11 Easy DIY Garden Trell Ideas To Add Charm To Your Garden

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Are you a gardening person? Then, you must always be looking forward to making your garden more elegant and charming.

While there are numerous ways of adding charm to your garden, nothing beats a garden trellis. So here in this piece, we have come up with some easy DIY garden trellis ideas to add charm to your garden.

A garden trellis adds vibrancy to your garden. You can not only use it to make a beautiful home for your collection of patio plants but also make a grand garden entrance with it. Moreover, if you have a flower garden full of roses or mandevilla, a garden trellis can help structure them in a creative way.

Garden trellises also act as great support for your vegetable plants. Especially if you have vines, such as cucumber and pole beans, you would love to see them climbing on a garden trellis.

What’s more attractive than a flat trellis dividing your garden and acting as a privacy wall? Absolutely nothing. Moreover, you can never get bored of trellises forming raised beds in your garden.

Easy DIY Garden Trellis Ideas

Now that you know how a garden trellis can transform your growing space, let us find you one. Or let’s say, make you one. When we talk about garden trellis, the ideas just never stop. You can find many readymade trellises in a garden market.

But have you thought about doing it yourself? Yes, you can make a garden trellis in a thousand ways. You can either recycle your ladder, window, or pallet or use your creativity to build a new one.

Well, you need not go very far in the hunt for DIY garden trellis ideas. Here we have brought you a long list of easy DIY garden trellis ideas to add charm and elegance to your garden. So, follow along and see what we have in store for you.

1. Honeycomb Trellis

Honeycomb Trellis
Image Source: mamaneedsaproject.com

The best way to add elegance to your garden is to think out of the box. Well, a honeycomb trellis does that for you. You can make hexagon-shaped honeycombs and add them to your garden wall to give it a classy look.

If you are wondering how to get hexagon cuts, fret not. You can use a miter saw to get the finishings done in the shape of a hexagon. Now all you need to do is mount the trellis on the garden fence or wall.

In order to keep it stable, you must screw the honeycomb into the horizontal supports on the fence, and you are all set. This honeycomb trellis is sure to attract all eyes to your garden.

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2. Cedar Trellis

Cedar Trellis
Image Source: wayfair.com

Cedar wood finds use in almost all garden activities. But have you ever thought you could transform it into a beautiful trellis for your garden? Cedar wood combined with lattice can spice up you’re the look of your garden.

Especially if you need privacy in your garden and block the eyes of your neighbors from your blooming plants, this is the trellis for you. It is a perfect addition to your garden if too much open space troubles you.

You can build this cedar wood and lattice trellis and find the most appropriate place to implant it. You can place it near climbing plants. They will only beautify the cedar wood trellis once they begin to grow and climb. All of it goes towards enhancing the much-needed privacy in your backyard.

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3. Clematis Trellis

Clematis Trellis
Image Source: thehandymansdaughter.com

Are you bored of the plain look of your garden fence? Then, now is the time to add some radiance to it. You can easily do so with a clematis trellis in your garden. A clematis trellis can not only beautify your garden fence but also provide support to the climbing flowering plants in your garden.

It can help your flowering plants climb high and provide floral beauty to your garden. It is also quite easy to construct. All you need is a cedar board and cut it into strips, short and half-inches in width.

In order to form a clematis structure, you can screw the cedar strips into your garden fence. The geometrical patterns, along with the climbing flowers, will leave all viewers awestruck.

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4. Wire Wall Trellis

Wire Wall Trellis
Image Source: cottonstem.com

Brick walls are back in trend when it comes to bounding gardens. They bring back the vintage look from early ages and make your garden appear classy. But at the same time, it may give a monotonous look to your garden.

So, if you want to make the brick wall in your garden dynamic, this is an idea you must try. You can build a wire wall trellis and make your garden royal with vines climbing on it. A brick wall with vines is the perfect combination you can get for your garden.

In order to implement this easy DIY garden trellis idea, all you need is a few masonry anchors, cable wire, and eye hooks. You can create a wired structure with these materials on the brick wall and plant some vines beside it. The green vines climbing on the wire wall trellis would be worth looking at.

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5. Fir Cum Planter Box Trellis

Fir Cum Planter Box Trellis
Image Source: deucecitieshenhouse.com

Here is another great DIY garden trellis idea that would blow your mind. It is a blend of two classy ideas that make up a garden trellis fit for the plants in your backyard. For this project, you need not stress about the design of the trellis.

You can go for a simple rectangular wooden trellis. The thrill comes when you mount it on a wooden planter made of similar material. If the planter box has a climber plant, it is like a cherry on the cake as the trellis can provide good support to the plants.

You can modify the idea by adding casters to the planter box in order to carry it around whenever the need arises. You must also ensure to add drainage holes to the planter box. It gives a proper drainage system for your plants, and they stay healthy. So, you can definitely make this idea yours and rock your garden with this blended project.

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6. Branches Trellis

Branches Trellis
Image source: content.instructables.com

Nature protects its own kind. So, if you are tired of materialistic things to create a DIY trellis, why not just utilize what your garden has to provide? In simple words, you can create a trellis using branches and twigs.

