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How and When to Dethatch a Lawn? – Complete Guide

Tired of dead leaves browning out your green grass? Then you probably need to dethatch your lawn. To dethatch lawn means getting rid of those unwanted grass clippings and leaves that stay behind after dying. As dead matter, they usually look brown and ugly.  Unlike mowing and trimming, dethatching is a little more complicated. It […]

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How Often Should You Fertilize Your Lawn?

Lawn Fertilizing Tips and Tricks: When and How to Apply? The secret to accurate amounts of lawn fertilization lies in knowing when and how much should you fertilize your lawn. Low amounts of grass fertilizing will not help in killing weeds neither will it contribute to providing the desired essential nutrients to your grass. Too […]

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Lawn Weed Prevention: Causes, Types, and Solutions

Using a backpack sprayer to get rid of lawn weeds may be comfortable, but solely using fertilizers is not the best choice. The ugly-look that budding weeds can add to your well-maintained garden is highly undesirable.  Few Causes of Weed Formation Spotting the true reason for weed formation can help you understand what kind of […]

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6 Ways To Get Rid of Snakes in Your Garden

Gardeners have to make the compromise of living with critters. Some of these critters are furry and cute while others are scaly are frightening. The latter are usually not so welcome in many homesteads, and the sight of a snake will indeed cause panic attacks in any homestead. While a majority of the slithers are non-venomous, most […]

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How to Build a Vertical Vegetable Garden?

If you are short on space or you want to grow vegetable gardens in a stylish manner, constructing a vertical vegetable garden for your needs might be the best way to go about it. A vertical vegetable garden can help make the most of little space; all you need do is learn how to construct […]

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