How to Install a Trimmer Line?

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String trimmers are extremely important equipment to help keep lawns and garden areas neat. However, because of the force at which they spin, they can break off easily.  

Contact with strong obstacles may be the reason why you need to change out the old trimmer line. Sometimes though, regular usage can lead to wear and tear.

The trimmer line is usually wound around a spool so if you want to replace it you will need to feed it into the spool. Replacing a trimmer line isn’t intimidating, with a little DIY technique you will be out trimming your lawn once more.

Installing a String Trimmer Line

There are about three different types of trimmers:

1. Single-line trimmer

2. Double line trimmer

3. Speed-Feed trimmer

Follow the specific instructions outlined in this article to learn how to change the line on each.

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How to change the line on Single-line trimmer

Step 1: Line Preparation

The first and most obvious step to take is to prepare the replacement line for the trimmer.  Trimmer lines come in a specific length, anything shorter or longer won’t work.

Consult with the owner’s manual for the specific length that comes with your string trimmer.

Step 2: Turn of the engine

This is more of a safety precaution than an actual step. Ensure you switch off the trimmer engine before you begin to prevent accidents.

Step 3: Remove the Retaining cap

Depending on how your single trimmer is designed, remove the retaining cap either by unscrewing it or by pressing down on multiple tabs.  Contact the owner’s manual or manufacturer if you can’t figure it out

Step 4: Locating the Spool’s starter hole

Locate the spool’s hole to insert the tip of the new trimmer line. Wind it up around the spool in a clockwise direction in neat straight roles. 

Avoid unnecessary overlaps.

Once there is about 6-inch of line left, snap it on to the retainer on the spool. This should hold it in place.

Step 5: Align the retainer with the outside of the head

Align the retainer with the outside of the head by screwing it back in place. Ensure that the line from the retainer is feeding smoothly before reattaching the cap.

How to change the line on Double-line trimmer

Step 1: Line Preparation

As we pointed out for single line trimmers, prepare the replacement line by purchasing the right length. Anything shorter or longer may cause the string trimmer to malfunction.

If you are confused as to what length to use, please consult with the owner’s manual or reach out to the manufacturer.

Step 2: Switch of the engine

Switch off the engine before you begin to avoid accidents or hazards.

Step 3:  Remove the retainer cap

At this stage you will notice the difference between a single line trimmer and a double line trimmer. The retainer cap is designed in a dual-like shape.

To remove the retainer cap, either screw if off from the head or press multiple tabs.  Removing the cap should be pretty intuitive and straightforward.

Step 4: Locate the starter holes on the spool

After removing the old line, insert the tip of the new trimmer line in the first retainer hole and wind in around in a clockwise direction.

Ensure you prevent overlapping. Once there is about 6 inch left, snap it on the spool to hold it firmly in place.

Repeat this process for the second line on the other retainer. At this point the line ends should burg out from the eyelets.

Step 5: Align the retainers with the trimmerhead

Remove the lines form the eyelets and replace the spool on the trimmer head. Make sure the lines are feeding smoothly.

How to change the line on Speed-Feed trimmer

Step 1: Line preparation

As we reiterated in the instructions above, the first stage in installing a new trimmer line is purchasing the right length. Consult with the owner’s manual or call the manufacturer’s customer care department for length instructions.

Step 2: Switch of the engine

Switch off the engine of your speed trimmer before you begin.

Step 3: Align the cap with the eyelets

Rotate the cap head until you successfully align the cap head with the eyelets

Step 4: Insert the trimmer line

Insert the trimmer line via the eyelet and allow the line to come out through the other eyelet at the opposite side. Pull both ends until they are of equal length at both sides. Finally, rotate the head until there is about 6 inch of line left.

Final Thoughts

After following the instructions above that best suits the type of trimmer you have, turn on the trimmer to observe if it runs smoothly. If you observe any snag it means that you got it wrong.

In that case you will have to remove the spool all over again and rewind the line. Repeat the process of unwinding and rewinding over and over again until you get it right.

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