How To Save a Corn Plant From Dying in 8 Easy Ways?

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The leaves are turning yellow, leaving behind nothing but a dried husk! You can see your corn plant is dying. It is very tough for plant parents to see their plants in such a condition. They try to do anything to save their plant babies from dying.

Fortunately, in the case of corn plants, preventing them from dying is nothing impossible. Only with a few hacks and tricks, you can save your corn plant from dying and can give them a whole new life.

We know that seeing your plant in such a situation, you are searching for ways to save your plant everywhere on the internet. And, if you are here reading this, you are on the right path.

How To Save A Corn Plant From Dying In Easy Ways
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In this article, we will provide you with all the informative hacks and strategies applying which you can easily give life to your dying corn plant.

A corn plant is a warm-season, perennial, succulent grass that can reach a height of 12 feet. At the tip of each stem are big ears of corn and broad leaves with short furrows.

You can recognize it by its height, the size of the top corn ears, and the long leaves that grow in rows or patches. It is a very prominent plant.

Reason Why Corn Plants Die?

Only a plant parent would know what they must go through while caring for their growing plant babies. However, after keeping all eyes on your plants, some of the plants in your collection may not receive enough care and attention from you, which could result in their premature death. Corn plants can be one of those.

The following are some frequent reasons why corn plants die. It is high time for you to think about rescuing a dying corn plant if you have any or all of the following:

1. Excess Heat or Direct Exposure to The Sun

Excess Heat or Direct Exposure to The Sun
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Direct interaction with the sunlight is a significant reason for your corn plants dying. Whether you are keeping your corn plants outdoors or indoors, if they are in the exposure to the sun, or there is excessive heat in the surrounding, it is a thing you should be alert of.

2. Lack of Water

Corn plants have natural green leaves; therefore, any changes in color or condition indicate a problem with the plant. Dig the soil and examine it with your finger to check the dirt. If it is too dry and flaky. There is a severe water deficit there that can badly harm your plant.

Damage can also result from the soil being overly wet. Being a houseplant, you should take prompt action if the plant is left in water for an extended amount of time or is lacking in any nutrients.

3. Pest Attacks

Pest Attacks
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You might not be aware that corn plants often attract insects from the air, which, if not controlled, could harm their survival ability.

The most prevalent are spider mites related to scorpions, ticks, and spiders. These spider mites create exquisite webs around the fresh stem and green foliage. They typically live in arid environments and breed on plants for water, food, and other need.

4. Insufficiency of Oxygen For The Roots

Insufficiency of Oxygen For The Roots
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Insufficiency of oxygen in the roots of plants is an undeniable reason for plant death. Inadequacy of oxygen prevents the root cells from producing ATP through respiration, which causes them to die. The plant’s inability to absorb nutrients due to the malfunctioning root network will eventually result in the entire plant dying.

5. Fungal Infections

The soil around your corn plant can have hazardous fungi or dormant microorganisms that, given the appropriate conditions (such as oxygen, moisture, or nutrients), could become active. You should know that every fungal infection in the corn plant arises from the plant’s roots and gradually spreads to the other areas. They cause the leaves to dry out and perish, and they also cause dark patches to turn yellow.

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Corn Plant Care Easy Tips: How to Save a Corn Plant From Dying?

There are very affordable and easy-to-do methods and tips applying which you can easily prevent your corn plants from dying. Follow the below-given guide to do so:

1. Watering Your Plants Daily

Watering Your Plants Daily
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Be it humans or plants; none can survive without water. Water is such an essential part of all life. It would be best if you watered all your plants, especially your corn plants. It gives them moisture as well as keeps them hydrated and healthy.

Apply 1 to 1 1/2 inches of water weekly to the corn plants. Supplement any rainfall to ensure the plants receive this amount of water each week.

You can also touch the soil’s dampness at least once a week. When the soil is evenly wet, corn plants develop more effectively.

Check for wilting in the corn plants. Wilting can result from not getting enough water, particularly in the summer. If you see wilting, check the soil moisture to see if further irrigation is required.

2. Keeping Your Plants Safe And Sound From Direct Sunlight Exposure

Keeping Your Plants Safe And Sound From Direct Sunlight Exposure
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As mentioned above, corn plants are susceptible to heat and sun exposure. Excess heat does heavy damage to the plants. They do not die down on the spot, but the gradual damage is paramount. Please keep them in cool, shaded areas as much as possible.

If you keep them cooler, your chances of saving them will increase because they have a temperature threshold below which they are harmed and dead.

3. Altering Your Corn Plant Pot Very Often

Altering Your Corn Plant Pot Very Often
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It is a thing that a majority of gardeners or folks overlook. However, this is one of the most important ways to give your corn plants a healthy life and keep them alive. When you witness your plant dying, change the pot if you haven’t done it before.

What happens doing so is if your plant’s root is rotting or suffocating, you will know and treat them accordingly. Do not miss this if you want a long, healthy life for your corn plants.

4. Removing Old Soil With The New One

The most efficient technique to eliminate pests that might harm your corn plants, including fungi, bacteria, insects, and other pests, is changing old pot soil with new ones. It will eliminate them if they are already in the soil when you repot.

If you choose to use this method to salvage a dying corn plant, make sure you have some fresh dirt on hand.

5. Chopping Off The Dead or Damaged Leaves And Stems

You must have heard that one rotten leave damages the other. That’s precisely what happens here. So if you have found one rotten or dead stem or leave in your plant, chop it off at the same moment.

However, while doing so, be careful not to further harm your plant by chopping it up into living sections.

6. Insects or Pest Controlling

If your corn plant is dying, keep an eye out for pests and illnesses because they are frequently found in houseplants. Pests like mealybugs and fungus gnats propagate root rot by depositing their eggs in the soil and sucking the sap dry from your plant stems.

To keep them away, you can use pesticides. You can also sprinkle Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) over the silk on each corn ear and onto the corn leaves.

7. Preventing Over Watering Your Plants

Though water is crucial for plant growth, you can not overlook that excess of anything is hazardous. So is the case with water. If you are watering your corn plants, ensure you give as much as they want, nothing more, nothing less.

Check to see if the pot your corn plant is in has a hole at the bottom. This hole drains out excess water from the pot and prevents the roots from spoiling it.

8. Giving Proper Space For Your Plant to Grow

Giving Proper Space For Your Plant to Grow
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Giving your plant space to expand would be beneficial because crowding can result in several issues for your corn plant. They require room because they are so large, and if there isn’t enough airflow around them, they will begin to wilt.

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Watching the plant you care for with your hands can be heart-wrenching. We understand it and so provide you with a complete guide on how to save a corn plant from dying in easy ways. Following this guide, you can give a new healthy life to your plant. What most people do when they get the signal that their corn plant is dying is stop watering it and cease taking care of it. You do not repeat this blunder. When witnessing something like this happening to your plant, start taking extra care of it.

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