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Melnor Oscillating Sprinkler: Product Review

Melnor oscillating sprinkler comes fitted with a flow control system and 20 precision nozzles that ensure jetted water from the nozzles covers a wide area. A notable feature is its TwinTouch control system that helps the gardener make an adjustment to the width and range of the watering pattern. We are quite happy with the performance. […]

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10 Amazing Impact Sprinklers – Top Choices for 2020

After spending over 25 hours on research (consulting manufactures and gardeners) and testing over 30 different models, our experts declared Orbit 56186N as the best impact sprinkler currently available in the market. As our top pick, this Orbit sprinkler is highly favored due to its durable material construction that consists of different metals. Its head is […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Garden Hose Fittings

Garden hose fittings are an important accessory that either comes along with the hose pipe or purchased separately. They are those extra parts at the end of the hose or within the entire length that is required for proper function and attachment to heads, faucets or sprinklers. Brass hose fittings are by far the most […]

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