A trellis made of branches forms a strong support for creepers such as sweet peas and provides them with a natural home to thrive. You can either fix the branches and twigs on the ground or structure them in a pot.

You can plant the climber or creeper of your choice in the planter and watch them climb beautifully and make a home with the branch’s trellis. This idea works best as you need no rustic materials and can make use of readily available branches and twigs in your garden.

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7. Crib Rail Trellis

Crib Rail Trellis
Image Credit: reposhture.blogspot.com

Are you going to throw your baby’s bed away? Well, you must give it a thought if you can convert it into a garden trellis. In fact, you can. A crib rail can make up a charming trellis for your green garden.

It is not very difficult to build, as you might assume. All you need is a baby crib you are about to discard. If you do not have it, you can always get it at a yard sale. You can convert the crib into a trellis by removing its rails.

Now all you have to do is hang the crib rail from a garden wall or fix them on the ground. With this, you can create a great supporting structure for the climbing plants in your garden and give it a cottage vibe.

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8. Copper Trellis

Copper trellis
Image Source: 33shadesofgreen.com

Wooden trellises have always adorned gardens. But metal trellises have their way of adding charm to gardens. While you can use many metals to make a trellis for your garden, a copper trellis can steal the show.

If you think it to be a daunting task and are worried about welding the copper pieces together, do not worry. You can go for a no-weld copper trellis that is perfect for your garden. You can use Gorilla glue to put the pieces together.

This no-weld copper trellis would give your garden an ancient look once covered in vines. So, if you want to drape greenery around copper, you can use this idea.

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9. Trellis Wall

Trellis Wall
Image Source: jennasuedesign.com

Are you tired of staring at plain walls? Then, now is the time to transform it into something elegant. It is possible through a trellis wall. You can create a wood trellis with expandable features to let your plants climb easily.

Now all you need to do is hang the wood trellises on the blank wall above flower plants you would love to see climbing on them. The most beautiful view comes with bougainvillaea flowers giving a colourful addition to the trellis.

But you must take care while hanging the trellis on the wall. If you are going for too leafy flowers, you must leave several inches of space between the wall and the trellises. It gives the plants enough space to grow and spread.

It is how you can use this idea to add colour to a plain wall and make a garden space simultaneously.

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10. Frame Trellis

Frame Trellis
Image Source: journeywithjill.net

Do you have a lot of cucumbers spreading in your garden? Then, why not frame them? That is, you can create a characteristic frame trellis in just a few steps and provide good support for your cucumbers.

In order to create a frame, you can use boards and form an A shape by nailing them together. But this is not enough. You still need support for the vines to grab as they climb the frame.

You can add wires to the frame to act as a support for the cucumbers. It is a highly time-efficient and cost-effective method of creating a garden trellis, and it is definitely going to be worth it.

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11. Pergola Trellis

Pergola Trellis
Image Source: hips.hearstapps.com

Why stick to the usually wired trellises when you can build a pergola of your own? You can create a DIY pergola in your outdoor space to provide a classy look to your garden. It can prove to be a safe space for various climbers and vines in your garden.

You can also decorate it with roses, jasmine, and grape vines to add charm to your garden. What’s more, a pergola can not only act as a trellis or an arbor but also provide a shady space in your garden.

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  • Before you choose a DIY garden trellis project idea, you must know what kind of plants you want to support on them. You must make the garden trellis in a way that it does not get outweighed by the climber plants. Choose a trellis material and take the measurements accordingly.
  • Choosing an appropriate spot in your garden to place the trellis is important. It must be near the plants you want to support on the trellis.
  • You must choose a sturdy material for a garden trellis if you want to use it as a long-term privacy wall for your garden.
  • If you are going for a wired garden trellis, choose a wire that is durable and cost-effective.


Q. What materials can I use to make a garden trellis?

Ans: You can use a wide variety of materials to make a garden trellis. In case of a DIY project, you can use the ones easily available. Some examples are tree branches and bamboo; discarded pallets, ladders, fences, rebar, stakes; twine, string, zip ties, etc.

Q. What plants need a garden trellis?

Ans: The plants that require support while growing need a garden trellis. It includes plants such as cucumbers, pole beans, peas, etc. You can also go for vines such as melons, tomatoes, squash, sweet potatoes, etc.

Q. What are the various types of trellises?

Ans: Trellises are basically of two types, short-lived and long-term trellises. While short-lived trellises are used to provide temporary support to climbers and vines, long-term trellises can act as privacy walls for gardens.

Q. What if I need an all-natural garden trellis?

Ans: If you do not want a materialistic garden trellis, you can use twigs and branches to make an all-natural garden trellis. You can either fix the branches on the ground or plant them in a planter.

Q. What is the best garden trellis for a container garden?

Ans: If you want to retain your container garden and still go for a garden trellis, you can make one using scrap boards. A scrap board trellis can be used to hang your planters and provide you with a vertical garden.


A garden trellis is the most wanted structure your garden needs if it is full of climbers and vines. Moreover, if you are tired of peeking at the eyes of your neighbors, a garden trellis can provide you the much-needed privacy.

While you can get a garden trellis in the market, it is always fun to create it yourself. So you can follow these easy DIY garden trellis ideas and add elegance to your garden.

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