Do Lawn Mowers Have Alternators? Understanding The Power Source

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Do lawnmowers have alternators? It’s the very first question that comes to the mind of mower owners.

Alternators are machines that convert mechanical energy to electrical energy with the help of an alternating current. These alternators use a battery for charging.

The alternator is a significant component of a motor’s equipment and electrical systems. It is derived from the Alternating Current (AC) that it produces.

This article will explain whether lawnmowers have alternators and their power source.

Do Lawn Mowers Have Alternators?

Do Lawn Mowers Have Alternators

Not all lawnmowers have alternators. The presence of alternators depends on the type of lawn and the features of the mower. Smaller, simpler models such as manual push mowers or some basic walk-behind mowers may not have alternators because they don’t have electrical systems or rely solely on pull-start mechanisms.

Lawnmowers that have electric start systems or other electric components such as lights, gauges, or electronic controls require an alternator to keep the battery charged.

The alternator ensures a continuous supply of electricity to these components. It enables lawnmowers to function properly and helps recharge the battery, so you don’t face any problems when starting it.

Advantages of Lawn Mowers With Alternators

Alternators in a lawn mower help you save time, money, and energy. Here are a few advantages of lawnmowers with Alternators.

1. Upgraded Effectiveness

Upgraded Effectiveness

Alternators are more effective in generating electrical power than other generators. The conversion of electrical energy into mechanical is way more compatible and effective.

2. Savings in The Weight

Alternators are way more weightless than other generators, which helps reduce the entire yard accessories. Moving it from place to place is easy, and you do not have to pour much energy while cleaning your lawn.

3. Good Control of Voltage

Good Control of Voltage

Alternators provide good control over the voltage regarding supplying power to other sensitive electrical components in the yard. It helps to save your electricity, and the supply will not be disturbed.

4. Increased Capacity

It is designed to provide a constant flow of electricity and power, which helps improve the yard equipment. The constant flow of electricity helps you keep moving without any disturbance between work.

5. Wide Range For Utilization

Wide range For Utilization

Alternator charging systems can fit into any outdoor power equipment engine, like riding lawnmowers, which adds versatility and performance to the equipment. This alternator feature helps save time as you don’t have to worry about searching for charging equipment.

6. Lower Costs of Maintenance

Alternators require less maintenance, so the overall performance maintenance cost is lower than other generators. Having alternators in lawnmowers saves your money as well. You do not have to worry about its servicing regularly.

7. It Can be Used For Long-Term

It Can be Used For Long-Term

Alternators are known for their longevity. It lasts for years and does not require any replacements. It means you do not have to worry about its maintenance or service. It can be used for a long period which is helpful with saving your money as well.

8. Environmental Friendly

Alternators produce fewer secretions and noise than other generators, which are considered environmentally friendly. Cleaning the garden takes time, so you don’t have to worry about any secretion or noise that would irritate you.

9. Efficient Functions

Efficient Functions

The alternators can supply power to other electrical accessories or charge the battery. Some riding lawns have generators that are used to generate electricity which sums up the functions of the alternator.

10. Great Productivity

Alternators provide a great source of electricity that is used to supply power to other garden equipment. This feature of the alternators helps in great productivity while working in your garden and eases your work.

Lawn Mowers Without Alternators

Lawn Mowers Without Alternators

There are two types of lawnmowers – walk-behind and push lawnmowers. The walk behind is powered by gas, and push lawnmowers are powered by electricity. Both lawnmowers do not need any alternators.

The gas-operated lawnmowers run on fuel. Most of the two-stroke use non-leaded gasoline. Once the tank is filled, the engine gets back to life. The gas-powered lawn mower needs a magneto for it to start and work. On the other hand, the walk-behind mowers are powered by electricity and run on batteries.

Differences Between LawnMowers With And Without Alternators

The difference between lawnmowers with and without alternators lies in the electrical system and the functionality they provide. Here are some of the key differences:

  • Lawnmowers with alternators charges the battery while the engine is running. On the other hand, lawnmowers without alternators rely solely on the battery’s initial charge and can’t replenish it during operation.
  • Lawnmowers with alternators more often than naught has an electric start system. This allows the users to start the engine at the push of a button. Lawnmowers without alternators, on the other hand, make use of pull-start mechanisms, where the operator manually pulls a cord or handle to start the engine.
  • Lawn mowers with alternators can support various electrical components, such as lights, gauges, hour meters, safety switches, and other accessories. The alternator provides a continuous supply of electricity to power these components. On the other hand, lawnmowers without alternators do not have the capability to support such electrical accessories or additional features.


Q1. What does an alternator do in a lawn mower?

Ans: Alternators supply power to the small engines while running and keep the battery charged by circulating the power back through the system.

Q2. How to test a lawn mower alternator?

Ans: The easiest way to test a lawn mower is to turn on the headlights or outdoor power equipment and turn off the engine. If you see that the lights dim, then it means that the alternator works.

Q3. Do riding lawn mowers have alternators to charge batteries?

Ans: A riding lawn mower with a small engine has a 6-volt battery. The alternator of the lawn mower keeps the battery charged and the engine running.


In this article, you have learned about lawnmowers with and without alternators. If you’re looking for a lawn mower that saves you money, choose lawn mowers with alternators.

Alternators provide many beneficiary features helped save you energy and time.

I hope this article will help you make an informed decision on which of the two lawnmowers-with alternators or without alternators, is the right choice for you.

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