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6 Ways To Get Rid of Snakes in Your Garden

Gardeners have to make the compromise of living with critters. Some of these critters are furry and cute while others are scaly are frightening. The latter are usually not so welcome in many homesteads, and the sight of a snake will indeed cause panic attacks in any homestead. While a majority of the slithers are non-venomous, most […]

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How to Keep Rabbits and Squirrels Out of Your Garden?

Rabbits and squirrels are delicate nibblers, but this is not to mean they do not cause any considerable damage to your garden. In any case, these Leporidae will feast on the tender growth on the newly emerging plants during spring and in summer; they will eat on the broad-leaves, fruits, berries, and shoots. And given that both […]

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Potting Soil vs Garden Soil – Most Common Differences

Newbie gardeners always ask these question; what’s the difference between garden soil and potting soil? When is it appropriate to use garden soil? Can I use gardening soil indoors? Hopefully, after you have read and digested this guide the answer to those questions will stare you at the face. First, let’s understand what we mean […]

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How to Build a Vertical Vegetable Garden?

If you are short on space or you want to grow vegetable gardens in a stylish manner, constructing a vertical vegetable garden for your needs might be the best way to go about it. A vertical vegetable garden can help make the most of little space; all you need do is learn how to construct […]

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