How Long Should a Lawnmower Last?

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Do you own a beautiful lawn? Then, you must know that nothing lasts forever, which is true for your lawn’s adorable look. You need a gardener’s creative skills to keep your lawn’s serenity intact.

A lawn mower also plays a vital role in shaping your lawn in the most remarkable ways. You might have many questions if you plan to get a new lawn mower and replace the old one.

Lawnmowers are significant investments in themselves, and it is natural for you to do deep research before buying one. Out of thousands of questions, you are most likely to wonder how long should a lawn mower last.

So, if your old lawn mower fails to meet your expectations and you doubt it is time to replace it, you are at the right place. Here we have listed everything you need to know about the life expectancy of a lawn mower so you can decide if your lawn is at it’s last stage.

The Life Expectancy of a Lawn Mower

The Life Expectancy of a Lawn Mower
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The life expectancy of a lawn mower is not independent. Various factors determine whether a lawn mower will last till its expected lifetime. While the average lifespan of most lawnmowers is 8.5 years, most are expected to stay functional between 7 to 10 years.

In other words, the life expectancy of lawnmowers can also be expressed in hours. The manufacturers rate many lawnmowers based on the hours of use per week or month. Hence, depending on the rated hours of usage per week or month, you can extend or shorten the lifespan of your lawn mower.

However, the average life expectancy depicts the overall lifespan of the lawn mower. It does not imply that every part of the lawn mower will last that long. You might need to change and replace the parts from time to time, depending on how well you maintain the lawn mower and the intensity of work it does.

Factors Affecting the Life Expectancy of a Lawn Mower

Factors Affecting the Life Expectancy of a Lawn Mower
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As mentioned earlier, the life expectancy of a lawn mower depends on various factors. Starting with the type of grass in your lawn to the consistency in your maintenance. Here we have discussed all the factors that affect the lifespan of a lawn mower, so you can know where you can do the saving.

The Mower Quality

The quality of the lawn mower you bought first plays the most crucial role in determining how long it will last. The quality and price of lawnmowers go hand in hand.

If you own an expensive lawn mower, it will last longer than the cheaper ones. A brand you can rely on it every time usually offers the best quality lawnmowers. However, it may not always be true.

You might be tricked into buying costly lawnmowers with low quality and less life expectancy. Hence, you can not rely on the price for the quality. All you can do is research lawnmowers and buy high-quality ones. A high-quality lawn mower lasts up to the expected lifetime.

Usage Amount

The frequency you use your lawn mower also affects its life expectancy. It is why most manufacturers rate the life expectancy of lawnmowers based on the hours of usage per month or week.

It is evident that if you use your lawn mower frequently, it will reach its lifespan early. On the other hand, the users who carry out the trimming job can rarely use their lawnmowers for more years than expected.

Environmental Factors

The environment you reside in or have your lawn is also a major player in determining how long the mower will last. An environment with extremities can shorten the lifespan of your lawn mower.

Moreover, there is a high chance of your lawn mower rusting early if your lawn is near the sea or in wet areas. It is because of the salty water and continuous wetting of the lawn mower, respectively.

In the same way, both rainy and sunny conditions are suitable for your lawn mower. Such weather conditions may ruin the plastic parts of the mower, thus degrading its quality.

Hence, you must store the lawn mower in a well-furnished storage space. It keeps your lawn mower from losing its functionality before its lifespan.

Operation Intensity

The intensity of operation is another major factor affecting your lawn mower’s lifelong functionality. It relies on the type of grass you cut using your lawn mower, whether thick or less dense.

Long grasses also need the intense operation of your lawn mower. When considering the operation intensity, you must also keep in mind the rated horsepower of the mower. A mower with a low horsepower rating must be used only on smooth terrains, unlike one with a high horsepower rating, which can also last longer on rough terrains.

Hence, the essential part here is to consider the course of your lawn. If you have rough terrain in your lawn, you must go for lawn mowers with high horsepower ratings, else the lifespan of the mower will be short.


