel from scratch. You can color the hose reel with any color that you want. Also, some people use spray paints and, at the same time, introduce unique patterns.


Buying a garden hose reel can be more expensive than making the same yourself. Do not hesitate to let your creativity wild when getting a hose reel. This will help you to have a unique garden hose reel that is different from others and attracts much attention.

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