John Deere 400 Lawn Tractor| Specs and Review

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Gardening is a hobby for many people across the globe. They love working around their lawn and turning their homes into a green heaven. So if you are one of them, you must know that it is not always easy to handle gardening chores manually. There often arises the need for machines and power-operated gardening equipment.

Lawn tractors are potent machines that give you a helping hand around your lawn. They are a great addition to lawn equipment and make it easy to handle tough gardening chores with less effort and less time.

Hence, when it comes to owning gardening equipment, a lawn tractor can be the best choice. And what could give you a better lawn tractor than John Deere? John Deere has the best collection of lawn tractors and launches newer and advanced lawn tractor series every year.

The John Deere 400 series is a versatile addition to the John Deere collection. It has all the qualities and functionalities of a versatile lawn or garden tractor, as we shall soon find out. So buckle up and go through the technical specs and review of the lawn tractor and understand if it suits your lawn the best.


ModelJohn Deere 400
Width 1240 mm (49 in)
Length 1930 mm (76 in)
Height 1110 mm (44 in)
Weight (without mower deck)442 kg (975 lbs)
Wheelbase1320 mm (52 in)
Battery12 V
Fuel tank capacity17.0 liters (4.5 US gal)
Engine modelKohler KQ532
No. of cylinders2
Displacement879 cc (53.67 ci)
Bore x stroke86 mm X 76 mm (3.38 in X 3.00 in)
Starter typeElectric ignition
Power output19.9 HP (14.8 KW) at 3500 rpm
Oil capacity2.8 L (3 qt)
Rated RPM3500
Rear tires26×12.00-12
Front tires 18×8.50-8
Chassis 4×2 2WD
GearsInfinite (2-range) forward and reverse
Transmission typeshaft-driven hydrostatic
Ground speedReverse: up to 17.38 km/h (4 mph)
Forward: up to 8.9 km/h (10.8 mph)
BrakesMechanical shoe


Now that you have been through the technical specs of this lawn tractor, you must have developed an idea of its versatility and power to benefit your lawn in numerous ways. However, let us make things even more clear to you with a detailed discussion of the features of this lawn tractor.

This lawn tractor was manufactured and launched in 1975 in Horicon, Wisconsin, USA. It displayed the best and most unique features of John Deere lawn tractors and gave a new height to the company. Some of the successors of the John Deere 400 lawn tractor are John Deere 420 and 430 lawn tractors.

The features and functionalities of this lawn tractor are such that people call it a super garden tractor. Hence, without further ado, let us move on to the features of this lawn tractor.

1. Physical Characteristics

Physical Characteristics
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Everything starts with physical characteristics, and it is something you notice first in a lawn tractor. Physical characteristics give you an idea of how well a lawn tractor fits the space in your garage and whether it can handle the gardening chores you require.

The physical characteristics of this lawn tractor shall alone make you fall in love with it. It is considerably shorter than many other John Deere lawn tractors, such as John Deere 650. With a length of 76 inches, a massive width of 48.8 inches, and a height of 43.7 inches, this lawn tractor proves compatible with the space in your garage.

Moreover, its wheelbase of 52 inches and lightweight of 442 kg makes it a lawn tractor with power in a small packet. It is an open cabin-type lawn tractor, so you need not worry about a congested or suffocating operator area and can enjoy the open air. However, an open cabin might pose problems on rainy days. Apart from this, you can easily enjoy a comfortable operator area and reach for controls.

2. Powerful Engine

Powerful Engine
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This lawn tractor hosts a powerful and robust engine that adds to its versatility. It is where the rigidity and durability of the lawn tractor for handling rough and tough gardening needs come from. The engine of this lawn tractor is a two-cylinder Kohler KQ532 model powered by a four-stroke airline engine type.

The engine delivers a power output of 19.9 horsepower, which makes the engine robust and reliable. The battery complements other lawn tractors with a rating of 12 V. You can also expect a displacement of 53.67 ci with a 3500 rpm motor. It makes the lawn tractor suitable for handling lawn chores.

However, the small size instills a small fuel tank in this lawn tractor with 17 liters. Apart from this, you get a reliable lawn tractor with an oil capacity of 2.8 L, making it apt for your garden. So you should explore this powerful machine with a robust engine.

3. Hydrostatic Transmission

Hydrostatic Transmission
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The transmission system of a lawn tractor decides how well it can transmit power to the wheels and make the best use of the operator’s efforts. This lawn tractor comes with a hydrostatic transmission system. Unlike other lawn tractors in the John Deere collection, it has a shaft-driven transmission.

The hydrostatic transmission system gives the lawn tractor an infinite forward and reverses 10.8 mph and 4.0 mph, respectively. This lawn tractor also comes with power-driven steering that makes it easy to control and navigate around tight spaces on your lawn.

The transmission oil capacity of this lawn tractor is 5.2 L, and the chassis is of 4×2 two-wheel drive. Besides, you get an efficient brake system with a mechanical shoe type and Sundstrand transmission model. Hence, this lawn tractor hosts a powerful transmission system overall.

4. Tires

You won’t hear about the versatility of tires of a lawn tractor in many places. However, they are worth praising as they bear all the weight of the tractor. And how do you expect to go around working on your lawn without the help of tires?

The John Deere 400 lawn tractor tires prove effective for handling the 442 kg weight. The ratings for the front tires are 18*8.50-8, and that of the rear tires are 26*12.00-12. The wheelbase of 52 inches is like a cherry on the top. Hence, you can also expect little to no tire marks on your lawn, thus enhancing the efficiency of the lawn tractor.

5. Attachments

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The best part about this lawn tractor is the wide scope for attachments. It is due to the effective PTO system in this lawn tractor with an optional three-point attachment for towed rear PTO drive.

To enhance its versatility for handling gardening chores, you can add numerous attachments to this lawn tractor. Examples of attachments for this lawn tractor are a snowblower, front-end loader, backhoe, blade, and 60″ mid-mount mower deck. Hence, you can conveniently remove snow on your lawn with snow blowers and cut heavy growths in your garden with the blades of your choice.


  • It hosts a powerful and rugged engine capable of handling most of the gardening chores.
  • It is super durable gardening equipment that lasts for decades.
  • Suitable for lawn duties in and around tight spaces due to a power steering system.
  • It is a user-friendly lawn tractor with easy controls and a display system.
  • Packs an infinite range of front and reverse gears.
  • Fits well with sloppy and cluttered land areas on your lawn.
  • Easy snow removal by showing the best compatibility with snow removing attachments.
  • The best for front yard landscaping is due to the 60” mower deck for mower attachments.


  • Comes with a small fuel tank capacity, and thus can not carry enough fuel.
  • An open cabin makes it unsuitable for working on rainy days.
  • The length of the lawn tractor might pose issues while handling tight spaces in the lawn.


The average price of this lawn tractor is $4500. It might also change with the condition of the lawn tractor and your negotiating power.


Now that you have taken a tour around the features, reviews, and specifications of this lawn tractor, you must understand why people call it a super garden tractor. Though it is the first in the John Deere 400 series of lawn tractors, it packs action and power in the best way possible to give you an efficient, durable, and reliable lawn tractor for handling your lawn duties.

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