15 Fun Outdoor Games for Large Groups

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Are we organizing a reunion with tons of people in an open area? Then you’ll want to know about some fun outdoor games for large groups. 

When people are bored and ready for some action, coming up with entertaining games to pass the time can be a little complicated. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the games in this article, you can fix that.

Each game on the list is designed to enjoy outdoor environments to the max. Some of them require running, others are more mentally taxing, and all of them will make every person have a better time.

If you want to keep people playing and having fun without stop, then you’ll love this list. Take a look below to learn more!

15 Outdoor Games for Large Groups

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different games we could bring. But we decided to stick with the most  fun outdoor games for large groups and safe among them all. Here’s what we found:

1. Water Balloon or Gun Fights

Water Balloon or Gun Fights fun

Unless it is winter or late in the fall, playing with water is always a great option. And when it comes to playing with water, nothing beats water balloons and guns.

It is an excellent way to make everyone have some fun outdoor games for large groups, get some action, and push themselves not to get wet.

The best of all? Water is harmless. Even if someone gets a bit more aggressive than necessary, the chances of accidents are pretty low. But be careful not to slip on the wet ground!

2. Three-Legged Races

Races are always fun. There’s probably no better competition than seeing who’s faster. But even more fun than just running, you can attach two people and make them run as one.

They are having their legs bounded, and running can be the most challenging thing. And as thus, it is one of the funniest as well. Both the runners and spectators will love the experience.

If you want to make the game more exciting, binding three people together could work wonderfully. This way, more people can participate and make the game even more entertaining.

3. Sack Race

Sack Race for fun outdoor games

Everyone in the world has heard or played a sack race at least once in their life. And it is not a surprise why – sack races are tons of fun in every way.

It is typically done on potato or vegetable sacks. But you can use anything, from black garbage bags to curtains, or whatever can cover the runner’s legs.

The focus is to make running so hard that falling is the rule. Whoever can reach the finish line first will win the race and show an incredible amount of balance. Suffice to say; it is an excellent game for big outdoor places.

4. Egg & Spoon Race

Another outdoor classic is the egg on the spoon race. It is precisely what it sounds like. People grab a spoon with their mouths, put an egg on it, and try to reach the finish line with the egg still on the spoon.

Apart from being a racing game that puts everyone in a state of alert to see who wins, it is also an exciting game because no one wants the eggs to break.

The advantage of egg and spoon races is that you can start them on driveways, streets, patiosbackyards, etc. There’s no limit to where you can start one of these and how many people can play (as long as you have enough eggs).

5. Tug of War

Tug of War

Why play games individually or in pairs when you can make people play in teams? This is where a game of tug of war comes into action.

A traditional game, a typical school competition, and a popular way to break the ice in large groups, you only need a large and resistant rope, and that’s it.

The focus is for people to grab each side of the rope, opposite each other, and pull. Whoever makes the other team or person fall wins.

It is competitive, tons of fun, and requires strength: a perfect way to make people have tons of fun.

6. Cornhole

Nothing like testing throwing accuracy and competitiveness at the same time with a game of cornhole.

The game is simple: two or three groups compete against each other to see who achieves the highest points at inserting bean bags on holes. The holes are located in a table placed in a sloped position. This makes inserting the bean bags a bit easier, but it is still a significant challenge.

Some holes cost 1, others cost 5, and the smallest and hardest ones cost 10. Whoever reaches 21 (or any higher number) wins the game.

One of the major advantages is that everyone can play, from kids to adults, teenagers, and everyone in between.

7. Horseshoe

Horseshoe for fun outdoor games for large groups

Similar to cornhole, you will be testing your accuracy with a game of horseshoe. But instead of using bean bags and tables with holes, you will be using horseshoes and a target (typically a stake). Whoever manages to place the horseshoes in the sticks wins the game.

The game is nothing but challenging. It requires a lot of patience and competitiveness. But that’s why it is so fun – it makes people try hard. If you have competitive people in the group, horseshoe can be an excellent game to play.

8. Bocce Ball

One of the oldest games you can play is a bocce ball. It requires several small balls of two different colors and a small one that works as the goal. Whoever places the balls closer to the goal wins.

