How to Start a Troy Bilt Lawn Mower? (All You Need to Know)

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Is it that time of the year when you have to trim your lawn? Well, that requires your lawn mower to be in good shape. But there are high chances of your lawn mower not starting if you haven’t used it for a long time.

There could be several reasons behind a lawn mower not starting, so there are several ways to fix it. But if you own a troy-bilt lawn mower, you might get stuck at this point. It is not because troy bilt lawnmowers are difficult to start. But the unique design and features make them unfamiliar to first-time users.

So, if you are also a beginner at using troy-built lawnmowers and facing issues starting them, you are at the right place.

How to Start a Troy Bilt Lawnmower?

Here we have listed all the reasons behind a troy-bilt lawn mower not starting. The solutions you can implement to get it running smoothly again are mentioned below.

1. Carburettor

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The carburetor of a lawn mower is an essential component. It has a big hand in your lawn mower starting smoothly. But, it can also be a problem behind the lawn mower getting stuck.

Sometimes, the carburetor might get clogged. There might be several reasons behind it. Old and dirty fuel might cause the carburetor to get clogged. If you leave the hedge trimmer with fuel for a long time, it may happen.

An old fuel becomes thicker and stickier due to the evaporation of some fuel components. The thick and sticky fuel is the main reason behind the clogging of the carburetor, thus making it difficult for the engine to start.

Hence, to tackle this problem, you can clean the carburetor. There are specially designed carburetor cleaners available for the purpose. If cleaning the carburetor does not resolve the issue, consider replacing it.

2. Spark Plug

Spark Plug
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A spark plug may also be the reason behind failures in starting a troy-bilt lawn mower. Spark plugs may wear and tear with time, thus posing difficulties in starting the engine. You can inspect the spark plug for damage and fix it to start the mower smoothly.

You can check for cracked porcelain insulators, burnt or damaged electrodes, or an electrode with heavy carbon buildup. You can also use a spark plug tester to look for damages. If there is no spark between the tester terminals during the engine’s cranking, you should know there’s a problem.

The only way to tackle the wear and tear is spark plugs is to replace them. It should start your troy-bilt lawn mower at once.

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3. Primer Bulb

Primer Bulb
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A primer bulb is also one of the main reasons your lawn mower won’t start. It might be because of the brittle and cracked rubber of the primer bulb. The crack in the primer bulb allows air to enter the fuel system. It, in turn, causes difficulties in starting the engine.

Hence, you must check the primer bulb for cracks. If you find them, you should replace the primer bulb immediately. It will prevent the air from getting into the engine and start the lawn mower.

4. Empty Tank

Empty Tank
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It is an obvious reason why any lawn mower won’t start. Gas or fuel is the essential component of engines, causing them to start. However, if the fuel or gas tank is empty or insufficient, the engine will not start in the first place.

Hence, you must keep checking the fuel tank time and again. If you find insufficient or no fuel in the tank, you must immediately refill it with fresh fuel. Another way to prevent this issue in the first place is to maintain the motor regularly.

5. Wrong Fuel

Wrong Fuel
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Old or wrong fuel can also prevent your lawn mower from starting. It could result if you haven’t used your lawn mower for a long time and kept it uncleaned. It degrades the quality of the fuel as some components evaporate. It makes the fuel thick and sticky, thus disturbing the functionality of the engine.

You might also fill the fuel tank with the wrong fuel. It might also affect the working of the engine, thus making it difficult for the lawn mower to start. Hence, you must drain the old or wrong fuel from the tank and refill it with new fuel. You can also add fuel stabilizers to the tank if you used the wrong fuel earlier.

6. Poor Venting

Poor Venting
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Even though you have the right and sufficient amount of fuel in the engine, there might be chances of it failing to reach the engine. It could result from a blocked gas cap on the engine, causing poor fuel venting.

Hence, by removing the gas cap, you should check for the proper venting. Even if the venting is functional and the lawn mower shuts immediately after starting, it indicates issues associated with the vent.

Clogging is the main reason for the vent not working properly and blocking the fuel entry to the motor. You can resolve the issue by cleaning the gas cap and removing the clogging. If the cleaning does not result effectively, you must consider replacing the gas cap.

7. Fuel Pump

Fuel Pump
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There might also be issues associated with the fuel pump and its ports, not allowing the engine to start. There are three ports in the fuel pump, the gas in port, the gas out port, and the pulse port. The pulse port is connected to the engine via a small rubber tube.

Both have a working mechanism leading to successful engine starts. However, overfilling the fuel tank can cause the fuel to overflow into the pulse port and affect its performance.

Besides, the check valves on the fuel pump may also be defective and wear and tear with time, thus posing issues in the fuel pump.

But unlike other parts, there is no option for repairing the fuel pump. You can only replace it with a new one and see if your lawn mower starts.

8. Ignition Coil

Ignition Coil
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The ignition coil plays a vital role in starting the engine and the lawn mower. It must send voltage to the spark plug and run the engine. Hence, an improperly functioning ignition coil will not start the engine for obvious reasons.

So, you can check if the ignition coil is defective with an ignition coil tester. Before taking so much pain, you must confirm there is no issue with the spark plug, as it might also be the reason behind the engine not starting. If you find the ignition coil defective, you must replace it at once.

9. Pre-Cleaner

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Troy-bilt lawnmowers have pre-cleaners attached to the air filters. There are fewer chances of your lawn mower not starting because of pre-cleaners. But in worst cases, air filter pre-cleaners might get clogged. It makes the engine of the troy-bilt lawn mower difficult to start.

Hence, the best you can do is remove the pre-cleaner and clean it thoroughly. Then you can restart the lawn mower after replacing the cleaned pre-cleaner on the air filter.

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Now you know the reasons behind your troy-bilt lawn mower not starting. If you have resolved every issue, possibly with various parts of the lawn mower, you must be ready to restart it.

Here are the steps you can follow to start the lawn mower smoothly.

  • Park the lawn mower on an even surface with parking mode on.
  • Push the brake downwards, as Troy-bilt lawnmowers do not have a choke or primer.
  • Finally, you can pull the starter cord two to three times.

These steps should start your lawn mower and help you have a wonderful day trimming your lawn.


Are Troy-bilt lawnmowers worth buying?

Yes, Troy-built lawnmowers are highly effective, with a wide scope for attachments   and accessories. It is high in performance.

How can a defective ignition coil affect the engine?

As the ignition coil sends the voltage to the spark plug, the engine won’t start if it is defective.

What to do if you fill the tank with the wrong fuel?

You can drain out the wrong fuel and replace it with new fuel. Adding fuel stabilizers are recommended for the purpose.

Can the battery be responsible for not starting the lawn mower?

Yes, a bad battery can affect the engine’s functionality. Other reasons could be corroded terminals and loose cables.

What connects all the parts of the lawn mower?

The safety switch connects all the lawn mower parts and causes them to work together towards starting the mower.


A troy-bilt lawn mower may seem sophisticated in the first place. Especially when it comes to starting the mower, you might face several issues. However, unlike other lawn mowers, you might be unable to resolve the issues on your own, especially if you are a beginner at using Troy-bilt lawn mowers. So, you can use these tips to decipher the problem at hand. Now you can start your lawn mower and do the trimming job effectively.

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