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How to Tell If Mower Deck Spindle Is Bad?

Have you ever heard of a lawnmower deck spindle? It is an essential part of every lawn mower deck where the blade is. And it has the vital task of ensuring the blade spins. When the deck spindle fails, for whatever reason, the mower will start functioning incorrectly. In that case, you will have to either […]

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Slice Seeder vs Overseeder – Which is Best?

Looking for a modern-day method to plant new grass seeds? Don’t want to rely on spreading seeds with your hands? Have no control over wind, water, pets, and your children running around the lawn and displacing the seeds? Well, you need some organized and reliable gardening equipment that helps spread seeds efficiently. Grass seeds are […]

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How to Remove a Stuck Lawn Mower Wheel?

There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to mow the lawn but the mower won’t move at all. If that happens, you’re likely suffering from a stuck lawn mower wheel. As frustrating as this problem can be, it is not something to throw the towel for. You can always fix your mower and get on with […]

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How to Balance a Lawn Mower Blade?

Not many people tend to consider balancing a lawn mower blade a worthwhile operation. But it is. You can make a mower work a lot more cleanly, last longer, and be smoother on the grass. That will make every grass-cutting operation a total pleasure. Sadly, not everyone knows how to balance a mower blade. And […]

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8 Best Front Tine Tiller Reviews for 2020 – Our Top Choice

With spring underway and the summer around the corner, it’s the best time to turn the earth in your yard to prepare the perfect seedbed. Proper foundation and cultivation are the secrets to a beautiful garden. To achieve this in small-to-medium-sized gardens, a front-tine tiller usually does the trick best. The trouble is – how […]

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