How to Make a Hydrostatic Lawn Mower Faster? (7 Tips)

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Do you prefer to keep your lawn trimmed and groomed all the time? Then are you not a pro lawn person?

Mowing your lawn occasionally becomes necessary to keep it in good shape and free of weeds and unwanted growth.

A lawn mower helps you in this noble task. It cuts out the manual effort you would otherwise require dealing with heavy growth in your lawn. So, you must make a wise choice while buying a lawn mower to make the best of it.

Talking about a wise choice for a lawn mower: a hydrostatic lawn mower becomes a perfect match for the same. Hydrostatic lawn mowers have several perks over lawn mowers of other transmission systems. Hence, they are the ones currently ruling the market.

So, suppose you are also a fan of hydrostatic lawn mowers and use them for your lawn days. If so, you should be aware of their durability and efficient operation. It could not always be the same, though.

Your hydrostatic lawn mower might become slow with time or due to a lack of maintenance and repair.

It hinders your mowing jobs and might take hours to finish a small task. As a result, you must work to speed up your hydrostatic lawnmower.

Tips to Make Your Hydrostatic Lawn Mower Faster and Smooth Running

Here are the necessary modifications you need to make in your lawn mower for faster and smooth running.

1. Change Tires

Change Tires
Image Source: youtube/buck’s Small Engine DIY

Have you ever wondered if changing the tires of your lawn mower can increase its speed? Well, it is valid for hydrostatic lawnmowers. Hydrostatic lawnmowers usually come with smaller tires than required for a fast pace.

You can replace the smaller tires with the bigger ones. Bigger tires have some advantages over smaller ones. They have the appropriate circumference to cover the mower distance efficiently while using the same amount of engine power.

Hence, replacing smaller tires with slightly bigger ones is a smart way to make a hydrostatic lawn mower faster. However, you must note that your tires must not be too big to keep the deck in the appropriate position.

Bigger tires usually raise the mower deck. A raised mower deck is inefficient for cutting grass. It also affects the center of mass of the lawn mower, which can cause problems while mowing rough terrains. Keeping these aspects in mind, you can change the tires of your hydrostatic lawn mower.

2. Better Fuel

Better Fuel
Image Source: youtube/Briggs & Stratton

Fuel also has an impact on the speed of a hydrostatic lawn mower. Some fuels may not be powerful enough to speed up a hydrostatic lawn mower. Therefore, if you want your lawn mower to run faster, you must select a more effective fuel.

If you are unaware of what makes fuel powerful, here is a quick tip. Fuels high in octane are considered powerful. Hence, you can choose fuel and speed up your hydrostatic lawn mower.

3. Remove Governor

Remove Governor
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If you have not noticed yet, there is a governor in hydrostatic lawnmowers. You can find its location in the manufacturer’s manual.

The governor of a hydrostatic lawn mower contributes to hindering its speed. It is because it decreases the motor’s rpm and engine’s torque.

Hence, removing the governor can change things for the hydrostatic lawn mower. It can no longer restrict the engine’s torque and the motor’s rpm, and your hydrostatic lawn mower can run like a beast.

4. Sharpen The Blades

Sharpen The Blades
Image Source: hgtv

Blunt blades in a hydrostatic lawn mower also pose problems limiting its speed. It affects the cutting speed of the lawn mower by not cutting the grasses on your lawn as expected.

The blades of your lawn mower might go blunt with time or due to lack of maintenance. They naturally go dull and lose efficiency when they hit rough terrains and mow lawns for a long time.

You must, therefore, keep the sharpness of the lawn mower blade in check. It is necessary to sharpen them regularly, especially if the mowing season is at its peak. You can use a file or grinder to sharpen them.

If the blades are too damaged and far from being sharpened and reused, you must replace them to keep fastening your hydrostatic lawn mower.

5. Upgrade Pulley

Upgrade Pulley
Image Source: abmsale

The pulleys of your hydrostatic lawn mower have a huge say in changing its speed as that of its tires. Hence, you can increase the speed of your lawn mower by using bigger pulleys as you used bigger tires.

