Greenworks 80V Vs. Ego 56V: A Comprehensive Comparison

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Are you tired of typical gas-powered lawnmowers? Then, it would help if you switched to battery-powered mowers. Battery-powered mowers can be a good choice if you are environment-loving.

They also save you from unnecessary noise and smoke as a part of gas-powered mowers and provide you with quiet and smooth lawn mowing days. Though you must invest in batteries, battery-powered mowers make life much easier.

When we talk about battery-powered lawnmowers, the first brands crossing our minds are Greenworks and Ego. They have a long product line consisting of lawn equipment. Both brands offer seamless experiences when it comes to using their mowing tools.

But if you are stuck choosing between the two, you need help. Choosing the best is daunting, considering the Greenworks 80V and Ego 56V battery-powered mowers. So, we have comprehensively compared the two battery-powered mowers to help you make the right choice.

Models And Pricing

Greenworks 80 V and Ego 56 V battery-powered lawnmowers have much in common, yet many differences exist. Some differences are also noticeable in the model and pricing of the two mowers.

EGO 56V Models And Pricing
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EGO comes with different models of 56 V push mowers. There are also options available for 56 V riding mowers. The brand has a reputation for hosting both battery-powered and non-battery-powered mowers.

Greenworks 80V Models And Pricing
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Greenworks also come in various types of models featuring an 80V battery. Its price ranges are lower than Ego mowers, but it is quite the opposite for the 80V mowers compared to the EGO 56 V mowers.

Let us now compare the two mower models.

The Greenworks 80V mower is 21 inches in size. It comes with a 4.0-ah battery and a charger. The battery life is one hour. It features a mulching kit, a debris bag, and a side discharge chute.

You can get GreenWorks models as a bundle for $550.

The Ego 56V mower is also 21 inches in size. It comes with a 5.0-ah battery and a charger. Each bundle of Ego models costs around $500. The battery life is less than Greenworks, i.e., 45 minutes. You can also find models with bigger batteries in the Ego brand. Ego mowers feature a discharge chute, clippings bags, and a mulching kit.

Power And Performance Comparison

Now let us move on to the most important thing to look for in a lawn mower, especially the battery-powered ones. The power of a lawn mower determines its overall performance in the short and long run.

Ego 56V Power And Performance Comparison
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As mentioned, Ego 56V mowers have 5.0-ah batteries, while Greenworks mowers 80V have 4.0-ah batteries. The power of the Ego 56V mower is 56 V, whereas, for Greenworks 80 V, it is 80 V. So, it is quite clear that Greenworks 80 V is more powerful than Ego 56 V.

Greenworks 80V Power And Performance Comparison
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GreenWorks 80 V mower, being more powerful, yields better performance when cutting tall grass in your lawn. Moreover, the Greenworks 80V mowers have a longer battery life than the Ego 56V mowers. It is one hour for Greeworks 80 V mower and forty-five minutes for the Ego 56V mower.

You can find batteries for these mowers in different bundles. However, the best battery pick depends on the operations you carry out in your yard.

Now coming to the motor, the two lawnmowers also differ. While the EGO 56 V lawn mower has a brush motor, the Greenworks 80 V mower has a brushless motor. It also makes a difference in their performance.

Design And Build Quality

Greenworks 80 V Design And Build Quality
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Design and build quality are the things you need to make sure your lawn mower offers you a comfortable ride and lasts for a long time. Considering the design, both Greenworks 80 V and Ego 56 V have a deck size of 21 inches.

They have bigger sizes than typical gas-powered and electric mowers, with a maximum size of 15 inches. The decks are made of steel rather than plastic for both battery-powered mowers.

However, the GreenWorks 80 V mowers rely more on plastic parts than the Ego 56 V mowers. Hence, the build quality of Ego 56 V can be better than GreenWorks 80 V.

Considering the weight factors, Greenworks lawnmowers are lighter than Ego 56 V.

