18 Brilliant DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

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Do you want to create an indoor herb garden for yourself? So you can start enjoying those fresh herbs!

Harvesting fresh herbs from the garden is amazing, and we cannot deny that. These 18 do-it-yourself ideas for indoor herb gardens are mesmerizing and will give you Fresh herbs at a fraction of the retail price.

Hundreds of indoor herb garden ideas are available online, and now you have no reasons not to have yours!! So, stop making excuses and start getting creative!

In this blog, we have 18 best DIYs for indoor herb gardens, such as portable herb garden designs, tiered garden plans, and a wall-mounted herb garden concept.

Even if you live in an apartment, leased flat, or tiny house without a yard, you may bring the natural beauty and pleasant perfume of herbs into your home by growing them in a do-it-yourself herb garden.

18 Brilliant DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

If you are fond of cooking, garnishing your food with fresh ingredients makes them more tempting! You can get the herbs quickly from your garden.

Nowadays, herbs are very costly in the market. Therefore growing your herbs can be an affordable method to always have some on hand.

Taking care of these herbs will improve your aesthetic value and enhance the visual appeal of your indoors. They further enhance gastronomic adventures.

Check out these 18 do-it-yourself herb garden plans for a rewarding weekend project that serves dual purposes.

1. Trellised Garden in a Wall

Trellised Garden in a Wall

The first number list is an easy peasy trellis indoor garden. Trellis is the most common when it comes to DIYs, so let us start with this. You can purchase a new trellis or deal with or transform some pieces of old wood to support a wall herb garden.

However, an antique wooden trellis serves as the focal point of this garden. Follow the instructions attached to this, and you can conveniently please them anywhere.

Another pro tip is to get creative with this one and paint the trellis as you like it. You can even color contrast with your walls.

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2. 3-Tiered Raised Cedar Herb Garden

3-Tiered Raised Cedar Herb Garden

The next stunning project is a little indoor herb garden. The three-tiered herb garden is aesthetically pleasing and very productive.

A tiered herb garden is an excellent option to consider. Suppose you are planning to layer up the herbs in various layers. You can give sections to your herbs, and they won’t mix.

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3. Mason Jar Herb Garden

Mason Jar Herb Garden

Mason jar herb gardens like this one are among the simplest DIY projects. You can easily create it at home with only a few jars, herbs, and labels. You can make herb planters easily from any kind of jar, but mason jars are perfect for indoor herb gardens.

You can grow your herbs by filling jars with stones, potting soil, and planting seeds. Then you just have to wait and see what they are like frequently. Remember, don’t overwater them, and leave space for drainage.

Making a planter from a mason jar and setting it on a metal stand results in a lovely herb garden. After that, you may put it on a wall or a tabletop.

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4. Repurposed Herb Garden

Repurposed Herb Garden

Consider re-creating this indoor herb garden to spice up your home’s decor. We are 100% sure that every household must have empty bottles of shampoos or body washes, right?

So for this idea, all you need is to reuse them. A beautiful indoor garden may be created by filling empty lotion bottles with potting soil. Of course, you need to paint the bottles!! Herb gardens are another option since they are easy to set up.

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5. Colorful Herb Garden

Colorful Herb Garden

Do you fancy yourself an indoor herb garden pioneer? Growing your indoor herb garden is a fun way to use creativity while benefiting your plants.

If you love pop-up colors, these beautiful herb pots will bring the finish you want!

You can make a beautiful indoor garden using a SOCKER plant pot with a stand, some spray paint in your preferred color, spray shellac sealer, potting soil, and some herbs. This will liven up the space and provide a touch of nature within.

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6. Repurposed Pallet Herb Gardens

Repurposed pallet herb gardens

You have old pallets in your home but don’t know what to do with them… Here we have a solution for you!! Repurposed Pallet Herb Garden!

Pallet herb gardens are all the rage in the do-it-yourself scene. Herbs may be separated and stored easily with a few adjustments thanks to the design of a pallet. You can use different pots for different plants.

DIY projects are a great way to put those free pallets to use if you can find them in your area.

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7. Balcony Herb Garden

Balcony Herb Garden

So you don’t love that boring empty balcony? This lovely herb garden design is a great inspiration for getting started with balcony herb planting.

All you need is some pots, creativity, your favorite herbs, and the instructions attached. Build a freestanding wooden rack to display flower pots and herb planters on your balcony.

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8. Portable Mini Herb Garden

Portable Mini Herb Garden

Aren’t mini herb gardens cute? A portable herb garden makes it simple to grow both common and uncommon plants right at your front door.

The herb garden is compact And perfect for your indoors. Put some life into your porch today with this amazing herb garden. You can plant any of your favorite herbs that you mostly need!

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9. Vertical Herb Garden With Modern Twist

Vertical Herb Garden With Modern Twist

Do you want a geometric garden that complements your modern home? Try your hand at a vertical herb garden!

The design consists of stacked boxes made with meticulous attention to detail. You may either repeat this same layout, which is based on steps, or you can come up with your design.

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10. Hanging Indoor Herb Garden

Hanging Indoor Herb Garden

So if you are tired of those small mini or portable herb gardens, this hanging garden will enhance your mood. Use these free herb garden designs and instructions to quickly and simply build a beautiful and useful hanging herb garden.

These chain-connected stacks of containers are perfect for filling the space on your kitchen windowsill. Not all hanging systems are created equal, but if you put in the time and effort, you can build one safe enough to hold up to six herb pots.

