7 DIY Wheelbarrow Storage Ideas for your Backyard or Lawn

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Wheelbarrows provide great help in your gardening, lawn maintenance, and garage tasks. You can shove ample gardening equipment and save yourself the trouble of constant loading and unloading. But what about the time you don’t need to use your wheelbarrow? You definitely cannot keep it in the open.

Plastic and metal trays can collect water and this leads to cracks and rust. If you store your pruning shears, gardening gloves, saw, or any other gardening tools in the wheelbarrow it gets even worse. A convenient and intelligent wheelbarrow storage solution would be a wise choice.

Above all, it would take up valuable open space in your garden by just lying around. It would be best to get or make yourself a wheelbarrow hanger. You can hang it inside your garage, garden shed, fencing, or other spots that you prefer.

Types of Wheelbarrows

Choosing an exciting wheelbarrow idea without considering the type of wheelbarrow can prove detrimental. The storage idea you select may not be compatible with your wheelbarrow. The best way to avoid this is by understanding your wheelbarrow type, its material, size, style, and even power. So, instead of seeing the general types of Wheelbarrows, we’ll be looking at them based on certain vital factors.

Types of Wheelbarrows Based on Material

The primary material used in making wheelbarrows can affect the storage idea you can use. Here’s how wheelbarrows differ in terms of their material.


Metal wheelbarrows have most parts, including the body and hands, made from metal. This means they are stronger and more secure as users can utilize the wheelbarrow without fear of damage. However, metal wheelbarrows can rust in wet conditions, so storing this type of wheelbarrow in wet places could be better.


Wooden wheelbarrows have that contemporary design and offer a more comfortable usage as they don’t beat up under the sun. However, wooden wheelbarrows can be damaged by moisture, so storing these Wheelbarrows in areas that’ll expose them to rain is not advised.


Plastic wheelbarrows usually have their body and handle from hard plastic, but this plastic can break in extreme cold. So proper storage is essential; luckily, plastic wheelbarrows are lightweight, so they can be a great option for storage ideas that require raising the wheelbarrow to a height.


The canvas wheelbarrow is made from strong nylon and a frame. The wheelbarrow can be opened and closed when not used, helping you save space. This type of wheelbarrow is lightweight and usually takes a fraction of the space other wheelbarrows take. You can fold and store a canvas wheelbarrow in a small space in your shed or anywhere.

Types of Wheelbarrows Based on Size

The size and weight of the wheelbarrow will determine if you can utilize storage ideas that require a lot of energy.


Large wheelbarrows can make it difficult to use storage ideas that require lifting the wheelbarrow. However, it may be great for pulley system storage, where you can utilize the vast overhead space.


Small wheelbarrows can do very little considering their size, so you’re limited in the kind of work or load you carry using the small wheelbarrow. Small wheelbarrows have an edge size; you can easily utilize ground storage ideas or even store them on the top shelve without any issues.

Handy Wheelbarrow Storage Solutions for Your Backyard

You can get creative and build something simple, with a tinge of elegance. Do you think you may need some beautiful wheelbarrow storage ideas?

Keep reading and you’ll be able to visualize which option best suits your backyard.

1. Storage Hook and Rail Design Wheelbarrow Holder

Wheelbarrow ideas for lawn
Difficulty Level – Intermediate

People often have rail systems installed in their garage. If you do not have one, then either pick up some scrap from your garage or get a reasonably priced railing. Cut it into the size you want.

Screw big-sized nails for the railing to stay put on the wall. Make sure that you have a good quality and heavy-duty railing.

You need to simply attach a hook or a carabiner that can slide across the railing.

As long as your hooking system has been designed to handle at least 20 kilos more than your wheelbarrow’s weight, you have done a great job! If you have decided to go the easy way and order for a rail then please beware of the low-quality rails.

The last thing you would want is a broken wheelbarrow in your garage. Besides, you can hook on any type of equipment you like. Consider it a multi-purpose storage solution.

2. Double-ended DIY Wooden Wheelbarrow Hanger

Cool Wheelbarrow Tricks
Difficulty Level – Hard

Are you the old-school type gardener who prefers to use more wood than industrial steel? If yes, then a wooden wheelbarrow storage railing could give you another piece of rugged design in your backyard setup.

Get hold of a 2 feet wooden plank that is 9 to 12 cm in breadth. You need to screw in two metallic plates at a 6 cm distance from either end of the plank.

