13 DIY Garden Shed Plans to Build One Yourself

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Garden sheds take up only a small area of your backyard and could be a great option for additional storage. People usually store their gardening equipment they have been using over the years. Sheds are also considered the go-to option for wheelbarrow storage. You may even have computers and other devices in the shed, who knows?

Lawnmower storage, a semi-indoor garden, unused garden hose reels, or even a little pet house – your DIY outdoor garden shed can provide multipurpose benefits in your backyard. Coming up for you are some innovative and fun garden shed projects you can take up. 

13 DIY Garden Shed Plans to Beautify Your Backyard

Thinking of making a shed by yourself? Looking for some cool shed plans? We have curated a bunch of ideas that can broaden your perspective of DIY garden sheds. Even better, most of these shed plans are easy to execute and would require the least investments from your end.

#1. Small DIY Garden Shed – Smokehouse

diy garden sheds
Difficulty Level – Intermediate

The size of this shed gives you enough space to store basic gardening equipment. But guess what? If you do eat salmon and other meats which you like to cure by yourself, then this can easily be made as a smokehouse. In fact, this could be a killer way to keep bees away from your salmon cooking sessions.

This shed plan tells you everything from dimensions, materials, tools, and has a step-by-step guide with easy-to-understand pictures. One can install this garden shed in one corner of their backyard and yet have plenty of space for gardening activities.

#2. DIY Narrow Outdoor Garden Shed

diy garden sheds
Difficulty Level – Hard

If you can work well with blueprints then this narrow but well-structured shed could bring an evident aesthetic appeal to your backyard. Very few shed plans have segmented guides for the front, side, flooring, and roof frames.

The presence of tables with accurate measurements for the door, sliding roof, and other structural aspects will make it easier to follow. The best part is the compactness that makes it perfect for small gardens.

#3. 8X10 Gabled DIY Garden Shed Plan

shed plans
Difficulty Level – Intermediate

This elegant shed plan comprises of steps to help you install a large window and a bench too. One can even pot plants in this shed or make it like a little grow house. There will be an area under the window where you can store your wood. This wood can be accessible from the outside and inside. 

For a greater overall look, you will be building a deck made of treated lumber. Also, the roof has an attractive geometrical design that will catch any passer-by’s eyes and make your shed an integral part of your garden’s vibe.

#4. Board and Batten DIY Metal Garden Shed

shed plans
Image Credit: https://www.small-cabin.com/forum/2_1605_0.html

This shed is constructed using materials that make your shed resistant to strong winds and rains. The fact that your walls and roof use the same material make your design uniform. Most importantly, the guide is well-curated as it gives you several material choices for each part.

Most importantly, the roof is covered with sheathing to ensure your items face zero effects of the outside weather. This 7X10 shed is unlike most DIY garden sheds that allow the rafters to spread under weight and make the sidewalls bulge out. The most amazing part is that this shed can be relocated anywhere in your backyard.

#5. 8X8 Small Garden Shed Plan

small garden sheds
Image Credit: https://www.northerncreek.com/sunshed-8-x-8-garden-shed/

This shed plan comes with a full-fledged shopping list, cutting list, and images for all steps included. Although the hardware may seem like too much, once you got all the equipment ready it is as good as a cakewalk. 

The corner trimming around the house allows for spot-on insulation. If you need a basic and down-to-earth roof design then this shed plan definitely fits your bill.

#6. 8X10 Garden Storage Shed Plan

plastic garden sheds
Difficulty Level – Easy

This may seem like a small shed, but you will know how epic its durability is only once you build it. The roofing of this garden shed has a plywood sheathing over which there is an iron layer. 

You got electrical equipment worth thousands of dollars to keep in your shed? This design and solid construction plan are assured to keep your belongings safe from external factors.

#7. DIY Salt Box Themed Outdoor Garden Shed

outdoor garden sheds
Difficulty Level – Intermediate

Right from the base to the roof to the windows and the multiple entrances, this garden shed plan is one of the most easy-to-follow and execute. Although some experience in carpentry or engineering design can save up a lot of your time.

The roof of such DIY garden sheds utilize tarpaper and shingles for a sleek look. Moreover, the door opens in two halves, giving it a one-of-a-kind shed functionality. 

#8. DIY Storage Garden Shed

plastic garden sheds
Difficulty Level – Easy

Do you have basic carpentry skills? Can you improvise and figure construction-related tasks yourself? This plan consists mainly of pictures to indicate what has to be placed where. A little forward thinking and innovation can help you create a design of your own.

The presence of step-by-step images will give you a greater idea of the possible hardships you may encounter. Consider getting a partner along to work on this. As you can see, the end product will be worth all your efforts.

#9. DIY Greenhouse Big Garden Shed

small garden sheds
Difficulty Level – Intermediate

Gardeners who do plenty of planting and nurturing in their backyard can benefit from this project. If you have a raised garden bed, consider making the height equal to that of your shed’s entrance. When seen from a distance, it looks like a beautifully crafted area. 

Spaces like these can be molded into several planting spots and you can make your garden diverse. Placing a workbench in the shed will also provide you a place to store your gardening tools. You can do so much with this project – literally modify it as you please when you have the time.

#10. DIY Gambrel Storage Outdoor Garden Shed

small garden sheds
Difficulty Level – Hard

Are you a fan of Gambrel roofs? Want to build a shed that can be moved in the future with no need for re-assembly? The skid foundation of this shed plan can prove to be useful in this regard. 

You will have access to individual links for each step involved in constructing this garden shed. The dense material list on the main page may freak you out, but be assured, once you get going it will seem like a simple process.

#11. DIY Small Garden Shed Plan

plastic garden sheds
Difficulty Level – Intermediate

Don’t need a spacious shed? This shed plan could do wonders for people who are looking to utilize the least space in their gardens. In fact, one can even place this storage shed on their backyard patio.

The materials used on the outsides will combat any kind of rotting and warping. The best part of this garden shed plan is that it has rails on the bottom. This allows you to drag it to different parts of your backyard once construction is fully completed. 

#12. DIY Associated Pallet Garden Shed

metal garden sheds
Difficulty Level – Easy

For people who don’t want a rugged and solid garden shed but are looking for something more old-school and rustic, this could be it. This shed is made up using only wooden pallets. You will also save up plenty of money that would otherwise be used in purchasing quality equipment and materials.

Head over to your closest timber/lumber yards and pick up unused wooden pallets for dirt cheap rates. Just one thing, the base here is a mixture of sand and cement as the base requires to be a solid one.

#13. Cupboard Sized DIY Small Garden Shed

small garden sheds
Difficulty Level – Intermediate

All the garden owners looking for a compact and effective inner design for their garden sheds can make use of this shed plan. Simply open the shed and have all your items available at an arms distance. This could be your chance to say goodbye to those days of turning things upside-down while searching for something in your shed.

For the gardeners who are organized and are looking for a perfect place to store all their holy equipment, this is it. Remember, for larger equipment one can always build an attached garden shed to this structure. What’s better than having a 2-in-1 garden shed?


People who have been gardening for years are well aware of how helpful can a garden shed be. If it’s big enough, you can even have extra sleeping space for pets and humans. Eventually, the type and size of garden shed you construct will define the purposes you can use it for.

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