15 Awesome DIY Fence Gate Ideas for Your Backyard

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Want to enjoy every single second you spend in the backyard? Then start by changing its entrance.

With our fence gate ideas, we can give you the perfect solution for a dull patio entry.

Each option below offers the chance to get your backyard to another level of beauty. By boosting the appearance as soon as you step through, the right fence gate is a worthwhile addition to any backyard. 

And what’s even better, we found ideas for practically any style you can think of. Regardless of your preferences, you’ll find one below to match your backyard fence. 

So, are you ready to change your backyard appearance for the better? Then check our ideas below for some inspiration!

15 DIY Fence Gate Ideas for Gardens

We could add 100+ fence gate ideas. But we decided to only focus on the best ones that add to the place’s beauty but are attainable. Check them up! 

1. Pergola Style Fence Gate

Pergola Style Fence Gate

People often think of pergolas as mere ornamentals for patios and gardens. But they can also work as decorations for gates, especially in gardens with trellises and viny plants.

They can add a sense of style that most fence gates don’t have. Along with that, they can add a bit of protection and shade. What’s more important, they make it clear where the gate is located.

And it’s all that wasn’t enough, pergolas aren’t too difficult or expensive to build. With a bit of woodworking skills and a few stocks of timber, you can create one in a day or two. 

2. Bamboo Fence & Whicker Gate

Bamboo Fence & Whicker Gate

Bamboo is arguably one of the most attractive types of wood out there. Even when used in fences, bamboo stands out and makes dull areas much more appealing.

For a gate, you can use bamboo in whicker-like patterns. It may look weird at first, but it actually adds a unique style, informal but practical. 

The best of all is that bamboo is often affordable. With just a few bucks, you can build one of these. And if you want, you can use it as a landscape border if needed. 

Building such a gate may be tedious, though, as whittling the bamboo is not necessarily easy. But it will certainly look cool without costing too much. 

3. Mini Colonial Fence Gate

Mini Colonial Fence Gate

Nothing will meet your standards like a colonial fence gate if you don’t care about unique designs. The traditional white, colonial-styled hinges and spiky planks. They come together for a stylish fence design that works almost anywhere.

As you may guess, this type of fence gate is a piece of cake to make. If the fence around has the same style, then you probably don’t need to buy planks. And for the hinges, you may not need to spend more than a couple of bucks for each. Building it up may take a couple of hours up to a day max. 

4. Custom Ornamental Fence Gate

Custom Ornamental Fence Gate

Those who like extravagant styles may appreciate ornamental gates. With custom designs and adornments, you can make simple fences feel much more alive.

This type of fence gate, however, takes a lot of effort. If you aren’t a skillful artist, it may feel like an impossible endeavor. In that case, don’t hesitate to hire an artist to get the job done for you.

The best material for this type of fence gate is wood, obviously. And with the paints and work it takes, you could feel like it is expensive. But believe us when we say it improves backyard facades ultimately. You may not want to dismiss it.

5. Asian-Style Iron Gate

Asian-Style Iron Gate

Like a rugged look? Then consider an iron fence gate. With an Asian touch and a thick fence, it adds a formidable appearance that makes your backyard feel much more mysterious.

It works well for classically-looking houses. Yet, you can make it work pretty much at any home as long as you make it rugged enough.

Iron gates have a huge advantage: they last a lifetime. And if you pair them up with a quality wooden fence, you’re set to enjoy a gate for a lifetime. 

6. Paling Fence with Shade 

Paling Fence with Shade

Like paling fences? Appreciate shaded areas? You can have both with a shaded fence gate.

It seems strange to add a roof to a fence gate. But it has a purpose. It identifies the gate as the way to go if you want to access the backyard. Also, it helps you create the style you prefer for the entrance, making it a lot more attractive and fitting with the rest of the backyard or house.

For example, if you have an orange-tiled roof, you can add the same color tiles on the gate’s mini roof. This will match the house and slight shade for an exciting and appealing look. 

7. Fully-Closed Wooden Gate with Handle

Fully-Closed Wooden Gate with Handle

Want some privacy? Then you can always create a fully-closed wooden fence gate. As the name says, it is entirely close, palisade-style to prevent anyone on the other side from looking in.

This is especially useful if you have neighbors or open areas behind that you want to close off. This also makes the whole fence a lot more secure, either from intruders or animals. And what’s even better, it still manages to look attractive, especially if you pick quality wood like oak or pine.

One interesting add-on you can always include is a handle. The gate doesn’t have to be a classical push and pull when you can build it with a key lock handle, making it even safer and practical.  