It is essential to mention that this game can be played individually (several people at once) or teams of up to 5 people. Either way, it is tons of fun and highly competitive.

One advantage of bocce ball is that you can play it on sandy areas to make it as close to the classical game as possible. You can also play it on concrete, wood, asphalt, or even grass. It is one of the most versatile out there.

9. Giant Stacking Tower

fun outdoor games for Giant Stacking Tower

Have you ever played Jenga? Then you’ll love a giant stacking tower. The game follows the same basis. Several people (typically 4) come together to get pieces of the bottom or middle part of the tower and put them on top. The focus is to make the tower higher without making it fall.

Who wins? Well, this game is about who loses. The person who makes the tower fall is the loser. But it could also be played in teams if necessary, so more people could play.

Either way, it is tons of fun. And it is so nerve-racking and straightforward that people will love it for sure. You need a flat and large-enough area to play in.

10. Musical Chairs

If you haven’t played it before, it’s easy. If 10 people are going to play, then 9 chairs are placed in a circle close to each other. Some music starts to play, and the people have to dance around the chairs while moving in one direction. Once the music stops, everyone has to sit.

Because there are nine chairs for 10 people, there will always be someone who can’t sit. That person loses the game and has to get out of the circle. Then one chair is taken out. And then keeps going until one chair is left and two people will see who’s the fastest at sitting on it.

As you can see, it is one of those games that will probably cause many competitive spirits to expose themselves. But that ensures tons of fun.

11. Human Knot 

fun outdoor games for Human Knot

It is not a game for people who hate physical contact but tons of fun for everyone else. This is one of the least competitive games you can play, but one of the funniest to play as a team with a big group.

The focus is simple: several people (at least 5 to make it more fun) hold hands. Each person should hold the hand of someone on their side and someone in front. This will create a tangling figure made of several people together.

Once everyone is holding hands, they all have to form a circle starting from this random position without letting go of other people’s hands. This means a lot of stepping over hands, jumping, pulling, being pushed, and all-around physical strain.

As you can guess, it is tons of fun, and the more people play the game, the better.

12. Telephone

It is both an entertaining game as well as an educational one. And it is tons of fun for kids, teenagers, and adults alike.

The main advantage is how easy it is to play. In contrast with other games, it doesn’t require much physical effort, and it can work in groups starting from 5 up to 20 or more.

Several people form a circle. Then someone starts whispering a sentence in the next person’s ear. And it keeps going, people telling the same sentence to the next person until it reaches the original whisperer.

The purpose is to see whether the sentence is changed while it passes through all the circle people. It is amazingly entertaining because people always come up with the most creative ideas to tell the next person whatever they thought they heard.

13. Trivia & Charades

Trivia & Charades

Have people in the group who think of themselves as know-it-alls? Then you’ll love playing some trivia or charades.

It is an excellent way to test wit, speed of thought, and ability to act. And it can be played within a small group of 5 people, or it can be played within several teams of up to 10 people.

There’s no limit to the types of charades or trivia you can play with. It is guaranteed fun for those who like guessing and playing with their knowledge.

14. Frisbee Ultimate

One of the most physical games to play in a large group is throwing a frisbee. As simple as just throwing a frisbee around can be a lot of fun. And it can be played within only a few people to several ones.

If you want to give some structure to the Fun Outdoor Games for Large Groups, you can always play ultimate. It is a combination of soccer, football, and basket with a frisbee. The game is highly competitive and physically straining. But it is entertaining, exciting, and adrenaline-inducing.

15. General Team Sports 

General Team Sports for fun outdoor games

For groups where playing competitively and putting their maximum physical effort is always the goal, nothing beats sports.

From basketball to soccer, baseball, kicking-ball, volleyball, football, and so on – there are tons of different sports to play. They can be played in large groups, only a few people, of different sexes and ages, and so on. There’s no limit to the fun you can have playing sports.

And sure enough, they always bring the adrenaline and excitement that competition always brings. To say sports can make you have a great time is an understatement.


So, did you learn about one or two of the most fun outdoor games for large groups you can play? We hope so.

There are enough games on this list to play for hours on end. And we’re sure you won’t be able to play them all.

Either way, remember to play them carefully. You don’t want people to get harmed or eventually damage your garden, lawn, plants, or house.

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