How To Start A Toro Lawn Mower? (Fully Explained)

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You can manage your garden with the help of the various tools and machines made by Toro. Lawn mowers, both push and riding, are among the equipment. You must adhere to the correct beginning procedures to run the lawn mowers.

The mowers won’t run if the required starting method isn’t followed. Despite Toro producing various push and riding lawn mower types, all of them use the same technique to start their motors.

A Toro lawn mower will eventually stop starting after you’ve had it for a while. Various elements and components might cause your mower starting issues. There are so many that figuring out exactly what to check and where to begin might be a little intimidating.

If the engine is running low on fuel or air, has a faulty spark plug, or has an electrical malfunction, Toro lawn mowers won’t start. Blockages in the fuel system, a faulty gas cap, a filthy carburetor, a clogged air screen, a weak battery, and other factors; may be put to blame.

6 Causes of Toro Lawn Mower Failure to Start

For all the new users, you probably want to know how to start a Toro Lawn Mower. But first, let’s see why your mower isn’t starting.

1. Gas Tank For Toro is Empty

Gas Tank For Toro is Empty
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You are aware that without gas, the gas lawn mower would not operate. It is simply brought up since you might overlook it if you’re upset or not in the correct state of mind, and your Toro won’t start. Many customers complained that their brand-new lawn mower wouldn’t operate, to discover when they brought it in for maintenance that the gas had run out. Anyone could forget to check their gas tank.

How to start: Fill up your petrol tank with new fuel.

2. Correct Gas For a Toro lawn Mower

Correct Gas For a Toro lawn Mower
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In addition to preventing your lawn mower from starting, using the incorrect gas can seriously harm your engine. Regular unleaded fuel with no more than 10% ethanol is used in Toro lawn mowers. The better the gas, the less ethanol there is.

How To Start: You should ensure that your fuel has an octane value of 87 or higher instead of keeping an eye on the appropriate ethanol content level. Gas with an octane rating of 87 is frequently offered and sold as ordinary gasoline. The octane rating and ethanol concentration can be found on the label of your fuel pump.

3. Utilize New Fuel in a Toro Mower

Utilize New Fuel In a Toro Mower
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Your fuel line may become clogged with old gasoline, making it difficult for your engine to start. The lifespan of gas is only approximately 30 days before it starts to degrade. The ethanol in the fuel absorbs water.

This humidity dries, leaving behind a gooey residue that can block your fuel system’s parts. The components in your fuel system may start to deteriorate due to ethanol.

How To Start: Clean out and drain the gasoline tank. To balance and cleanse your fuel system, apply new fuel that contains a fuel additive.

4. Gas Cap on a Toro Won’t Vent

Gas Cap on a Toro Won't Vent
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You most likely missed that the gas cap has a little hole through which air can pass so that the gasoline tank can vent. A vacuum is created in the fuel tank when the vent on your Toro cap is blocked, preventing air from passing through the cap.

Fuel cannot easily flow out of the tank due to this vacuum. Your Toro mower is virtually running on empty and won’t start. How do you then know that your gas cap is plugged?

Remove the gas cap from the tank, turn on the mower, and let it run for a while to see whether you have a blocked vent. Replace the fuel cap once it has started operating and let it keep running. Your gas cap must be repaired if it shuts off or sputters out.

How To Start: Try cleaning your gas cap to get the vent to release. You must repair it if you cannot get the top to vent.

5. Bad Spark Plug or Loose Connection on Toro Mower

A spark plug that is excessively dirty from carbon and oil buildup can foul out, causing your engine to misfire. A spark plug that is not properly gapped and doesn’t make a good connection can also contribute to the starting problems with your Toro.

How To Start:

  • Check your spark plug’s ceramic insulator for cracks or indications of carbon accumulation by removing it.
  • Swap out with a fresh spark plug.
  • Ensure the gaps are set properly.

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6. Plugging An Air Filter into a Toro Lawn Mower

Your lawn mower needs air to commence and continue operating. Your air filter may clog up due to using your Toro outdoors with grass and debris flying around while you mow. To avoid launching and engine issues, it’s crucial to inspect and clean your air filters regularly. Your Toro’s engine can combust if the air filter is so clogged that it prevents access to air.

How To Start:

To inspect for dirt accumulation, unscrew your air purifier from the filtration container. By hitting a paper air filter against a solid floor, you can clean it by getting as much dust out of it as possible.

Bringing it up to the light ensures you can still see the light through the paper component. Your filter must be replaced if you cannot see the light through the paper.

If the foam filter in your Toro mower is cracked, damaged, or has brown patches, you should change it with a fresh one. Use a bar of mild dish soap to wash your foam filter to get as much oil and debris as possible.

Rinse the filter repeatedly until all soap is gone. Lay the filter flat to air dry after squeezing the water out. It will dry more quickly if you lie in the sunshine. Once it has dried, lightly treat the filter with a foam filter-specific oil.

Your Toro Mower’s Battery Unit is Broken.

Although it’s not the primary cause of your Toro mower not commencing, the fueling mechanism can play a role in a low cell that keeps the mower from initiating. If the battery’s charging process malfunctions, it might not be able to start the mower when you want to use it the following time. A bad stator or alternator, along with other electrical elements, could be the issue.

How To Start:

To identify the issue, have your nearby Toro dealership inspect your charging system. If you are unfamiliar with battery chargers, your best option is to keep switching electrical components until you discover one that works.

Since most component shops won’t allow you to exchange electrical components if the one you bought doesn’t fix your starting issue, this may get very expensive very quickly.

Some Other Methods to Start The Mower

Now that you have covered why a mower won’t start and how to fix it, let’s continue to read some more ways you can start a mower.

1. Drive Mower

Drive Mower
Image Credit: homestratosphere
  • To start the mower motor, 2 to 3 times push the silicone priming bulb. Each time you press the bulb, hold it in for about a minute until releasing it. The engine will receive fuel as a result.
  • Draw and grip the handrail near the handle’s top. If you let go of the bar as you mow the yard, the motor will not restart, and it will stop running immediately.
  • Take hold of the launch rope’s hook and tug quickly. The engine should fire up in either the first or the subsequent pull. Press the priming bulb two more times, then try afresh if it still won’t start.

2. Bike Mower

Bike Mower
Image Credit: pinterest
  • Put the starter key in the Toro lawn mower’s eyelet.
  • Set the “PTO” to “Off.” Thanks to this safety feature, the rotors can’t move when the engine is running.
  • Put the parking brake on. This safety feature keeps the mower from running as soon as it is switched on, similar to the PTO.
  • The “Choke” lever should be at the “Full” position. Skip this step if the motor is now warm.
  • The engine won’t start unless the power key is turned. You risk damaging the engine if you turn the ignition key for longer than 10 seconds. Wait a few minutes before trying the ignition key again if the engine won’t start.
  • Set the “Choke” lever to the “Half” position, then let the engine run for about 30 seconds before setting it to the “Off” position. Now the mower is prepared for usage.

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Dealing with such machines could be trouble at first, especially if you are not a professional. The aforementioned tips should be of use to you. And if not, it’s always better to call a professional.

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