10 Dog-Friendly Backyard Ideas on a Budget

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Dogs sometimes get bored, and they want you to take them to parks for a longer time. But you can solve this issue by making your backyard more attractive.

You should make it dog-friendly so that they stay away from the main garden and do not end up spoiling your plants or digging annoying holes in your lawn. You can do many setups within a budget. You will not even have to invest time while setting them up. By making very few changes, you will notice that your dog will be more comfortable and happier.

Dog-Friendly Backyard Ideas

If you are a dog’s parent, you must look at these fantastic ideas that will change your backyard and make it a better space for your dog to play around.

1. Small Splash Pool for Your Dog

Small Splash Pool for Your Dog
Image Credit: https://www.k9ofmine.com

Everyone loves to dive into a pool during the summer season. Imagine how hot it would be for your little dogs to be covered with a thick fur blanket. They need the joy of playing in the water for some time after running in the sun’s scorching heat.

You can set up a pool for them in your backyard. It will not be costly for you because you can easily purchase a hard tub and take advantage of the existing water facility in your backyard.

Look for a hard enough tub because their claws might break the tub soon.

Bring one size bigger to have enough space to enjoy the freshness. The setup will require zero effort, and you will be all set to play with your dog while it enjoys its little pool.

2. Flea-Repelling Garden

Flea-Repelling Garden
Image Credit: https://www.gardeningknowhow.com

Being a dog owner, I am sure fleas will be a huge topic for you to worry about. You can set up a flea repelling garden in your backyard to keep them away from fleas. This way, it will enhance the beauty and add colors to your garden.

A few plants will push the fleas away from your lawn and let your dog play without being disturbed and irritated by them. Some of those plants are catnip, rosemary, marigold, and sage.

The cost of setting up a garden will be minimal, and it will not even take a lot of your time and effort. You can get the seeds quickly from the market. Also, make sure that those plants are not harmful to your dog before planting them.

3. Sandbox For Digging

Sandbox For Digging
Image Credit: https://www.k9ofmine.com

If you are a parent of a naughty dog, you might be irritated by him digging holes all around the lawn and spoiling the beauty of the backyard. You might be able to train him, but stopping it ultimately might be next to impossible.

It is where a sandbox will come to the rescue. You can quickly build this by digging a few inches in the ground and filling the space with some sand. Make the area big enough for him to play and fence it so that you are not disturbed by it. Your dog can fulfill his desire to dig, and it won’t spoil your lawn.

It is not a costly or a time taking process.

4. Dog Paths

Dog Paths 

If you are a keen observer, you might notice your dogs walking again and again on the same path across your backyard. Because of that, there might be a path away from the spoilt grass. So, it will be an exciting idea to install paw-shaped stones in their regular route, which will look way better than the dead grass.

They will have fun stepping from one stone to another while you take them out for a walk every day and won’t even spoil your garden.

You might need help installing this setup, but the cost will not be so high. You need to ensure that the stones are of good quality so that it does not hurt them while walking.

5. Dog Window

Dog Window

If you have a big door or wall made out of wood in your backyard, you can consider building a small window close to the ground in that. It will keep your dog entertained and thus your garden protected as they will not dig or spoil plants there.

You can teach him fun activities around that, like jumping on the other side or throwing a ball from it.

The installation cost might be a little, but it will be worth it. You can either call for an architect to build one or try it yourself if you have prior knowledge. You can also purchase it online.

6. Designated Dog Zone

Designated Dog Zone
Image Credit: https://www.houzz.co.nz/

If you have plenty of space in your garden, you can easily allot some space specifically for your little pet. It will make the dog feel the happiest. You should remember that it should have enough room for the dog to play and run around.

You can build his home on the corner of his designated zone to protect him from sun and rain. You can also install a little fountain or a simple water bowl for his drinking water.

Spread around a lot of his toys and watch him play all day. It will not take any effort to set this up. The cost will also be minimal, and your dog can have his own space with this idea.

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7. DIY Agility Course

DIY Agility Course
Image Credit: https://dzone.com/

Do you look at his smile when you take him to the park, and he plays and chills with the sports there? Now think how happy he will be if he gets his own sports area in your backyard.

You need not worry as it is not as complex as it seems. You can easily set up an agility course with some beams and make a tunnel for it to run through with the huge plastic waste pipes. If you do not have any pipes, you can purchase them online at a meager price.

It will keep your dog indulged in fun activities all day, and you can also call his friends over so that they can play together.

8. Plenty of Shade Area

Plenty of Shade Area

It might be challenging for them to stay out in the summer heat with the increasing temperature. Therefore, you should plan to make more shady areas in your backyard so that your dogs can relax.

You might often find them digging holes and settling down and resting in them because the ground becomes very hot for them. If you add shade, they will not have to dig ground anymore. You can do that by planting more trees that naturally provide shade or installing different covering types.

You can purchase some covering online or use huge boards that are kept ideal at home. It will not take any time and will help your pets relax in a more relaxed environment.

9. Garden Barriers

Garden Barriers
Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/

It will be good to install garden barriers in your backyard so that your dog does not get confused about his play area. On the other hand, it will also protect your plants and vegetables from getting spoilt by the dog.

It will also prevent his toys and bolls from entering the main garden and add aesthetics to your backyard.

The cost of installing a garden barrier will not be very high, and the job can be done in just a day.

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10. Dog-Friendly Grass Alternatives

Dog-Friendly Grass Alternatives
Image Credit: https://www.moneypit.com/

Let me introduce to you a very simple life hack. Your dog will not be capable of spoiling the grass in your backyard if you do not leave any grass for him to spoil.

 You can easily replace the grass with hardy ground cover plants in those specific areas where your dog spends most of his time.

They grow horizontally and are very easy to maintain. Apart from that, your dog will also enjoy playing around with it. You need to check if they are harmful to your dog or not before planting them in your backyard. Some non-toxic plants are Irish moss, silver carpet, and labrador violet.

They will not be costly, and you can grow them hassle-free.


These were the ten best setups that can be easily installed in your backyard and are advantageous for your dogs.

By installing fun setups for him, you can keep him jollier and more active throughout the day. It will also protect your main garden flowers as he will no longer be interested in digging or spoiling those plants.

These are budget-friendly and can be installed with minimal effort. If you are a dog owner, I am sure you will enjoy dedicating a little space for him and using your creativity to make it even more comfortable.

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