8. Log Fence with Pine Door 

Log Fence with Pine Door

Fences don’t have to be simple stakes, planks, or wires. You can always come up with a different alternative: like a log fence. 

As the name says, just pair together a bunch of logs until you form a large-enough fence that can cover your backyard. Then add a small door or gate made of pine, and you’ll have a gorgeous place to go through.

Be aware, though, getting the logs can take a lot of effort or money. But if you try making it modest and more straightforward, it may not take that much.

9. Wooden Gate with Arched Vegetation 

Wooden Gate with Arched Vegetation

When a standard wooden fence at the hip level doesn’t make it, you can always let a viny plant around. This works incredibly well with arched tops the vine can climb and cover.

The result? An arched entrance that matches your wooden gate perfectly, not only looking gorgeous but also adding a completely different environment to the place. 

This is an exceptional alternative for people with lots of bushes and hedges around. It also works neatly for areas closed to terrariums and butterfly gardens

10. Japanese Wooden Gate with Shade

Japanese Wooden Gate with Shade

The Japanese certainly know how to make dull structures a lot more interesting. This example is not an exception. 

A sizeable mini roof, a wooden door, and a bamboo fence. All these factors come together to make the place more attractive without feeling overdone.

You can add Japanese adornments for a themed backyard entrance. And if you cover the backyard with rocks and sand, you can build a Zen garden that starts with a gorgeous fence gate. 

11. Traditional Two-Door Gate 

Traditional Two-Door Gate

A traditional fence gate matches pretty much any type of fence, house decoration, or garden configuration. With an intense colonial white and an array of shapes in the wooden gates, you can make any backyard immensely more appealing.

This is an almost perfect addition for areas with traditional edifications, though. We recommend matching it with cottages and small wooden cabins. 

The building process of one can be anywhere from a day to a week. If you aren’t experienced, then it may take you a bit longer. Regardless, it will be attractive enough to never go dismissed by any visitor. 

12. Wooden Gate with Concrete Arch 

Wooden Gate with Concrete Arch

Arches never go out of style. If you can set up one with your backyard fence, then you’re sure to enjoy a nice-looking area at home.

The advantage of concrete arches is that you can match them with wooden or metal fences. We recommend wooden ones, nonetheless. Because wood is easier to use and build, it will take you a lot less time.

Whether you choose one type or the other, make sure to shape the gate in a similar style to the arch. This should add to the appeal and symmetrical, making the whole area much more exciting. 

13. Japanese Gate with Oak Wood

Japanese Gate with Oak Wood

Coming back with a Japanese gate, we now find the rugged version. This one also boasts a roof that protects everything from rain and other exterior factors. Yet, it stands out for the oak wood’s sturdiness, increasing the ruggedness and making the whole place super-interesting.

One overlooked benefit of this type of rugged fence is the versatility. You can build one with a standard gate or one with a sliding door. Either way, you can match them with gravel and other rocky decorations, possibly even a bench for a bit of practicality.

14. Vintage Wooden Gate

Vintage Wooden Gate

There’s no point in building something complicated when you can make it as simple as a vintage wooden gate. Paired up with a bush-covered fence and boasting a handle with a key lock, it will be both attractive and safe.

If you want to match it with a specific house or fence color, you can always pick different wood types for a more fitting finish. And if you’re going to make it extra protective, make it completely enclosed. For that, we recommend a single piece of wood instead of a series of planks or stakes. 

Regardless of how you go, it will match well with vintage-looking houses and cabins. 

15. A Wickerwork Fence 

A Wickerwork Fence

When people think of wickerwork, they think of furniture and ornamentals. Few people think wicker could also work for making a fence. And believe it or not, it does. 

As you may guess, wicker looks interesting, to say the least. Alongside the right decoration and walkway style, it will improve your home’s looks by a lot.

For example, pairing it up with a coconut or pineapple plant can give your backyard a tropical theme.

While it looks good and super unique, it can be pretty tiring and time-consuming. However, you may find the whicker fences in shops at a decent cost, making it a worthwhile investment. 


So, are you ready to take your backyard’s entrance to the next level? It’s easy. Just use one of the fence gate ideas in this article as inspiration, and you’ll have tons to choose from.

What are you trying then? With so many options, it could be challenging to pick. As a general rule, go for something that best matches your backyard and overall home decoration. If that’s the case, it will be easier to build and a lot more fitting in the long run.

Regardless of what you pick – be creative! These are just inspiration. Come up with your own, and it will be both fun and even more attractive!

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