However, replacing the pulley of your lawn mower is not as simple as replacing the tires. Hence, you might call for professional help or refer to the manufacturer’s model to simplify the job.

Also, there are certain aspects you must keep in mind while replacing a smaller pulley with a bigger one. Compatibility should be prioritized above anything else. You must choose a pulley with the appropriate hydrostatic transaxle model.

Moreover, you must choose a pulley with less size difference than the previous ones. A substantial increase in pulley size is not recommended.

You can learn it with experience as you gradually increase the pulley size while testing your lawn mower’s working simultaneously. This way, you can speed up your hydrostatic lawn mower eventually.

6. Remove Blade Assembly

Remove Blade Assembly
Image Source: searspartsdirect

The blade assembly in your lawn mower also hinders its speed to a great extent. Hence, you can make your hydrostatic lawn mower faster by removing the blade assembly.

However, this only works when you want to operate with your lawn mower that does not require blade assembly.

7. Remove Attachments Not in Need

Remove Attachments Not in Need
Image Source: zdnet

Attachments increase the versatility of your lawn mower if in use and its load the other way around. Hence, you must use only the attachments needed for your lawn day and remove the rest.

You must know the function of each attachment for this, which you can find in the manufacturer’s manual. By removing the attachments, not in need, you can decrease the load on the lawn mower, which eventually goes towards increasing its speed.

Recommendations to Make a Hydrostatic Lawn Mower Faster

You can use the tips and tricks mentioned above to speed up your hydrostatic lawn mower. However, here are a few recommendations you can follow to not affect the speed of your lawn mower in the first place.

These maintenance tips go a long way in maintaining the speed of your hydrostatic lawn mower.

  • You must maintain the tires of your hydrostatic lawn mower as they impact the speed to a great extent. It is necessary to have the most appropriate and the same air pressure in all tires of your lawn mower. You must, therefore, periodically examine it.
  • You must use the most suitable fuel for your hydrostatic lawn mower. Fuels affect the performance of hydrostatic lawnmowers to a great extent. Hence, an incorrect fuel may affect its speed and efficiency. You can follow the manufacturer’s manual to know the correct fuel for your lawn mower.
  • You must also maintain the correct oil level in your lawn mower and change it regularly without allowing it to get dirty.
  • You must also clean the air filter in your lawn mower regularly. Blocked air filters hinder the speed of lawnmowers.
  • You must check for all kinds of damages in your hydrostatic lawn mower and repair them immediately. Leaks and damages cause energy loss to your lawn mower and impact its speed.

FAQ’s For Hydrostatic Lawn Mower

Does an uncharged battery affect the speed of a hydrostatic lawn mower?

The battery of your lawn mower supplies electric energy to keep it running. Hence, if you do not charge it regularly, it is sure to decrease the speed of your hydrostatic lawn mower.

Can lubricants help increase the speed of a hydrostatic lawn mower?

Yes, lubricants like drained engine oil help speed up hydrostatic lawnmowers.

How does an uphill terrain impact the speed of a lawn mower?

Uphill terrains usually have no impact on the speed of a lawn mower. But in cases where the fuel level is low, you might experience a decline in the speed of your hydrostatic lawn mower.

Can snowy terrain pose restrictions on the speed of the lawn mower?

Snowy terrains do not restrict the movement of a lawn mower. You can experience a smooth ride in deep snowy terrains with unaffected speed.

What is the recommended rate for changing the engine oil of a hydrostatic lawn mower?

The recommended rate for changing the engine oil of a hydrostatic lawn mower is every 50 hours at first, followed by every 200 hours with time.


Hydrostatic lawn mowers are a blessing to make your lawn days effortless and smooth. However, they might lose their efficiency and speed with time and continuous operation. 

Hence, to keep your mowing experiences smooth, you must maintain the speed of your lawn mower. So, you can follow the tips mentioned above and make your hydrostatic lawn mower faster than ever before.

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