10 Interesting Herb Garden Ideas of 2023

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Are you a fan of gardening? If yes, then exploring new gardening ideas must be a part of your hobby. Modifying your garden from time to time is always a good idea as it gives you hands-on experience with newer and more exciting gardening ideas.

Have you ever tried changing your environment? Changing your environment invites positive vibes and lets you bring freshness to your life. So why would you ever miss the chance of trying exciting gardening ideas?

But choosing the right gardening ideas is necessary as it should not waste your resources and gardening space. Moreover, when it comes to planting herbs in your garden, you might panic hearing the strange names.

So if you feel stuck in a pile of gardening ideas for herbal plants without any clue which one to choose first, we have your back.

Top Herb Gardening Ideas

Here are some of the best and most exciting herb gardening ideas that will surely renovate your garden.

1. The Hanging Basket Garden

The Hanging Basket Garden
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Baskets never fail to impress you when it comes to gardening. You can plant almost everything in baskets; either place it on the ground or hang it. While we discuss some new styles for gardening in 2023, a hanging bucket garden is at the top of the list.

You can adorn your balconies and terraces with hanging baskets in the space provided for hanging. You do not need much floor space for this gardening idea.

You can choose your favorite basket and hang it in a traditional style to make the best use of space.

With traditional baskets, you get an ample amount of compost to plant a wide variety of herbs as per your liking. You can choose your own collection of herbs to give a taste to the garden. Further, you can try different combinations of sage, thyme, parsley, mint, marjoram, etc.

Herbs that can cascade over the edges of your basket would provide a unique look to your lovely basket garden. Accordingly, you can use herbs for this style, such as tarragon, sage, oregano, and thyme.

However, to care of your herbal basket garden in the best way, you must keep the compost moist and water it regularly during hot weather so that your plants do not die of dehydration.

Adding slits to plastic liners must be a top priority to prevent waterlogging in your hanging basket garden. So grab a basket and make a lovely herbal village.

2. Decorating the Trellis

Decorating the Trellis
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A mere trellis can do the job well when making the garden of your dreams. It depends on how beautifully you decorate the trellis.

Trellis gardening ideas can add instant beauty to your growing space and prove the best for a herb garden. You can attach a variety of pots of your liking to the trellis with a good combination of herbs, and you are good to go.

The first and foremost reason for choosing a trellis for giving life to your gardening ideas is that it comes in varieties with different slat sizes and gap widths.

Creating a stylish and modern backyard is easy with a trellis. You need to choose from a wide range of painted slatted panels with modern colors and styles and add it to your outdoor or indoor space.

It would help if you also put some effort while choosing the hanging pots. A complementary collection of colors for your pots would add spice to your lovely trellis garden.

3. The Spiral Garden

The Spiral Garden
Image Credit: https://modernfarmer.com/

Straight and simple gardens are overrated and old now. You must try something new with a spiral-shaped garden. A tapering herb spiral garden with boundaries made of stone walls or bricks will steal the show and attract all eyes to your growing space.

A spiral garden provides different spaces and compartments for herbs with different sunlight exposure and soil requirements. You can plant the herbs requiring soil with good drainage and sun exposure at the top planting areas.

You can reserve the bottom planting area for herbs requiring moist soil and lesser exposure to the sun. So spiral gardens are the new trend.

4. A Vertical Story of Herbs

A Vertical Story of Herbs
Image Credit: https://auntiedogmasgardenspot.wordpress.com/

If you are too bored of the same horizontal gardens for ages, it is time to change the picture. A vertical herb garden is a perfect choice for you. A vertical garden works fine even if you have limited space. It saves much of your ground space to be used for other activities.

You can plant different herbs vertically on a planter, preferring dry and moist soil. While the plants requiring less water can do well at the top of the planter, those requiring more water can benefit at the bottom through the extra-run off.

You can use a vertical planter in many ways. How? The smaller plants requiring less soil and with a minimal root system and less weight can grow well in a vertical planter. You can also use pallet wall gardening to grow larger plants.

However, with vertical gardening, you need to take extra care of some herbs, such as mint.

Mint usually overpowers other plants while growing. Hence, you must ensure you put them in a separate planter. So this is the vertical gardening story you must write.

5. Time to Bring Some Wine Into the House (Winebox gardening)

Time to Bring Some Wine Into the House (Winebox gardening)
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Ever thought your grand French wooden wine box could make a gardening container? The vintage-style wine boxes are durable, decorative, and have enough room to accommodate your unique collection of herbs.

Start lining the box with a sturdy plastic material such as a compost bag. You can then fill the box with multi-purpose compost.

Finally, you can plant your herb collection in the wine box, following the exact instructions for herbs.

However, you must ensure enough holes in the planting material to regulate water drainage and prevent waterlogging. So don’t you think it is already time to get a wine box?

6. A Plant Theater

A Plant Theater
Image Credit: https://www.amazon.in/

A plant theater can also be an excellent addition to boost your gardening ideas. It allows easy maintenance and access to your miniature garden of herbs. You can place the plant theatre anywhere and conveniently take care of your herbs.

A plant theater looks best and brings beauty to your gardening space where you can show off your gardening skills. Racking up the herb plants by raising them on shelves attracts all eyes to your garden. So it is time to add some theatrical drama to your garden.

7. Upcycling the Old Chest

Upcycling the Old Chest
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Nothing must go to waste, especially your favorite old chest. You can turn your vintage chest into a beautiful planter and recycle it for good.

Are you wondering where to plant your herbs in an old chest? The cupboards can make the best planters for your herb collection and decorate the chest so that it no longer appears old. So you get a cheap and beautiful garden with almost no effort.

8. Use that Metal Bucket

Use that Metal Bucket
Image Credit: https://www.hgtv.com/

Do you want a movable garden? Then what can be a better fit than a metal container or bucket for planting your unique collection of herbs? A metal bucket with proper galvanization has good room for planting several herbs that grow well together.

You can choose your collection of herbs to plant in this metal bucket. However, sage, thyme, rosemary, parsley, chives, basil, etc., are good friends when planting herbs together. So please do not throw away your metal bucket and put it to some use.

9. Let the Pallets Shine

Let the Pallets Shine
Image Credit: https://ecobnb.com/

A pallet-turned planter works best when trying new and exciting gardening ideas. So you can use pallet furniture to make your miniature garden.

You must use an unpainted and untreated pallet for gardening to ensure a safe space for edible herbs. However, coating the pallet with a timber stain can work well for decoration.

 It would help if you had a furniture pallet and planting troughs lined with black plastic. It will help fill the troughs with good quality compost to better your herbs. Lastly, you need to ensure drainage holes to avoid waterlogging. And there is your pallet garden ready to shine.

10. Make a Step Ladder Garden

Make a Step Ladder Garden
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Gardening in shelves always catches the show. What can make a better shelf garden than an old step ladder? You can place several pots at different stages of a step ladder and plant your collection of herbs to add drama to the overall appearance. You can accomplish numerous herb garden ideas in one go and less space.


So all the above gardening ideas are unique and eye-catching, which you can use as per your convenience and requirements. But you need not limit yourself to only these gardening ideas as the book is open, and you are the reader! So it is time to renovate your little herbal garden.

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