10 Attractive Fairy Garden Container Ideas

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Summers are going, and you do not want to say goodbye to your plant friends? Why not add an indoor fairy garden? But what if it will take good money to set up a new garden? Well, no worries when we are with you.

We are here to tell you a few mind-boggling ideas for setting up a fairy garden inside your house or outdoor garden; the choice is yours. And all this is possible on a meagre budget.

Fairy gardens offer a look into a world full of wonder and astonishment. They are made of miniature landscapes dotted with adorable fairy houses, miniature plants, mini-figurines, paths, and everything radically quirky in small dimensions.

To add to your excitement to add these fairy garden containers, we would love to tell you more about them. For a good start, these attractive fairy garden container ideas will undoubtedly improve the look of your house.

You’ll be astounded to discover the variety of “items” you might utilize to create the fairy garden of your dreams. A surprising number of those fairy garden containers may already be in your home or conveniently parked in your garage.

Let’s get to know about fairy garden containers a bit more and dig into the attractive fairy garden container ideas.

Attractive Fairy Garden Container Ideas

Give your brain some rest and check these attractive fairy garden container ideas.

1. Using an Elevated Planter

Image Source: justhomegardening

You know, you can make a fairy garden container using a 23-gallon soil capacity elevated planter. You can turn this self-watering planter system into a vegetable garden where fairies and gnomes can look over the rows of your planted herbs or lush greens. You can add aquarium pebbles, mini toys, and small fences to make it more appealing. It will be a fun weekend activity to do with your children. Make your fairy garden in your vegetable patch even more gratifying by involving your children, from making and decorating the fairy garden planters to planting the veggies in the fairy garden.

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2. Outdated Suitcases

Outdated Suitcases
Image Source: pinterest

It can sound like a silly idea to most of you. But creativity is making the best out of strange things. Give this idea of making a fairy garden container a try, and you will not regret it. Take out that vintage suitcase of yours mum, brush off the dust, and take it to your garden. The basic container for the project can be a vintage suitcase covered with a waterproof sheet. You can use any little ornaments and switch them out occasionally.

It will be simpler to install and exhibit if you entirely remove the lid, so we advise you to do so. But, taking the lid depends on your choice and where you can set it. You can open the lid and lean on the wall if you place it against it. It will also complement your fairy garden planter nicely.

3. Discarded Fish Tank

Discarded Fish Tank
Image Source: pinterest

An outdated fish tank that is not in use for adobe for your fishes, you can use to make a fairy garden container. And, if you already have fish tank gravels, it will be an add-on. You can use these gravels to create an aesthetic landscape for your fairy garden pot. It would be a good idea to consider and choose what decoration you want to assemble in this space because it will give you a vast area for decorating and designing.

4. Old Shoes

Old Shoes
Image Source: balconygardenweb

Shoes? Yes, shoes. It’s time to clean your wardrobe and give a new use to all those shoes and hills you have avoided wearing. You can plant succulents in these shoes as a fairy garden plant. Why succulent? Because it demands very low water and also minimal water for survival.

Drill a hole in the bottom of the heel/shoes to allow water to drain. Set up the “shoe fairy garden” on a chic saucer or a classy restaurant dish to collect leaking water. And, yes, the other shoe in the pair can be used to make another fairy garden.

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5. Window Sill

Window Sill
Image Source: livemaster

This one is a brilliant and outstanding idea of all. It demands no extra effort from you. Just dust cleaning your window seal, which is of no use now, and make a very intriguing garden out of it, replete with real plants and odd objects.

For the plants, you can put cactus Succulents, Crotons, Umbrella Plants, etc. And that is how your cute, beautiful fairy garden container is ready to get all the praise from your friends.

Some even turn it into a lucrative hobby. Allow your imagination to run wild so you can create a home that will take your breath away.

6. Discarded Bird Cage

Discarded Bird Cage
Image Source: mydesiredhome

Your bird has grown, and the cage is now good enough for her. Instead of throwing that bird cage away, you can convert it into the handing fairy garden container Add Moses, miniature table sets, a cute fence, several rocks, an air plant, and some small flower plants. This much decoration will give a great look to your container, but never stop adding more from your imagination.

7. Vintage Lantern

Vintage Lantern
Image Source: pinterest

Are you thinking of what to do with that vintage lantern that you have replaced with new lights? You can make a vintage-looking fairy garden planter with it any day. No problem if it is rusty; it will only give a beautiful outlook to the planter once you clean it. Add some styrofoam, and it is good to go.

8. Antiqued Tea Cup Sets

Antiqued Tea Cup Sets
Image Source: pinterest

Broke that long-preserved antique tea cup this morning by mistake? Well, you still have the chance to fix that mistake. Don’t throw the broken parts in the dustbin. Because it has the shape of a container, you can still use the broken cup to make the fairy garden container. These adorable fairy gardens are simple to put together and require only a few drops of water twice a month for regular maintenance.

All you need for decoration is some succulent plants, small rocks, or pebbles for this joyful fairy garden project.

9. Old Clock Garden

Old Clock Garden
Image Source: balconygardenweb

It might be tiny, but its cute look is worth all the effort. A little elbow movement is demanded from your side while cutting out the clock glass as it has to be used as a plant container. Other things are easy to do. Add a few succulent plants of various types, a lovely swing, a tea table in the center, or some fairies emerging from the tree shadows.

10. Wine Barrel

Wine Barrel
Image Source: offgridworld

Turing unused into something creative is what art is all about. When your wine barrel or bucket gets outdated and unused, you can easily recycle it by using it as a fairy garden container. Though it will be more of an outdoor garden container, you can decorate it on your terrace, deck, or balcony.

You can create your fairy garden in a barrel by adding little features to your imagination and some plants, decorative materials, and whatever else you want.


The plants that you can use in your fairy garden container of any shape, size, and feature are:

  • Ferns
  • Ivy (Not the poison kind)
  • Succulents (great for outdoors)
  • Licorice plants
  • Baby tears (for ground cover)
  • Calendula
  • Tillandsia (air plants)
  • Moss
  • Small bonsai trees
  • Rosemary


What is the importance of a fairy garden?

Fairy gardens provided you with a place to unwind and explore as a new exciting activity.

From where did Fairy Gardens Come?

It is hard to say as no clear evidence is present. But, many historians say that the initial miniature gardens first came into existence in the USA in the 1890s at the world fair.

How to start setting up a fairy garden?

Suppose you want to set it up inside. In that case, you will require a robust container with drain holes in the bottom and premium potting soil for any plants you choose in your indoor fairy garden. For outdoors, you need to set up the planter next to the trees in your garden. Decorate it with the accessories you want, and let the magic bloom.

What should be there in a Fairy Garden?

There is no limit to creativity; thus, you can put anything for decoration as long as it doesn’t harm the plants.

What to Use to Fill a Fairy Garden Base?

The best option for filling a fairy garden container is high-quality, peat-free potting compost. Potting compost is distinct from ordinary compost used in a garden because it is made to care for fresh potted plants.


Recycling and making beautiful fairy garden containers is the best activity to do with your kids. Setting up fairy gardens gives you a huge space to use your creativity and get praise from whoever visits you.

We have tried to mention the best ideas to help you make Attractive Fairy Garden Containers and hope that you like them and find them helpful.

Meta: Fairy gardens bring a positive vibe to your house. If you believe the same, here are 10 attractive fairy garden container ideas only meant for you!

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