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Best Corded Electric String Trimmer Reviews 2020

Corded electric string trimmers also known as weed eaters are specialized instruments used to trim down grass in tight areas. Thanks to string trimmers, areas that are hard to reach by traditional lawn mowers are maintained.  They are useful at cutting down grass in uneven and steep surfaces, close to and around obstacles. The best corded […]

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Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer Reviews 2020

Hedge trimmers are a versatile tool needed to properly groom the hedges in a yard or lawn. They come equipped with strong blades spinning at incredible speeds to prune out overgrown weeds or hedges. If you are looking to purchase a hedge trimmer we’d recommend that you pay special consideration to cordless trimmers for obvious reasons. […]

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Best Lawn Mower for Hills – Top Reviews of 2020

No doubts, hilly terrains can improve the overall aesthetics of your lawn, but what do you do when you are faced with the challenge of maintaining them? Majority of lawn mowers in stores today either fall short of the required power or lack the traction needed to avoid slipping backward. Faced with this issue we took it […]

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How to Sharpen Hedge Trimmer Blades?

You shouldn’t wait until cutting instruments like hedge trimmers show signs of serious wear and tear before you make the move to sharpen them. To get the most out of your blades we have written this guide on how to sharpen hedge trimmer blades. Ideally, after about 50-70 hours of use the blades need to be […]

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How to Use a Hedge Trimmer?

Hedge trimmers come in various types. Electric hedge trimmers are popular because they are quieter, environmentally friendly and lighter than gas models. However, gas trimmers offer more cutting power and are the preferred choice for large scale operation. Trimmers require a lot of maintenance so be ready to put in the extra effort to keep […]

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How to Remove Troy Bilt Trimmer Head?

Knowing how to remove the trimmer head from a Troy-Bilt trimmer can help you get trimming jobs done in time. But why remove the trimmer head?  For two reasons: 1. In case of damage. If the trimmer head is damaged you will need to replaceit with a new one 2. Secondly, Troy-Bilt manufactures a universal trimmer head […]

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How to Install a Trimmer Line?

String trimmers are extremely important equipment to help keep lawns and garden areas neat. However, because of the force at which they spin, they can break off easily.  Contact with strong obstacles may be the reason why you need to change out the old trimmer line. Sometimes though, regular usage can lead to wear and […]

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How to Edge With a String Trimmer?

Edging is the act of finely cutting or trimming the sides ofyour lawn so that they look presentable.  The overall appearance of your lawn can look scraggly around the edges if they are left to overgrow.  Most people overlook the importance of a dedicated string trimmer but it’s important that you understand how this piece […]

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