Ego 56V Design And Build Quality

But the heavy weight of Ego 56 V is balanced by its self-propelling nature. It does not require to be pushed or pulled and works as an engine-powered lawn mower in both directions. Ego 56V also comes with LED headlights, missing in GreenWorks 80V mowers.

The adjustability of both mowers is similar. Both work as self-propelled mowers and come with wheel speed adjustability features. You can raise or lower the deck and the cutting length you want to achieve at your convenience. They are also easy to start as there is an option for a push start.

Maintenance And Accessories

Greenworks 80 V Maintenance And Accessories
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A mower’s list of accessories defines how conveniently you can use it. Hence, a mower with more accessories should make it to your list. But the accessories are similar when we compare Greenworks 80V and Ego 56V mowers.

They have the same basic components and accessories for cutting, mulching, and bagging. You can also enjoy the convenience of pre-installed blades in both mowers. But the Greenworks 80 V mower needs one thing regarding accessories.

Ego 56V Maintenance And Accessories
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Unlike the Ego 54V mower, it does not have a battery charger with two ports. Hence, you can charge only one battery at a time. However, the battery and charger are available in bundles for both lawnmowers.

On the other hand, if we consider the maintenance of the two lawnmowers, the Ego 56 V mower has the upper hand. It is because of its more durable and well-built nature. It requires less care and maintenance, and you must avoid getting stuck with replacing and cleaning its parts often.

But the GreenWorks 80 V mower requires more attention and makes it difficult to clean and repair. It is because of its less thoughtful design, making it less durable. Hence, EGO 56V provides ease and convenience regarding durability and maintenance.

Price Comparison

Ego 56V Price Comparison
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Price is among the first things people compare when choosing a lawn mower. The former is more affordable when comparing Greenworks 80 V and EGO 56 V lawnmower prices.

GreenWorks Price Comparison

The GreenWorks 80 V 21 inches battery-powered mower is available at around $530 with two batteries. The EGO 56 V 21 inches battery-powered lawn mower is $550.

Hence, the GreenWorks 80 V lawn mower is less costly than the EGO 56 V lawn mower.

User Reviews

According to the verified users, Greenworks 80 V and EGO 56 V work best as battery-powered mowers. After using them, they do not want to switch back to gas-powered mowers.

However, they claim that EGO 56 V lawn mower is more durable and requires less maintenance. It also has a better run time. However, the battery life of Greenworks 80 V is more.


Q1. Is the maximum deck size available for Greenworks and Ego lawnmowers 21 inches?

Ans: Ego offers a cutting deck of a maximum of 21 inches in the case of push mowers. But you can find riding mowers with a deck size of up to 52 inches for Ego 56 V. However, when it comes to Greenworks, you can also find push mowers with cutting deck sized 25 inches.

Q2. How many batteries are available in Ego lawnmowers?

Ans: Ego lawnmowers have only one slot for the battery. It makes it different from many electric mowers in the market.

Q3. Do Greenworks batteries need a manual switch?

Ans: Greenworks battery-powered mowers have two batteries. As one battery depletes, the mower automatically switches to the second battery. You do not need to switch between the batteries manually.

Q4. Can we interchange the batteries of Ego and Greenworks lawnmowers?

Ans: No, it is impossible to interchange the Ego and Greenworks lawn mower batteries. It is because they have different voltages and come from different manufacturers.

Q5. How to charge a battery-powered lawn mower?

Ans: To charge the battery of an electric lawn mower, you need to remove the battery. After removing the battery, you can place it on the charger. You can know that the battery is full with the light indicator.


Choosing between Greenworks 80 V mower and Ego 56 V mower is difficult. It is because of so many similarities and yet considerable differences. However, this comprehensive guide can help you make the right choice.

If you want a battery-powered lawn mower with high quality, less maintenance, and a fast-charging battery, Ego 56 V should be your choice. But if you consider the affordability and profitability, Greenworks 80 V mower may work the best for you.

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