It is not enough to admire what you have but to keep it secure. The same holds for lawnmowers. It is necessary to adopt a high-maintenance regime for the mower to avoid worsening things further.

The way you maintain your lawn mower also impacts its life expectancy. For obvious reasons, a mower receiving high maintenance and good care from time to time will last longer.

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Parts of the Lawn Mower Affecting Life Expectancy

Parts of the Lawn Mower Affecting Life Expectancy
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Now you know the most important factors that affect the lifespan of your lawn mower. However, things do not end there. Other factors decide how long your lawn mower will last.


The type of fuel you use in your lawn mower determines its functionality. You must know what kind of fuel is good for your mower. It would help if you did not settle for low quality or the wrong fuel for your mower because it is cheap.

Using the right fuel or gas helps keep the functionality of the engine of your lawn mower intact. Moreover, running your lawn mower at appropriate fuel levels is essential. It would help if you refilled the empty fuel tank before using your mower.


Oil helps lubricate the various parts of your lawn mower. So, it also plays a major role in determining the lifespan of various parts and the mower. Hence, if you oil the parts of the lawn mower regularly using the sufficient and right oil, your lawn mower will have a long life.

While the oiling of the internal parts of the mower is essential, the greasing of the external parts also plays a big role.

Battery and Spark Plug

The battery and spark plug of the lawn mower also contribute towards a longer life. So, it is necessary to use them properly and maintain them. With a battery, you must be careful with your lawn mower’s voltage and charge rate. It will help if you keep charging the battery at regular intervals.

On the other hand, the spark plug you use in your mower also impacts its performance. Hence, it becomes necessary to use the right spark plug as specified by the manufacturer. Besides, keeping the spark plug clean and replacing it from time to time is important to extend the life expectancy of your lawn mower.

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Another important factor is the blades you use in your lawn mower. Blunt blades can increase the mower’s burden and reduce its life expectancy. Hence, you must sharpen the blades regularly and replace them if they become too thin. It will make your mower last longer.

Type of Lawn Mower Defining its Life Expectancy

Here comes a big deal. While you might be wondering about the life expectancy of a lawn mower, you might forget that it also depends on the type of mower you use. Electric lawn mowers are expected to last longer than gas powers, under proper care and maintenance.

It is because you can change the mower’s battery in the case of electric mowers. With electric lawnmowers, you need to recharge the battery regularly and change it when it becomes low on endurance.


Now that you know what shortens or extends the life expectancy of your lawn mower, here are a few tips. You can follow these recommendations to make your lawn mower last longer.

  • Sharpen the blades of your mower from time to time.
  • Inspect the battery and spark plugs regularly, keep them clean, and replace them when necessary.
  • Keep the underside of the deck clean.
  • Store the mower under suitable conditions, away from too wet or sunny environment.
  • Maintain the air pressure in the tires.
  • Check the wear and tear in the belts of the mower.
  • Change the oil from time to time, and always keep the fuel tank full and filled with the right fuel.


Which type of lawn mower lasts longer?

Electric lawn mowers last longer than gas lawn mowers.

Is it proper to use cheap fuel for lawnmowers?

Cheap fuel is usually of low quality. It shortens the lifespan of mowers.

What is the right intensity of operation for a lawn mower?

The right operation intensity depends on the lawn mower’s rated horsepower.

Do lawnmowers need to do better on rough terrain?

Lawnmowers with low-rated horsepower could do better on rough terrain.

What is the average life expectancy for most lawnmowers?

The average life expectancy of most lawnmowers is 8.5 years.


A lawn mower is a big investment. So, it is a common question among folks how long should a lawn mower last. While the average life expectancy of a lawn mower is 8.5 years, it might not always be the case. Several factors might shorten the lifespan of lawnmowers. Hence, if you have good control over these factors, your lawn mower will do wonders for your lawn for years.

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