How To Make A Riding Lawn Mower Go Faster? (7 Possible Ways)

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Gardening is a fun activity. But if asked the gardeners what they feel most tedious about in the entire process of gardening, the majority will answer in the same word; mowing.

Mowing can be tedious and time-consuming. You can feel like wrapping that as fast as possible so you can enjoy the rest of your Sunday afternoon sipping tea and watching your TV show.

Well, don’t worry, you will be able to do all you want, but before that, do what we suggest you do.

Like your body, your mower also needs proper care and treatment. You must take proper care of your mower if you want it to operate more quickly.

In this article, we will tell you the top ten tips and tricks following on how to make a lawn mower faster and make your mower steady as a leopard, and eventually, you will start loving the mowing process.

Tips And Tricks to Make a Riding Lawn Mower Work Faster

If you are wondering how to make a riding lawn mower work faster, we are here to tell you a few very easy, efficient tricks and tips that ensure great results. Are you ready to ride your lawn mower faster? Let’s go, and find out how.

1. Changing Your Mower’s Air Filler

Changing Your Mower's Air Filler
Image Source: mowersboy

The easiest and the quickest way to make your garden mower go faster is to change your mower’s air filter periodically. These jam up with time, letting debris and dirt enter your engine, harm it, and cause numerous starter issues.

Secondly, a clogged filter will limit your engine from gaining enough oxygen flow, resulting in inefficient functioning and slowing down the performance of your lawn mower.

If you have owned a mower for a long time, we suggest you induce a fresh air filler to your mower to increase its pace and performance.

2. Extending The Governor Spring’s Length

Extending The Governor Spring's Length
Image source: daraz

A little spring called a governor regulates how much fuel gets to the engine. Increasing the length of the governor spring will allow more fuel to flow to your engine and eventually increase the mower’s performance and speed.

The performance of your lawn mower will also improve if you remove the governor completely.

To adjust the governor, you might need to remove the starter insert and flywheel housing (replace these; it’s vital). Remember that after the spring is taken out, you are using the machine in a situation that is not advised for it. Keep yourself safe and alert.

3. Examine And Change The Oil Regularly

Examine And Change The Oil Regularly
Image Source: youtube/Are Jay

Just like you need good quality and quantity of food to function well, your mower needs its oil to be ample and of better quality. You must check and change the oil because oil erodes with use and time and eventually starts harming the engine if neglected.

We suggest you change the oil in a push mower every season or, whichever comes first, after about 50 hours of operation. Similar conditions apply to riding lawn mowers, albeit they can operate for about 100 hours before requiring an oil change.

After using your mower for the first five hours, switch out the original oil for a higher-quality one. After removing the dipstick from the oil reservoir, check the oil level immediately. Place the cap back on after cleaning the readings.

Never overfill the container while topping off the oil; always pour slowly. And, if you need to change the whole oil, it will be great to follow the machine’s manual.

4. Keep The Tank Well Fed

Keep The Tank Well Fed
Image Source: familyhandyman

You guys must think this is very obvious; what new are you telling us? But no, it might be obvious, but there comes and goes many times when you forget to top up the tank of your mower and try to use it with a lesser-filled tank too.

It is obvious too. Just don’t do that. Because when your tank is dry, the amount of air available in the tank grows, and as petrol vapors evaporate into thin air, fuel efficiency decreases. Just remember not to overfill the tank.

You are open to choosing some high-octane fuel; make sure to drain the tank before switching to a new type. Always consult the owner’s manual to determine the fuel appropriate for your lawn mower.

5. Sharp The Blades

Sharp The Blades
Image Source: thearchitecturedesigns

The most important step is to sharpen its blades to increase the pace of your lawn riding mower or any other mower. These small details seem simple when heard, but when it is time to do them, there is a high chance that you will forget them.

A sharp blade helps avoid grass growth on your blades by cutting with less resistance, resulting in less friction when you mow for extended periods.

The simplest method for sharpening your lawn mower blade:

  • Step 1: Unplug the ignition wire
  • Step 2: Tile the mower and take out the blade
  • Step 3: Take note of the blade’s side
  • Step 4: Scrub the lawnmower’s underside
  • Step 5: Squeeze the blade
  • Step 6: Sharpen the blade utilizing one of the techniques listed below. Using a bench grinder, filing with a clamp, drilling, and a sharpening stone
  • Step 7: Align the blade and reattach the blade to the mower 

So, as you can see, sharpening the blade of the mower is no big deal; it will only take a few rounds of sharpening to get the hang of it.

6. Use Bigger Tires

Use Bigger Tires
Image Source: gearsloft

The bigger the tiers of the mower faster will be the speed of the mower will eventually lead to better performance. How? When you use bigger tires, it helps you cover more of the ground per rotation.

Make certain that the mower’s tires are the same width. The mower will move and spin more quickly as a result.

7. Use Bigger Pulley

Use Bigger Pulley
Image Source: mowersboy

Now comes the tough job of converting your pulley to a bigger pulley. If you also have the infamous doubt, “is converting the pulley to a bigger one increases the speed of my mower?” Let us clear it first. Yes, it does. It does elevate the speed of your mower. But it is a tad fiddly compared to the above tips and tricks. Before starting, consider three things:

  • Consult your manual.
  • Use the correct tool suggested in that.
  • Have a whole weekend time reserved for it.

Since every pulley is different for different models, you must make major changes.

The engine is attached to one pulley, and the other pulley is located behind the engine. Your mower’s speed can be increased by adding a larger pulley (and corresponding belt), but remember that doing so would probably violate your warranty.

Not to add, operating your machine outside of its intended range raises some apparent safety risks.

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Recommendations to Make the Lawn Mower Faster

Though we have provided you with the best tips and tricks to follow to increase the speed of your riding mower, these are some recommendations for making your mowing experience smoother.

  • Put your lawn mower on some hill area of your garden so when you start, the slope will add to the speed and make it move effortlessly.
  • Purchase shorter grass blades to reduce mowing intervals, giving you more time to drive at maximum speed.
  • After each usage, clean the underside of a lawnmower to ensure that nothing gets in the way of the wheels rotating.
  • Make sure there is no resistance on your lawnmower’s tires by cleaning the area underneath it, applying Crisco, and then cleaning it again.  
  • Reduce your yard to reduce the distance you need to travel, increasing your speed on each round.

FAQ’s For Lawn Mower Faster

Q1. How often should we change the air filter for a better performance of the mower?

Ans. Cleaning the air filter regularly will do, but we recommend you change the air filter every six months.

Q2. Why does my riding mower turn off when I activate the blades?

Ans. The riding lawn mower frequently shuts down when you engage the blades because the seat switch is disconnected or broken. Examine the seat switch’s condition and the wire connections.

Q3. Why does my riding lawn mower’s mowing deck vibrate?

Ans. The mower deck may vibrate due to a bent or damaged mower blade.

Q4. Why does the engine in my riding lawn mower perform poorly?

Ans. The engine may run rough due to stale fuel. Refill the gas tank with new fuel after emptying it. Check for clogged fuel and air filters if that doesn’t work.

Q5. Why doesn’t my lawn mower start sometimes?

Ans. There are often multiple interlock switches on a mower deck, including the seat switch and brake switch, which can momentarily prevent the engine from starting. Must double-check the electrical connections on the interlock switches.


After recommending and suggesting every tip and trick through this article, it is safe to say that increasing the speed of riding a lawn mower is possible and very easy that you can perform it by yourself.

The first thing is to modify your maintenance work plan and follow all the suggestions we have provided. Still, if you are not feeling confident enough to perform these changes on your own, you must consult experts for the service.

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