6 Best Backyard Forest Landscape Ideas

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Is your home looking a little drab at the moment?

Well, maybe, it needs some change.

By change, we didn’t mean that you need to fix or repaint your interior by change. How about some changes to your backyard?

You can add a lot of natural elements – from privacy trees to flora and fauna – to make your backyard space look inviting.

Want to think out of the box? How about a beautiful backyard forest landscape?

Are you falling short of ideas?

Backyard Forest Landscape Ideas

Here we are with some of the best backyard forest landscape ideas that you can try!

Read on.

#1. Use Mass Plantings

Use Mass Plantings

Mass plantings are perfect for creating the flow in your backyard forest. But, unfortunately, the word “flow” is better felt than defined.

We mean, you can choose a specific species and use many plants of that particular species. This will create an unparalleled visual impact! For example, you can plant eighty autumn ferns in a serpentine line. You will be astounded by the beauty when you see the result.

Now, do you know why this concept of mass plantings works so well?

Because your eyes flow uninterrupted as it sees the entire space as a single element.

And you will get a calm sense of relaxation.

#2. Go Natural Less Concrete

To us, a forest garden is all about plants and people and how well they coexist and interact. And that is the reason we want you to try going natural with less concrete.

Instead of using excessive hardscaping, you can use gravel or mulch.

Both are inexpensive and permeable.

The best part?

They feel good under your feet.

The mulch pathways will cushion your feet, and your mind will be able to hear the audible silence of the wilderness retreat!

#3. Go for Curved Bed Lines

Go for curved Bed Lines

If it were a formal garden, straight bed lines would fit well. However, straight bed lines can be too rigid when it comes to a backyard forest. It can hinder your goal of relaxation, of course, unless your backyard forest involves a roller coaster, theme park, or queue.

Curved bed lines can calm you down. It can inspire a sense of creativity as well as well-being.

Also, using a curved bed line will make it easier to go from one kind of planting to another. This way, the plants in your garden will not look like cans on the shelf of a grocery store!

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#4. Add an Element of Water

Add an Element of Water

Think about it: You are unwinding in your backyard forest after a busy day at work –with the view of lush greeneries and the sound of the birds chirping and the gushing of water.

Even this thought sounds relaxing, isn’t it?

Water sustains and nourishes, absorbs and reflects light, and offers a home to a wide variety of creatures. Also, the movement and sound of water bring an extra level of visceral animation to the garden. This makes it essential to include it in your forest garden.

So, which kind of water feature should you choose for your backyard forest?

Well, it depends on your space, affinities, and, of course, budget. You can either choose a naturalistic kind of pond or even a waterfall.

We would suggest that you get the water feature designed by a professional. Also, go for the best equipment that you can afford.


Because there is nothing nurturing and relaxing about water leaks, broken pumps, and algae blooms!

#5. Use Moss

Use Moss

Do you want your forest garden to provide you with a sense of relaxation quickly?

We can think of no other plant than moss.

You can buy moss by the square foot. Now, don’t just go to the market and get the one that meets your eyes first. Instead, take your time, do your research. Know which variety of moss will suit the specific conditions of your forest landscape the best.

Some varieties prefer sandy soil, some require more sun than others, and some prefer clay. You don’t need to have the perfect soil in order to have moss. Just make sure that you water it on a daily basis, at least until it is well established.

You will love the result for sure!

#6. Refine the Plant Palette

Refine the Plant Palette

Creating a plant palette can be quite a task for most of you!

But don’t worry. We are here to help.

You can limit your colors. However, you are free to play with textures and shapes. If you choose colors such as gaudy pinks and bright warm oranges, it can be a little too much for a forest garden. So, you can go for a limited color palette. For example, you can use colors such as tan or bluish-gray.

So, which backyard forest landscape idea do you like the most?

Let us know in the comments!

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