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11. Corner Tiered Herb Garden

Corner Tiered Herb Garden
Image Source: amazon.co.uk

Do you want something different? Then there is one for you! An L-shaped stack corner-tiered herb garden. A multi-tiered herb garden is both aesthetically pleasing and intellectually stimulating.

Three levels of planters are stacked in an L-shaped wooden box and set in the corner to create this effect.

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12. Paint Can Herb Garden

Paint Can Herb Garden

Do you have many package food cans lying in your storage? Why not make a DIY from it? Let us transform them into herb planters!

These original herb garden designs are ideal for those who desire to cultivate rare plants. This is a cute and cheap way to cultivate herbs in your home! Also, they do not occupy much space. You can hang them anywhere you like!

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13. Floating PVC Window Herb Planter

Floating PVC Window Herb Planter

This cool window herb planter will offer some ideas if you want to grow herbs but don’t have much space. A beautiful window herb garden is hung from the ceiling by lengths of the metal chain after a portion of PVC pipe has been cut out for fantastic-looking holes filled with stones and soil.

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14. Baking Tin Herb Garden Idea

 Baking Tin Herb Garden Idea

Do you have any baking tin that you don’t use anymore? Then we have a herb garden idea for you!! This herb planter is perfect for bringing the outside in and giving your house fresh air.

A beautiful indoor herb garden may be made by mounting a baking pan on the wall and filling it with stones and potting soil.

The planter is functional and aesthetically pleasing thanks to the plastic sheet covering the front part of it.

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15. Coffee Table Herb Garden Idea

Coffee Table Herb Garden Idea

Let’s make a unique idea possible! Learn the secret to successfully cultivating herbs. You might construct new wooden tables outfitted with concealed planting boxes to do this.

You may grow your herbs in the planter box with this lovely white coffee table built from metal sheets and plywood. We also have a similarly high-quality outdoor coffee table.

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16. Kitchen Recyclables Herb Garden Idea

Kitchen Recyclables Herb Garden Idea

This easy herb garden may be made from repurposed materials in any contemporary kitchen, bringing a touch of nature. The garden is a two-shelf wooden structure manufactured from specially cut hardwood, with holes drilled into each shelf to accommodate plastic bottle planters.

A beautiful herb garden for the kitchen window or decor may be made by inserting white-painted, half-plastic bottles with lids or caps into the holes.

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17. Custom Potted Hanging Herb Garden Idea

Custom Potted Hanging Herb Garden Idea

No, we are not done with the hanging gardens yet!

A hanging herb garden is an easy way to add beauty to your interior environment. Several herb planter units are integrated into this vertical herb garden. The herb pots fit snugly into the holes drilled on the bigger wooden shelf.

The holes in the wide wooden plank shelves are then strung with metal rods to form a hanging garden. Crown bolts, nuts, and washers may be used to attach the various shelf levels firmly.

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18. Vertical Kitchen Herb Garden

Vertical Kitchen Herb Garden

Let us add another eye-catching feature to your indoors! A gorgeous vertical garden is an easy way to bring nature into your kitchen. Simply plant your adorable succulents in plastic containers you have painted to resemble terra clay. Your kitchen walls will be transformed into works of art.

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  • Do it own indoor herb garden plans should prioritize compactness. It means that the smaller, the better!
  • Make use of plants that can survive in low-light conditions.
  • The foundation of your garden should be made from recycled materials and imaginative means, such as paint and design.
  • In a few days, you should check the soil moisture again. Don’t drown them in water, however.
  • Make sure there is room for water to drain in the containers.


Q1. Do I need to water my herb garden every day?

Ans: Know you don’t need to water your herb garden every day. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to at all! Check the moisture level in the soil to ensure that your herbs have enough moisture they need. If you notice that the soil’s top inch is dry, your plant needs water. Still, if you are unsure, use water or a moisture meter. It will give you an exact rating of the moisture level.

Q2. What containers are best for indoor herb gardens?

Ans: Any container works if they have proper drainage. If you want your plan to have a longer life, use containers with proper drainage options. Avoid using containers that are too tiny since they won’t provide adequate room for the roots of your herbs.

Q3. What are the necessary things for my indoor herb garden?

Ans: There are three minimum things your herb needs:
1. Some sunlight (approx 6 hours a day)
2. Regular watering at proper intervals
3. Proper drainage
Note: High humidity might lead to mold growth or damp leaves. Thus, enough ventilation is also crucial.

Q4. Does my herb garden need direct sunlight?

Ans: Do people say that verbs do not need direct sunlight, but most herbs need 6 hours of direct sunlight.

Q5. When should I water my plant?

Ans: As per our recommendation, we suggest watering your herbs 2 to 3 times a week, which is enough. However, these are not the same for all herbs. Some herbs need more frequent watering.


Why not try growing some fresh herbs in your home if you’re not getting enough of them?

If you are here, you have read out all 18 mesmerizing herb garden ideas. Not only do herb garden ideas look aesthetically pleasing, but they also save you money.

And we have no reason not to have your own herb garden! You can have access to fresh aromatic herbs anytime you want. Further, this will make your food look more tempting.

For your ease, we did the hard work! Not only did we list the best DIY herb garden ideas, but we also attached the instructions that can help you achieve those! So don’t wait long and get your flourishing herb cultivation on hand!

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