How to Edge With a String Trimmer?

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Edging is the act of finely cutting or trimming the sides ofyour lawn so that they look presentable.  The overall appearance of your lawn can look scraggly around the edges if they are left to overgrow.  

Most people overlook the importance of a dedicated string trimmer but it’s important that you understand how this piece of equipment can act as the final piece to the jigsaw.

In this article we will go over the details of how to edge with a string trimmer. To get started here is a list of the types of string trimmers available in the market:

Types of String Trimmers:

1. Corded gas powered string trimmers

Edging With a String Trimmer

Corded gas powered string trimmers are the most powered and ideal for large areas. The main drawback is that it needs a cord to operate.

2. Cordless electric string trimmers

Edge With a String Trimmer

So if you aren’t bordered about the hassles of an extension cord then you should try them out. Cordless trimmers on the other hand make up for their lack of power by operating quietly and conveniently.

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Safety Precautions:

Before we get down to the business of edging, there are safety rules and precautions to take. String trimmers can cause serious injury on users and can damage cars or other nearby property.  

The trimmer works on the principle that highly spun wires can stretch out due to the increased centripetal force in the middle. The resulting inertia on the wires gives it the energy to cut, but this energy can throw stones in high-speed projectiles.

Before you start, clear out the garden or lawn of all debris, toys, obstacles and hoses. Ensure you have these safety items on:

  • Hearing protection
  • Safety gloves and glasses
  • Long pants and snag sleeves
  • Cover shoes/boots

Let’s get right in:

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Steps to follow while edging with String Trimmer:

Step 1: Mow your lawn

Mow your lawn

It makes perfect sense to mow your lawn before edging starts. How on earth will you get it right if your lawn isn’t in shape? Mowing the lawn gives the place a uniform look, that way, properly edging the sides will taper the shape out.

Your string trimmer will only come in once the lawn has been mowed.

Step 2: Trim out hard to reach places

After you are done mowing, there must be hard to reach places the mower can’t cut. A string trimmer can come in handy to reach those tight places lawnmowers weren’t designed to reach.

Areas close to walled obstacles, along hard surfaces and along flower beds are tight corners that are unsuitable for lawnmowers. Use a string trimmer to maintain these areas.

Hold on to the tool with both hands and steadily move your body to edge the lawn.

Step 3: Practice! Practice! Practice!

If you want to edge a lawn as the professionals do, then you must practice until you are perfect at it. Nothing builds up high competence like practicing regularly. Practice the motion over and over again until you get it right.

Switch off the string trimmer and practice the motion severally until you are confident in yourself. You are much likely going to get your body in sync to the trimmer head when you practice the motion before you get down to business. 

Turn on the string trimmer and slowly start again.

Step 4: Clear out the grass clippings

If you are just starting out with a string trimmer, clear out the grass clippings as you trim, this will reveal the level and accuracy of your trimming. The force of the string trimmer throws grass clippings around to the extent that your progress isn’t apparent at first.  

If you clear out these clippings you will have a better view of your progress. At this stage make an adjustment if need be.

As you grow in confidence, pick up some pace to get the job completed on time. We don’t have all day. Finally, clear out all clippings into a waste bag by using a rake.

Edging Vs Tapering

There is a thin difference between edging your lawn and tapering it. Edging is important for paths and driveways while tapering is best suited for fences and walls.

During edging of pathways and driveways the string trimmer is positioned vertically for a parallel cut while tapering fences requires that you position the string at a slight angle.

Final Thoughts

Edge your lawns on a regular base. The more you do it the better you get at it. You will be pleased with how good looking the edges of your lawn will look with time.

Remember to work with a slow pace at first, edge a little area, clear out the debris before you move on. Edging like this will save you the headache of making costly mistakes.

Finally, ensure you pay attention to all safety rules before you start.

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