These plates have to be 3 to 5 cm longer than the breadth of the plank. This sets up a platform to hold the base of your wagon.

Now according to the length of your barrow, you need to install a hook at a greater height. This hook will trap one end of the barrow and ensure a strong hold. Make sure the hook is slightly twisted as this imparts a greater grip.

Also, ensure this setup is at a distance of at least 1.5 feet above the floor so that it doesn’t prove too big/small for your wheelbarrow.

3. Wall-Hanging Wheelbarrow Holder 

Wheelbarrow lawn hacks
Difficulty Level – Intermediate

Does the thought of storing your wheelbarrow at a height worry you? When you know the exact screws and wood you are supposed to use, you have no reason to worry.

These screws, when drilled into the wood as per precise measurements, let you conveniently store your barrow against the wall. This is great because wheelbarrows are not used often, are light, and also huge.

If you possess a heavy metallic barrow then consider using cedarwood. Overall, this is an efficient, easy, and economical solution to make your lawn look more spacious. Besides, a wall-hanging wheelbarrow also covers up those unpainted walls, right?

4. Fence Lining Wheelbarrow Storage Bracket

Wheelbarrow innovative storage bracket
Difficulty Level – Easy to Intermediate

Is your garage too full to accommodate a wheelbarrow? People often fail to identify how to make use of excess space. You can simply store your wheelbarrow outside the garage or shed by attaching a lower wheelbarrow storage bracket. Ideally, the best spot would be anywhere around your lawn’s fence lining. You can either create this holder by wood or by using steel-like materials.

Get a hold of some screws and a couple of top-notch clothesline as per the built of your wheelbarrow. This proves sufficient to get your wheelbarrow up and attached.

Worried about losing valuable garden space? Don’t be. Build your bracket a foot above the ground for that region of the garden to yet be accessible. In case you use a string trimmer, you can run through this surface too.

5. Natural Upside-Down Wheelbarrow Position 

innovative wheelbarrow storage
Difficulty Level – Easy

Don’t have the time to prepare a holder by yourself? Or do you want a natural remedy that involves no usage of tools and carpentry equipment? You can simply turn your wheelbarrow wall-wards. Do this either in the open or in your shed, it does not matter. The only need here is a wall. This will keep your wheelbarrow’s tray clean as ever.

Water would not enter, leaves would not collect, dust collection would be minimized. Over and above all, your wheelbarrow will be not be affected by the accumulation of moisture.

This cannot be really considered a “storage solution” as such. But think about. You at least took the first step to prolong your barrow’s durability.

6. Ceiling Mounted Wheelbarrow Pulley System

wheelbarrow storage idea
Difficulty Level – Hard

The most unique of wheelbarrow storage ideas would be to consider establishing a pulley system in your garage or shed. This helps bring about plenty of more space for carrying about lawn tasks.

In fact, if you possess a small shed that is too full of gardening tools and equipment then a ceiling storage design for your wheelbarrow would prove to free up space your wheelbarrow was taking.

Why would you not want to use that vacant ceiling space? You will not even need a ladder to get your wheelbarrow on the ground. Two wires, a couple of wheels, metallic plates, and screws.

If you have basic engineering knowledge then you can easily build a pulley design and create an ease-of-use wheelbarrow storage solution.

One can always purchase a cheap pulley system in case they are too lazy or lack the skills required to build a basic pulley mechanism.

7. Wall or Fence Wheelbarrow Storage Bracket

Innovative wheelbarrow hanger
Difficulty Level – Easy to Intermediate

This solution is an easy one to create and requires fixing 3 scraps of wood to the wall/fence. Top-quality wood will increase the lifetime of this solution.

Once you manage to install the wood pieces and screws, you will realize that the single wooden piece acts as a holder. This can also be used to store garden hose reels or electric stringed weed trimmers (with a hook).

You need to place the wheel end behind the long lower wooden slab. The movable upper wood would act as a latch. Provided your fitting is spot-on, you will notice minimal shaking and maximum stability.


We hope you can now make use of the vacant spots in your backyard or shed to create a top-notch wheelbarrow storage solution. We have given you options ranging from rails, brackets, pulleys, fence lining, and even plumbing pipes.

Depending on your resources at hand, type of wheelbarrow, equipment to create these solutions, and wheelbarrow weight, you can boil down to a convenient option.

If you let your creative juices flow, you can come up with several more storage options that can better the aesthetics of your garden.

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